念群与沙登人民同在 | Nie Ching for Serdang

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念群与沙登人民同在 | Nie Ching for Serdang

Media statement regarding Kedah Government​'s latest guidelines

Posted: 16 Jan 2013 12:42 AM PST

Media statement by DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary and MP for Serdang, Teo Nie Ching on 14 January 2013:

The Kedah State Government’s guideline that forbids adult females from appearing in Chinese New Year stage performances is ridiculous, unacceptable and unwise. Not only does the guideline not respect the right of non-Muslims, but it also discriminates against women. The PAS-led Kedah State Government must immediately review and abolish this guideline.

I wish to remind the Kedah State Government that we receive a mandate from the people during in the 2008 General Election to govern Kedah. A PR government should be steadfast in its stand and not change its spots at its own whim and fancy.

A government that goes against the will of people will never be able to maintain power for long. The Kedah Government should be more sensitive and inclusive in its attempt to oversee and regulate sensitive matters and issues.

As a matter of fact, it is not the first time that the PR Kedah Government has found itself in this type of controversy. It has not only resulted in PR coming under heavy criticism from BN component parties, therefore weakening PR's chances during GE13, but moves such as these distance the rakyat further away from the administration.

No political party in this country can survive with only the support of a single race. The decision of the predominantly PAS-led Kedah Government is against the spirit of PAS' slogan of “PAS for All”.

While PM Najib’s slogan of 1Malaysia has proven to be fraudulent and deceitful, the people of Malaysia is starting to question if PAS is serious and sincere about its slogan of “PAS for All”.

The PR Kedah Government should never underestimate the wisdom of people. PR was voted in by the rakyat in 2008 due to their frustration and anger over BN rule, similarly the rakyat  can vote PR out during the coming general election due to their disappointment.

PR Kedah should respect and uphold the rights of non-Muslims under the Constitution, and allow people to celebrate their festivals freely. 


"Ubah Rocket Style" Ceramah at Bercham Ipoh

Posted: 16 Jan 2013 12:27 AM PST

Ops Tampal Jalan di Seluruh Negeri Selangor

Posted: 16 Jan 2013 12:21 AM PST


16 JANUARI 2013



Kerajaan Negeri dengan kerjasama 12 pihak berkuasa tempatan menjalankan Ops Tampal Jalan di semua jalan di negeri Selangor termasuk jalan persekutuan.


Dalam tempoh 1 Januari 2013 sehingga 15 Januari 2013, sepanjang 56,642 meter persegi jalan rosak telah dibaiki di seluruh negeri.  Banyak kerja-kerja ini masih berjalan dan akan diteruskan selagi aduan diterima daripada rakyat Selangor.


Rakyat Selangor digalakkan membuat aduan dengan menghubungi talian bebas tol 1-800-88-2824 atau menghubungi talian-talian yang disediakan PBT kawasan masing-masing.



Penyampaia​n beg sekolah di SJKT West Country Barat

Posted: 15 Jan 2013 08:54 PM PST

Date: 9th January 2013
Time: 10 am


Perasmian Tapak Masjid bersama MB @ Sek 1 B.B.Bangi

Posted: 15 Jan 2013 07:05 PM PST

Date; 6th January 2013
Time: 10 am


Menyampaikan Beg sekolah @ Sekolah Agama Tun Perak

Posted: 15 Jan 2013 06:11 PM PST

Date: 5th January 2013
Time: 10 am



Posted: 14 Jan 2013 07:09 AM PST

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[Malaysiakini] DAP slams Kedah gov't over CNY guidelines

Posted: 14 Jan 2013 06:44 AM PST

Source: Malaysiakini

DAP has urged Kedah state government to retract its restrictions on public stage performances during Chinese New Year, which includes a ban on female performers.

NONEDAP deputy national publicity secretary Teo Nie Ching (right) slammed the guideline as "ridiculous, unacceptable and unwise" that disregards the cultures of others and discriminates against women.

The Serdang MP reminded the PAS-led state government in a press statement today not to forget that it is able to rule the northern state with the mandate of the people.

"The PAS-led Kedah state government must immediately review and abolish this guideline."


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