Anwar Ibrahim

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Anwar Ibrahim

Tidak Ada Pilihan Raya Sehingga Tuntutan Bersih Dipenuhi- Azmin

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 12:59 AM PDT

Keadilan Daily

Pakatan Rakyat menggesa Jawatan Khas Parlimen (PSC)  mengemukakan saranan kepada kerajaan supaya pilihan raya tidak diadakan sebelum proses penambahbaikan dijalankan.

Timbalan Presiden KEADILAN, Mohamed Azmin Ali berkata, PSC juga perlu meneliti lapan tuntutan oleh  Gabungan Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (Bersih 2.0) bagi tujuan itu.

"Kita mahu jawatankuasa (PSC) kemuka saranan kepada kerajaan supaya tak ada pilihan raya sehingga Jawatankuasa memberikan maklum balas dan cadangan bertujuan menambah baik proses pilihan raya.

"Kami  membawa lapan  tuntutan Bersih dan berharap jawatankuasa memberi ruang yang luas kepada (Pengerusi Bersih) (Datuk) Ambiga untuk kemukakan hujah menyokong lapan tuntutan, yang mewakili 60 NGO dan berharap jawatankuasa ini bebas dari tangan-tangan politik," kata Ahli Parlimen Gombak itu.

Lapan tuntutan Bersih itu ialah membersihkan senarai undi, reformasi undi pos, penggunaan dakwat kekal, akses media yang bebas dan adil, tempoh kempen minima 21 hari, memperkukuh institusi awam, menghentikan rasuah dan menghentikan politik kotor.

Sehubungan itu kata Azmin, Wakil Pakatan Rakyat dalam PSC  akan memanggil Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) sebagai saksi pertama dalam mesyuarat ketiga mereka esok.

"Kita tidak mahu jawatankuasa (PSC) ini dijadikan helah untuk lengah-lengahkan reformasi pilihan raya,"  tambah Azmin pada sidang media di Parlimen hari ini.

Turut hadir dalam sidang media itu wakil Pakatan dalam PSC – Dr Hatta Ramli (Pas)  dan Anthony Loke (Dap).

Sementara itu Anthony Loke berkata, SPR tidak boleh memberi alasan untuk tidak menghadirkan diri ke mesyuarat esok  kerana PSC telah memberi notis kepada mereka.

"Seperti yang kita sedia maklum sebahagian besar masalah tak perlu kepada pindaan perlembagaan kalau SPR serius untuk melakukan reformasi pilihan raya,"

"SPR jangan beri alasan untuk kata mereka tidak tahu. Kita (PSC) telah beri banyak notis beberapa kali. Esok sudah mesyuarat ketiga," kata beliau.

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University College London UCL : Anwar Came, Saw, Conquered

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 09:40 PM PDT


By Mariam Mokhtar

Looking at Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition Leader, deliver his talk, one would never have guessed that he was hounded by the BN government, on a list of trumped-up charges as long as his arm.

He was witty and informative when engaging with the audience; brutal and incisive when mocking Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s administration.

NONEAnwar (right) recently gave a speech at University College London (UCL), entitled 'The Struggle for Justice and Democracy in Malaysia’.

He won over the crowd, who were mainly Malaysians studying or working in England. Anwar has universal acclaim and the 'mat salleh’ who were present can’t have attended just because they were curious to see the man whom BN has portrayed as a raving sex maniac, who can’t have enough of women, or men.

For a man whose private life has been paraded around the world with the farcical Sodomy I and II trials, and Sex Videos I and II, Anwar did not look like a condemned person.

With steely determination, he told the crowd that he has vowed to clear his name, restore his family’s reputation and defend his honour.

BN painted Anwar as a sexual deviant and lined people up to reveal sordid allegations about him. If true, then Anwar should have felt at home in Soho, the racy red light area with its gay bars, porn-shops and fallen women, close to UCL.

But a sexual lunatic he is not.

No compromise

Anwar who is famed for his skill as an orator, talked passionately about Pakatan’s policies, its budget and his vision of a Malaysia that will be shaped by its youth.

He was adamant that the new Malaysia should be governed with transparency, accountability, and where the corrupt would be punished. He offered no compromise on his party’s multiracial policy.

He told the students that they were responsible for determining Malaysia’s future. He said: “Everyone is born to be free. Freedom cannot be negotiated.”

He cajoled and persuaded them: “You must make a stand and exercise your rights….”

He challenged them: “You must learn to ask questions….”, and warned them that Najib’s administration feared the truth.

He criticised Najib’s performance at 'prime minister’s question time’ in Parliament: “I asked him repeatedly, when the ISA will be abolished. I wanted an undertaking that GE-13 would not be conducted before reforms were implemented…. Najib simply smiled. He was unresponsive….. It was like having a dialogue with the deaf….. Why bother calling it 'question time’?”

He questioned the conduct of parliamentarians when he quizzed BN about the fund meant to help poor farmers, which was pocketed by BN cronies: “There was a collective silence.”

mahathir responses to suaram report 02He castigated former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad (right), whom he has forgiven for sending him to jail: “He (Mahathir) levelled charges of sodomy against me because this is taboo with the rural Malays.”

He mocked the religious hypocrisy of the BN elite: “Mahathir’s son bought RM2.9 billion of San Miguel shares but one Malay girl had her life torn apart and was herself almost whipped for a glass of beer.”

With humility he told the audience: “You may listen to me and choose to agree or disagree with me. Or you can support Umno. It is your right. There is no denying it.”

And he injected a bit of comedy in his talk: “For 13 years, BN and the Malaysian media have hounded me, except for three days last Hari Raya…….I had a three day break when they focused on Mat Sabu of PAS.”

The Malaysians had travelled from the East Midlands, Shropshire and the North-East, and the majority were students, from colleges and universities in and around London. Expat Malaysians, concerned about the unpredictable political landscape, came to hear the latest developments.

The talk was at times depressing, particularly the part about BN being prepared to cheat, to 'win’ GE-13. There remained one glimmer of hope; the large presence of Malay students in the audience.

For years, the Malaysian government actively discriminated against Malay students. A culture of fear was promoted by the Malaysian high commissions and embassies around the world.

Consequently, Malay students distanced themselves from such talks.

Malays are deliberately singled out by BN to keep them ignorant. To keep them from learning. And to keep them from being exposed to other cultures, races and thinking patterns.

Dangerous Malay

A knowledgeable Malay is dangerous. BN knows that a questioning Malay would ultimately lead to BN’s demise. One individual can be silenced. But many?

BN treats the Malay like a semi-literate and a slave. Its brainwashing technique has been perfected so that the Malay mind is trapped by his imaginary tempurung, wherever he is in the world.

If we want a better Malaysia, the Malays must be brought into the loop. If we want to progress as a nation the Malays must contribute and share the limelight.

Umno’s propaganda is based on fear and warns of a threat to Malay survival. BN claims Anwar will sell Malaysia to the non-Malays and that Pakatan is controlled by the Chinese.

What BN really meant was that their own survival was in danger.

The Malay elite is at liberty to be open-minded but he subjugates his poorer Malay cousin. The elite cream off the best in life, but leave others destitute.

In effect, Malaysia has been 'stolen’ by its corrupt Malay leaders.

Warning letters

Informed sources allege that the modus operandi of the consulate officials is to warn Malaysian students to stay away from these 'opposition’ lectures.

Sometimes, the Malaysian embassy sends out 'warning’ letters. But as Anwar related, deans of Indonesian and American universities have cautioned the embassies, and threatened reprisals if this practice were to continue.

Some allege that agents of the government masquerade as students, to spy, as they move in student circles.

Most government scholarship holders are Malay, and many come from poor backgrounds. Only the brazen few or privately financed students will attend 'opposition’ lectures.

The majority stay away for fear of losing their funding. They fear the shame of terminating their studies. They fear the wrath of their families. They fear rejection by the community. But most of all, they fear missing the best chance to lift themselves and their families from poverty for a better future.

Isn’t it ironical that students stay away because they fear BN’s long reach? This emphasises the significance of Anwar’s speech 'The Struggle for Justice and Democracy in Malaysia’.

Anwar’s proclamation which rang in everyone’s ears was: “With your help, and given fair and clean elections, Pakatan will form the next government.”

Anwar’s talk was oversubscribed and the huge presence of students, including many Malays, is heartening.

Perhaps the culture of fear which the Malaysian government tried to export to student populations overseas is vaporising.

Perhaps Najib is not only losing his grip on the economy, but also on the students.

BN’s propaganda and emphasis on the sodomy trials, meant that many students were unaware that Anwar was once DPM or finance minister.

Anwar’s talk was an eye-opener and many students responded positively.

This generation of Malay youth wants a well-rounded education and refuses to be cowed by Putrajaya. Overseas, non-Malay students have never felt the crippling grip of the BN government.

Acquiring knowledge at universities around the world is one thing.

But learning to live with freedom of expression, where basic human rights are not denied and where university professors are not suspended or sent live bullets in their mail, is a shallow learning curve for Malaysian students.

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a non-conformist traditionalist from Perak, a bucket chemist and an armchair eco-warrior. In 'real-speak', this translates into that she comes from Ipoh, values change but respects culture, is a petroleum chemist and also an environmental pollution-control scientist.

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Mengenai Kenyataan Palsu Dan Berunsur Fitnah Oleh Menteri Belia dan Sukan di Parlimen Pada 31hb Oktober 2011

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 07:57 PM PDT

Saya mengecam kenyataan palsu dan berunsur fitnah oleh Menteri Belia dan Sukan Datuk Shabery Cheek di Parlimen bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Selangor terlibat dalam kemasukkan seorang warganegara Israel ke Malaysia untuk perfileman siri televisyen realiti antarabangsa, “The Challenger Muay Thai.”

Menteri Belia dan Sukan tidak patut menunding jari pada pihak lain. Sebagai seorgan menteri, beliau patut sedar hal imigresen berada di bawah bidangkuasa Kerajaan Persekutuan.

Selangor telah berjaya menarik siri televisyen bercorak realiti tersebut untuk difilemkan di negeri Selangor. Penerbit siri tersebut merupakan pihak yang mengeluarkan program-program televisyen lain yang telah memenangi anugerah seperti “The Contender,” “The Biggest Loser Asia” dan “The Apartment.”

Walau bagaimanapun, Selangor langusung tidak terlibat dalam penganjuran persaingan tersebut, pemilihan ahli sukan ataupun penerbitan siri televisyen tersebut. Kami tidak menjemput mana-mana ahli sukan ataupun menandatangani sebarang dokumen sokongan untuk membolehkan warganegara Israel memasuki Malaysia. Jika kami dimaklumkan, Kerajaan Negeri Selangor pasti memohon kepada Kementerian Belia dan Sukan dan Jabatan Imigresen supaya menolak kemasukkan warganegara Israel tersebut.

Pendirian Pakatan Rakyat adalah jelas. Demi semangat setiakawan dengan rakyat Palestin, Malaysia tidak patut mewujudkan sebarang hubungan diplomatik, perdagangan, budaya ataupun sukan dengan rejim Zionis-Israel. Hubungan dengan Israel hanya boleh dipertimbangkan kalau dan apabila ia mengiktiraf hak-hak rakyat Palestin dan menghentikan tindakan ganas terhadap negara-negara jiran.

Ini merupakan kali kedua tahun ini Menteri Belia dan Sukan telah membenarkan warganegara Israel memasuki Malaysia dengan pas masuk khas. Kami menyeru Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk menghentikan pengeluaran pas masuk khas kepada warganegara Israel sehingga negara Israel mengiktiraf kenegaraan Palestin.

YB Elizabeth Wong
Exco Pelancongan, Hal Ehwal Pengguna dan Alam Sekitar


Press Statement
1 November 2011

On the false and malicious statement made by the Youth and Sports Minister in Parliament on 31st Oct 2011

I object to the false and malicious statement made by Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Shabeery Cheek in Parliament that the Selangor Government was involved in bring an Israeli citizen into Malaysia for the filming of the international reality television series ‘The Challenger Muay Thai”.

The Youth and Sports Minister should not point fingers at others, knowing full well immigration matters are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. 

Selangor had won the bid for the reality television series to be filmed in the state from the award-winning reality television producers of ‘The Contender’, ‘The Biggest Loser Asia’ and ‘The Apartment’. 

However Selangor is not involved in organising the competition, in the selection of fighters or in the production of the reality television series. We did not invite any of the fighters or sign any support documents for an Israeli national to enter Malaysia. If we had prior information, we would have firmly told the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Immigration Department not to grant entry.

Pakatan Rakyat policy is clear:- We believe that, in the spirit of solidarity with the Palestinian people, Malaysia should have no diplomatic, trade, cultural or sports ties with the Israeli Zionist regime. Relationship with Israel may be considered only if it recognizes the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people, and all aggression stopped towards its neighbors.

This is the second time this year the Youth and Sports Minister had allowed an Israeli national to enter Malaysia on a special entry pass. We call upon the Federal Government to stop granting special entry for Israeli nationals unless and until Israel recognises the Palestinian statehood.

YB Elizabeth Wong
Exco for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and the Environment

PM Dikritik, Anak Gadisnya Didakwa Belanja RM200k

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 07:51 PM PDT


Meskipun kontroversi cincin RM24 juta yang dikaitkan dengan Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor masih belum reda, pengkritik Datuk Seri Najib Razak kini menjadikan anak perempuan perdana menteri sebagai sasaran mereka.

NONEIni berikutan laporan berita yang dikatakan disiarkan di sebuah akhbar di Australia Barat yang  mendakwa bahawa anak gadis perdana menteri membelanjakan A$60,000 (RM195,000) semasa  membeli-belah di David Jones, antara gedung terbesar di Australia.

Bagaimanapun kesahihan berita itu belum disahkan, tetapi satu salinan keratan berita kecil tanpa tarikh dan logo akhbar berkenaan mula diedarkan di negara ini. Namun ini tidak menghalang para penulis blog pembangkang dan akhbar rasmi PKR,Suara Keadilanmemetik keratan itu dan menyiarkan laporan tersebut.

Selain itu, laporan bertajuk 'Delegates go shopping and sightseeing' atau ‘Perwakilan membeli-belah dan bersiar-siar’ juga dimuatkan di banyak laman Facebook.

Bekas ahli jawatankuasa ousat PKR Badrul Hisham Shaharin atau lebih dikenali sebagai Chegubard, menulis di blognya "ketika rakyat terus dibayah payah meneruskan kehidupan seharian keluarga pemimpin negara terus bermewah".

Makin terhimpit

"Rakyat makin terhimpit dengan kos kehidupan yang makin menggila. Regim penguasa semakin gagal mengawal kenaikan harga barang dan perkhidmatan malah dalam pada masa yang sama perbagai cukai diperkenalkan terus menjerut rakyat. rasuah dan pemborosan semakin menggila.

azlan"Masih tidak mampu menjawab isu cincin RM 24.45 juta yang terkait dengan Rosmah Mansor kini muncul pula anaknya dengan imej begitu juga," tulisnya.

Anak gadis yang tidak dinamakan dalam laporan itu didakwa bersama ibu bapanya yang menghadiri Mesyuarat Ketua-ketua Kerajaan Komanwel (CHOGM) yang diadakan di Perth, Australia Barat.

Suara Keadilan yang juga memetik keratan akhbar itu melaporkan, turut bersama rombongan perdana menteri dan isteri serta anak gadisnya itu adalah timbalan menteri penerangan komunikasi dan kebudayaan, Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz, timbalan menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Mashitah Ibrahim dan presiden PPP Datuk M Kayveas.

najib abdul razak in perth chogm 1Portal pembangkang itu juga mendakwa bahawa peniaga membuat keuntungan yang besar apabila seorang wanita pertama yang tidak dinamakan membelanjakan A$150,000 (RM487,000) membeli mutiara Australia Barat, manakala ‘anak gadis Najib’ membelanjakan A$60,000.

Ia memetik pengarah negeri bagi CHOGM Richard Muirhead sebagai berkata bahawa aktiviti masa lapang dan ekspedisi membeli-belah berkenaan diatur untuk perwakilan asing di luar jadual mesyuarat CHOGM yang ketat itu.

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