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Parliament is finally dissolved.

Posted: 03 Apr 2013 12:21 AM PDT

For a person who became a Prime Minister on the mandate given to another person, this is definitely unprecedented in a country practising the Westminster Parliamentary system. 

By Parliamentary convention, one who took office as a Prime Minster not from an elections would dissolve the Parliament within one year from taking office, so as to seek a fresh mandate from the People.  In the case of Najib, he took 4 years to dissolve the Parliament and have been living on the mandate given to Abdullah Padawi in 2008.

Now that the 13thGeneral Elections is here, the people of Malaysia is finally presented with the opportunity to create history by changing the Government or to remain with the old corrupt regime of Barisan Nasional.

A democratic system is never complete if there is no change of government.  It is only through change of govenrment and the creation of a true 2-party system that the rights of the People can be better protected by the system.

As such, the significance of this General Elections is not merely a battle between the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.  It goes beyond who will form the government.  It is a choice between choosing to remain under the political monopoly and hegemony of Barisan Nasional or to create a 2-party system in Malaysia.

In the past 50 years, under the political monopoly and hegemony of Barisan Nasional, we see mega corruption scandals exposed, alleged investigation and finally forgotten.  The Barisan Nasional can afford all these scandals and wrongs with impunity because in past elections, BN would always be voted in as the next government.  As a result, the BN has left Malaysia with the legacy of Corruption.

This General Elections gives us the opportunity to END all these.

If this we can change the Government and thereby create a 2-party system in Malaysia, this will be the best legacy that we leave for the future generations.  Once a change of govenrment happens, whoever be the government will have to govern with more transparency and accountability.  Otherwise, the People will change again.  The system itself will then be the most effective check and balance on the power that be.

This is the true implication of the 13th General Elections.

Chong Chieng Jen


Posted: 03 Apr 2013 12:18 AM PDT



因此,今届的国会选举并不只是纯粹国阵和民联,谁主布城之争。 它的真正意义是更加深远的。它给予人民的选择是:
1.         是否还是要让国阵的政治垄断和霸权,继续控制马来西亚的政治;或
2.         在马来西亚建立一个"两线制"

在过去50年国阵的政治垄断和霸权统治下,我们看到许多重大的贪污滥权丑闻,被揭发、"调查",之后就不了了之。 这些贪污丑闻不断的发生,但是国阵还是稳坐钓鱼台。 结果,遗留下来给马来西亚的人民,是一个贪污的文化。


若我们能够在今次的选举换政府而建立两线制,这将是我们遗留给我们下一代一个最好的东西。 第一次换过政府,两线制即形成。 之后,任谁做政府,也必须越来越透明和负责任。要不然,人民将会再换。 这两线制的制度将是最有效的监督政府的机制。这样,我们子女将来的权益才能够获得真正的保障



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