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Posted by Awanama | Posted on 1:29 PTG

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale! by Now Everyone Can Talk Big

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 08:11 AM PST

Thumb Logic

Without Sleepy Head/Sumberjack, he will not get the 96 routes from MAS. No government in the world, will slash 96 routes from its national airlines and give it to a low caste airline. So what was there to shout about the achievement. Anybody could have done it if one was given immunity to collect and keep the airport taxes collected from the passengers for MAHB for many years totaling more than RM100 million. It was like an interest free loan for many years and on top of it all, when pressured to pay, the Sleepy Head gave a discount of about 30%.

How about the RM250 million subsidy given for the Rural Air Services as pointed out by Auto Cheat above.

Not a bad start isn’t it? I am sure that many company would like to get a kick start the way he and his outfits got it.

Comment on AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale! by Anonymous

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 07:54 AM PST

@Thumb Logic

You have got us all wrong. We are not here to take away what businesses or the wealth he has created for himself.

All we ask is that he does it with concience and honesty. Stop the lies and deceit. Stop being selfish. Give back to the very people who got him to where he is. He did not do it on his own. Pay up what is owed. Give what is paid for.

Comment on AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale! by Auto Cheat

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 06:29 AM PST

What a joke AirAsia X is fine. For a start the AOC of AirAsia X was given to Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd (aka FAX). It was set up during Slumber Jack was in power. Then FAX fought for the Rural Air Service (RAS) in Sabah and Sarawak, which was operated by MAS and Slumber Jack Government gave the RAS to FAX. Of course, FAX was given AOC on the silver platter plus RM250 million subsidy to operate the RAS for 2 years by Slumber Jack.

Within a few months, there were too many complaints from the Sabah and Sarawak State Governments and the people, FAX gave up RAS but didn’t return the AOC to DCA after all FAX couldn’t operate the RAS properly. FAX kept the subsidy of RM250 million and the Slumber Jack Government did not ask for the refund.

Out of about 14 aircraft 6 were found to be un-airworthy and 1 was cannibalized for spare parts! Two or three months later after given up RAS, FAX changed its name from FAX to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.

This was how AirAsia X came into existence. There are many articles written about AirAsia X in YB’s blog. Hope that Autothrottle will read them for his own knowledge and not made a fool of himself.

Comment on AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale! by Now No More Air Asia

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 06:12 AM PST

AirAsia X is fine? ha.ha. What a joke! Got cheated to Christchurch before.. Never again.

Comment on AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale! by Thumb Logic

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 04:48 AM PST

You can say what you like. He has created a business that many want to takeover, Godd Luck. As the Eastern Europeans countries found out too late , the expropriators will be expropriated.

Comment on AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale! by In aviation too...

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 10:41 PM PST

The next time u wanna fly AirAsia, please think again. To me they are not safe! Ok, screw the air fare, I am talking about their operations. From ground handling, baggage loading in the aircraft & all the way to pilot’s standards, they are not safe. I’ve seen it, I know.. So rethink..

If by saving probably RM20 worth your life, then go ahead fly with them.

Comment on AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale! by Autothrottle

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 03:49 AM PST

The AOC is for Air Asia. AirAsiaX is fine.

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