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Posted by Awanama | Posted on 1:10 PTG

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by Save Malaysia From Vultures

Posted: 05 Sep 2011 06:48 AM PDT

Azman and Rashdan think that the rakyat tak FIKIR like them. They didn’t know that the Rakyat knew that in the secret share deal both of them are BINAing something. what? Azman said Tahu Sama Tahu! Thats why Tony just love both of them. Tony loves both of these 3 Bina tidak Mahu FIKIR because they love to protect companies especially private limited company like AirAsia X Sdn Bhd!

Malaysia should be proud of these two because they want to use public fund through to help limited company because they have acquired the principle of caring society. They should be more caring to help a few more thousand sdn bhd. Big problem here because the directors are not their good friends so cannot help.

I think that we better ask PM Datuk Najib to sack both of them not only to save MAS but Malaysia.

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by Robert

Posted: 05 Sep 2011 04:44 AM PDT

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar dengan kawan dia yang Tidak Berfikir/Tiada Otak tak payah dengan susah nak matikan Firefly, jual Khazanah kepada Tony aje. Rakyat Malaysia semua bodoh jangan takut. Nanti PR 13 Najib baru tahu.

Kalau saya jadi PM saya akan buang Nor Yakob, Amok dan Rasdan dari Khazanah. Kemudian Azman Yahya, Tna Sri Mohd NOr dan Wan Azmi. Semua ni tidak boleh dipakai lagi.

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by Anonymous

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 11:40 PM PDT

This nor yaakob guy screwed up everything he touch. First He screwed mahathir, then paklah n now najib. No wonder people cal him black midas .

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by Razak

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 11:27 PM PDT

For a start Rashdan must be removed immediately and all the AirAsia people must be also removed from MAS management.Azman Yahya is questionable. Wan Azmi has no clue about aviation industry. Why is he in MAS? to do what? Draw salary?

So the PM must get rid of all the dead wood that were recently appointed to “SAVE” MAS. Bullshit! Save what? Save their own friends and to do more damage to MAS. Just remove them and MAS will have a better chance of surviving.

I agree to the call for PM to step in to save MAS from these bas..ds. They are not fit to be anywhere in the GLC except their own grandfather companies.

Najib – please take immediate step to remove Rashdan and Amok immediately and appoint professionals to run MAS. Mohd nor is just a YES man. No point.

Tank you MR PM. MAS needs you now not Tan Sri Nor Yakob.

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by The jury

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 11:04 PM PDT

Spot on Jay, the mentioned names must response to YB, failing which they are considered guilty as charged.

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by K Melanun

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 10:14 PM PDT

it seemed to me that this Run Amok and Rashdan are both trying their best to undermine the PM, who is trying so hard to work a better Malaysia.These two were trying their best to work for a better AirAsia.

Lebih baik jual Khazanah kepada Tony Fernandes lagi baik.Harpakan pagar pagar makan padi!

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by Aziz

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 10:08 PM PDT

At the rate this share swap is moving with cancellation of Firefly flight during raya and stopping services for profitable routes from JB to KK and etc, this Bina Tak Fikir Rashdan was showing to his boss Tony F that he was doing what he can to kill Firefly for the benefits of AA.

Rashdan why don’t you join the board of AirAsia or AirAsia X and help them directly. stop pretending to be working for MAS. You are not. We can see it.

Why can’t he PM see that? The PM must stop the rats from eating up MAS slowly. at this rate things are going, I will not be surprise if Khazanah had to do another share swap in a year time to save MAS.

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by Jay

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 09:28 PM PDT

Azam Mokhtar, Mohammed Rashdan and Nor Yacop please answer what have been stated in YB’s blog. Why so quiet?

If cannot answer the postings better resign lah. You all are too much. o

It is about time that PM sack all the trio from office as they are no performers and at the same time not looking after the interests of MAS. If they can do such things to MAS, how about other GLCs.

YB you should also start your research on other GLCs. Stop the rats from their activities.

Comment on How many years did Khazanah sleep on the huge debts owed by Alwafeer Air to MAS? by Harpoon

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 08:52 PM PDT

I told you many time, Amokh didn’t know how to run a business. What he knows is he has access to unlimited fund from Malaysian wealth. He just put any “business plan”. Success or fail he does not matter because it is not his pocket money. Then he put another business plan, the same happen time and again until the treasury run out of money. I don’t rule out any “ketirisan” happens in between especially “consultant fees”, underwriting viz-a-viz…….

Comment on Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly by Kamal

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 10:07 AM PDT

The deal stink. It was so obvious that they just want to kill Firefly. I am told that Firefly is making money and why Firefly had to stop its popular services to Sarawak and Sabah. Why must it cancel its flight during the Raya season. I would have thought that they should increase their flight.

No business man with the right mind will do what they did and are doing to Firefly.

If they honestly want to help MAS they wouldn’t have even thought of the deal in the first place. Tan Sri Azman and Rashdan the shameless beings on earth.

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