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Posted by Tanpa Nama | Posted on 1:07 PTG

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Meeting with Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur by johndoe

Posted: 20 Jul 2013 11:31 AM PDT

Now its 2013, put still Danau Kota Uptown is getting worst by the moment. People who park their car in front of their houses are also asked to pay parking by illegal gangsters. Parking fee is at rm10. Still is total bullshit. The government should a put a stop to night market once and for all. The residence have more right that the peddlers or sellers owners. These people should find other jobs to do other than bothering others peoples lives.

The petiton to Datuk Bandar KL have been signed since 2006. And no action have been taken. If I was the Najib, I would have just closed the night market for good. But no, all menteri are sleeping and counting their own money. Better migrate elsewhere. Malaysia human right is a total horse shit. The sellers in danau kota uptown has breach human right once they activities cross the line in increasing nuisance in the area. The police also is not doing their job in patrolling and catching crooks in the area when the uptown is operating. There are two police stations in the danau kota district.

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