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Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Razak of MAS

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 03:55 AM PST

Jasper Bloodstone

Please state facts. Stop saying you heard that no aerobridges. You are trying to speak for that Pariah. It is only the aPariah and the Pariah airline do not want aerobridges in order to save money but at the same time have all the hidden costs incorporated in their fare structure.

Hope that ACCC and MYCC will take the necessary actions to defend members of the traveling public. The Pariah airlines is in trouble but due to the creative accounting looks ok> lets see for how long. Hope that YB will press for real answer this coming Parliamentary session. I love the questions tabled by YB and awaiting for the bullshit from the Ministry of Transport and Finance. Please pursue YB . Don’t let the pariah get away with all the nonsense.

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Jalil

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 03:47 AM PST

Mereka dan keturunannya mesti menangung segala. Ambil perhatian AJ, Rashdan, Azman Mokhtar dan Rozman Omar.

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Jasper Bloodstone

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 02:40 AM PST


I admire your cavalier disregard for the realities of the global aviation industry.

Have you, for example, tracked the price of jet fuel over the past 2 years?

What are fuel costs as a percentage of MAS’s costs?

How can other airlines eke out profits in the same jet fuel price environment, while MAS incurs a loss, even after stripping out the “kitchen sink” stuff?

I read today that Changi Airport is going to demolish it’s Budget Terminal and replace it with a new Terminal 4 by 2017.

Changi’s Terminal 4 will have a capacity of 16 million passengers per year. IT WILL NOT HAVE AEROBRIDGES.

Yup, you read that right – no AEROBRIDGES!

So much for the running battle between Malaysia Airports and AirAsia over the subject of AEROBRIDGES.

How many more red herrings and obfuscations are the supporters of MAS going to come up with?

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Plane Crazy

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 02:10 AM PST

Quick check on Google, then LinkedIn, showed PlaneConsult’s Managing Director is Conor McCarthy. Director and Co-Founder of AirAsia. He was TF’s mentor while he was at Ryanair. Either these LCC guys really want to prove to the world that you can shove a square peg into a round hole by re-engineering a full service carrier, or they simply want to kill it parasitically.

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by MH-J

Posted: 01 Mar 2012 08:57 PM PST

Old Man: that IS the bottom line isn’t it….it’s a ‘jual minyak’ announcement if you ask me!! Now the ill informed will give their blessings for whatever crude actions taken, including laying off employees…..and after a little time they will announce a ‘bounce back’ figures to earn the much needed ‘pat on the back’….same old, same old….
The insecurities they cause to employees irks me!!!

Comment on Dr Don: MAS-AIRASIA share swap is a “NATIONAL TRAGEDY!” by Olek Skilgannon

Posted: 01 Mar 2012 08:53 PM PST

Dr Don

Cryptic is as cryptic does!

Doesn’t amount to a whole heap of beans, anyway!

Can’t get any more folksy than this without going “hee haw”!

Comment on Now Everyone in AirAsia can join MAS by Anonymous

Posted: 01 Mar 2012 06:55 PM PST

1 day MAS only leave name….

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Roland

Posted: 01 Mar 2012 04:12 PM PST

This Azman Mokhtar’s crony (Rashdan) is a real crony. Who knows nothing about airlines and yet he pretends that he is the expert. Now he is blindly following the Con-sultant, which is also the Con-sultant of AirAsia.

How could one appoint the same consultant to advise on both airlines with different set up and objectives. Dunggu AJ and Rahsdan please wake up. We are sure that these both idiots do not want to go down in history to be one responsible for destroying MAS.

The recent announcements by AJ on MAS accounts were bullshit and what we call creative accounting to justify what they have screwed up in MAS. This is not the way bloody fools. Your whole generation will be cursed by all the families of MAS staff, who have worked so hard for MAS.

MAS has now been destroyed by the deadwood like AJ, Rahsdan and the new AirAsia’s recruits.

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Anak Malaysia

Posted: 01 Mar 2012 03:06 PM PST

The lost is too heavy for them. I guess it’d be the end for those who have worked for so long for MAS. I feel for them. Hope that their future would be guaranteed too after staying loyal for so long to MAS, to some, the entire of their lives.

I have a son too who has been put on hold after passing the final stage of the selection recently. It has been a year plus of energy and sweat for him. Heard they are going to cancel the intake now. Well it’s still in the rumour stage but based on the current situation, I guess I wont put that much of a hope though I still wont lose my faith. Cant you MAS boards at least take a peek at this blog and see the dissatisfaction here? Some of them, that is including my son and some of his friends, are just trying to earn honest bucks by getting in. I guess the jobless cadets would be worsen if things aren’t settled as proper as it should had done.

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