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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Malindo Airways is good for consumers by The Gooberman

Posted: 31 Oct 2012 02:05 AM PDT

Ms Sidhu’s analysis is flawed in a number of points.

In the first place, MAS joining the oneworld alliance is not a panacea for the airline’s problems.

The problems are well known: an uncompetitive cost base, over staffing, an ageing fleet, competition in its premium long-haul, regional and low-cost markets.

Up to now, there are no concrete plans to resolve these problems. Another privatisation of MAS isn’t the answer.

There is no reason for key members of oneworld, British Airways and Qantas, to restart flights to KLIA. Qantas has chosen to go with Emirates, transfer it’s “kangaroo route” hub to Dubai and maintain it’s Asian regional hub at Changi Airport where it can interline with both Jetstar and Jetstar Asia. British Airways, for it’s part, will maintain a hub at Changi, while focusing on the Middle East, the key Asian markets of India and China and the trans-Atlantic routes to the US.

MAS could well land up feeding passengers from Malaysia into British Airways and Qantas flights from Changi.

Yesterday’s announcement that SIA has acquired a 10% stake in Virgin Australia, where Middle Eastern carrier Etihad already has a10% stake, has the potential to fundamentally reshape the Australian airline market, and provide more competition to an already embattled Qantas. A tighter partnership between SIA, Virgin Australia and Etihad will affect MAS, the more so if Tiger Australia (where Virgin Australia has acquired a 60% stake) is allowed by the Australian aviation regulator to operate international flights in the low-cost segment of the Australia-Asia market.

I wonder, sometimes, if the planners and strategists at MAS have foreseen all these developments or whether they are merely fighting day-to-day fires while the competitors move on.

Comment on Datuk Ibrahim Ahmad Badawi: “We want to work with MAS.” by Syari

Posted: 30 Oct 2012 04:27 AM PDT

The shameless Slumberjack is still sleeping there. Drawing salary of RM30k monthly shamelessly.

AJ just terminate the catering agreement as a first step to stop the MAS from suffering from this lope sided agreement. Just do it and you will get the support of the staffs without wasting your time in getting the useless survey.

Comment on Datuk Ibrahim Ahmad Badawi: “We want to work with MAS.” by Samseng subang

Posted: 30 Oct 2012 04:21 AM PDT

Md nor, not only clueless but also a cr**k like his boss, nor yaakop! Cakap lembut lembut tapi hati manyak kotok! Ptuiii ptuii!

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