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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Azhari cares to provide answers for the “technical problem”? by GE Man

Posted: 16 Sep 2012 08:09 AM PDT

Another one……..Aiyoooo… what a bad omen lah when this bo(otak) still around, 
“mandi bunga” satu lori pun itu “suwey” tak boleh hilang, the only way is to leave and join your master lah.

Since the formation of MAS , I had not seen such major incident happening at this alarming rate . It just keep happening again and again.

Aircraft is sick lah when you are around bo(otak) head Azhari because you are only concentrating and shouting
and saying MAS engineering people are corrupt, to justify it you send all the very experience people to the chopping block or
cold storage them.
The 6 pm , 15 Sept Ferry flight PEN-KUL cost money, re-accommodate the passengers cost money , it will cost a fortune 
replacing this oxygen generators which cost easily MYR 3000 each , more then 250 of this oxygen generators is activated
when all the passengers and our lovely cabin crew got to use it .

Stock checked,  MAS dont have much of this oxygen generators in stock, now MAS got to pay 2-3 times more the market price 
because of the immediate/urgent requirement.

Easily more then MYR 1 million will go down the drain.

This 6th major incident happen within 5 months lah (since April 2012) with the 1st one when B747-400 taking off from KLIA to London ,
 number 4 engine caught fire.

Here’s the list of incident that already draining MAS blood , YB Wee CK should ask in the next Parliment sitting how much money 
MAS had spend / lost on the listed incident below and what action MAS is taking to prevent it happening again .

1) On 17 April, MAS Flight to London, registration 9M-MPM air turn back due number 4 engine caught fire on take off.
 Found out few nuts missing on the engine air control which cause the number 4 engine stalled and compressor blade broke off and punctured a hole in the engine casing and engine caught fire . 

2) On 21 April 2012, after new engine was installed on same position ( number 4 engine ), again, MAS Flight to London, aircraft registration 9M-MPM, this new engine loss oil in flight and in flight shut down initiated and pilot decide to go back to KLIA. Found out this new engine drive shaft had broken, brand new engine shaft sheared ? Tak masuk akal !!!

3) On 26 July 2012, a brand new A330 aircraft registration 9M-MTF, hard landing by the pilot with the RHS Main Landing Gear had recorded a peak load of 1160Kn, RHS gears was replaced on 10 Sept, 40 days after the incident due awaiting spares and tooling.

4) On 9 Aug 2012, MAS B777 Registration 9M-MRL, in Shanghai Airport, MAS B777 ‘s right hand wing clipped the left elevator of Chine Eastern A340 during taxi out. Very bad damage and now still in Shanghai Airport, being repaired by BOEING team .

5)On 17 Aug 2012, MAS B747-400 registration 9M-MPL, flight from London,  Number 2 engine heavy vibration during flight, and engine was shut down and returned to London Airport. On landing erratic auto pilot had caused the aircraft heavy landing which cause wing structure to buckle. A double blow!! New engine was installed  and aircraft grounded for at least 3 weeks for wing keel beam repair by Boeing team .

Millions goes down the drain due requires new aircraft engine, new landing gears, lost of aircraft utilization as much as $100,000.00 per day, more then 300 ton’s of fuel got to be  dumped (3 air turn back) to reduce landing weight and passengers got to be given a hotel and food for few days .

This few incident cost MAS millions of ringgit, fortunately no aircraft or lives is lost as yet , MAS still very lucky , but with this few pariah left over still around , MAS may soon be out of luck…………….

Comment on Azhari cares to provide answers for the “technical problem”? by Tony should learn....

Posted: 16 Sep 2012 07:45 AM PDT

its all because of that pariah crony laaaa….. all those people has moved to Airod… see now MAS Engineering will collapse one by one…..

Comment on Azhari cares to provide answers for the “technical problem”? by shan

Posted: 16 Sep 2012 07:06 AM PDT

This Botak is just incompetent. Fit to be in very low cost airline. Rozman Omar and Nanny Dany have disappeared. The Botak is still trying to hold on. Are you staying to help the pariah?

Comment on Azhari cares to provide answers for the “technical problem”? by MH Frequent Flyer

Posted: 16 Sep 2012 06:59 AM PDT

On 15 Sept. MH002 from London to KL was delayed for more than 12 hours due to technical problem. Many passengers were given hotel accommodation in London. Delayed connecting passengers to Australia also had to be given hotel accomodation at Holiday Inn Glenmarie. I believed the cost incurred to MAS is high.

I wonder why these technical problems are becoming regular incidents since Mas engineering got its new head.

Appreciate if someone can highlight this. Thank you.

Comment on Malindo Airways is good for consumers by annonymous

Posted: 16 Sep 2012 03:05 AM PDT

To xMas , Stan, and sales

Those pilots taking part at the launching ceremony are x-Mas/Firefly pilots seconded to Lion Air.
Also at the launching ceremony there were personnel from mAS in the audience.
You connect the dots…………….

Comment on Malindo Airways is good for consumers by Anti Pariah

Posted: 15 Sep 2012 10:39 PM PDT

Close LCCT now so that the pariah can operate from Jakarta. Don’t worry folks, it will not be too long that AA will go under. Its true colour has been exposed despite the publicities and helps from the editors.

Comment on Malindo Airways is good for consumers by matee

Posted: 15 Sep 2012 09:38 PM PDT

I think its a bad idea.Something fishy going on! We don’t need another airline. Revive Firefly jet services and introduce jet services into Maswing. Our country is too small and less populated than Indonesia.We don’t have that large market. Mas had been and still is badly managed.My 2 sen worth.Thanks.

Comment on TM UniFi “D-Link router only can do” – another TM monopolistic policy that raises suspicion! by Tech Savy

Posted: 15 Sep 2012 02:00 PM PDT

I came across this blog while browsing the internet for an alternative to the stupid D-Link provided by TM. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but its worth a shot. Looks promising…

You might wanna check this out too…

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