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Zambry making a cartoon (joke) out of the State of Perak

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 11:28 PM PST

Media Statement

Najib & Zambry supported by MCA & Gerakan guilty of making a cartoon (a joke) of the State of Perak. The people of Perak suffer in consequence. Inabilility to restore the telephone lines to the State Secretariate & the Director of land and mines buildings after 3 weeks is the latest joke Zambry create out of Perak.

Fresh from the 'success' of spinning the 'Black Metallic Zambry'remark, BN appointed Perak Menteri Besar Dato' Seri Zambry bin Abdul Kadir in trying to split YB Nga Kor Ming's one remark into 2 to try to score further political points. The remark made the YB Nga Kor Ming was 'Hitam Metalik Zambry Menteri Besar Perak Darul Kartun'

'Black Metallic Zambry' was a humour adapted from the Black Metallic Camry which the BN opposed when the Perak PR government bought Black Metallic Toyota Camry cars to replace the ailing Proton Perdanas. The phrase was used because it rhymes.The skin colour of a person is never described as metallic. Zambry knew that Kor Ming was referring to the colour of the Camry car but played racial politics by twisting it to say it refers to the human skin colour. He makes a cartoon of himself when he twisted the remark to refer to darker skin people.This in the level BN appointed power crazy Menteri Besar will stoop.

Now Zambry in trying to spin and say that YB Nga Kor Ming is disrespectful of the State when he described the State as 'Perak Darul Kartun'

Najib & Zambry supported by MCA & Gerakan are guilty of making the Perak State a cartoon (a joke) and yet Zambry is accusing others of being disrespectful of the State.

I am astonished that Zambry still did not realize that he has made the Perak State a joke due to his actions. Unfortunately, the people of Perak became victims and suffered in misery.

The following incidences have made the Perak State a joke to many people : -

(i) Democratically elected government ousted by non democratic means
(ii) Refusal of BN to respect the wishes of the people by calling a fresh election.
(iii) Not allowing the State Assembly Speaker (undisputed at that point of time) to
convence a sitting at the State Assembly Hall and he was forced to conduct the
sitting under a tree.
(iv) The State Assembly Speaker was forcibly removed from his seat in the State Assembly
and imprisoned in a room.
(v) State Budget passed within 20 minutes without debate.
(vi) Microphones of opposition elected representatives switched off so that their
speeches will not he heard and also not recorded in the Hansard.
(vii) Using the Police to invade and control the State Assembly.
(viii) Elected representatives not allowed to enter the State Assembly without permission
of the police & civil servants stationed at the locked doors of the Assembly.
(ix) Elected representatives allowed into Assembly only if issued with a pass by the
State Secretary. Even former BN Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Dato Seri Di Raja Tajol
Rosli was offended and described it as demeaning.
(x) Judges do not follow the law (precedents) when deciding on Perak crisis cases.
(xi) Laws are selectively applied (especially Article 72 of the Federal Constitution
prohibiting interference of the Judiciary in matters of the State Assembly)
(xii) A court Registar can appoint a Court of Appeal Judge to sit and stay (suspend) the
decision of the High Court judge who has declared Dato' Sri Nizar Jamaluddin as the legitimate Menteri Besar when there were 2 other panel of 3 judges each of the Court of Appeal sitting on that day. The stay was granted within 24 hours!
(xiii) The swearing in of Zambly as Menteri Besar was obstructed and spontaneously objected to by thousand of protestors.
(xiv) BN Government refused to answer questions asked in the State Assembly without valid reason.

and the list can continue

Zambry should stop making a clown of himself and continue to make the Perak State a cartoon by continuing to spin falsehood.
Many investors have expressed their unwillingness to invest in the State of Perak until the illeginate government of Zambry is replaced. The Perakeans are unfortunately the victims who continue to suffer in consequent of Zambry continuing to make a cartoon of the Perak State.
The latest joke Zambry created out of Perak is that the telephone lines to the State Secretariate and the Director of land and mines buildings (both buildings form the seat of administration of the Government of Perak) have yet to be restored despite having been down for the last 3 weeks.

Let the people of Perak be reminded of these black days of Perak after the grab of power by BN since February 2009 and be united to oust the undemocratically installed BN government in the coming General Election.

Dated this 8th December, 2011.

Chairman Of DAP Perak
State Assemly for Sitiawan & Member of Parliament for Beruas

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