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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by kuli MAS

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 10:32 AM PST

wahai PM malaysia…..klu betul apa yg berlaku keatas MAS skg ni….sbg ketua negara lakukanlah sesuatu dan perbetulkan la…..jika tidak aku malu menjadi org melayu dan aku malu menjadi rakyat malaysia…malu menyebut bangsa melayu d mata dunia..


Posted: 08 Dec 2011 09:38 AM PST

@anonymous –

MAS pilots remunerations are relatively very low. Well below market value,even Tony’s boys across the tarmac who are supposedly Low Cost earn much more,in some cases almost double what our boys are getting. It may seem high but that’s exactly how much the profession is worth.

No issue on demand for 5 star hotels either, although they negotiate for appropriate accomodation as agreed upon in their MoU, they have been staying in 4 and sometimes 3 star hotels, located in the middle of nowhere, with no standard perks normally associated to hotels. e.g – MAS and Air AsiaX crew stay in the same hotel in Seoul, yet Air Asia crew get free breakfast but not MAS crew. MAS cuts cost as much as possible,in this case at the expense of staff and yet the crew don’t complain – they just take one for the team! Many similar scenarios at other stations.

The problem is not the at the bottom of the chain, its on top and in the middle! Incompetence,inexperience and ignorance. What we need is a leader with airline experience who has a proven track record. Invest in stealing top level management from SQ/CX maybe?

If MAS/Firefly gave up their profitable routes to Air Asia after the share swap, why did nobody from MAS side insist on Tony pulling Air Asia X from MASs profitable routes like London, Paris, Melbourne, Perth, Taipei, Tokyo?

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by Time Traveller

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 05:39 AM PST

Just to add on Kunyit Hidup’s post :
1) why aren’t MAS keeping the kangaroo routes which are supposed to be profitable routes?
2) why only three 100% subsidiaries? why engineering, mascargo, training, airport ops not 100% owned when cargo is a profitable set up while engg, training and airport ops are possible money makers.
Yes, agree with Kunyit Hidup, we should see if airasia’s biz plan includes collaboration with mas and whether they are talking the same tune or not.

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by Black mamba

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 04:59 AM PST

Betul ah ABITW punya Ramalan . Selangor BN koyak, MAS Gomen koyak next MAlaysia BN koyak. TF will be the 1st Malaysian president.

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by Azmin Khazanah

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 01:58 AM PST

Kalau macam ini Amok dengan bdak suruhanya Danny Rashdan boleh mampus aje! Amok lebih baik letak jawatan dengan segera untuk mempertahankan maruah orang Melayu! Danny boleh dilantik sebagi director di AirAsia seperti Omar Ong. Tak tahulah samada Si Pariah nak Rashdan jika Amok sudah koyak di Khazanah.

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by Kunyit Hidup

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 01:50 AM PST

The revealed Business Plan should attract union leaders to get more clarifications on Game-Changers:

1. New short-haul premium airlines – Why not continuing the focus on FireFlyz? Or, rebuild it suit the new plan?

2. FireFlyz losses – utilisation of jet aircrafts till before cancellation of flights by Danny. Date and P&L must be specific (excluding compensation of cancelled flights, transfers, grounded aircraft, contractual penalties and other related charges).

3. Collaboration with AirAsia – What and how to achieve lower procurement costs for in-flight, ground handling and aircraft maintenance? And, percentage of cost savings by both MH-AK was not projected.

4. Ancillary spin-off – If MASkargo is not a liability, why sell? Another MAScatering ritual? The one-off income will only result to beautiful accounts – or another disgraced WAU. However selling of ancillary should not solely base on P&L, some support divisions are not intended to make money – just like Lotus R&D.

Hope AirAsia to publish business plan, let everyone verify synchronization of plans by both airlines. May be from Q4 2012, it will be too late for Malaysians to say anything!

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by Md Othman

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 01:35 AM PST

‘red injun QPR’ kah kah kah …

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by carlite

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 12:31 AM PST

Kalau macam ini aku benci umno untuk selama-lamanya..atasi segera sebelum pilihanraya pru13,

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by Satar

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 11:35 PM PST

Of course, Amok had the Winner before the share snap was signed. He had already pick TF and his organizations as the winner. That Binta Tak Fikir boy, Danny, was to expedite the process of the share suap. that’s how Danny was rushing to London after 7 days of share snap being signed paid RM18 million to QPR to help the red indian’s QPR. That was immediate beginning of cannibalization of MAS.

Comment on Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two” by Tukang Sapu duit rakyat

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 09:42 PM PST

MAS staff semua tukang sapu ala Flying Buffet.

Masa TR dia orang kata takpelah sikitje, Masa MNY, terkejut sikit, masa Fuaad tersedar sikit, masa IJ terbangun sikit, masa TAZ, tersedak sikit dan sekarang masa AJ tak heran sikit.

Good bye MAS, dont blame TF sebab you all yang gaiji buta.

He he he good riddance MAS!

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