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Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

DAP Tasik Biru Branch set up its Singai Election team on 28-2-2016 in preparation for the coming State Elections.

Posted: 01 Mar 2016 12:20 AM PST

DAP Tasik Biru Branch set up its Singai Election team on 28-2-2016 in preparation for the coming State Elections.
Yesterday, I have officiated the setting up of the DAP Tasik Biru branch's Singai unit for the coming Sarawak State Elections. This is one of the 4 units that are set up to run the DAP's state election campaign.
Of late, there has been an influx of Dayaks into the DAP. This is a positive political development as more and more Dayaks are seeing through the Barisan Nasional's policy that is bringing Malaysia towards a FAILED STATE.
Despite repeated promises by the BN leaders since Mahathir (to Abdullah Padawi and now Najib) to bring Sarawak to be at par with the development in West Malaysia, Sarawak remains one of the least developed State in Malaysia.
There is thus now an awakening amongst the Dayak community that BN cannot be trusted and that DAP is the vehicle to bring Sarawak out of this conundrum.
DAP's Tasik Biru Branch chairman, Mordi Bimol, who is also my special assistant will head the DAP's charge in the coming elections in Tasik Biru.
We see good chance of DAP capturing Tasik Biru seat as the ultimate concerns of the people are economy, job opportunity and education and in all these 3 areas, the BN have been failing the people of Sarawak.
The GST is hurting everyone, youth are finding it difficult to get a good job and our education system has deteriorated over the years. No amount of sweet promises and words of Adenan can stop the downward trend in these fields caused by the BN policies.
Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa


Posted: 01 Mar 2016 12:17 AM PST

民主行动党砂州主席张健仁于昨日出席行动党碧湖支部旗下的新野区竞选单位的选举工作启动会议。 这是该党在碧湖州选区的4个选举单位的其中一个。
张健仁在致词中表示,近期,许多达雅同胞陆陆续续的参加行动党。 这是一个正面的政治发展,因为越来越多的达雅同胞们,已开始看穿国阵的政治最终将拖垮国家的发展。
"目前的趋势,达雅社会已开始政治觉醒。 达雅社群已开始对国阵失去信心,而他们也开始认定民主行动党有能力带领砂州甚至全国走出这个困境。"
他认为以目前的局势,行动党有信心攻下碧湖这选区,因为,政治最终的目标就是改善人民的生活,而人民所最关心的课题,就是经济、就业机会和教育。 国阵在这3大领域的表现,差强人意,尤其是在砂州。
"消费税的落实严重的影响每一个人、年青人要找到一份好的工作也非常困难,而我国的教育水平也每况愈下。 不论阿德南有再多的甜言蜜语和美里的承诺,也无法改变国阵的整体政策,也无法挽回这趋势。"

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