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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on A “SHIOK SENDIRI” police report by AJ’s under link by musso

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 09:21 AM PDT

Not just hollywoods, also bollywoods. Lots of indians in mas.. stop the influx. .

Comment on A “SHIOK SENDIRI” police report by AJ’s under link by Yacob

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 09:14 AM PDT

Aj is damn sacred of his own shadow. All because he was incompetent and he needed help from Dr Hugh Dunleavy. In turn this Mat Salleh, who has no clue of how to run a legacy airline had to get Seabury to make his brain works. Shameless lot.

Comment on A “SHIOK SENDIRI” police report by AJ’s under link by SHitman

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 08:58 AM PDT

Yeah, FO to AJ, MNY and all the crooked gang.
We are so pissed and we will expose more shits.

Comment on A “SHIOK SENDIRI” police report by AJ’s under link by Shakira

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 08:44 AM PDT

AJ and gang are shitting bricks because Unions are meeting PM to expose the management cock-up, screw-up and stupidity.

Comment on A “SHIOK SENDIRI” police report by AJ’s under link by Ronnie

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 08:12 AM PDT

AJ and his kuncu2 can try to intimidate us, we shall hit them harder until they will find time in MAS not worth staying on. They will be another Danny the Nanny, Rozman Omasr, Al Ishal Ishak and Shane Nollan.

What is there for the clueless idiot to get his boy to lodge the police report? We in MAS did not know about Seabury Consulting. If not for our YB, we will be kept in the dark. We will keep on thinking that these 8 gaji buta expats are good to come out with those reports and plans. Now we know that MAS had to pay RM5 million to Seabury for the Fleet Renewal and another how many more million RM for the Network Plans.

When you kept such thing shrouded with secrecy and when it was exposed you go on a witch hunt. You expect us to work with you as a Team when you do not have a clue about the job. Forget it AJ and your 8 jokers.

Get ready to FO.

Comment on Expats & Seabury Consulting are the flavours of AJ by Razak

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 12:15 AM PDT

How to be the Group CEO of MAS when he had to constantly relied on useless expats who constantly need consultants to baby them? How to be the Group CEO when AJ himself constantly need the useless expats and consultant to hold his hands to walk? No wonder BK Sidhu came to his assistant? Normally BK Sidhu of StarBiz will only write adverse story on MAS but of late she has been writing positive stories about AJ to the extent that she twisted her stories to appear as though all the unions supported the clueless AJ. Junkyard journalist trying to help the clueless man. Who is behind the BK Sidhu’s story?

Comment on Expats & Seabury Consulting are the flavours of AJ by Firdaus

Posted: 24 Aug 2013 10:22 PM PDT

Many people has seen AJ met up with Tony on a 1 to 1 basis. Prior to the share swap, no MAS CEO or other top management will dream of meeting up with him. We detest this pariah. I will not be surprised if AJ’s contract is not extended in September he will follow his good friend Al-Ishal Ishak footstep to join AirAsia. It is more appropriate too because he has been helping AirAsia. Look at what he did by giving up MAS Sydney route to AirAsia X, carrying 50,000 AirAsia X passengers with below market fare, terminating Dubai route, stop the expansion of Firefly and too many others to list.

Appointing Shane Nollan as Director of Commercial, PlaneConsult and now Dr Dr Hugh Dunleavy as Director of Commercial, Duncan Burroe, all formerly from low cost carrier and Dean Dacko. All these 3 were made redundant by Westjet and Air Canada. WTF, are you doing AJ? Are you trying to turn MAS into low cost airline?

Why was the appointment of Seabury Consulting was kept so secretive? Seabury is not a Kongsi Gelap! It was an attempt to cover up the existence of the useless 8 expats appointed by Danny the Nanny and clueless AJ.

Please pack your back and leave quietly now otherwise you may have to leave like Danny the Nanny.

Comment on Expats & Seabury Consulting are the flavours of AJ by GaiusVerrens1356

Posted: 24 Aug 2013 07:18 PM PDT

Why would Malaysians or ex-Malaysians working for other foreign airlines want to work in MAS?

SIA being a case in point. There are several Malaysians working in SIA, not only as cabin crew, pilots and technical staff, but also in management.

And an ex-Malaysian, who was a lecturer at UM, served as the CEO of SIA for many years.

If there are “glass ceilings” in MAS, where hirings and promotions are done not on merit, but on other extraneous criteria, why would they even bother to want to work in MAS?

And if MAS is run as a glorified government department, with political interference being rife, and where socio-economic considerations outweigh commercial realities, then that is an added disincentive.

Sadly, the MAS employees’ unions just don’t get it.

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