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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by Kunyit Hidup

Posted: 04 Mar 2012 10:41 AM PST

Assuming rakyat kebanyakan yang perihatin is the EXCO of MASEU,

1. Your 'gentlemen challenge' is not timely, people are on the latest thread/topic. Ironically 'GENTLEmen' shall not display 'gangster' approach.
2. The real challenge is when one is willing to improve beyond usual efforts and considering critics positively – particularly in this critical time.
3. No news from EXCO, members do not know your plan – how to support? We are aware of things through YB WCK blog more than MASEU leaders. Tell me when will be the next picket or next VIP meetings or tell me what kind of pills that you are addicted?
4. Members expecting all EXCO are not bacul, they are claiming themselves as charismatic leaders, helpful (position on volunteer basis) and most importantly resourceful. EXCO are the frontline fighters, members behind are not bacul but we are meant to be there.
5. Committed EXCO will answer questions intuitively, not HAMPUTively.

You may communicate with me through email provided above (19 Feb), we should not open any pekung to the whole world. Please be reminded to focus on the real 'enemy' and at the same time email me the answers of my 'accusations' above (16 Feb). Let us prihatin with the issues.

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: MAS or MAS management is in crisis? by Recalcitrant

Posted: 04 Mar 2012 08:56 AM PST

Old man

No, no , no. The clueless duo, is NOT SELLING off “non-core” business units. The sophisticated terminology used is “identify strategic PARTNERS for DIVESTMENT”, typical Consultant lingo. Another one of the oldest tricks in the book, just like the way the financial results were massaged. Only glitch is that everyone saw through the tricks in a blink. Shame on them.
Back to this story of ‘divestment’ – this applies to MAS Engineering, MAS pilot training, MAS ground services and MAS Kargo. But that’s not the whole story of WAU2. There is a far far more valuable asset to ‘divest’, which can be done even before the above four alleged non-core business units are ‘divested’.
Remember the forced relocation of staff from Subang to KLIA which will cost around RM30million? Well, it’s a one-off cost that has the potential of yielding a ‘payback’ many times over. The land on which MAS offices are located in Subang belongs to the Federal Government with some parts belonging to the State government. The conservative value of the land where the MAS HQ alone is situated,(commonly called Complex A), is in excess of RM800mill! Bundle this up with the other assets such as the MAS property in London and Singapore, and Danny will easily have a bundle (literally) to raise RM1.5 billion from, easy peasy. Staff hardship s just collateral damage. Of course the “rationale” given for the forced relocation can be added to the bag of old tricks – every airline must be at an airport, staff must all sit together in one location so that they can “work and network differently” (?), easier to call for meetings if everyone is nearby etc etc.
Meanwhile, the D-Day for Danny’s toy is nearing, 1st May. Contrary to A’s proclamations that staff will be “redeployed” (the redeployment plan is one of the universe’s great mysteries to date) , full-scale external recruitment is underway for the Newco (ShortHaul), or MAS. So, how come before existing staff are ‘redeployed’, new recruits are being hired? There are more sinister undercurrents where plans for the staff are concerned. it will be very unwise for these two goons to think that the estimated 11, 000 staff who will be directly impacted by their ‘divestment’ plans will just comply meekly.

You are correct. The elusive “premium” traveller that MAS Shorthaul hopes to attract as a “full-service premium” carrier, is a non-existent species today. So this MAS Shorthaul wants to operate in the same sphere (regional, under 6 or 8 hours flying time) as AA? They will be dead in the water.

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: MAS or MAS management is in crisis? by Rotten Bina Fikir

Posted: 04 Mar 2012 04:16 AM PST

Bro YB, please whack the crony and his master plus AJ when Parliament sit this March. Please don’t forget about the leakages in MAS like the perks, payments of Con-sultant fees and Panamera Deadwood. Najib needs to hear them first hand in the August House.

Don’t forget about the Irish in the Plane Consult!

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Rotten Bina Fikir

Posted: 04 Mar 2012 03:55 AM PST

Jasper Bloodstone, TF/AirAsia supporters and ball carriers

Care to support about the RM120 million airport tax, RM250 million Rural Air Service in East Malaysia, canibalisation of aircraft and thereafter AA rewarded with more routes taken from MAS.

Good for you Razak. Put the TF’s ball carrier in their place. They talk so much about Singapore. A very simple question is: TF dare not expand to Singapore why? Because he cannot play games there. He cannot owe airport tax there. He cannot play other monkey business there.

No other airlines in the world can owe airport tax except AA. No national airlines in the world will be asked to give up its routes to another private commercial airlines. No other government in the world will instruct its national airlines to have floor price for its fares. Only the country ran by Sleeping Head/4th floor as rightly put by Razak of MAS.

Jasper Bloodstone, It was because of the “Malaysia Very Boleh” under Sleepy Head/4th Floor that your AA/TF survive well.

Got it? If not there are loads of posting in YB’s blog that will show the above. So stop wearing your blinkers and wake up to reality. MAS has been a sacrificial lamb for too long. The bloody share swap / CCF are another nonsense that no other national airlines will be put into a subservient position to a pariah airlines. Imagine a company with more than RM7 billion debts and treating “unrealized forex gains” as part of its profits in its account and its share value is double of MAS! Resulting in its 20.5% share in MAS. Only the two BinaFikir idiots will support such a “DODGY” deal!

Remember what Azman Mokhtar told the bloggers that “AirAsia X is a dodgy deal!”.

Care to comment on all the above??????

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Razak of MAS

Posted: 04 Mar 2012 03:14 AM PST

Jasper Bloodstone

36% eh!

You seemed to think that Tony and AirAsia is fantastic. MAS is doomed. Of course MAS is doomed when you have the Bina Tak Fikir boy and crony like Rashdan doing a WAU after WAU on MAS. Remember MAS Catering was cannibalised by the Bina Tak Fikir idiots and then MAS had to sign a 25 years contract.

Now let move to your AirAsia and TF. Which airlines in SIngapore was ever allowed to owe airport taxes from the day of its inception so many many years to the tune of more than RM120 million.

When was forced to pay up the Airport Tax debt, a 30% discount was given instead of charging interest. Despite airport tax debts AirAsia was given more than 90 routes from MAS. MAS was not allowed to reduce prices i.e. no floor price. This was during the Sleeping Head or 4th Floor period.

How about the Rural Air Services in Sabah and Sarawak? Got RM250 miliion from Sleeping Head Administration and prematurely terminated. can keep the subsidy. canabalised an aircraft for spare parts. Can Airasia do that in Singapore?

Please let us have your comments on the above whether AirAsia can do the above in Singapore. For that matter just owe Airport tax for 3 months will do?

Care to comments

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: MAS or MAS management is in crisis? by Jasper Bloodstone

Posted: 04 Mar 2012 02:33 AM PST

“MAS is doomed”?

From Day 1 when it was the result of the MSA breakup?

Whose fault is that, given the faulty thinking that Malaysia could nurture and prosper a full-service premium airline without the requisite foundation of a steadily growing customer base that could afford to pay premium airfares, like Singapore?

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: MAS or MAS management is in crisis? by Rotten to the core

Posted: 04 Mar 2012 01:40 AM PST

What does that Azman crony know about the word “non-core”? He is just egoistic but prepared to be a crony. Non-core a typical term used by Bina Tak Fikir Con-sultant. A mentality of a person who is rotten to the core!

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Old Man

Posted: 04 Mar 2012 12:29 AM PST

Many financial analysts, accountants, and economist are agreeing with me on this.

In any case, with more than 30 years in the airline industry would make me more than qualified to comment, and what about you?

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: MAS or MAS management is in crisis? by MASkargo staff

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 11:40 PM PST

dulu proud to wear mas uniform but now kena cover dgn jacket… adakah our privilege dan benefit akan di tarik selepas MAS menjual MASkargo dan Engineering?

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: MAS or MAS management is in crisis? by Old Man

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 07:12 PM PST

“Non-core” seems to be a term that is constantly being often missued in the corporate to disguise or upport a dodgy action.

But in this case, the categorization of cargo, maintenance, ground handling and catering as non-core to an airline can only come from an incompetent or desparate or bongkak. Selling them off is a short-term gain solution that will come back and bite the airline in the medium term. There have been too many cases of failure in this. This is another myopic WAU2 from Danny.

I would agree with hotel, insurance, IT services, telco as non-core to an airline business.

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