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Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Parliamentary Questions for March 2012 Session by Anonymous

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 11:01 AM PST

Terbaik……Terutama soalan berkaitan airasia-Mas…yang pasti CON-sultant yg buat duit dari idea-idea yg berat sebelah, MAS patut disiasat samada keputusan menaja QPR bolasepak, adalah keputusan demi kepentingan MAS dan adakah jabatan-jabatan yang berkaitan telah membuat kaji selidik dan homework sebelum keputusan menaja QPR dibuat…atau ia adalah keputusan budy-budy demi nak menyelamatkan Tony yg telah belanja wang membeli QPR..ada unsur Rasuah disini.

YB, teruskan perjuangan buktikan bahawa rakyat malaysia lebih pandai dari CON-sultant dari Bina fikir…..

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by Razak of MAS

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 08:15 AM PST

Mohamed, I think that Olek Skligannon is working for that Pariah Red Indian. Otherwise he wouldn’t writing this way. He has been praising the Pariah to the hilt. When pouted certain thing he will shift the goal posts. Don’t our time with people like that.

He is wearing blinkers; He can’t how the Pariah is screwing MAS.

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by Mohamed

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 08:02 AM PST

I dont know who u r working. Perhaps u cld be one of the con sultan or a blood sucking banker! You call all of us delusional but in reality u r the one appears to be!

When MAS is attached with so many parasites ever since TR days, crony businesses sucking blood from MAS n so many other restrictions the vested parties subject MAS to… Despite all of this, they hv done commendably.

No doubt that there is still lot of room 4 improvement among MAS staff in terms of improving efficiency etc., but a lot of those blame lie with those ppl imported frm strange places straight to senior posts!

Comment on Parliamentary Questions for March 2012 Session by Lee of MAS

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 07:45 AM PST

Syabas YB! Thank you for th questions. I like those questions on MAS and AirAsia and of course, about the CON-sultant Fees and the idiot in Khazanah.

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by Mohamed

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 06:57 AM PST

Anonymous, u hv highlighted a very important point. The cons r there just like insurance for the incompetent senior execs who can always blame the cons if anything goes wrong! I bet you these consultants from TMI, EY n PWC know nothing compared to the industry knowledge possessed within MAS. These cons wld just google to get some information before meetings n then, they wld call themselves con sultans specialising in aviation! These con sultans are only clever in coming up with some colorful PowerPoint presentations n coining some weird terminologies.

If MAS staff were to be allowed to gain their self-confidence, they can do a far better job then these con sultans but sadly, they were never allowed to have!

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by Olek Skilgannon

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 06:08 AM PST

The amount of delusional posts in this particular thread is mind-boggling, to say the least.

Sadly, it just goes to show that all of these supposedly righteously indignant people have little understanding of the realities of the global aviation industry.

That, unfortunately, appears to include you, Mr Wee.

The prevailing mentality seems to be that MAS has a right to go on making losses and perpetuating inefficiencies just because it’s the “national airline” and because it’s existence and management are visible symbols of certain agendas.

This is the typical frog under the coconut shell mentality that hews to the proposition that there is no such thing as competition and MAS and it’s employees are owed a living.

Unfortunately, unsentimental bankers and competitor airlines don’t think that way.

I repeat my viewpoint that the developments in MAS are just diversionary red herrings floated by certain parties to hide the fact that

- Malaysia has no rational national aviation policy

- Malaysia Airports has failed to make KLIA the preferred air hub in the region

- that there are no policies in place to make Malaysia a preferred location for multinational corporations to site their regional HQs or operations centres.

Hence the sound and fury over Tony Fernandes and AirAsia.

Why is there no sound and fury about how MAS has failed to compete effectively against the likes of SIA (an erstwhile sibling born out MSA), Emirates, Cathay Pacific etc?

Nope, it’s all about irrational fury and sound bites galore, with little or no logic behind them!

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by Kunyit Hidup

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 05:04 AM PST

Dear YB Wee,

The CCF may involve;

1. The loss making Qantas group is outsourcing or shrinking its engineering & technical services due to very high cost if done locally, looking somewhere else for cheaper heavy maintenance either to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. MAS engineering is the potential candidate that will make money. Tony will ask for significant stake in the new engineering company because of contracts with Qantas & AA/AAX, his man is in.

2. MAS, Qantas, Jetstar & AA/AAX group are interested in A350 or the newer green version to replace equivalent fleets. Tony the broker is talking another bulk order (cheaper pre-launch that assists production compared to catalogue price) from Airbus, Danny hinted that in a press statement.

3. The new short-haul premium airline will take into consideration of Qantas bilateral alliance besides of course Tony himself. Guess why Qantas sponsoring MAS into oneworld alliance? The operations will be run by 'former' MAS and Firefly staff that will receive less attractive terms (at low cost operations). Tony is in MAS, he is convincing his friend Mr Joyce that he can execute the plan through puppet AJ. In return, AirAsia may be associated with Jetstar/Jetconnect for LCC segment. They are referring to double-market in both segments without intra competitions.

Above are PROBABLE reasons to justify share swap and segmenting MAS that may be used by Khazanah/government. Other than current MAS staff welfare, union and national leaders must get prepared with factual objections. If incapable to establish the 'loop-holes', union leaders should be forced to step down together with BN!

Good luck & best wishes YB Wee.

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by ANTI SUAP

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 03:24 AM PST

Well done, Kunyit Hidup and all.
We shall expose the root cause soon.

For deeper insight, refer below: and

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by Anonymous

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 01:31 AM PST


don’t just focus on planeCONsultat. pls check other 3 Con – E&Y, TMI and PwC. we need to know why there is so many CON in MAS right now, yet for the few months, MAS still hired about 7 EVP/SVP + with 2 goon on the top.

i believe planeCONsult has the biggest CON job in MAS as their task is to so call “restructure’ AO, engineering, simulator, sales, NRM with their monthly fees bout RM 1 mil/mth with 3 mths contract, excld pocket money/accom/business class flight. for extra hours job, this CON charges MAS GBP 500/hr for their director (can’t remember his name) and GBP 330/hrs for normal CONman.

this can only show those 2 goon don’t now to run an airlines. at least when MAS doomed, they just can say ” i follow CON advice. what can go wrong?”

Comment on Petition Campaign: “HENTIKAN KEMUSNAHAN MAS” by weechookeong

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 10:49 PM PST

Dear Readers,

Yours truly has tabled several questions for the March Parliamentary Session. One question has been dedicated to the consultants fees paid by MAS from 9-8-2012 until 29-2-2012 and special reference has been made to PlaneConsult.

The Parliamentary questions. Will be posted soon.

May yours truly say thank you to all the readers for your contributions and the comments have been very helpful to yours truly understanding of this subject matter.

Thank you so much. Have a nice weekend.

With kindest regards

Wee choo keong

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