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Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar: Pilihan raya semula di kawasan berlaku penipuan

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 02:17 AM PDT

Keadilan Daily

Pilihan raya umum ke-13 masih belum selesai dan pemilihan semula perlu dibuat di kawasan berlaku penyelewengan dan salah laku, tegas Ketua Umum KEADILAN, Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim.

"Tak selesai pilihan raya yang lalu. SPR perlu letak jawatan. Yang jelas tipu, yang khianat mesti dibetulkan. Walau apa alasan pun, (kita perlu) pilihan raya semula.

"Kita tidak akan tolak ansur. Kalau (mereka) padam lampu, hilangkan peti undi, (kita) betulkan, itu tuntutan kita," katanya di hadapan lebih 15 ribu hadirin di Himpunan Black 505 Kelantan malam tadi.


Lebih 15,000 hadirin di himpunan 'Black 505? Kelantan di Padang Majlis Daerah Ketereh

Anwar berkata, selagi SPR belum dihukum, rakyat tidak akan bertolak ansur dan himpunan Black 505 di Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur 22 Jun depan sebagai manifestasi kemarahan rakyat.

"Rakyat bukan hamba, rakyat punya hak, bagaimana nak suarakan? Najib takkan dengar, Umno juga tak nak dengar, bekeng (ganas), agah (sombong) tak tentu pasal.

"Sebab itu 22 haribulan ini kita berhimpun. Ini peluang terbaik untuk rakyat suarakan secara aman dan teratur. Kita nak betulkan keputusan pilihan raya di Padang Merbok," tegas Anwar.

PKR: Penafian Volkswagen, Peugeot malukan BN

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 02:04 AM PDT


Penafian beberapa syarikat pengeluar kereta bahawa mereka menurunkan harga kereta, sebagai sebahagian memenuhi janji pilihan raya BN, dilihat memalukan parti itu, kata Pengarah Komunikasi PKR Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Menurut Nik Nazmi lagi, ia sekali gus mendedahkan betapa terdesaknya parti pemerintah dalam berhadapan dengan kempen turunkan harga kereta oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

“Episod memalukan ini mendedahkan betapa terdesaknya Umno-BN dalam berhadapan dengan kempen #TurunkanHargaKereta Pakatan,” kata Nik Nazmi dalam kenyataannya hari ini.

Pada 10 Jun lalu, akhbar Umno Utusan Malaysia melaporkan, kerajaan memenuhi janji menurunkan harga kereta secara berperingkat apabila lima syarikat pengeluar kereta mengumumkan penurunan harga 10 model kereta keluaran mereka.

Harian itu juga melaporkan, penurunan antara RM449 hingga RM12,775 (dari 0.7 hingga 11 peratus) dalam tempoh Januari hingga Mei tahun ini membabitkan kereta keluaran Peugeot, Proton, Perodua, Volkswagen dan Honda.

Penurunan fasa pertama harga kenderaan itu merupakan sebahagian daripada pelan kerajaan menurunkan secara berperingkat harga kereta sebanyak 20 hingga 30 peratus sehingga 2007.

Bagaimanapun, sebuah portal berita hari ini melaporkan, Volkswagen dan Peugeot menafikan perkara itu.

Volkswagen dilaporkan berkata, harga modelnya Golf tidak diturunkan dari RM169,888 kepada RM157,888, sebaliknya memang dilancarkan daripada awal dengan harga RM157,888.

Manakala Peugeot pula dilaporkan berkata, mereka tidak dirujuk dan tiada kaitan dengan artikel itu. Menurut pengeluar kereta Perancis itu juga, harga yang ditunjukkan 308 Turbo pra- facelift dan 308 VTi sebenarnya merupakan dua varian berbeza dari Peugeot 308.

JUNE 22 BLACK505: One moment in time for M’sians – last chance to stand up for themselves?

Posted: 12 Jun 2013 09:40 PM PDT


Whitney Houston's song "One Moment in Time" perhaps best sums up the gargantuan momentum that is being showcased in the Blackout 505 rallies – with tiny Perlis being its latest 'wow' phenomena.

Up to this day, since the close of GE-13, we are witnessing the undeniable swelling crowds of tens of thousands at these rallies all throughout the country. Certainly there is a BIG picture taking root. And this, no force can rule out, suppress or even attempt to annihilate. And if they do, it will be at their own loss.

The spirit of the masses can best be alluded to in Whitney's song:

Each day I live


I want to be


A day to give


The best of me


I’m only one


But not alone


My finest day


Is yet unknown

The citizens are emerging and converging all across the country – come pelting rain, or roaring thunderstorm, to express their hope for this nation. To miss out this BIG picture ‘meaning' behind the gatherings is to deny citizens their rightful role in patriotism for King and nation.

I broke my heart


Fought every gain


To taste the sweet


I face the pain


I rise and fall


Yet through it all


This much remains

As they make the time to be out in droves when they could be huddled in the comforts of their homes, couched before the idiot box, it means sacrifice for the good of all citizens, king and nation. It means the kind of hope that Whitney tried to capture in the lyrics of her song:

I want one moment in time


When I’m more than I thought I could be


When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away


And the answers are all up to me


Give me one moment in time


When I’m racing with destiny


Then in that one moment of time


I will feel


I will feel eternity

Yes, the Blackout 505 will have to be (not by maneuvered force but by volition) a full blown experience that must at some point culminate in crowning glory. In all likelihood, the mega-Blackout 505 planned for 22 June might just be the one significant moment – that “One Moment in Time”.

In fact the entire nation is already abuzz pregnant with hopeful talk from warongs to corporate corridors similar to the sentiments as captured in the song, i.e. When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away.

I’ve lived to be


The very best


I want it all


No time for less


I’ve laid the plans


Now lay the chance


Here in my hands

When you chat up with the people gathering at these rallies, you cannot miss that common thread of thinking and feeling that seems to draw each and every one of them out into the open – wearing some black on them, and standing up attention to sing the national anthem with such passion and magnetic connectivity. It appears to be a commitment to be a part of a future that they can all be proud of for generations to come – just like our forefathers who earned Merdeka for us.

But unfortunately there are still forces-that-be that cannot recognize that the people all across the country, cutting across race, religion and socio-economic class and age divides are converging with those sentiments as best expressed in Whitney's lyrics:

Give me one moment in time


When I’m more than I thought I could be


When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away


And the answers are all up to me


Give me one moment in time


When I’m racing with destiny


Then in that one moment of time


I will feel


I will feel eternity

However if the UMNO-BN party alliances want to be a part of that tidal wave and be also crowned as You’re a winner for a lifetime then they must race against time to seize that “One Moment in Time" if they too want to "Make it Shine".

But let honesty prevail – can they be contrite enough to face up to it? However, it appears that the prince and politician, Tengku Razaleigh's recent sojourn with the protesting BN MPs might just give UMNO lama that last saving grace.


Because as in that song One Moment in Time, the spirit of the people says it all very clearly:

Give me one moment in time


When I’m more than I thought I could be


When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away


And the answers are all up to me


Give me one moment in time


When I’m racing with destiny


Then in that one moment of time


I will be


I will be


I will be free


I will be


I will be free

Yes, the BIG picture of the Blackout 505 rallies is all about being FREE – about freeing this nation from corrupt ways; about returning democracy in all its pristine glory untainted, beginning with clean and fair general elections; about returning to the Rulers their Constitutional glory and our loyalty uncompromised; about being a one nation for one people called Malaysians.

If the power brokers and their paid peddlers continue to see Blackout 505 as a threat and keep attempting to give it unwarranted labels like 'security threat', 'opposition ploy', 'chaos', 'foreign agents', 'out to topple the government' and the likes, then the Blackout 505 will only get tougher for the enemies of the citizens of this country.

A defining day

In a nutshell, Blackout 505 on 22 June 2013 is bound to be a defining phase for this nation. If we try to deny that reality, we are fools blinded by our own insecurities.

For certain, Malaysians are a peaceful lot, disciplined and able to bite the bullet when the situation demands. This has been proven time and time again throughout all the previous rallies involving tens of thousands of citizens congregating against all odds – be it imposed by man or nature.

It is no more a pre-election campaign fever. It is about honor, integrity and determination to make this nation a model for the region, an inspiration for the troubled world.

And so, Whitney Houston's song One Moment in Time would serve most edifying for the doubters, skeptics, blinkered fools and of course for all those who are dead bent in continuing with the legacy of fast fading regimes around the world.

The “Anwar Rally”

Posted: 12 Jun 2013 09:38 PM PDT


What I found surprising about the Bersih 3 rally last year is that the crowd consisted of about 60% young people. Some maybe not even old enough to vote. But there they were, bangsa Malaysia. All 3 races fighting for a good cause, united in purpose.

It was the same at Kelana Jaya stadium last month. The crowd was huge but the unity was simply amazing. Old Chinese men lining up at the PAS booths to buy and then to wear Tshirts that said Hudud with a facebook styled "like" symbol. Young Chinese and Indian youth making head bands and capes out of PAS flags, young Malay guys waving DAP flags. It's amazing the way the young have completely judged UMNO's institutionalised racism as outdated and made a sincere effort to showcase it last night.

When Mat Sabu, Sivarasa, Tian Chua, Fauziah Salleh, Dr Michael Jeyakumar and all the other leaders of the Pakatan pact took the mike and after they said their short address, the crowd roared in approval.

When Lim Kit Siang took the mike, the roar of the crowd shook the air. I kid you not! I thought that was the best 50,000 humans could do. That is, until Anwar took the mike. I don't think a popular rock star could enjoy such a high approval.

Look of guilt on Najib’s face

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is to share what I learnt that night. Barisan National's victories in 30 parliamentary seats are in question. Most of the stories we heard about blackouts are not true. But what actually happened that night is that the polling agents in the various stations were sending their numbers to the Pakatan operations center, who were then tallying up the numbers to determine the winner for each seat. Bu 11pm, the Pakatan portals were announcing that they had won.

But Bernama, Astro Awani and all the other TV stations were still reporting 40BN, 30DAP, PKR and PAS 2 each. This alone was an attempt at inciting some problem.

Something I'll never forget is the look of guilt on Najib's face when he took the mike after the EC's Wan Ahmad announced that BN had obtained 112 seats. The look on the PM's face and on those around him told us everything. They knew even at that time that all of Malaysia and the entire world would know that they cheated. Not one of them had the guts to look the camera in the eye. I suppose the thoughts running through their heads must have been images of Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand and all the other Govts that were recently overthrown after they cheated at the elections.

You could almost smell the gloom and heart break in the air all over the nation on the morning of the 6th of May. We expected BN to win and could only dream of a Pakatan victory. But as we watched the numbers come in, the joy was building up within. WE HAD WON!!! Tyranny was defeated by the people of Malaysia!!! Then, along comes Wan Ahmad.

Too much evidence to ignore

Many videos evidencing electoral fraud have been posted on Face Book and YouTube that stone walling and ignoring the outcry in the hope that it will go away is just too arrogant and is simply not going to work. I've seen videos of people being paid cash after voting, one of voters lining up to demand their pay after casting their vote, one of "phantoms" being escorted by Police to cast their vote after the crowd chased them away, and I've also seen one with EC officials picking up 2 ballot boxes from the road side while driving to the main counting center. And THIS, folks, is probably why the numbers counted at the polling center and numbers during the recount differ.

Does Najib really realise how much he has hurt us? Badawi had the same problem as Najib. Both PMs realised that the cheating, fraud, corruption, rent seeking, racism and the bullying of minorities had to end. And they asked the electorate for the mandate to make those changes. But both were unable to stop the rot. In fact the corruption and theft of public resources have gotten much worse under Najib. Creating MASSIVE fraud and then going to the people and humbly saying "Sorry lah, kami memang korup," and then saying "Hey, heres $500…. Oh, and heres another $100 for books." Didn't work the way it was intended. Does Najib realise exactly why we were so very disappointed when they stole this election result from us?

Did we get our hopes up when he promised a lot of transform and reform? Were we shocked at how shallow his promises were when the corruption cases kept coming in? Were we surprised when the Pakatan MP's periodically revealed more evidence of phantom voters in their constituencies? I admit though, that I was very happy when the EC finally agreed to implement the indelible ink to prevent people from voting more than once. But we know how that went. It's not been 7 days, but I haven't seen anyone with the ink still on. What I did see though is that 2 of the foreign banglas working at my place had the indelible ink on their indexes the next day. Even after bersih 2 and 3 under Najib's watch, NOTHING changed!

Another 5 years of the same BN ‘shit’ (pardon the language!)

So what made us sad is waking up on the 6th of March to the realisation that BN is here to stay. Another 5 years of being inundated with stories about Anwar Ibrahim's sexual escapades. Of young men visiting Mekah to swear stuff. Another 5 years of pointless propaganda in the mainstream media, and producers of pornography in full gear.

Are we looking at another 5 years of stupid issues like some rectums going around trying to copyright the name of God? Will the churches be attacked and burned? will bibles be seized and desecrated ? Will new cases of multi billion ringgit corruption involving the Barisan National be reported every week in the alternative media? Will foreign media produce movies about the high level of corruption in Malaysia while the Govt locally makes promises after promises to "ACT?" Will we see another 1,500 suspects of crime dying while in custody? Will the Federal debt continue to skyrocket? In the 4 years under Najib, the Federal debt has doubled. Is he going to double it again? Will ALL the money stolen from the people of Malaysia ever be returned? Will BN leaders be allowed to perform acts of bitter provocation while young students be handcuffed and charged in court for stepping on pictures. Will we have to endure more incidents of political violence by young men?

Is Malaysia's Bumiputra population going to double with more and more foreigners being given bumi citizenships? Will the illegal/illicit outflow of funds exceed 300 billion ringgit this year? Are we still going to remain the most corrupt nation on the face of the planet?

We rejected all of these when we cast our votes but we were outdone by electoral fraud. We have to stand behind Anwar Ibrahim this time and support his efforts to right this fraudulent electoral result. In the course of demanding re-elections in the 30 constituencies in question, some may fall back to BN and some may fall to PR while some judges may just throw them out.

Although Pakatan Rakyat's chances of actually taking over the Govt is slim, we must by all means demand that the electoral rolls be cleaned up, or deleted and replaced with a new one, requiring every Malaysian to re register.

Wouldn't that be a good place to start?

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