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New U-turns to ease traffic snarls at MRR2.

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 07:49 AM PDT

AMPANG JAYA, 20 JAN 2012 : Authorities are hopeful new U-turns at Sungai Kerayong and Tesco Ampang will reduce peak hour crawls at the Middle Ring Road2 (MMR2).

"Motorists will only be allowed to make U-turns at these locations. It will help reduce traffic congestion during rush hour," said Cempaka assemblyperson Iskandar Samad last Monday.

Iskandar said this after a briefing at the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) headquarters.

(Left to right) Iskandar briefing journalists as MPAJ deputy president Mohd Hazif Mohd Noor looks on.

Currently, the bottleneck at MRR2 here is caused by motorists making U-turns at the Pandan Indah interchange.

Soon, motorists will no longer be able to make U-turns there, but an implementation date has yet be be set.

Earlier, Public Works Department (JKR) engineers said that the Pandan Indah U-turn will be closed from Jan 22, but residents who attended the briefing objected.

Iskandar said that motorists should be given more time to get used to the new U-turn.

The new traffic pattern means that vehicles from Cheras to Pandan Indah or Jalan Cempaka will have to make U-turns at Tesco Ampang.

Similarly, motorists from Taman Shamelin to Cheras have to do U-turns at Tesco Ampang.

Meanwhile, vehicles from Ampang going to Pandan Jaya or Taman Shamelin will have to make U-turns at Sungai Kerayong.

Vehicles from Pandan Indah and Jalan Cempaka heading to Ampang will have to make U-turns at Sungai Kerayong.

The MRR2 upgrade works are worth RM104.5million and will be fully completed by Feb 21 - Selangor Times.


Posted: 24 Mar 2012 07:38 AM PDT

AMPANG 12 Dis 2010 – 329 pemilik unit rumah Taman Mawar, Ampang, menarik nafas lega apabila kerajaan Selangor hari ini menyerahkan geran hak milik kepada mereka setelah menanti selama 26 tahun.

Rata-rata penduduk yang ditemui melahirkan rasa syukur dan terima kasih atas usaha kerajaan negeri menyelesaikan masalah yang dihadapi

Exco Perumahan, Pengurusan Bangunan dan Setinggan negeri Selangor, Iskandar Abdul Samad, berkata, kerajaan negeri  tidak akan membiarkan rakyat dibeban dengan kegagalan  pemaju menyempurnakan amanah yang diberikan, selain menyifatkan pemberian geran tersebut sebagai hadiah tahun baru.

"Kita juga telah menurunkan cukai tersebut kepada seringgit sahaja. Jadi mereka tidak perlu bayar. Dari segi premium kita bagi nominal yang paling rendah kepada mereka. Setakat ini mereka perlu bayar RM682.50 untuk kediaman dan RM723.50, untuk perniagaan.

"Dari segi premium kita hilang hasil pun tidak apa, tapi yang penting penduduk mendapat tanah ataupun hak milik mereka," ujar beliau di Majlis Penyerahan Hak Milik kepada penduduk Taman Mawar, Ampang.

Pada tahun 1984, sebanyak 143 unit rumah murah, 90 unit rumah teres dua tingkat, 71 unit rumah link dua tingkat dan 25 unit perniagaan telah siap dibina dan diserahkan kepada pembeli walaupun tanpa Sijil Layak Menduduki (CF).

Kegagalan Syarikat Musytari Development Sdn Bhd membayar premium sebanyak RM317,508.50 dan hutang cukai berjumlah RM40,152.50 sebelum ini mengakibatkan geran hak milik tidak dapat dikeluarkan kepada pemilik.

Iskandar yang juga Adun Chempaka berkata, kerjasama daripada Pejabat Tanah Hulu Langat, Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan serta Lembaga Perumahan dan Hartanah Negeri Selangor menubuhkan jawatankuasa bertindak memudahkan urusan pemilikan geran hak milik penduduk - Selangorkini.

Public invited to give feedback on Local Plan

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 02:13 AM PDT

It involved 74 changes in land use, which covers 240ha of land within the municipality.

MPSJ deputy president Abdullah Marjunid said amendments to the gazetted plan were necessary to keep up with the rapid development.

"Some planning applications are found to be conflicting with the land use specified in the local plan, but the development suggestions should be given due consideration.

"Therefore, the local plan should be amended as soon as possible so these suggestions could be included, pending agreement and approval," he said.

Closer look: Iskandar (right) and Loh looking at the proposed amendments to the MPSJ Local Plan 2020.

A public participation and publicity programme was held recently to introduce the proposed amendments.

Selangor Housing, Building Maintenance and Squatters committee chairman Iskandar Abdul Samad, who was present to launch the programme, said some amendments were raised to accommodate the LRT line extension project.

"It is more viable to change the land use from residential to commercial in areas where the LRT will go through," he explained.

The MPSJ also introduced the Bukit Serdang Special Area Draft Plan2010-2020, focusing on improving traffic, infrastructure and amenities in the area.

There would be changes in land use too.

MPSJ assistant town planning director Hazman Mohd Mahayudin said the council would restrict the density in new residential areas in Bukit Serdang to 24 units per acre, while the current overall density in the municipality was 60 units per acre.

"We are also looking at proving another access point in Bukit Serdang, in addition to the current two alternatives to solve the traffic problem," he said.

Hazman added that the MPSJ would organise briefing sessions for the public soon.

Meanwhile, the public can visit Bangunan Darul Ehsan in Shah Alam and MPSJ headquarters from now till March 19 to look at both plans, or download them from

They can submit their suggestions or objections to the council by 4pm on March 19.

"The MPSJ will organise a public hearing in mid-April. The Draf Local Plan 2020 (Amendment 1) and Bukit Serdang Special Area Draft Plan will then be gazetted three months later," Iskandar said.

Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne, MPSJ councillors and residents' representatives also attended the event.

When pressed for comments on the plans, the councillors said they were not presented the plans prior to the event despite requests.

"We just received the CD containing the plans from the registration counter. We do not know what are the proposed amendments to the Local Plan 2020 and the plans for Bukit Serdang," said one of them - Star Metro Online.

Iskandar: Don’t be fooled by low-cost home ‘agents’

Posted: 23 Mar 2012 11:34 PM PDT

By Gan Pei Ling

SHAH ALAM: House buyers are being urged to be wary of agents, including politicians, who claim to be able to secure low-cost housing for them.

"The state has never appointed any agent or [intermediary] to facilitate the purchase of low-cost [flat units or houses]," said Iskadar Samad.

The state executive councillor for housing issued the warning after 20 people staged a protest in front of the state secretariat yesterday afternoon.

The protesters claimed to represent 686 house buyers at Taman Botanik Klang, Taman Selayang Mulia, Taman Harmoni Balakong and Taman Intan Cheras who have been cheated by the state.

Their representative, Durrany Izam, alleged that a PKR politician had promised to help them secure low-cost housing from "political quota", and they had each paid him a RM2,100 deposit.

Durrany said the "Datuk" had claimed to be a special assistant to the Menteri Besar and a board member of the Selangor Housing and Property Board (LPHS).

"We want our houses... Otherwise, the state should return the deposit to us," he said.

However, Iskandar said he had never heard of anyone by the name provided by the victims.

In addition, political secretary to the Menteri Besar Faekah Husin said the state has lodged three police reports against this individual, and confirmed that there was no such person working for the Menteri Besar and in LPHS.

She said the LPHS letterhead had been forged by the individual to mislead the victims.

In a separate case, 32 people were each cheated of RM2,500 by a politician who claimed to be able to help them secure housing at Impian Seri Setia Apartments in Sungai Way.

Iskandar said LPHS had lodged four police reports against this politician in the past six months.

"Don't believe anyone claiming to be an agent from LPHS or the state," he said.

Source: Selangor Times Issue 48 (November 11-13, 2011)

‘Drought’ over but residents still angry.

Posted: 23 Mar 2012 11:31 PM PDT

AMPANG JAYA : The agony of enduring 12 days of dry taps is over for residents of a walk-up apartment at Pandan Utama 2, but they remain bitter with Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas).

"Water is something basic. The supply should not have been disconnected over money and cheques," said Mohd Azam Meor, 55, a resident of the five-storey apartment in Jalan Cempaka 1.

He was among 70 residents whose supply was disconnected on Feb 14 when it was discovered that the developer had been stealing water from a Syabas main and piping it to the two-year-old apartment.

Mohd Azam (gesturing) says that water shouldn't have been disconnected over money disputes while Iskandar (seated) says he is relieved.

Supply was turned on again on Feb 25 after the developer forwarded a letter of undertaking dated Feb 20, promising to furnish a bank guarantee of RM1.9 million to Syabas by Feb 27.

The amount was to ensure the developer completed building infrastructure needed to supply water to the apartment within a year.

While relieved to have water, residents remain sore with Syabas for cutting supply in the first place as the action had affected children and senior citizens.

"What if the developer couldn't promise the bank guarantee? Would we still be without water?" asked the father of three.

Syabas officials, during a meeting with residents on Feb 20, said they had to stop water theft from recurring.

Initially, Syabas demanded the developer settle a RM185,000 bill for stealing water.

The company later issued a post-dated cheque for RM40,000 and also hammered out a deal to pay the arrears in four instalments.

But in an about-turn on Feb 23, Syabas slapped the developer with an additional demand for the RM1.9 million  bank guarantee before water was reconnected.

Resident Iskandar Abu Hatan, 44, is relieved that the matter is finally resolved. "Imagine, for 12 days we had to carry heavy pails of water every two to three hours to flush our toilets, wash our dishes and bathe," he said.

The office administrator pointed out the matter was resolved due to the assistance of Cempaka assemblyperson Iskandar Samad, who had called for meetings between the developer, residents and Syabas  - Selangor Times.

State to maintain low-cost apartments to improve quality of life

Posted: 23 Mar 2012 10:01 PM PDT

THE state government has given priority to improving the quality of life of residents at low-cost apartments through its Caring Government for Residents' Improvement Aid (Ceria) scheme.

Under the scheme, the state will repair lifts, roofing and water tanks at the flats as well as other issues.

Housing, Building Structure Administration and Squatters committee chairman Iskandar Abdul Samad said the state had agreed to share 80% of the cost and the buyers 20% for repairs at the low-cost apartments.

"This way, the apartment buyers will have a sense of belonging to the facilities in their buildings.

Improving facilities: Low-cost flats need to be spruced up to make it more liveable.

"This also enables the buyers to know the cost of maintenance and how much the Government is paying for it," he said.

Iskandar added that the Ceria scheme started in June last year and the state had spent RM9.1mil so far.

"Last year, the state contributed RM5.1mil while the buyers paid RM1.8mil.

"The problems in the low-cost apartments are leaking roofs, lift breakdown, rusting water tanks, broken fencing, clogged drains, potholed roads, rundown playgrounds and sewage - Star Metro Online.

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