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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Danau Kota Flats management owed TNB & Syabas a total of RM674, 009.35 by Michelle ~ block d resident

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 09:40 AM PST

Really appreciate YB help, we as residents really happy that you can spend that much of time for us! Hope this round on we can fight back as much as we can ;)

Comment on Danau Kota Flat owners paid for their water supply, yet Danau Kota Management owed SYABAS RM190, 619.85 by Tony Tan Danau Kota

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 03:53 AM PST

David Lim has no reason to owe TNB and Syabas so much money unless there was a mismanagement of the maintenance fees and Sinking Fund. We the residents did not know about this previously. You are exposed. Put right the accounts and let us know the balance of the Sinking Fund. No point keeping quiet, David Lim will have to face it sooner or later. He is fond of running to his political master (Datuk Yew) for help. Now it is the time to go to him to get help to pay up this RM674,000 debts.

Comment on Issues for your MP by Yaacob

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 11:54 PM PST


Terima kasih atas maklumat sdr.

Pihak kami telah mendapatkan pengesahan dari pihak DBKL yang menyatakan bahawa arahan kepada kontraktor telah dibuat untuk membaiki lampu jalan tersebut pada malam ini juga.

Pihak kami memohon maaf diatas kelewatan tersebut, sdr boleh menghubungi kami semula di no 41433322 atau 0122186929 atau terus kepada DBKL di no 92060247.

Terima kasih

Yaacob Abd Hamid
Pembatu kepada
YB Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Danau Kota Flat owners paid for their water supply, yet Danau Kota Management owed SYABAS RM190, 619.85 by Lim Danau Kota

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 11:23 PM PST

Oh by the way, you know how to make donations to YTL’s project but you do not know how to pay the TNB and Syabas bills. where are our money from maintenance charges and sinking fund. Where is our money that we pay to Danau Kota Management for the water bill???

Don’t tell me that you have used up all the money! You better do something quick before we take actions against you and YTL. nYou better get your YTL here to solve this problem.

Comment on Danau Kota Flat owners paid for their water supply, yet Danau Kota Management owed SYABAS RM190, 619.85 by Lim Danau Kota

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 11:20 PM PST

David Lim just settle the TNB and Syabas bills. you are responsible because you have collected all the maintenance charges and the water charges from us. How can you do this to the residents. Stop playing your MCA politics in Danau Kota Flats. We want a proper manager but not a politician or someone trying to play YTL’s politics. Just pay up.

Comment on YB Liow Tiong Lai assisted in deceiving the rakyat by Warga TSIWM

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 10:21 PM PST

Yew TL….how can you be a winnerable candidate when you have brought the Uptown Bazaar to Danau Kota and causes so much of trouble and inconvenince to the residences here.

Yew TL….you not only created unhealthy living for the residents around the area but also encouraging “Budaya Lepak” among the youngsters. Take a look if you don’t believe us…..youngsters who should be at home are found to be lotering at the Night Bazaar and also at the A-Malik mamak restaurant at 3.00am.

There are so much of littering and people are also found to park their vehicles hazardly at places which are not meant for parking and causes lot of traffic congestion in Taman Setapak Indah and people going to the Night Bazaar are also found throwing litter at our front gate.

Yew TL…..tell us how often did we see your face since you were the MP of Wangsa maju compared to YB Wee? If you can’t remember…let us tell you.
It’s NONE at all……if you were to asked me…DO I KNOW U….the answer is I DON’T and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT U LOOK LIKE….A MONKEY, PIG OR COW SHIT!!!

Don’t need people like you to represent the people of Wangsa Maju and shame on you. If I were you YEW TL…..right now I think I akan cari lubang and stuff the face there. You memang buat malu kaum only. Instead of running for MP Wangsa Maju….baik you run for the position of MP Tandas Awam which is more suitable for you.

Lagi-lagi you stupid MCA office at Danau Kota, why can’t you buggers used your bloody stupid brains (Maybe all your brains are located at your buttock). Not all chinese speak mandarin or read chinese, whenever you distribute booklet, all the booklet are printed in Mandarin…….puittt. let me teach you idiots something, Malaysia is a multi racial country, so print your booklet in 3 languages namely chinese, malay, english and even in tamil. Don’t just speak in Mandarin assholes……not all chinese knows what the hell you are talking about.

Now Yew TL, do you know why now that you didn’t win in the last GE…..if you still do not know…then you are really a damn stupid idiot. Well anyway whether you know or not….you are still not going to get any vote from me and my family at all.

YB Wee, we are in for you. Keep up your good work. It doesn’t matter whethe your are from the opposition or indenpent party as long as you are for the RAKYAT….we will vote for you. YB Wee, we are depending you very much to move the stupid Danau kota Uptown which was brought in by that stupid asshole idiot YEW TEONG LOOK.

Comment on Issues for your MP by GuitarFans

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 07:17 PM PST

Salam en Yaacob

Lampu masih belum dibaiki. Minta tolong follow up ya. TQ.

Comment on Danau Kota Flat owners paid for their water supply, yet Danau Kota Management owed SYABAS RM190, 619.85 by Krishnan

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 07:12 PM PST

David Lim – Where are the money for the sinking fund and maintenance charges? YTL should help his macai David Lim to resolve this problem. The flat owners have paid the maintenance charges and sinking so where is the money. Why still owing RM670,000 to TNB & Syabas?

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