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Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim

Retired admiral embarks on a new voyage

Posted: 26 May 2013 07:16 AM PDT


I assumed the first time I met former PAS member, now newly-elected PKR Lumut MP, retired Admiral Mohamad Imran Abd Hamid, was during the May 8 Blackout 505 rally in Kelana Jaya. Surrounded by throngs of excited Malaysians as we exchanged pleasantries, the retired admiral related how he knew me during my days in the Navy.

Imran is a rare politician. He says what he means and means what he says. He is well-liked among former and current military personnel, but more importantly, he has a reputation for being a 'straight’ guy.

NONE“No funny business,” says a former Navy admiral who makes it his business of keeping track of the nexus between the political and military establishment.

Although Imran gained a reputation of having a 'sharp tongue’ during the campaign period, he is in reality extremely humble. Now I understand that whenever the word 'humble’ is used to describe a politician, the reality is anything but.

However, there is a sense of earnestness when Imran describes his role as a politician and when he uses the term 'rakyat’, you understand that he feels part of the problematic Malaysian polity and not detached from it like most politicians, something many feel is necessary, because in most cases politics is a career.

A spiritual man who understands the religious plurality in Malaysia, in this interview, the former admiral in his usual frank manner discusses what he thinks is wrong with the political landscape in this country.

Readers should consider this an introduction to one of the few good men that Pakatan Rakyat is in desperate need of.

What made you decide to enter politics and why Pakatan?

I did not come to this decision lightly. I wanted to halt the pervasive, rampant corruption in Mindef (Defence Ministry) and other government agencies.

As someone who has served this country, I wanted to protect these institutions that belong to the rakyat. I believe only through Pakatan that action can be taken. For far too long BN has been sheltering the culprits from judicial action.

As a high-ranking member of the armed forces, did you notice first-hand the corruption that was rampant?

I was involved in the KD Kasturi and KD Lekir (both frigates) procurement in the 80s. It should have involved two parties only – the shipbuilder and the government.

NONESurprisingly the contract to procure the (Scorpene) submarines, three parties were involved – the government, the shipbuilder and Perimekar Sdn Bhd. We were told Perimekar is the company that provides training and accommodation for the submarine crews.

How could this Malaysian company perform this function? What did this company know of submarines, much less training? Furthermore, this was a Malaysian company and there is conflict of interests.

Later, it was discovered that they pocketed more than RM500 million. This is just one example. What of other equipment, not to mention helicopters, APCs (armoured personnel carriers), etc?

Direct negotiations provide room for corruption but when reported, nothing happened.

What do you think are the biggest mistakes Umno-BN has made in its decades-long rule?

They have failed to reduce and maybe even encouraged corrupt practices in government agencies. The crime rate is alarming. Institutions that are supposed to serve the rakyat like the police, SPRM (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), the judiciary, are perceived to be hostile to the rakyat.

Political leaders’ criminal acts are protected. Government debt is alarming. The list goes on. This has nothing to do with race but governance.

How do you think as an ex-military officer you can contribute to Pakatan and the rakyat?

I could be the link to voice out the dissatisfaction of our soldiers. Members of the armed forces and their families are an important component of the rakyat.

However, this does not mean I only concentrate on the welfare of the armed forces personnel. It just means that I can offer specific insight into this community. At the end of the day, the rakyat is made up of many groups of people.

Could you describe some of the “attacks” made by Umno-BN when you announced your candidacy?

NONENone directly from BN. However, the Navy chief did invite former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad and Perkasa on April 23 to the Navy base (in Lumut, Perak) to discredit Pakatan and myself. As a result, (in my opinion) I received fewer votes from Navy personnel.

What is your response to being denied entry into Lumut naval base?

I was denied entry to perform Friday prayers in the base on May 3 only, otherwise I have never had a problem. Politics got in the way of common sense and professionalism. Very disappointing, when you consider what those invited said about Pakatan and I.

Are you shocked by the response of the military establishment to your candidacy?

Not at all. I was convinced however that I might get good support from the “other ranks” if they were not threatened by their commanders. What I want to see is less politics in the armed forces. They serve the Agong and rakyat, and not political parties.

You have mentioned you were sidelined in the Navy. Why do you think this happened?

There is always talk. Some said “no way Haji Imran can get one star”, but instead I was promoted to First Admiral in October 2008. I was only ever interested in doing my job well. Even in the armed forces, there is professional conflict and petty squabbles.

Why did some people think that you would not get promoted?

They probably were not aware of my contributions to the Navy. My academic qualifications are varied. For instance, I have a Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power) in 1977 at UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur. Also maybe it was the usual politics that happens in any career.

Do you think that Pakatan should continue with the 505 gatherings and why?

Black 505 is a gathering to show the rakyat’s dissatisfaction over the GE13 result that is mired in controversy. There is something very wrong with our electoral system, after years of the present government’s interference.

It will go on until we get the decision to our petitions. Please remember that these are peaceful gatherings. All our gatherings have been peaceful.

What are the problems faced by your constituents in Lumut and how do you intend to solve them?

One of the more important issues is that my constituents want to avoid a “local brain drain”. They want boarding schools and a university to be built to avoid bright students from leaving Lumut.

I have to urge the Education Ministry to plan and implement this. People need education. If they are educated, they are better equipped to make choices.

If more educational facilities were to be opened in Lumut, would they be open to all races?

The university is of course open to all races. The boarding school is more of a Malay cultural experience but this does not mean that it should be exclusively for Malays. I want input from everyone. 'Muhibbah’ means listening to all points of view and people’s experience.

What are your views on religion being used as a political tool?

It is unwise for anyone to use religion to influence the rakyat. It is not right to use religion for political gain. We all have certain basic principles we agree to which makes for a better society. We should concentrate on those principles.

NONEWhat is your response to thecontroversial comments of Home Minister Zahid Hamidi?

It is an unwise remark by a minister. He might have forgotten of his ancestors’ land of origin. I do not bother at all. We need to get down to the hard work of making this country better for all Malaysians, regardless of which political party you support.

Is the armed forces racially polarised and if so, what are the reforms needed?

It is complicated. Of course, there is a difference between how the armed forces was and what it is now. It remains to be seen if non-Malays do not like the armed forces culture or if there are other reasons for the lack of non-Malay participation.

We need to have an honest and open discussion on this. Pakatan has shown that it can handle discussion without resorting to threats.

How has your experience been as a politician as compared to the structure of military life?

As a politician, you are dealing with civilians from all walks of life as compared to the military that is more specific in terms of people of all walks of life conforming to a specific structure.

In the military, you have a chain of command and problems filter through this chain. In a sense, it is easier to take charge and implement changes. Seniority also helps when you are dealing with personnel higher up the chain of command.

As a new politician, I have to be willing to listen to the rakyat’s demands but they have to understand it is a different power structure. Sometimes what they want is beyond my means to deliver for various reasons.

There is a system and it is the rakyat’s job to see that the politicians do not abuse the system but at the same time, they have to understand that unfortunately certain demands take time to fulfill, especially when you have to deal with people who hamper your efforts.

There has been great tragedy in your family. How do you cope with running a campaign and dealing with your personal loss?

NONEI lost my four daughters in February 2005 in a car accident in Grik. My candidacy to contest for Lumut was announced by (PKR de factoleader) Anwar Ibrahim on April 5 in Grik. Therefore, Grik is very significant to my wife and me.

Campaigning was tiring but if you have a sense of purpose, you can overcome nearly everything. My family tragedy reminds me to always speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Malaysians rally against ‘electoral fraud’

Posted: 25 May 2013 10:51 AM PDT

Al Jazeera

Tens of thousands protest against government, with speeches from leading opposition figures over alleged fraud.

Tens of thousands of people held a rally near Malaysia’s capital against alleged electoral fraud, further raising the political temperature after divisive recent polls.

The latest in a series of protest rallies over the May 5 elections – which the opposition says were won fraudulently by the 56-year-old ruling coalition – saw a large crowd gather in an open field outside Kuala Lumpur Saturday night.

Malaysia’s Home Minister Zahid Hamidi had earlier called the rally a “provocation”, coming after four people were arrested including two opposition politicians, actions that sparked allegations of a post-election crackdown on dissent.

There were no reports of any police action against the latest rally, which was to include speeches by top opposition figures including leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Opposition speakers vowed to expose electoral fraud and keep up the pressure on the Barisan Nasional (National Front) government.

“We are never disappointed because we have won decisively, the moral victory. Tough times never last, only tough people do. We will prove to [the government] how tough we are,” Anwar’s daughter, parliament member Nurul Izzah, told the crowd.

Silencing opposition

Two senior opposition politicians and two activists were detained last week under the Sedition Act for criticising the conduct of the elections. They were later released.

Prime Minister Najib Razak, who before the elections sought to portray himself as a reformer, had pledged last year to repeal the decades-old Sedition Act.

The home ministry last week also said it had seized some 2,500 copies of opposition-party newspapers for allegedly failing to meet printing regulations.

The three-party opposition plans to file court challenges to the result in 27 parliamentary seats. If all are successful, the opposition says it would give them victory.

It is highly unlikely the opposition would prevail, as critics widely accuse the courts and Election Commission of being in thrall to the ruling coalition.

Global rights group Amnesty International urged the Malaysian government Friday to end what it called a “post-election crackdown”, saying it was using the Sedition Act “against peaceful protestors”.

Barisan gained only 46.6 per cent of the popular vote but won a firm majority, which critics blame on Barisan tinkering with districts to give its strongholds more weight.

The opposition claims that, among other problems, voter rolls were full of irregularities. The government denies the election was unfair.

Najib regime’s security dragnet will not frighten Malaysians, Bersih 2.0 says

Posted: 25 May 2013 10:49 AM PDT

The Malaysian Insider

Oppression and intimidation by the Najib regime will not cow Malaysians into submission, polls reform group Bersih 2.0 warned today as it called on the government to stop its nationwide clampdown on opposition supporters.

The group said the recent spate of arrests of key Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders and activists was the regime's attempt to silent critics of the just-concluded general election, which it maintained was tainted by irregularities, unethical practices and "blatant cheating".

"Those detained are Malaysians who dare to voice out what have frustrated and angered most Malaysians since the conclusion of the 13th general election," Bersih 2.0 said in a statement here.

 "We thus call upon the BN government and the police to immediately end all persecution."

Election 2013 saw the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition returned to power with 133 seats in the 222-set Parliament despite only winning the minority vote.

Pointing to its popular vote score at 51 per cent to BN's 47 per cent, PR leaders immediately accused its political foes of stealing the elections with fraud and widespread cheating.

The results also sparked the series of "Black 505" rallies nationwide where tens of thousands of supporters have turned up to protest the results of the polls.

The newly-minted BN government under second-term prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak responded by flexing its muscles at the opposition, mounting a widespread clampdown to quell opposition dissent.

Several rally organisers have been hauled up to face the book for allegedly contravening the Peaceful Assembly Act 2011.

"Party organs of the three [PR] parties of PKR, PAS and DAP have been confiscated," Bersih 2.0 observed.

"Thugs sympathetic to BN have been to open air gatherings organized by civil society to create trouble and to scare speakers and participants from further engaging in their struggles for a clean and fair electoral system, deemed so key to a genuine democracy," it alleged.

It also pointed to the arrest and use of the Sedition Act to charge student activist Adam Adli earlier this week, and the subsequent detentions of PKR MP Chua Tian Chang, PAS leader Tamrin Ghafar and activist Haris Ibrahim.

All four were hauled in for allegedly uttering seditious remarks by calling on Malaysians to topple the government through street protests.

But Bersih 2.0 said the charges were trumped up, tailored merely to persecute those who dared to expose the manipulations they alleged were perpetrated by BN and the Election Commission (EC) during the May 5 polls.

"Bersih 2.0 is, however, confident that such oppression and intimidation will not succeed," he said.

"On the contrary, Malaysians will rise up to oppose oppression, intimidation, corruption, torture and gross violation of human rights as perpetrated by the Najib regime.

"They will not relent until there is justice, democracy and equality in Malaysia."

Another rally, called the "Himpunan Suara Rakyat 505" will be held this evening outside Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya.

Election commissioners should quit over indelible ink fiasco, rally told

Posted: 25 May 2013 10:46 AM PDT

The Malaysian Insider

The entire Election Commission (EC) must resign for failing to ensure the indelible ink worked in the May 5 general elections, several speakers said at a rally here tonight.Bersih co-chair Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and PKR strategy chief Rafizi Ramli led the calls for the entire EC to step down after complaints about the  indelible ink, introduced in Election 2013 to prevent double voting, could be easily washed off.

"On that ground, any Election Commission worth its salt would have resigned in embarassment over dakwat kekal (indelible ink)," said Ambiga, who is also a senior lawyer, told a crowd at the rally in Dataran Petaling Jaya here.

Speakers throughout the night had also spoke on alleged fraud by the EC, leading the crowd in chants to "Pecat SPR" (Fire EC) and "SPR tipu" (EC cheats). The EC has denied these claims, which have yet to be proven in court.

Thousands crowded the Dataran Petaling Jaya field for the rally against alleged electoral fraud, an NGO-organised affair that appears to be a continuation of a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) roadshow that began two weeks ago. There was a light drizzle but many brought umbrellas as they listened to the speakers.

Despite police remarks that the gathering known as "Himpunan SuaraRakyat505" was illegal, the crowd turned up clad in black to symbolise their protest.

Mobile food stalls on the edge of the field did a brisk trade, catering to the crowd listening to a number of speakers who began from late evening. Among those scheduled to appear are opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang.

Two of the speakers at tonight's rally made their first public speeches after being investigated recently under the Sedition Act 1948 for their allegedly seditious remarks on the polls results

The two were PKR Batu MP Chua Tian Chang and activist Haris Ibrahim — who were released from the police lock-up yesterday after a magistrate refused an application to extend their remand. The other was PAS's Tamrin Ghafar.

The last of the four — student leader Adam Adli — was charged under the Sedition Act on Thursday after his arrest last Saturday, but has since been released on bail.

Behind Malaysian Poll Protest, a Peace Deal That Collapsed

Posted: 25 May 2013 09:17 AM PDT

The Wall Street Journal


A former Indonesian vice president with a history of brokering peace agreements has accused Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of reneging on a secret deal to respect the outcome of Malaysia’s elections on May 5.

Jusuf Kalla revealed the pre-election accord in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, amid a public protest campaign by Mr. Anwar over what the opposition leader said was widespread vote fraud by the ruling National Front coalition. The election returned Prime Minister Najib Razak and the long-ruling National Front to power in the tightest national election in Malaysian history.

Mr. Kalla said the two candidates—whom he said he considered friends of his going back decades—had made a written agreement in April to refrain from personal attacks during the campaign and to accept the outcome, in a deal first proposed by Mr. Anwar.

Mr. Anwar acknowledged he had made the pact with Mr. Najib, with Mr. Kalla as mediator, but said the National Front had rendered it void by the way it ran its campaign.

He singled out Malaysia’s media, much of which is controlled or owned by the government or members of the ruling coalition. “How can you talk reconciliation when you demonize your opponent in this manner?” Mr. Anwar said to The Wall Street Journal. He also said it was Mr. Kalla, not him, who first proposed the pact.

Mr. Najib stressed reconciliation in his first public remarks after the election, though both sides said that the other had rejected a clause in the pact that the winner was to offer the loser a role in a “reconciliation government.”

Mr. Najib’s camp confirmed that the agreement was made and dismissed Mr. Anwar’s view that it had been undermined by the campaign—during which both sides accused the other of low blows and distortions. Mr. Anwar had strong support among Malaysian Web-based media during the campaign.

Mr. Kalla said he felt that both sides met their commitment to refrain from personal attacks during the campaign, and he hasn’t criticized Mr. Najib over the conduct of the election.

Mr. Anwar said he plans to step up a legal campaign to overturn the results in 29 electoral districts, raising political tensions in Malaysia, which has grown increasingly divided in the aftermath of the election.

Mr. Anwar, a former deputy prime minister who has been the country’s most prominent opposition leader for the past 15 years, has led a national campaign of mass rallies since the election. The scene has grown increasingly confrontational. Three prominent opposition activists were detained and later released in the past week.

In the weeks before the election, Mr. Anwar alleged that the National Front and Malaysia’s Election Commission were manipulating electoral rolls and mobilizing illegal voters. On May 5, Mr. Anwar said his alliance had won and accused the National Front of stealing the election.

The National Front and the Election Commission rejected the allegations of electoral fraud. The Commission said there were extremely few irregularities, and that a record 85% of voters cast ballots.

Mr. Anwar said he is pessimistic that courts would overturn results in key districts.

The final vote count showed that Mr. Anwar’s Pakatan Rakyat alliance won a majority of the popular vote, but Mr. Najib’s coalition won heavily in many rural constituencies, where he has strong popular support, to emerge with a 21-seat parliamentary majority.

Mr. Kalla said that the outcome of the balloting, held on a Sunday, was clear. “We had a commitment,” he said. “On Monday, I asked Anwar to accept it and look at reality. But they said, ‘No, no, no, no.’ ”

Mr. Kalla said Mr. Anwar approached him about an agreement two months ago, and they met at his Jakarta home. Mr. Anwar asked him to reach out to his opponent and secure his commitment for a peaceful election outcome, Mr. Kalla said.

At the time, Mr. Anwar was leading in voter surveys in Peninsular Malaysia, where most of the country’s 29 million people live. A victory by his alliance—a collection of Islamists, a mostly ethnic Chinese party and the largely urban secular party he leads—would have been an earthquake to an establishment controlled since 1957 by the coalition that Mr. Najib now leads.

Mr. Kalla had brokered peace agreements in various conflicts across the troubled Indonesian archipelago during his time as vice president from 2004 to 2009, and had roles in peace negotiations in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

He said that he shuttled back and forth between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, meeting the opposition leader and Mr. Najib.

“Mr. Anwar sought Jusuf Kalla’s assistance to secure a mutual agreement between BN [Barisan Nasional, the National Front] and [Pakatan Rakyat] stating that both sides agreed to accept the results of the general election, even in the event of a slim majority by either side,” an adviser to Mr. Najib said. “The prime minister reiterated privately to Jusuf Kalla and in public before the election that BN would respect the will of the people and accept the election results, even if the opposition wins.”

Mr. Anwar said Mr. Kalla reached out to him to offer his assistance in ensuring an orderly outcome to the elections. “There were many friends around the region who were concerned about the transition of power and whether it would be peaceful,” he said.

Both candidates had pasts rich with fodder for personal attacks during the campaign. Mr. Anwar spent nearly six years in prison on sodomy and corruption convictions after failing to unseat his one-time mentor, Mahathir Mohamad, in 1998. The sodomy charge was overturned, and he was later acquitted on a second sodomy trial. Mr. Anwar consistently denied the charges.

Mr. Najib, meanwhile, has been subject to rumors widely disseminated in the media—which he has denied—that he had an affair with a Mongolian model and translator who was later murdered. Two police officers were convicted in the murder. Mr. Najib hasn’t been charged with any wrongdoing.

Mr. Kalla said he fears that the longer the dispute between the two political leaders goes on, the divisions in Malaysia—among factions in the majority Malay Muslim group and between Malays and the ethnic Chinese minority—will harden and perhaps lead to violence. Malaysia was racked by race riots in 1969 and Mr. Kalla’s neighboring country, Indonesia, has suffered repeated outbreaks of sectarian violence.

‘Cahaya’ demokrasi menyinari Dataran PJ

Posted: 25 May 2013 09:05 AM PDT


Selepas berlangsungnya lapan siri perhimpunan Blackout 505 di seluruh negara, kini perhimpunan kesembilan dan terakhir yang digelar ‘Perhimpunan Suara Rakyat 505′ – akan berlangsung di Petaling Jaya jam 5 petang ini.
Perhimpunan, di mana NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) adalah antara penganjur utamanya, diadakan untuk membantah dakwaan penipuan pilihan raya dan salahlaku dalam pilihan raya umum baru-baru ini.

Pihak berkuasa menyiasat atau medakwa mereka yang terlibat dalam penganjuran perhimpunan Blackout 505 di bawah Akta Perhimpunan Aman (APA), kerana didakwa gagal memberi notis 10 hari kepada pihak polis.

Sementara itu, Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dilaporkan berkata perhimpunan hari ini merupakan “satu tindakan provokasi” dan tidak mengikut peruntukan di bawah APA.

Perhimpunan sebelum ini telah menarik puluhan ribu orang -
yang terbesar diadakan di stadium Kelana Jaya tidak jauh dari tempat perhimpunan hari ini. Kira-kira 120,000 orang membanjiri perhimpunan pada 8 Mei itu – sama ada di luar atau di dalam stadium yang penuh sesak.

Bagi perhimpunan hari ini – di Dataran Petaling Jaya – mempunyai kapasiti maksimum kira-kira 80,000. Jika mengambilkira perhimpunan sebelum ini, maka ia juga dijangka dibanjiri puluhan ribu hadirin.


11.05pm: Pengerusi Badrul Hisham Shaharin meminta lampu di Dataran PJ dipadamkan dan meminta hadirin menggunakan telefon dan pemetik api untuk menerangi tempat tersebut.


Idea ini ialah untuk meraikan pembebasan Adam Adli, seorang aktivis pelajar yang berdepan dengan tuduhan menghasut. Adam kini berada di Pulau Pinang mengunjungi ibunya yang sakit itu.

Hadirin memenuhi permintaan tersebut dengan menjulang telefon mereka dan suasana di situ kelihatan seperti sekumpulan kelip-kelip.

Badrul Hisham menganggarkan jumlah hadirin telah meningkatkan kepada 70,000.

10.45pm: MP Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar berkata, Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya perlu membayar untuk “jenayah” mereka.

NONEKatanya, mereka tidak boleh melepaskan diri daripada cengkaman undang-undang.

Beliau berkata, Pakatan telah mencapai kemenangan moral pada 5 Mei tetapi gabungan itu dan penyokong mereka masih mempunyai banyak lagi yang perlu dilakukan.

10.40pm - Haris Ibrahim menggesa orang ramai supaya memboikot organisasi media yang berat sebelah atau memihak kepada BN.

Berikutan itu, beliau mengumumkan bahawa kumpulan ABU (Asalkan Bukan Umno) telah menyediakan klip video untuk menunjukkan bagaimana BN telah menipu dalam pilihan raya umum.

“Kami mahu anda membawa video ini ke kawasan luar bandar, bagi menunjukkan bagaimana mereka telah ditipu oleh BN,” kata Haris.

NONE10.30pm - Selepas berkongsi lokap di Jinjang, Tian Chua (kiri) dan Haris Ibrahim berkongsi pentas pula malam ini.

“Jangan berfikir tangkapan itu akan menakutkan rakyat. Kami tidak akan gentar,” katanya.

10.20pm - Pengerusi Bersama BERSIH 2.0, Datuk S Ambiga berkata, beliau tidak dijadualkan untuk berucap hari ini tetapi penahanan Adam Adli, Tian Chua, Haris Ibrahim dan Datuk Tamrin Ghaffar telah mendorongnya untuk berucap.

Beliau menggesa mereka yang mempunyai bukti penipuan pilihan raya supaya mengemukakannya kepada tribunal rakyat BERSIH.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, seandainya SPR masih mempunyai maruah, maka mereka mesti meletakkan jawatan sekarang dan kegagalan penggunaan dakwat kekal merupakan alasan yang sudah cukup untuk mereka berbuat demikian.

NONE9.45pm - MP Pandan Rafizi Ramli (kiri) berkata tidak akan ada penjara yang mencukupi untuk kerajaan memenjarakan semua orang yang menyuarakan bantahan terhadap penipuan pilihan raya.

Rafizi, yang mempengerusikan jawatankuasa Pakatan menyiasat penipuan pilihan raya, berkata rakyat telah hilang keyakinan terhadap SPR kerana telah melanggar janji mereka.

“Jika rakyat berkata terdapat penipuan, bukan tugas mereka untuk menyiasat?” tanya Rafizi.

“Mulai minggu depan kita akan failkan 29 petisyen pilihan raya dan kita minta semua istiqamah,. Kita akan  berjumpa di Dataran Merdeka selepas ini sehinggalah tuntutan kita dipenuhi,” katanya.

Rafizi membayangkan kemungkinan akan adanya himpunan BERSIH 4.0.

NONE9.30pm: Orang ramai membanjiri padang Dataran PJ dan CheguBard mengumumkan himpunan malam ini mencatat kehadiran 50,000 orang.

9.20pm: Penyanyi blues, Ito menyanyikan lagu ‘Ubah Sekarang’ dan orang ramai berdiri melambaikan tangan mengiringi nyanyiannya.

9.20pm - MP Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh sedang bercakap sekarang dan katanya, gaji Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya, Tan Sri  Abdul Aziz Yusoff tidak akan menjadi “halal” jika SPR terus mengabaikan pendapat orang ramai.

NONE9.15pm: Penyanyi Dayangku Intan (kanan) yang bertanding di Parlimen Pengerang berkata Pakatan Rakyat memenangi hati rakyat selepas pilihan raya umum.

Beliau turut mengambil kesempatan menyanyikan serangkap lirik lagu popularnya.

“Aku berpaut di dahan cinta, Masih mengharap kehadirannya,
Aku berpaut didahan cinta, Masih mengharap kehadirannya,”disambut tepukan hadirin.

9.10pm: Badrul Hisham Shaharin mengambil tugas pengerusi majlis dan memperkenalkan pemimpin Ronnie Liu naik ke pentas.

Beliau menegaskan perlunya reformasi sistem pilihan raya “jika tidak, kita tidak akan sampai ke Putrajaya”.

“Saya percaya sudah tiba masanya kita melancarkan BERSIH 4.0!” katanya sambil mendapat tepukan gumuruh hadirin.

9.00pm: Perhimpunan diteruskan, jumlah hadirin telah meningkat dua kali ganda kepada kira-kira 20,000 orang.

NONE8.00pm: Hujan renyai-renyai tetapi orang ramai masih tidak berganjak, dan ada yang membuka payung.

7.30pm: Jumlah hadirin meningkat kepada 10,000 orang dan jumlah itu kurang daripada yang dijangkakan oleh pihak penganjur.

7.15pm: Ketua NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) Badrul Hisham Shaharin, yang lebih dikenali sebagai Chegubard, berucap menggesa peserta mengajak rakan-rakan mereka menyertai perhimpunan tersebut.

“Malam ini kita akan bersama ‘kereta perisai’ Reformasi, Tian Chua dan belum sempat kita telefon untuk jemput dia, dia dah kata nak datang – pejuang rakyat Haris Ibrahim!” umum Chegubard.

NONEBadrul Hisham, yang dipercayai dikehendaki pihak polis kerana didakwa membuat “ucapan berunsur hasutan”, berkata penganjur perhimpunan itu berkempen untuk tiga isu:

1. Bahawa semua anggota Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya meletakkan jawatan;

2. Pilihan raya diadakan semula di kawasan di mana berlaku penipuan; dan,

3. Menubuhkan tribunal rakyat untuk membolehkan orang ramai melaporkan penipuan pilihan raya.

Selepas Badrul Shaharin bercakap, majlis itu ditangguhkan seketika untuk solat maghrib.

6.45pm - Aktivis pelajar KS Bawani, yang menjadi terkenal kerana ungkapan “Listen, listen, listen” yang turut berucap, menggesa hadirin supaya mengajak rakan-rakan dan saudara-mara mereka supaya menyertai perhimpunan untuk menegakkan hak rakyat.

6.40pm: Pengacara majlis, aktivis mahasiswa Ekhsan Bukharee menggesa peserta yang berada di kawasan tengah padang agar tidak merokok demi keselesaan peserta wanita dan golongan lain yang tidak merokok.

6.27pm: Seorang pelawak Leman Raja Lawak dan artis Abby Abadi turut muncul di pentas pidato petang ini.

NONELeman dalam ucapannya mengambil peluang untuk menyindir gaya rambut isteri perdana menteri Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

“Tanya sama Rosmah, kenapa rambut kembang, nanti jawab Rosmah, tupai buat sarang,” kata Leman yang menyanyikan lagu ‘Tanya Sama Pokok’ dengan lirik diubah suai.

6.20pm: Timbalan ketua menteri Pulau PInang Rashid Hasnor ketika berucap mendakwa Pakatan telahpun memenangi pilihan raya umum ke-13 apabila meraih 51 peratus undi popular.

“Walaupun kita tewas, tapi sebenarnya kita menang,” katanya.

Beliau juga meminta orang ramai agar terus menyatakan sokongan kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

Satu undi untuk Pakatan adalah satu undi bagi Anwar menjadi PM,katanya.

NONE6.10pm:Timbalan Presiden PKR, Azmin Ali antara pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat yang paling awal muncul di Dataran Petaling Jaya.
Menurut Azmin, beliau hadir ke himpunan ini pada sebelah petang kerana akan menghadiri majlis di Batu Caves anjuran ADUN Batu Caves, Amir Shari pada sebelah malam.

5.45pm: Seorang wakil dari NGO menuntut bayaran Royalti minyak kepada Kelantan dalam ucapannya menggesa agar SPR diletakkan di bawah tanggungjawab parlimen dan bukannya di bawah jabatan perdana menteri.

“Kami, anak muda Malaysia, mahu pilihan raya umum diadakan semula,” katanya.

5.40pm: Imam masjid yang pernah dipenjarakan kerana membaling selipar kepada hakim, Imam Hoslan dalam ucapannya memberitahu orang ramai isterinya melahirkan anak ke-11 mereka sewaktu beliau dipenjarakan.

NONE“Jangan takut untuk beranak ramai-ramai tuan-tuan dan puan-puan kerana anak-anak kita yang ramai ini akan menumbangkan semua mereka yang zalim,” laung Imam Hoslan disambut sorakan orang ramai.

5.30pm: Hanya beberapa orang anggota polis dilihat berkawal di perhimpunan hari ini. Sebilangan anggota tersebut dilihat mengawal lalulintas.

Aktivis siswa Safwan Anang menjadi individu pertama berucap.

"Ada sesetengah orang tak faham bahasa, mereka kata jika orang yang tidak puas hati dengan keputusan pilihan raya, boleh keluar dari Malaysia. Ini kenyataan bodoh, betul atau tidak?,” katanya yang disambut dengan laungan “Ya” oleh para peserta.

NONE5.24pm: Orang ramai berdiri tegak apabila acara dimulakan dengan nyanyian lagu Negaraku.

Malah, individu yang dilihat sedang menyeberang jalan dari kompleks Amcorp Mall juga berhenti di tengah jalan dan berdiri tegak sewaktu lagu kebangsaan dinyanyikan.

5.15pm: Pengerusi majlis memulakan acara dengan mengumumkan tiga tujuan utama untuk mengadakan perhimpunan hari ini:

  • menuntut pemimpin SPR meletak jawatan.
  • menuntut pilihan raya diadakan semula di kawasan yang disyaki berlaku penipuan
  • menyokong tribunal BERSIH untuk menyiasat dakwaan kes penipuan pilihan raya.

Sementara itu, jumlah peserta semakin meningkat – kini dianggarkan 5,000 orang di kawasan padang.

4.45pm: Jumlah peserta meningkat kepada kira-kira 500 orang dalam suasana yang semakin meriah.

Salah seorang peserta, Yusri Mohd Yusof berkata perhimpunan ini bagi menyatakan kemaharan ke atas Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya atas dakwaan penipuan yang berlaku dalam pilihan raya.

NONEPensyarah berusia 41 tahun itu yang turut hadir di perhimpunan di Kelana Jaya berkata beliau berharap perhimpunan kali ini sebagai perhimpunan paling besar.

Ditanya mengenai kenyataan Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi bahawa perhimpunan hari ini tidak menepati keperluan Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2012, Yusri berpendapat sebaliknya.

Katanya, para peserta tidak menyebabkan kekacauan atau mengadakan perhimpunan jalanan.

“Kita hanya berhimpun di sini secara aman,” katanya.

4.42pm: Salah satu gerai yang dibuka di kawasan perhimpunan ini didapati cuba mengumpul 100,000 tandatangan individu yang menuntut demokrasi.

NONEIndividu yang mengusahakan projek tersebut, yang enggan dinamakan berkata beliau akan menyerahkan nama berkenaan kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong bagi menekan kerajaan agar mendengar tuntutan rakyat.

4.30pm: Kelihatan beberapa trak FRU yang melalui jalan dekat padang Dataran PJ.

Bagaimanapun, tidak ada anggota polis dilihat berhampiran padang.

azlan4.15pm: Jumlah orang berpakaian hitam semakin meningkat kepada ratusan orang, tetapi padang masih kosong. Sebaliknya, orang ramai berkumpul di sekitar gerai makanan di luar padang.

Kira-kira 50 peserta protes berbaris Persiaran Barat, melaungkan “Reformasi”, “Hidup Rakyat” dan beberapa slogan lain.

Mereka menggesa kereta yang melalui jalan utama untuk membunyikan hon tanpa sokongan.

Pemimpin DAP, Hew Kuan Yau aka ‘Superman’ menjual baju-T yang memaparkan foto wajahnya bersama logo Superman. Dari masa ke semasa, penceramah popular itu diminta peminatnya untuk bergambar.

3.01pm: Kira-kira 100 orang kini berada di sekitar dataran tersebut, kebanyakannya berpakaian hitam dan mencari perlindungan dari pancaran panas matahari yang sekitar 33 darjah Celsius dengan yang terang.

Ada yang memilih untuk membeli-belah di Amcorp Mall yang berhawa dingin di seberang jalan, dengan berpakaian baju hitam perhimpunan Blackout 505.

suara rakyat rally 250513Setakat ini tidak kelihatan kehadiran kehadiran polis dan penganjur masih sibuk menyediakan pentas, tetapi laluan kaki lima di padang itu dan berhampiran stesen LRT Taman Jaya sudah dipenuhi gerai menjual makanan dan barangan.

Walaupun notis mempromosi perhimpunan itu – yang diedarkan melalui media sosial – termasuk amaran “Vuvuzelas diharamkan”, tetapi ia masih dapat didengar.

suara rakyat 505 250513Beberapa penyokong juga telah berbaris di sepanjang jalan untuk melaungkan slogan politik, manakala pemandu yang lalu di situ turut membunyikan hon.

Lalulintas masih lancar di kawasan itu, tetapi jalan empat lorong di luar padang semakin sesak apabila lebih banyak kereta diletak di tepi jalan, memaksa trafik menggunakan hanya satu lorong di setiap arah.

Anwar blames BN for collapse of peace treaty with Najib

Posted: 25 May 2013 09:03 AM PDT

The Malaysian Insider

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today accused Barisan Nasional (BN) of breaching several agreed points in an April peace deal brokered by former Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla between him and Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) de facto chief argued that to honour the deal, which stipulated that both sides accept the outcome of Election 2013 regardless which way it swung, there were several key pre-requisites that had to be fulfilled first.

"There were some parameters agreed upon. Number one, ethics in terms of campaigning and conduct of affairs of government so the media in particular is not used to demonise the opposition…this did not happen…"

 "Second condition of free and fair elections which means access to media, some of the Bersih's demands, which was not met," the PKR de-facto leader told reporters today at the end of the party's ninth national congress, claiming that electoral fraud has been proven.

"And third, was contingent upon those conditions, our position is that we accept the decision," the former deputy prime minister added.

Anwar was responding to today's report on the Wall Street Journal where Jusuf had reportedly accused him of reneging on the peace deal by protesting the polls results.

The renowned international business paper featured interviews with all three parties confirming the secret peace deal, and quoted Jusuf as claiming that he had phoned Anwar a day after the May 5 polls and urged the opposition leader to respect the commitment and "look at reality".

"We had a commitment," Jusuf was quoted as saying. "But they said, 'No, no, no, no.' ''

But Anwar appeared to indicate today that Jusuf had not actually accused him of breaking the agreement.

"I've also sought clarification although from what I've got. Jusuf Kalla did not say that. He was trying to make sure the full context was well understood."

Anwar also said that he had publicly spoken on the issues of ethics in campaigning, free and fair elections, and the peaceful transition of power, saying: "To me, there's nothing secret about the deal."

When asked who had started the deal, Anwar said that friends in neighbouring countries — Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines — were concerned about the possibility of a peaceful transition of power in Malaysia.

He then said that someone had taken the initiative to start the deal which he agreed to, although he did not explicitly name the individual.

Anwar said the deal was done without him meeting Najib, saying such a meeting would only be done after he had consulted PR leaders.

"It was in about a month or so before elections. He met me and Datuk Seri Najib separately," Anwar said earlier on in the press conference, likely referring to Jusuf.

In its report, the WSJ had reported that it was Anwar who approached Jusuf on the agreement two months ago, seeking the latter's help in securing his opponent's commitment for a peaceful election outcome.

The deal — that both sides refrain from personal attacks during campaigns and to accept the outcome of the polls — was subsequently made in April.

The two rivals had apparently rejected a clause in the accord to offer the loser a role in a "reconciliation government", the WSJ wrote.

An adviser to Najib reportedly confirmed the deal, telling the WSJ that Anwar had sought Jusuf's assistance to secure a mutual agreement to accept the results of the polls peacefully, regardless which way it goes and even in the event of a slim majority.

"The prime minister reiterated privately to Jusuf Kalla and in public before the election that BN would respect the will of the people and accept the election results, even if the opposition wins," the paper quoted the aide as saying.

According to the paper, Jusuf is known for his role in brokering peace deals during his term as vice-president from 2004 to 2009, having done so in Thailand and Sri Lanka to help resolve conflicts across the Indonesian archipelago.

In the May 5 polls, Najib and the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) was returned to power in Putrajaya after a heated contest that saw Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat (PR) win the popular vote but lose the polls.

A dissatisfied Anwar and PR have been staging mammoth rallies across the country since the close of the election, insisting that the election had been stolen from them through fraud and widespread cheating.

During one of his rally speeches, Anwar vowed never to surrender until PR claims its rightful place at the helm of Putrajaya.

The 65-year-old Anwar also appears to have put his plans for retirement on hold, and seems determined to fight on.

One of PR's point of contention is the popular vote, which saw BN scoring just under 48 per cent of the total number of votes cast and PR scoring the majority at 51 per cent.

But the uneven dispersal of votes across various constituencies, which PR has labelled gerrymandering by the BN, had cost them the election as it only snapped up 89 seats to BN's 133 seats in the 222-seat Parliament despite winning the popular vote.

Apart from the "Black 505" rallies, which have drawn mammoth turnouts all around, PR is also filing formal petitions against the results in 27 constituencies.

Anwar: Pengendali GLC di S’gor bukan tokoh politik

Posted: 25 May 2013 09:01 AM PDT


Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hari ini menegaskan bahawa individu yang mengendalikan syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC) di Selangor bukan terdiri daripada tokoh politik.

Dalam ucapan penggulungannya, Anwar menjelaskan bahawa kedudukan GLC bukan merupakan rizab parti.

“Kita jangan kompromi dengan prinsip integiriti pentadbiran yang baik yang kita bicarakan. Kedudukan GLC itu bukan rizab parti.

“Dan sesiapa yang duduk dalam GLC itu mungkin orang politik mungkin tidak. Tapi orang itu mesti ada kelayakan yang tidak akan mencampurkan urusan parti,” katanya dalam Kongres Nasional Keadilan ke-9 di Petaling Jaya.

Dalam ucapan perbahasannya, Ketua Penerangan PKR Shuhaimi Shafiei, meminta ahli parti dilantik dalam GLC dan majlis tempatan untuk memantau mereka yang tidak sehaluan dengan dasar parti.

Sehubungan itu, ketika bercakap kepada media selepas ucapan penggulungannya, Anwar sekali lagi menegaskan, ahli parti tidak sewajarnya terlibat dalam mana-mana perkhidmatan awam atau dalam kerajaan negeri.

“Isunya ialah individu itu perlu benar-benar profesional untuk mengendali sesebuah organisasi dan tidak mewakili parti.

“Parti tidak wajar dilihat atau terlibat secara langsung dalam mana-mana pengurusan perkhidmatan awam urusniaga negeri. Kita mesti mengasingkan tanggungjawab mereka,” katanya lagi.

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