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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Another nail in MAS coffin? by Pemandu Panamera

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:50 AM PST

Last I heard, Hajj charter is not an unprofitable venture. In fact, MAS’ charter services had been one of the profitable areas of the airline under Nik Huzlan.

Comment on Another nail in MAS coffin? by Anonymous

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:50 AM PST

Wahai Insan Perihatin, cuba anda tanya berapa “managers” yang anda sebut itu bersetuju dengan pemberhentian Haj Operations. Jangan salahkan orang yang tak bersalah.

borhan, saya ingin menegaskan bahawa MAS tidak pernah membatalkan Penerbangan Charter Jemaah Haji. Bebaliknya, MAS sentiasa mahu meneruskan perkhidmatan Haji. Tetapi, beberapa kali kontrak perkhidmatan jemaah haji telah diberikan kepada pihak lain. Tetapi, setelah mencuba pihak lain, perkhidmatan itu kembali juga kepada MAS.

Comment on POLITICS OF McCARTHYISM by little napoleons MUST BE STOPPED by Dinasti Lim diberi jolokan ‘diktator’ « Helen Ang

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 01:48 AM PST

[...] juga pernah berkata dalam blognya: “This innate behavior of DAP leaders playing ‘Politics of Tagging‘ whenever [...]

Comment on Issues for your MP by fakri

Posted: 28 Dec 2011 11:56 PM PST

any idea how much it costs to maintain our monarchies? can this question be raised in the parliament for transparency?

Comment on Another nail in MAS coffin? by insan perihatin

Posted: 28 Dec 2011 11:02 PM PST

Greeting you YB for fighting for us , just pray to ALLAH to give guidance to the power that be at the moment to realise that everthing is not permanent , everbody must died it just a matter of timing .
As for the JEDDAH sector (unprofitable…………………..?) just look at the kul/cairo
sector where we malaysian have many student n they made the decision to stop again ? the jeddah flight was full almost every flight , the problem is the people employ ( managers ) is suck , it is an open secret mas is top heavy , what the goverment shud do is to cut off the level , the managers duty just to attnd meeting but the groiund staffs is in the blind of what happening , just curious to know what IDRIS JALA have to say about this ,

keep fighting for the people YB semoga allah memberi taufik dan hidayat dan kekuatan kepada YB meneruskan perjuangan ini , dulu bila YB keluar dari PKR saya have doubt juga,

periuk nasi saya di tabur pasir ( no more UMNO after this )


Comment on Another nail in MAS coffin? by borhan

Posted: 28 Dec 2011 08:31 PM PST

Satu masa dulu MAS juga pernah membatalkan Penerbangan Charter Jemaah Haji tetapi lepas itu tetap rugi juga. Yang hairannya Saudia boleh angkut jemaah haji kita tak pernah pulak dengar mereka rugi. AirAsia nak ambil kut – 30000 jemaah haji setahun – banyak tu share dengan Saudia. Kita yengok la nanti.

Comment on Another nail in MAS coffin? by Anak Malaysia

Posted: 28 Dec 2011 07:22 PM PST

What all this nonsense AA taking over the Haj flights? If its really unprofitable routes then why is AA been so kind to want to fly the Jeddah sector. Come on all those pariah TF and his gang, don’t think that we are all stupid like you guys. Then now you are talking about letting MAS fly the europe sectors and AA taking the sydney routes…..Well Dream on it man.

AA is losing on the Europe sectors and then pass the shit to MAS and then later those bloody crooks will say that MAS is losing money and is going cut those routes too.

If those bloody crooks been cutting those unprofitable routes which was flown by MAS, then why is AA still flying to those places. Is the pariah TF and his crooks trying to tell the RAKYAT that AA got lots of money and can afford to fly to those unprofitable routes which MAS won’t be flying anymore?

AJ & Rashdan aka Danny, both of you are already bloody fools and by terminating the Haj charter with tabung Haji will make both of you looks like human in a clown and monkey suit but compared to both the BIG, FAT, ASSHOLE TF & AMOK…both of you are 1/4mm better. anyway end of it all of you crooks are still ASSHOLE.

Comment on Another nail in MAS coffin? by Gajah Mada (@gajahmada73)

Posted: 28 Dec 2011 06:05 PM PST

waduuuuh macam mana nak pegi haji nie kalau dalam perjalanan tengok stewardess skirt pendek warna merah……

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