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Charles Santiago

Rahman Dahlan Should Learn From The Edge

Posted: 21 Jul 2015 11:46 PM PDT

22nd July 2015.

We have heard about journalists from all over the world, who have died covering the war, who were brave enough to tread into dangerous areas, who were courageous to break stories to unravel the truth.

It’s heartening to see such brave journalism amongst our very own Malaysian journalists.

Kudos to The Edge team, which persevered to expose the truth to the Malaysian public.

Kudos, The Edge

This is brave investigative journalism. And they have pushed the boundaries, given Malaysia’s track record for clamping down on the media, to report without fear or favour.

Their team of reporters had pieced together evidence to show how close to seven billion ringgit was swindled from the Malaysian public through financial transactions between 1MDB and PetroSaudi International.

In a press release, The Edge publisher and group CEO Ho Kay Tat said it was their duty to pursue this story. And that they have no political motivations or conspiracy other than to carry out their responsibility as journalists.

It would be great if newly minted BN strategic director, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, could do his duty as well without resorting to insults and verbose empty accusations.

He should go after the corrupt executives in 1MDB and powerful politicians who were in cahoots with them as opposed to shooting the messenger.

If this is not enough, The Edge faces possible action from the Home Ministry for being a responsible media organisation.

Looking at generic statements, crafted to carefully avoid incriminating details, from politicians and their cronies plus the top cop, Khalid Abu Bakar’s statement about investigating Sarawak Report for its intention to topple a democratically elected government, one can only conclude that these people are only interested in protecting Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is caught right in the middle of this financial scandal.

They certainly aren’t after the truth and this makes the risks taken by The Edge even more crucial, as they have done so in the interest of the nation.

To the The Edge team, once again, thank you.


Charles Santiago

Member of Parliament Klang.

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