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Posted by Awanama | Posted on 1:40 PTG

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Complaints for DBKL by NSH

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 06:32 AM PST

alhamdulillah.. terima kasih atas tindakan pantas dari pihak YB wee choo keong.. tak sia sia kami memilih anda..

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by hanana bt abdulla

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 01:06 AM PST


pl explain how there is a conflict here. i am a bit blur as to how a conflict arises.

What I suspect that u are trying to show that mas is worth buying if the
bozo dani is buyiing up mas shares -a million of it.

Common sense tells me mas is not worth v much if aa is rising . Mas must
give way in value so that aa can rise. logical?

The yoyo behavior betw mas and aa can be obcerved fr past history. unless this escape your bozo dani ha?

Comment on Complaints for DBKL by Yaacob

Posted: 23 Feb 2012 11:54 PM PST


Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

Pihak kami telah menghubungi pihak DBKL dan melapurkan berhubung dengan Aduan Sdr. Dan pihak DBKL menyatakan akan membuat tinjauan di alamat seperti yang dinayatakan bagi memastikan keadaan sebenar sebelum tindakan selanjutnya diambil.

Walubangaimana pun pihak kami telah menulis surat rasmi berhubung aduan Sdr kepada pihak DBKL supaya tindakan dapat diambil sekiranya perkara tersebut didapati benar berlaku.

Pihak kami akan memaklumkan semula kepada Sdr apabila mendapat maklum balas dari pihak DBKL dan Sdr boleh menghubungi kami sekiranya memerlukan sebarang maklumat lanjut di no 41433322 atau 0122186929.

Terima kasih.

Yaacob Abd Hamid
Pembantu kepada
YB Wee Choo Keong

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Parameswara

Posted: 23 Feb 2012 10:09 PM PST

So you guys say, that there is no conflict of interest when a principal office bearer buys up so many shares of the company he is helming – within 15 days, at around the same time EPF was also selling off the shares?

No smell of a rat here?

So many lawyers participating here but cannot find out if this is proper?

And, why only after almost 2 months later – declare to Bursar?

This is all OK?

Comment on Complaints for DBKL by NSH

Posted: 23 Feb 2012 09:51 PM PST

salam sejahtera yb wck, dan assalamualaikum encik yaacob..

syabas kepada pihak yb yang sentiasa berinteraktif atas segala masalah kami penduduk kawasan wangsa maju…

saya ingin menbuat aduan (aduan kepada dbkl telah dibuat) tentang beberapa resident yang menggunakan tanah rezab utk kepentingan sendiri yang mana telah mengganggu penduduk lain..

tempat : Jalan 32/27B
rumah : no 20 dan no 15

rumah no 20, telah membina bangsal dikawasan tanah rezab yang mana kawasan tersebut dahulunya menjadi tempat parking sementara penduduk di jalan 32 dan pernah menjadi tempat utk mendirikan khemah kenduri…
tapi kini tempat tersebut telah didirikan 2 bangsal letak kereta utk penghuni rumah tersebut sahaja, dan sebuah bangsal stor untuk kegunaanya sendiri…

ini amat menyusahkan kami penduduk lorong tersebut utk mengundur kenderaan yang mana itu juga menjadi tempat kami membuat u-turn kerana lorong 32 adalah jalan mati.

berkenaan rumah no 15, dia membuat parking dibelakang rumahnya (tanah rezab pasar) dan menyebabkan orang lain tidak boleh memarkir dikawasan luar kerana menghalang laluan utk kenderaan penghuni rumah no 15 utk keluar. sekiranya ada yang menghalang, dia akan meletakkan sampah, bangkai tikus diatas kenderaan kenderaan tersebut.

minta bantuan pihak tuan kerana kami terlampau geram dengan sikap penting diri mereka yang menyusahkan orang lain.

lorong 32/27B, Taman Desa setapak

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by Hussin Rahman

Posted: 23 Feb 2012 06:02 AM PST

AJ, a graduate of England’s Nottingham University like Prime Minister Najib, was trained in electrical or electronic engineering,. So do not expect him to be very adept at making business decisions. Running an independent power producer with contracts and subsidies with guaranteed profits does not make him a good businessman in the more challenging aviation industry.

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by ANTI SUAP

Posted: 23 Feb 2012 05:48 AM PST

I have read this forum with great interest and agree with most of the observations. Many points raised by merry x-mas and time traveller are valid and REAL. MAS employees must not only take notice but act on it REAL FAST since mother ship is sinking very, very fast.

The points raised verbatim are;
1. Wastage and abuse of power by MAS staff were rampant then, but with lesser competitor and lower operation cost then, they still break even.
2. The rot was partly started by MAS staff themselves long time ago and they should not totally blame it on the others.
3. Ada banyak SVP/GM in MAS, there is no one who could be the CFO and Head of engineering? No succession plan?
4. and lastly please help me to understand, what are the staff doing about all this chaos in the company – people coming into our company and destroying everything. Maybe some has the tak kisah attitude, cos nak jaga periuk nasi, tapi jangan sampai nanti in the future, kita semua tak ada periuk nasi lagi sebab dah di wallop oleh sang pariah.
MAS problems are not new. It started way back during TR's era, followed by MNY, AFD, IJ, TAZ and now AJ.

My question is, as appropriately raised in point 1 and 2, why knowingly allowed rampant wastage and abuse of power by MAS staff. Why the hell the so called airline expert (airline management) in point 3 and 4 allowed themselves to be beleaguered by parachuted MD (except of course the clueless AFD).
The answer is because of large majority of MAS Staff "tidak apa, tidak kisah and lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu" attitude. The Govt. could have put a Superman to be the MD but if majority staff them do not perform, do not expect the Superman to produce results. If majority had performed, MAS do not need outsiders, Supertony or even Superman.

Anyway, I am glad that MASEU, MESA and MAPA are taking some actions. If they had done that 10 years ago, the chances of fixing MAS were 90%, 5 years ago were 50% and now it is 20%. Still not too late, but more staff needs to work, whack the bugger and plug the leakages.

How? In my next comment, provided the staff themselves want to make things right.

Who am I? A retired MAS professional who is ready to surface, has done many battles in MAS /NGO and currently working closely with Dr. Don and Tan Sri Abdul Aziz.

Comment on AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1 by merry x-mas

Posted: 23 Feb 2012 03:38 AM PST

Anon 5.53

So the MAS ( mesti ada saudara ) tradition still being practice today ?
It shows how amateur they are.

Lucky I has decided to leave my saudara long time ago but anyhow thanks MAS for giving me a platform to gain some experience and be what I am today.

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