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Posted: 05 Jan 2015 01:54 AM PST

张氏说,选委会的重新划分选区,完全违反了民主投票的基本原则,即"一人一票一个价值"的原则。 就以古晋市的选区为例,原本已经是砂州第二多选民的选区,在新选区划分下,还加入一个巴都林当选区,选民人数从原来的5万2000人,增加至7万8000人。
他说,从过去的选举成绩显示,城市的土著票也已开始倾向反对党,西马各大城市如此,东马的情况亦然。 这是因为社会的进步,资讯的发达,网际网络的开发和通用,使到国阵的贪腐暴露无遗。 因此,当乡村的土著开始接触电脑网络时,他们也将逐渐看清国阵的贪腐,如何的剥夺他们享有基建设施、更好的医药和教育设施的基本权益。
张氏也说,民主行动党还是会继续其进军乡区的政治工作,包括"砂拉越之梦"(迎变砂州计划Impian Sarawak projects),把资讯带给乡区人民,让他们了解,国阵的贪腐,是导致乡村地区迟迟缺乏拨款开发和发展的主要原因。
"国阵还是会继续的贪污腐败滥权,乡村人民也会有醒觉的一天。 最终,选举委员会这不公平的举动,也只是枉做小人而已,国阵还是要倒台。"

SPR might as well calls itself the 14th party in BarisanNasional

Posted: 05 Jan 2015 01:54 AM PST

It is now beyond all doubts that SuruhanjayaPilihanraya (SPR) is working for BarisanNasional (BN). The new delineation exercise that has just been announced today has dispelled all doubts that the SPR is just a tool of the BN, helping the BN to consolidate its position and power base.
With such blatant disregard of the fundamental principle of fairness in the delineation exercise, the SPR might as well apply to join as the 14th political party of the BN.
The new delineation exercise has defied the basic principle of one-person-one-vote-one-value. The most glaring anomaly is the Bandar Kuching parliamentary constituency which was already one of the most populous constituencies (52,000 voters), has an addition of BatuLintang state constituency, increasing the number of its voters by another 25,000 to more than 78,000.
However, this disgraceful attempt on the part of the SPR to help BN to win more seats is based on the assumption that the Malay and Dayak voters in the rural area will forever support the BN.
Much as the SPR would like to help the BN, such assumption of perpetual support from Malay and Dayak in the rural area will not stay unchanged forever. This is because as the society progress and with the coming of the internet age and access to information to the Malay and Dayak communities in the rural area. This trend can be seen from the increase in Malay and Dayak support in the urban areas.
Therefore, unless the BN intends to keep the rural community uninformed of the current political and economic development of the country and the state, otherwise, there will surely be a change of political minds amongst the rural people.
We the DAP will continue our efforts in the rural areas, to supply information of cronyism and corruption to the communities there and how such cronyism and corruption have deprived them of their basic amenities, eg. basic infrastructure, reasonable education and medical facilities, etc.
Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak State Chairman
Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa