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Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Surreptitious Conversion to Invited Tender Has to Be Prevented

Posted: 19 Aug 2014 05:05 AM PDT

DAP watching closely the open tender for the BatangSamarahan Bridge to prevent another surreptitious conversion to "invited tender" magical craft by Ministry of Finance and Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR).

On 16-8-2014, the JKR has published in the major local newspaper calling for open tenders for the projects, including, inter alia,

1.         Tender No. T/399/08/2014
            Construction and Completion of the Proposed Bridge over Batang Samarahan, Samarahan Division, Sarawak

This is an advertisement for open tender of the above project.

Previously, there were 3 open tender projects which were also advertised by JKR in most of the major local newspaper but after many contractors submitted their tender document (about 50 contractors submitted their tender for each of the 3 projects), the Ministry of Finance surreptitiously converted the said open tenders to "invited tenders", excluding all the contractors not included in the invitees lists which contain only 10 contractors.

These 3 projects are:
1.         The Construction and Completion of Projek Jalan Poi/Ngemah/Temalat/Song/Kapit, Seksyen C Fasa 3, Pakej B, Jalan Song/Sg.Yong, BahagianKapit (CH.5+460 to CH.17+560)

2.         The Construction and Completion of Projek Jalan Poi/Ngemah/Temalat/Song/Kapit, Seksyen C Fasa 3, Pakej C, Jalan Song/Sg.Yong, BahagianKapit (CH.17+543 to CH.33+120)

3.         The Construction and Completion of the Kanowit Bridge

Though the reasons given by the Ministry of Finance was that these projects need to be implemented urgently, but the award of the projects has been delayed by almost 6 months because of the conversion to "invited tender".  Till this day, the projects are still not awarded.

Company searches made on the invitees showed that a company with less than RM500,000.00 net assets, another company formed only in year 2011 and another company with the registered nature of business as "transportation".

Each of the above 3 projects has an estimated project value of RM100 million.  How did these companies become the invitees to tender for these projects.

Given the suspicious track record of these JKR projects, the DAP will be monitoring the tender process of this BatangSamarahan bridge closely.  We do not want another 4th incident of "open tender becoming invited tender" magical craft again by the Ministry of Finance and the JKR.

Meanwhile, since the 30-day deadline given by me previously for the Ministry of Finance to explain on the 3 projects is up and that the Ministry of Finance has yet to give an explanation therefor, we DAP shall be making arrangement to lodge a formal complaint with the MACC next week.

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