Nurul Izzah Anwar

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Nurul Izzah Anwar

My answer to the Malay Mail on 8 April 2013

Posted: 08 Apr 2013 06:14 PM PDT

Assalammualaikum and good morning kak. Im Nadya, a reporter from The Malay Mail and im assigned to cover Lembah Pantai. If its not too much, i would like to ask you one question. There have been reports saying that you are not “there enough” in Lembah Pantai, especially Pantai Dalam prior elections, and that the people in the area said there havent been much improvement since 2008. Could i get a few comments on this? Also, issues that you would wish to elaborate and highlight on this matter. Thank you. Salam.

Dear Nadya, thank you for your question. Actually such allegations are untrue, I have been conducting programs in all areas of Lembah Pantai consistently since 2008. Unfortunately, news about my programs is rarely given coverage particularly by mainstream media such as Utusan, Berita Harian, and others. Only as 13GE appears have these news outlets been more interested in reporting about the service I am giving to LP residents. For a sample of my work particularly in Pantai Dalam, I encourage you to peruse my past Kanta Lembah Pantai newsletters as well as my Facebook page.

I remain thankful for the denial to my constituency allocation fund by the bn govt, amounting to almost RM 2 million per year, and even DBKL facilities, for it has allowed me to realize the meaning of being a government servant. The entire might of the government is being used to challenge my standing – which proves the urgent need to check continuing abuses by a belligerent BN. I might face monthly deficits – but at the least our services : free clinics, efficient subsidies via mykad, and free mammogram , ongoing tuition classes for kids and Pap smear exams for underprivileged women are programs predicated on quality service for the poor – without incurring a single cent on tax payer’s monies.

In terms improvements, in the one term that I have been the MP for Lembah Pantai, residents have experienced a heightened quality of service by public agencies such as DBKL. In fact, many of the flats and PPR units have only been painted ever since I became the MP for Lembah Pantai, proof that Pakatan Rakyat is a bringer of change to all Malaysians.

As Kuala Lumpur remains a federal territory, approvals for upcoming projects in Lembah Pantai falls under the purview of FT Ministry and BN Federal Government; I am glad that the presence of 10 PR legislators have forced the BN government to be more responsive to the developmental needs of KL.
nonetheless, I believe that PR legislators have provided a unique voice of conscience in the August house to remind and watch over the Federal BN’s major excesses.

It is my hope that we can realize the much needed reforms to ensure the people of KL will enjoy not only a state government, but an elected mayor, and adequate access to information and on their MP.

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