Hannah Yeoh

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Hannah Yeoh

MPSJ seeks explanation for hotel's sale of suites

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 03:21 AM PDT

SUBANG JAYA: Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) will seek an explanation from Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel next week on its deviation from the development plans submitted to and approved by the council.

Council president Datuk Asmawi Kasbi said planning approval was granted in 2010 for the hotel to build a block of 1,986 hotel suites in Jalan SS12.

"However, recently, there was an advertisement offering the hotel suites for sale.

"We will have to check whether Grand Dorsett has broken the guideline on which our approval was based and granted, and review it during the meeting with the hotel management," he said after the council's full board meeting.

According to its website, the development, called Dorsett Place Waterfront Hotel Suites, is developed by Mayland Valiant Sdn Bhd, which also owns Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel.

During the full board meeting several councillors said the hotel suites as residences would exacerbate such problems as traffic congestion and inadequate parking space. 

Conditional in the planning approval is the provision of one parking lot for every three hotel suites.

However, should the suites serve as residences, two parking spaces would be required for each unit.

The only access road to the development is Jalan SS12/1, which serves Sime Darby Medical Centre, Holiday Villa Hotel and several residential areas.

Asmawi said there was an alignment for an alternative access road on Subang Ria Park.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, however, said the Subang Ria Park cannot be touched as it was marked as recreational land.

"More than 1,900 hotel suites are not viable in a cul-de-sac," she said. 

Mayland Valiant, in a statement, said: "We have obtained the development order and all approvals for Dorsett Place Waterfront Hotel Suites from the local authority and the ministry. 

"Our car park provision is in compliance with the local authority's requirement. Once the local authority is ready to proceed with the additional access road, we will contribute according to the proportion of its construction costs.

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

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Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Kemahiran Amal Islami (KAMIL) Zon Kajang Meriah

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 04:12 PM PDT

Banjir Lumpur Akibat Projek Perumahan & Jambatan Di Pekan Bangi

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 02:14 AM PDT


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EC bosses admit being Umno members | Free Malaysia Today

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 01:48 AM PDT

EC top two still in Umno, PKR wants duo to quit

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 01:10 AM PDT

Philosophy Politics Economics

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Philosophy Politics Economics

Muhyiddin Most Blinkered to Think Malaysian Education as "Highly Regarded"

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 10:57 PM PDT

After being ridiculed two weeks ago for claiming that Malaysia has a better education system than Britain, the United States and Germany, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has continued to give lavish praise on the Malaysian education system.

The Education Minister cited a recent survey by Introspek Asia, which revealed yesterday that 55 per cent of Malaysian adults believe that our education system is comparable to other countries, while 35 per cent said it is "better than that of developed countries".

"This finding is interesting as it reflects a positive attitude among a majority of Malaysians toward our education system," he said today in his keynote address at the Asian Strategy and Learning Institute's (ASLI) 16th Malaysian Education Summit here.

This is despite the fact that PEMANDU has accepted the fact that our education system clearly lags behind most other countries.  Tengku Nurul Azian, the Education National Key Result Area (NKRA) Director has highlighted that based on the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) 2009+ study, Malaysian students were ranked in the bottom 30% when tested against students of 74 countries around the world on BFM89.9 yesterday evening.

In terms of reading literacy, we were ranked a poor 55th.  In Mathematics literacy, it was 57th and faring only marginally better in Science at 52nd.

The Deputy Prime Minister has intentionally chosen to ignore the above study, but also another more comprehensive study which proved that the standard of education outcome has continuously declined over the past decade.

In probably the world's most comprehensive study on student performance (13-14 years old) and related factors for Mathematics and Science – Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS), the results in 1999, 2003 and 2007 showed a drastic decline in scores and rankings.

Between 2003 and 2007, Malaysia's score for Mathematics declined from 508 to 474 points.  The 34 point drop was the highest suffered by the 60 countries studied. By comparing 2007 with 1999, our drop in score of 45 points was also the 2nd highest in the study.

Similarly for Science, Malaysia's score dropped the highest by 40 points from 510 to 471 from 2003 to 2007.  From 1999 to 2007, we suffered a drop of 22 points, which was the second highest of all countries studied.

While the latest PISA study conducted in 2010 showed that we are ranked lowly in the world, the TIMMS data over 1999, 2003 and 2007 proved that the standards in education has been declining consistently and drastically over the past decade.  The next TIMSS report for 2011 is expected to be published later this year and we can only hope against hope that there will no longer be any bad news.

Instead of sounding the alarm bells and take urgent actions to arrest the decline in our education standards, Tan Sri Muhyiddin has chosen to lavish praise on our outstanding education system as an example of the Barisan Nasional government's impeccable leadership.  This clearly demonstrate that our Education Minister is completely blinkered and chooses only to believe and rely on highly questionable survey reports.  If he continues to remain blinkered as he has over the past two weeks, then perhaps it is better that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will find a better replacement Minister.

We call upon Tan Sri Muhyiddin to provide his views on the above internationally accredited studies on our quality of education and to publish all recommendations by PEMANDU to his Ministry to ensure all recommended measures have been or are being implemented.

UUCA Amendments Proved Meaningless

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 10:55 PM PDT

A student from Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP) has been slapped with a 66-day academic suspension and RM100 fine for supposedly organising a programme to raise awareness of voting, allegedly linked with pro-opposition groups.

Mohd Zaini Izuwan (left), 25, said he was accused for organising the program at a restaurant in Kangar on Jan 13 which involved 14 student groups from Perlis, Kedah and Penang.  The program, named 'Watch 13', is an initiative by the student coalition to raise public awareness of the importance of voting in the coming general election.

Mohd Zaini has protested his innocence that he was at the event as an observer and not an organiser.  He also complained that he was not allowed to bring any witnesses or to question the "prosecution" witnesses during the disciplinary hearing.

The above incident reported on 21 April, just 2 days after the Universities and University Colleges Act 1972 was "amended" to give students greater freedom proves beyond doubt the lack of genuine intent at reform by the Barisan Nasional government.  It also exposed how the amendments fell far short of what is required to give Malaysians students the necessary room to express themselves freely.

While the new Amendment Bill has taken the step forward by allowing students to join political parties, the new Act will still give absolute discretion to the University authorities to determine activities and societies deemed "detrimental" to the interest of the institution.

For example, Clause 15(2)(b) the amended UUCA Bill says explicitly that university students will not be allowed to join any organisations, societies or groups of persons (with the exception of political parties) deemed inappropriate by the University Board.

In addition, Clause 15(4)(b) also allows the university to deny the rights of its students to speak, even on his or her subject of study, in any symposium or seminar organised by any organisation or person(s) deemed inappropriate by the University.

I had moved a motion to make the relevant amendments to the above clauses in Parliament but was rejected by the Minister of Higher Education and the Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament.  The Minister had given an assurance that the new amendments will not be abused and that the Universities are sufficiently enlightened to use their discretions over the above matters.

However, as shown clearly over the above unjustified actions of UNIMAP, even if Mohd Zaini had indeed organised the event to "raise public awareness of the importance of voting" – which he has denied, the new amendments fell far short of granting academic and political freedom to the university students.

We call upon the Datuk Khaled Nordin to reprimand the UNIMAP authorities for taking such harsh and unjustified actions against a student of the university who did not commit any wrong against the institution.  At the same time, we call upon the Minister to immediately lift Mohd Zaini's suspension to prove that he was sincere in his objective to make Malaysian universities premier institutions of holistic learning and not centres for thought imprisonment.

Port Klang Authority Covers Up for Minister

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 10:53 PM PDT

Port Klang Authority (PKA) Chairman Datuk Teh Kim Poh had called for a press conference on Friday 20 April in an attempt to absolve the current PKA board as well as the Minister of Transport Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha from blame over the recent criticism they faced.

Datuk Teh had during the press conference emphasized that the previous payments of RM660 million in 2009 and 2010 respectively to Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) bondholders were made and approved by the then PKA chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, and was a continuation of the policies of Dato' Seri Ong Tee Keat who was the Transport Minister in 2009.

He had further emphasized during the press conference that the current Transport Minister Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha did not at any point of time overturn any decision by the PKA to not pay KDSB's debt.

Datuk Teh must be either completely clueless about what had happened in 2009 and 2010 or he is just lying through his teeth to protect the boss, Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha who appointed him to his current position.

It has been widely reported in all press on 28 July 2010 that Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha has demanded that PKA make the relevant payments to KDSB bondholder.  The Sun for example reported that "Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha today used his ministerial power to override yesterday's decision by the Port Klang Authority (PKA) to refuse to make the final payment of RM222.58 million to a special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up by Port Klang Free Zone turnkey contractor Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) to raise funds from the market."

The report further added that "when met after the MCA presidential council today, Kong said: 'We will pay according to what has been decided much earlier; according to the schedule that was set a long time ago. I will talk to them (PKA).'"

Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha had then refused to consider various suggestions to hold the payments due in escrow, to be made to the rightful parties only after the court case has been concluded.  Such recklessness can only be interpreted as an attempt to bail out KDSB from its predicament when its bondholders exercises the undertaking which has been issued by KDSB, where KDSB will be forced to make the hundreds of millions in outstanding bond repayments.

Hence Datuk Teh Kim Poh was clearly attempting to cover up for his boss with his lies by placing the blame on his predecessor. Instead of repeating his willingness to swear over the issue, I challenge Datuk Teh Kim Poh as well or Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha to make publicly available all PKA minutes of meetings pertaining to the above payments in 2009 and 2010 to prove that it was not the latter who overturned the payment decisions.

Based on Datuk Teh's performance during the press conference where it was made obvious to anyone who watched it that he was completely incompetent and clueless over what was really going on in PKA and PKFZ, any sworn statements by him will carry very little value.  He did not even know the number of legal cases PKA has against KDSB, despite them carrying some RM1.6 billion in value.

If the minutes of meetings in PKA indeed proved that it was Dato' Seri Ong Tee Keat and Datuk Lee Hwa Beng who approved the payments to KDSB bondholders, then surely there will be nothing to lose and all to gain with the public disclosure of the PKA meeting minutes.  In fact I would like to see Datuk Teh prove Dato' Seri Ong Tee Keat wrong, when the latter claimed that it was the then Finance Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Razak who overturned his decision not to pay the KDSB bondholders in 2009.

YB Dato' Mohd Nasir Tan Sri Ibrahim Fikri

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YB Dato' Mohd Nasir Tan Sri Ibrahim Fikri


Posted: 27 Apr 2012 07:35 AM PDT


Esok, Sabtu sekali lagi puak pembangkang akan mengadakan perhimpunan di ibu negara kononnya bagi menuntut pilihan raya bersih.

Sejak mereka ini mengadakan demonstrasi berhubung tuntutan tersebut, banyak perkara yang saya tidak faham mengenainya. Soalnya, mengapa mereka tidak melalak dengan kemenangan mereka di Kelantan, Kedah, Pulau Pinang dan Selangor?. Jika pilihan raya tidak adil, mengapa mereka menerima kemenangan itu dan lagi pula, mengapa mereka beriya-iya nak menyertai PRU kalau tidak yakin ia tidak bersih?.

Perhimpunan 3.0 adalah lanjutan strategi mereka untuk melengah-lengahkan tarikh PRU kerana berlaku pelbagai kepincangan dalam pakatan pembangkang. Harus diingat bahawa kerajaan telah mewujudkan jawatankuasa khas di peringkat parlimen dan disertai sendiri panel di kalangan parti pembangkang bagi membincangkan isu-isu mengenai pilihan raya ini. Dan, hampir kesemua tuntutan pembangkang sebelum ini telah dipenuhi. Jadi mereka mahu apa lagi?.

Jelas, mereka hanya mahu menanam rasa benci rakyat terhadap kerajaan BN dengan pada masa yang sama mereka mahu menutup kelemahan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan yang mereka perintah. Tidak lebih dari itu.

Seperti yang ditegaskan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak bahawa pilihan raya bersih bukan sahaja menjadi keinginan pembangkang tetapi juga BN. Maka itu, kerajaan sentiasa terbuka dan memberikan perhatian terhadap teguran serta pandangan demi memastikan proses pilihan raya kita berjalan dengan lancar dan sempurna.

Jadi, untuk apa BERSIH 3.0 diadakan?. Ya, ia diadakan bagi membangkitkan semangat puak pembangkang yang semakin longlai, yang semakin tertekan dengan pelbagai isu yang membabitkan anwar Ibrahim. Saya tidak nampak asasnya perhimpunan tersebut.

Apa pun, kerajaan BN telah memberikan mereka ruang yang cukup untuk berhimpun. Malah kerajaan menyediakan stadium untuk mereka tetapi mereka tidak mahu. Kalau saya, itu bukanlah perkara pelik kerana tujuan sebenar mereka adalah untuk mencetuskan provokasi kepada pihak berkuasa. Mereka mahu menggambarkan kerajaan dan pihak berkuasa jahat. Itu saja.

Kepada rakyat, Lihatlah apa yang berlaku dengan jujur dan ikhlas. Fikirlah dengan matang mengenai apa yang sedang berlaku di depan mata mereka. Cukuplah negara kita rugi kerana kita melayan golongan yang tidak ada harga diri ini.

Mereka yang berhimpun itu tidak sedar bahawa mereka sedang merosakkan negaranya sendiri.

Kepada rakyat, marilah kita menolak pengkhianat negara ini. Bersatulah kita ke
arah itu.

i n t a n h i j a u

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i n t a n h i j a u

BERSIH: Kita akan cuba sedekat mungkin ke Dataran

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 08:21 AM PDT

Gabungan menuntut pilihan raya bersih dan adil, BERSIH, tetap akan meneruskan perhimpunan duduk bantah esok, tetapi akan mematuhi perintah mahkamah melarang mereka berkumpul di Dataran Merdeka.

"Kita tidak akan langgar perintah itu ... Kita akan berkumpul di tempat-tempat perhimpunan yang tidak disebut dalam perintah itu (melarang kumpulan dan orang awam), dan bergerak sehampir mungkin ke Dataran," kata pengerusi bersamanya, Datuk S Ambiga dalam satu sidang akhbar hari ini.

Perintah mahkamah itu diserahkan kepada Ambiga pada jam 12.08 tengahari ini, melarang beliau, kumpulan dan orang awam daripada Dataran Mereka.

Perintah itu dikeluarkan oleh Majistret Zaki Asyraf Zubir dari mahkamah majistret Kuala Lumpur. Perintah itu dipohon oleh Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi.

[Baca berita penuh]
PERINGATAN: Malaysiakini tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap komentar yang diutarakan melalui laman sosial ini. Ia pandangan peribadi pemilik akaun dan tidak semestinya menggambarkan pendirian sidang redaksi kami. Segala risiko akibat komen yang disiarkan menjadi tanggungjawab pemilik akaun sendiri.

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

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Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

Bersih hanya Haram di Dataran Merdeka

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:57 AM PDT

Polis mendapat perintah Mahkamah Majistret Kuala Lumpur melarang penganjur dan orang awam berkumpul atau mengadakan aktiviti di Dataran Merdeka mulai esok sehingga 1 Mei.

Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Mohmad Salleh berkata, kawasan 'larangan' yang dimaksudkan itu adalah Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, Jalan Raja dan Jalan Kelab kecuali kawasan yang diduduki oleh Kelab Diraja Selangor, ia bermula pada jam 12 tengah malam tadi.

"Penama yang dinamakan dalam perintah itu, penganjur dan orang awam adalah dilarang hadir, berada atau mengambil bahagian dalam perhimpunan di kawasan tersebut mulai hari yang ditetapkan," katanya.

Mohamad berkata, polis mengambil kira isu keselamatan dan kententeraman awam di pusat bandar, khususnya di Dataran Merdeka.

Menurutnya, jika pihak berkenaan masih berdegil dan tidak mengikut perintah, ia merupakan satu kesalahan mengikut Seksyen 188 Kanun Keseksaan yang membawa hukuman penjara enam bulan dan denda RM 2,000 atau kedua-duanya.

"Jika pihak berkenaan didapati mengadakan perhimpunan di tempat lain seperti KLCC yang tidak mendapat kebenaran daripada pihak berkenaan, ia merupakan satu kesalahan mengikut undang-undang yang termaktub. Berkumpul di sesuatu lokasi untuk tujuan perarakan adalah salah mengikut Akta Perhimpunan Aman," katanya.

Beliau berkata, polis mempunyai pasukan yang memadai untuk memantau perhimpunan Bersih 3.0.

"Pasukan trafik mengawal lalu lintas akan membuat lencongan jalan atau jalan itu ditutup jika perlu mengikut keadaan. Kami juga mempunyai anggota yang mencukupi bersedia untuk menangani apa yang berlaku," katanya. 

Bersih: We'll try to get as close as possible to Dataran

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 03:58 AM PDT

Suara Sri Andalas

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Suara Sri Andalas

BERSIH: Kita Akan Cuba Sedekat Mungkin Ke Dataran

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 03:05 AM PDT

Gabungan menuntut pilihan raya bersih dan adil, BERSIH, tetap akan meneruskan perhimpunan duduk bantah esok, tetapi akan mematuhi perintah mahkamah melarang mereka berkumpul di Dataran Merdeka.

"Kita tidak akan langgar perintah itu ... Kita akan berkumpul di tempat-tempat perhimpunan yang tidak disebut dalam perintah itu (melarang kumpulan dan orang awam), dan bergerak sehampir mungkin ke Dataran," kata pengerusi bersamanya, Datuk S Ambiga dalam satu sidang akhbar hari ini.

Perintah mahkamah itu diserahkan kepada Ambiga pada jam 12.08 tengahari ini, melarang beliau, kumpulan dan orang awam daripada Dataran Mereka.

Perintah itu dikeluarkan oleh Majistret Zaki Asyraf Zubir dari mahkamah majistret Kuala Lumpur. Perintah itu dipohon oleh Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi.

Sumber: Malaysiakini

Keluarga Miskin, Pelajar Cemerlang Terima Bantuan Kerajaan Negeri

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 02:00 AM PDT

HULU SELANGOR 27 APR: Seramai 150 warga miskin terharu dan gembira dengan sumbangan hamper makanan yang dianjurkan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor di sini malam tadi.

Salah seorang penerima, Loo Yoo Thai, 73 berkata, kerajaan negeri sekarang dilihat lebih komited bekerja membela semua golongan tanpa mengira kaum dan latar belakang.

"Sememangnya golongan seperti kami gembira dengan kerajaan sekarang ini yang lebih berkebajikan.

"Bukan sekadar hari ini, malah kami menikmati pelbagai program lagi yang berterusan," kata Yoo Thai yang hadir bersama anak dan cucunya.

Sementara itu, Mahaletchumy Samugam, 49 yang turut menerima sumbangan hamper makanan berpendapat kerajaan negeri yang memerintah sekarang harus dikekalkan.

"Dalam masa empat tahun kami sendiri dapat lihat banyak perubahan positif di Selangor.

"Saya sebagai rakyat Selangor berharap kerajaan negeri akan terus memerintah di masa akan datang bagi menjamin masa depan yang lebih terjamin untuk anak-anak kami," ujar Mahaletchumy yang merupakan salah seorang daripada 150 warga miskin yang menerima sumbangan.

Dalam majlis yang sama juga, 100 orang pelajar cemerlang dalam Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) menerima sumbangan wang saguhati.

Mahaletchumy yang mewakili anaknya, Vishaalini Vasanthan, 18 yang menerima Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang ternyata bangga dan terharu dengan penghargaan yang diberikan.

"Jika ada tawaran, anak saya juga bakal menikmati Hadiah Anak Masuk Universiti sebanyak RM 1,000.

"Dengan ini,saya ingin mengambil kesempatan berterima kasih kepada kerajaan negeri kerana sedikit sebanyak segala bantuan yang dihulurkan meringankan beban golongan berpendapatan kurang seperti kami," sambung Mahaletchumy sambil menambah anaknya kini sedang bekerja sambilan sebelum menyambung pelajaran.

Majlis turut diserikan dengan kehadiran Exco Kesihatan, Pekerja Ladang, Kemiskinan dan Kerajaan Prihatin, Dr. Xavier Jayakumar, Penyelaras DUN Batang Kali, Khalid Jaafar serta ketua-ketua masyarakat.


Comments for Wee Choo Keong

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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by Anonmous

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 08:28 AM PDT

Enough have been said. Enough evidence of conflict of interest of various personalities have been exposed. Enough of the negative sides of the share swap and ccf have been produced.

It is now the time to stop the share swap immediately and those appointed directly or indirectly after the share swap must also be removed.

Appoint real professional with aviation expereience without having to appoint so many consultants to think for them. Then MAS will have the real hope of recovery.

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by jaspal

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:58 AM PDT

50 years after independent, you still have people like htat stupid AJ and Nanny Rashdan still think that the Malaysia Head of State is Queen Elizabeth. Ptui to you two.

The sitatuataion in MAS was damaged by these two idiots big time. Rashdan himself is a consultant who was part of BinaFikir that being paid many million in consultant fees to do the WAU. Now in return he and AJ appointed PlaneConsult. Where is the logic?

That menas when BinaFikir did the WAU, they knew nothing and still remain nothing. If they need to engage consultant to think for them then they knew nothing about the airlines business. Just GAJI BUTA.

Better resign before you are thrown out.

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by Pak Belalang

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 02:54 AM PDT

Dear Anonymous,
Mana Ada Susah. Tarak bayar kalu, orang tau kalu, boleh kasi keluar lagi satu email at midnite and sign another RA one month after the event mah! Encik bukan tak biasa…………

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by Sickening Rakyat

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 02:49 AM PDT

No government can tolerate a consultant being appointed as Acting Commercial Director and trying to do a number on the Government. Get rid of this Mat Salleh bas.rd.

Immigration officer should start checking whether this Shane NoLAN has a valid work permit. If not prosecute him.

The government should take actions against AJ and/or Rashdan the maid upgrader for appointing this Shane NoLAN as the Acting Commercial Director who has no clue about premier airlines. Until to-day no one know about his fat salary and perk. So far we knw from YB’s blog that he also made claims for himself under PlaneConsult.

After 50 years of Merdeka, AJ and Rashdan the maid upgrader are still sucking to the Mat Salleh as though sun shine through the Mat Salleh’s arse.

The Government should terminate his appointment immeditely as this Shane NoLLAn is useless and a waste of MAS fund. His salary will no doubt contribute to the existing leakages in MAS.

Comment on Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar & Azhari Dahlan are tainted with glaring “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” by Musibat Sulung

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 02:24 AM PDT

WOW…?? they renting a Van or a porche…?? hahaha.. better get your facts straight n right Flyer… or else, YB will be damn in parliament..

Can you get your source investigate on this..?

or anybody can justify this…?

every citizen in Malaysia will love to know about this bl00dy stupid renting agreement… renting a van with a price of a porche…

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by Anonymous

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 01:24 AM PDT

Last March a group of leeches (61 of them if im not wrong) from khazanah went to Langkawi for a meeting/brainstorming or watever f..k they wanna call it using MAS 737-800…just wondering how much they paid for that charter flight..

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by musibatsulung

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 01:10 AM PDT

keep it coming YB… Great Job…!!

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by Jala of MAS

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 01:05 AM PDT

Thank you YB for helping us in MAS against the cronies and cr..ks.

We must get rid of those Pariah’s cronies like Shane Nollan, Nanny Rashdan, Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida Ahmad. Hopefully PlaneConsult will be out by end of the month according to the agreement. But we fear that the stupid AJ may just extend PlaneConsult to do more stupid things to MAS.

This extremely high fares are a good example of how this Mat Salleh CON-sultant was trying to damage MAS reputation against the government.

The Government must take immediate actions against them.

No point keeping AJ. He is just a spineless idiot. He is no different to Nanny Rashdan.

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by Tony the Conman

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 11:35 PM PDT

With this expose by YB, it became even clearer that the new management team of MAS under Tan Sri Md Nor (the WAU expert) and AJ (budak suruhan) should be sacked immediately.

The Board of Directors should also be sacked for not playing their role to monitor and supervise.

The whole management team should be sacked immediately to save MAS. MAS problems are not about staffs but the incompetence of top management at all time from Tajudin until now.

Tan Sri Md Nor what the f..k are you talking about MAS is a sick patient! You have been sick since you were appointed in 2001 and during WAU.

AJ, what the f..k are you talking about low productivity of MAS staffs, it is you that has no productivity. You are just a budak suruhan of the Pariah.

Kalau ada maruah, kamu berdua letak jawatan aje. Tak payah nak sibut dengan “damage control”. Tidak boleh dah.

Just get out now and you may still gt a little respect form your own family.

PM, your silence is very deafening! Please have the courage of telling Malaysians that “I have enough of the nonsense in MAS and I am stopping the share swap and CCF. I have also sacked Azman Mokhtar and all the gang in MAS including his crony Nanny Rashdan, Shane Nollan, PlaneConsult, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan and all the idiots in MAS.

Yes you can if you want to, Mr PM. Do it Mr PM Najib and not only MAS staffs will support you but all Malaysians.

Comment on Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government? by Dhaniya Illiani

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 11:21 PM PDT



Posted by Tanpa Nama | Posted on 11:42 PG



Posted: 27 Apr 2012 12:39 AM PDT


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Posted: 26 Apr 2012 11:16 PM PDT

MCA And BN PJU Misusing Public Funds For Political Propaganda

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 09:27 PM PDT


Posted: 26 Apr 2012 09:27 PM PDT

Piow With You 文标与你

Posted by Tanpa Nama | Posted on 7:57 PG

Piow With You 文标与你


Posted: 26 Apr 2012 06:40 PM PDT



是行动党德彬丁宜区州议员的他,今天与行动党德彬丁宜区黄衫军,在选区均和园出席宣传竞选盟3.0活动时。表示国阵如果不是杯弓蛇影,为何害怕竞选盟静坐 抗议?如果选举公平了,国阵赢了也觉得光彩。所以根本不必借用吉隆坡市议会48小时封锁现场,驱逐占据独立广场的学生,以及滥用国阵成员旗下的媒体来抹黑 此静坐活动。

也谴责那些靠国阵的养分生存的亲国阵非政府组织,主观的预测428会带给他们生意影响。但是他们没有想到静坐是和平的表达方式,而是国阵刻意把局势紧张 化。依据竞选盟2.0的现象,万人涌入市区反而带来商机,例如饮食业,酒店业和公共交通生意大大提升。甚至现在连印刷衣服,传单和报纸销售量也因此增加 了。所以商家根本无需恐惧,甚至应该开门营业。