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View issues with Tan Seng Giaw

View issues with Tan Seng Giaw

How many times do we have to cooperate to prevent haze?

Posted: 13 Jul 2013 01:51 AM PDT

Year after year, the Government says that Malaysia and Indonesia cooperate to put out forest fires and to prevent haze. But fires rekindle and haze follows. We cannot control the practice of slash and burn as the cheapest way to replanting.
     During the present haze season, people suffer. Indonesian  Environment Minister blames eight Malaysian companies which have plantations in Riau and Sumatera. But after our Environment Minister Datuk Seri Palanivel visited Jakarta two days ago, he points out there are only four Malaysian companies; they deny the allegation.
    The minister says that Malaysia and Indonesia work together to find a permanent solution to the haze. How many times do we have to work together to get rid of the recurrent disaster?

Parks: a balance between commercialization & natural environment.

Posted: 13 Jul 2013 01:51 AM PDT

The allocation or contribution for development projects at the Prime Botanical Garden or the Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden is about RM30 million. Works on the second phase is going on.
     Providing basic facilities for cityfolks and tourists is reasonable. These have to be maintained. But to introduce commercialized projects in public parks attract attention.
     What do the public think of the commercialization in parks? Do they prefer a more natural environment? How do we strike a balance?

DPM explains how he uses religious values to unite races

Posted: 13 Jul 2013 01:49 AM PDT

Deputy PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin talks about racial understanding through religions. Indeed, relig
ions have universal values that are good for our plural society.YAB should elaborate on how he intends to practise these values.

Media conference and incinerator rubbish in Taman Beringin, Kepong.

Posted: 13 Jul 2013 01:47 AM PDT

Rubbish and incinerator connote environmental pollution, Last month, Local Government minister Datuk Abdul Rahman announced the proposal to build an incinerator at Taman Beringin, Jinjang Utara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. We are waiting for the details. We are going to hold a media conference at 10 am on Sunday July 14, 2013 at Pekan Jinjang Utara, concerning the need for the impact of the incinerator on the environment and consultations with the people of Kepong.

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