念群与沙登人民同在 | Nie Ching for Serdang

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念群与沙登人民同在 | Nie Ching for Serdang

Change the Driver, Save Malaysia!

Posted: 03 Apr 2012 09:08 PM PDT

In a televised speech last Monday, Prime Ninister Najib Razak boasted about a slew of achievements and ongoing measures under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). 

In spite of all that, he still does not dare to accept Pakatan Rakyat's  challenge of an public debate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. This just goes to show that the Prime Minister's so-called "achievements" cannot stand up to scrutiny.
A few days ago, Najib called upon Malaysians not to change the "driver" of the country's transformation agenda when it is already halfway to its destination.

On the contrary, for the betterment of Malaysia, we should not only change the driver but also ditch this faulty, petrol-consuming 54-year-old junk of a car so that we don't end up in a fatal car accident!

According to Najib, just two years after the ETP was introduced, the country's per capita income has increased from US$6,700 to to US$9,700! 


Posted: 02 Apr 2012 11:58 PM PDT

This column article published on the Website of Chinese Newspaper




虽然大众对这项活动的认识不断增加,可是多伦多电力公司(Toronto Hydro)的数据却告诉我们,进行关灯行动的一小时内,多伦多市内电力耗用量仅仅减少6.8%。尽管有关减幅高于去年的5%,但它仍低于2010年所取得的10%减幅,也不及2009年15%减幅的一半。






Home Ministry's math leaves MP puzzled

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 10:19 PM PDT

A written reply in Parliament to DAP Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching may very well show that something does not add up in the Home Ministry.

The March 29 reply from Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says in 2009, 14 people had died in custody.

But curiously, the 14 "consist of three who died in prison, seven in police custody and 17 at the Immigration depot detention centre".

"I am totally confused after reading the written reply: 14 = 3 + 7 + 17?" Teo (right) asks on her Facebook page, where the written reply is also posted.

The mind-boggling arithmetic continues with the minister noting that 13 people had died in custody in 2010 - that is, "one in prison, nine in police custody and 18 at the Immigration depot detention centre."

Meanwhile, in 2011, it was a case of "17 dead in police custody and 18 at the Immigration depot detention centre" making it a grand total of "21 deaths".

The causes of the deaths were "HIV/AIDS and other diseases such as tuberculosis, Hepatitis C, asthma and heart disease."

Did they use 'Google calculate'?

The written reply, which had been shared by 22 people on Facebook as at yesterday, were met with incredulous comments, with some wondering if the home minister had been using Google Translate to calculate the numbers.

A Facebook user commented: "(The deputy prime minister) just declared that we have the best education, better than UK... YB, you need to calculate again."


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