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Posted by Tanpa Nama | Posted on 1:20 PTG

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Amok’s crony Rashdan is OUT, who are NEXT? by doggy

Posted: 03 Jun 2012 08:01 AM PDT

thanks yb. but please no to dr don, or dr con as he was known in the flight operations.
if not, it’s going to be another SSDD thingy.

Comment on Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan? by anwar

Posted: 03 Jun 2012 02:49 AM PDT

Bro Johnny,

You are absolutely right that YB Wee is the only MP exposing MAS matters and I hope he will continue to be an MP.

Comment on Share swap unwound, free 1st Class travel still ON! by soon zoo

Posted: 03 Jun 2012 02:03 AM PDT

already too late for Mas staff…… before the share suap been abolished they accomplished their final mission – all Airbus from Pu&#@*#k AA will be done by Mas Maintenace for free……

Comment on Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan? by anonymous

Posted: 02 Jun 2012 10:09 PM PDT

Look at that little Napoleon Nanny Danny, he just not fit to be with MAS. for such an auspicious occasion he can wear jean and shirt tugged out as though he was finishing doing something with his maid! Nanny Danny, how is your wife? She must be getting closer with your maid after being upgraded to your bedroom!

AJ was no different. He must be thinking that he was on a joy ride from Paris to KL. No Group CEO would have taken the A380 back when it need further configuration work to be done.

Hwy Dunggu AJ, do you know how much fuel A380 burnt from Paris to KL and then back? If you knew you wouldn’t have taken it back until it is ok. You better ask the AirAsia boy, Rozman omar to work out the sum for you.

You are wasting MAS fund and at the same time you are shouting MAS is bleeding. AJ, your brain must be hanging between your legs! Our respect for you and the maid upgrader are getting to almost negative now.

Please checking yours and your family maruah AJ and maid upgrader. The earlier both of you FO from MAS, the better for you.

Comment on Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan? by Johnnie Comes Lately

Posted: 02 Jun 2012 09:16 PM PDT

MAS is our country airline. Can we allow a few cronies to rob it under the name of it sustained losses? YB Wee is the only one MP that is standing up against the crooks when the other MP and even the Opposition MPs were not.

The Opposition Leader was trying so hard to jump on the band wagon when the situation got better. But finished off with one or two statements. The Opposition was more interested in politicking but the welfare of the 18,000 MAS employees and their families were totally ignored.

Never before that the plight of MAS employees and MAS have been highlighted in a blog of a MP.

Mind you Johnnie comes lately, we can see that YB Wee has been working harder than other MPs. He attended to problems in his constituency and have answered complaints promptly and follow up.

Perhaps what YB Wee has done may not be bad for the Pariah and his cronies in Khazanah, that does no mean he is not a law makers. At least YB Wee was one of the 60 MPs that attended the last day of Parliament until 3:30 am. Where were the other MPs especially those that have been active in the so-called BERSIH 3.

Teruskan YB, kami akan bersama YB PRU 13.

Comment on TM UniFi “D-Link router only can do” – another TM monopolistic policy that raises suspicion! by Daniel Ng

Posted: 02 Jun 2012 06:34 PM PDT

I have the same problem here. TM is arrogant ! Extremely bad service on their customer and technical respond. Got myself OUT of TM and registered for Maxis Fiber To the Home (10MB – RM118 Promotion) April 26, 2012.

Regret to see it’s TM unifi again at the last mile. Maxis only provide the gateway which will still hook up to TM. For a moment I thought, it’s ok, coz now I have a more professionaly Maxis that I can deal with who understand and resolves customer problem.

Been using it over a week now, even my parents can complain it’s not consistent and terrible network, With problems like slow at times, always down 3-4 times a day…etc. Very intermittent.

And on the 31st June 2012 (Friday) my Internet went down, this time it stayed down with the no Fiber signal from TM.

Now recap back, i think Maxis have inherited TM’s problems ! Maxis have to be forceful on their SLA (if any) with TM.

Comment on Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan? by MAS Avengers

Posted: 02 Jun 2012 05:45 PM PDT

Brader, why are you so stupid or are you born stupid? YB Wee and us are fighting for Transparency, Accountability, Competency and K economy (TACK) bigger than what BERSIH is fighting for but with less damage and bigger savings.

Comment on Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan? by Mesa member

Posted: 02 Jun 2012 05:09 PM PDT

Great idea Belalang. Matdiah , Halim please do it.

Comment on Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan? by Anonymous

Posted: 02 Jun 2012 11:23 AM PDT

Lepas ni..semua staf mas p keje pakai tshirt and jeans yeaa…
Tau la bukan komersial for history of the country..pakai la smart mcm orang ulu mana tah naik flt..

Comment on Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan? by Johnnie Thaksin

Posted: 02 Jun 2012 10:34 AM PDT

Brader u still so everzealous on this case ah? This is turning into a mas employee forum d. U told me the other day that u r suppose to be a law maker so y suddenly change ur job function to com a pi? Don’t become the MP who only harps on 1 issue. I’m sure there are more important issues that require ur attention. Mas will not be saved in a matter of months so if u don’t do what’s more important u may not have a chance to continue this crusade anymore

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