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R Sivarasa - Ahli Parlimen Subang

R Sivarasa - Ahli Parlimen Subang

'We beat Alam Flora wastage, Syabas' leakage next ( Malaysia Kini )

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 08:47 PM PDT

COMMENT The last thing anyone suffering extensively from the recent water cuts wants to hear is more excuses or people in power pointing fingers, blaming each other.
I won't pretend - this article has very clear views over who and what is behind these water cuts.
Nevertheless, the goal of this piece is more to argue - on the basis of empirical evidence, not mere rhetoric - that despite this unhappy mire, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It occurred to me recently that one of the best ways to understand and contextualise the water problems in 2013 is to look at the rubbish collection problems in Selangor in 2012.

How Selangor beat Alam Flora

In 2012, the time came to renegotiate the contract between Selangor's local councils and Alam Flora.
These contracts were ,of course, remnants of the pre-2008 BN Selangor government. 
Two characteristics played a significant role in bringing Khalid Ibrahim to where he is today - financially, professionally, and politically.
The first is the ability to recognise when something is unjust and unfair. The second is a burning desire to do something about it.

The Alam Flora contracts were exactly that: unjust and unfair.
For purposes of simplification, let's imagine: let's say ultimately, Ah Seng is the man who collects the rubbish from in front of your house.

The rubbish collection problems last year can be boiled down to this question: how many layers of contractors are there between the state government and Ah Seng?

The simple answer before 2012 was: far too many. Any business man knows, the more the contractors and subcontractors, the higher the costs - after all, everyone needs a slice of the pie, correct?

Khalid was not having any more of this.
There was a fair price to be paid, and damned if he was going to spend one cent more of the people's money than was actually needed to get the job done. He insisted that Alam Flora lowered their prices.
Arrogantly assuming that Selangor couldn't possibly do without them, Alam Flora then decided to take a hardline approach and started playing some high stakes poker - refusing to budge and declaring their intent to defend to the death their high prices. 
NONEKhalid said that in that case, thank you very much Alam Flora, your services will no longer be required.
He then directed all the local councils to directly take over rubbish collection duties with immediate effect. From now on, there was to be zero to one layer/s between Ah Seng and his paymaster.

The fallout and transition pains were serious. Added to the steep (re)learning curve local councils had to endure in dealing directly with rubbish collectors, there were numerous reports of sabotage - mounds of rubbish mysteriously appearing out of nowhere, rubbish collectors being intimidated by gangsters, and so on.

It seemed like someone was trying to force Khalid back to the negotiation table on his knees.

They had, however, another thing coming.

As he has done most of his professional and political career, Khalid stuck to his guns, put his faith in the high level of professionalism he insisted on from civil servants, and rode out the storm. 
segambut dap mp community problems 130208 garbageThere were casualties, no doubt. Even the most hardcore Pakatan Rakyat supporter can be expected to be in a foul mood when garbage is piling up on his streets.

Wavering however, was not an option - there was to be no alternative to success. Every day, various committees vigorously pursued solution after solution for the never ending multitude of problems that kept popping up.

It did not happen as fast as everyone would like, but that success did in fact come - today, we hear little to no complaints about rubbish collection. Things have gone back to normal.

Well, not completely normal - the state government saved a staggering RM 100 million a year by eliminating Alam Flora as a redundant middle man.

These savings were immediately pumped back to the rakyat by reducing assessment rates for low cost housing by 25% - substantial savings for low income earners. 
Syabas the next Alam Flora?

What lessons from the Alam Flora case can we apply to what's happening with Syabas?

The first is the similarities in the crony experience. Both Alam Flora and Syabas were companies that got fat when BN controlled both the federal and state governments.
Cronyism, inflated contracts, non-adherence to concessionaire terms became the order of the day, and fat cats got used to opulent lifestyles.

It may surprise some to learn that water privatisation is an exercise deemed by the BN themselves in 2006 to be a complete failure.

azlanThe federal government passed a law called the Water Services Industry Act 2006, which was intended to deprivatise water industries throughout the country.
This process was successfully concluded in a number of BN-held states such as Malacca and Johor.

BN changed their position however, in Selangor after 2008. As usual, principles took a back seat to profits, and BN started singing a different tune.
Deprivatising the water industry in Selangor no longer became an option because it was seen by BN as surrendering a cash cow to someone who wasn't them. What ensued for the next 4 years was a stalemate. The existing laws make it such that Selangor cannot unilaterally take over Syabas, but also that Syabas cannot do very much without the approval of the state government. 

While unable yet to force the takeover, Khalid has also gone out of his way to block as much unethical profiteering by Syabas as possible - including by preventing absolutely unjustifiable hikes in water tariffs, which may have almost doubled by now otherwise.

Feeling the pinch, Syabas is clearly desperately missing the good old days, where it was easy to turn mind boggling profits at the expense of the rakyat and the state government.

NONEThat desperation has turned into desperate acts. As has been written before, when you control all the water taps, it's easy for directly or indirectly caused water cuts to conveniently happen at expedient times. I for one, am catching a whiff of bullying and intimidation.
Just like Alam Flora, Syabas looks like it wants to try a little hardball, and take a seat at that high stakes poker game.

No doubt, whenever water cuts happen, every BN politician and spinmeister will inevitably mention Langat 2 - as if this multibillion white elephant that will take years to finish will solve any of our current water problems.

Syabas and their BN sponsors have been whining about Langat 2 for years, swearing on their lives that it's not a waste of money or a kickback laced megaproject, but instead the only way to ensure enough water for Selangor.

Khalid's response? "The way Syabas mismanages everything, even 20 Langat 2's wouldn't solve our water problems."
Is there any reason he or the rest of us should mistrust Syabas or its management when it comes to question of what is and isn't a waste of money?

Firstly, Syabas' non-revenue water (NRW) stands at 33%. That means a third of the water it processes is unaccounted for and wasted (which would be just as high, regardless of new sources of raw water such as Langat 2).

Syabas has failed for years to bring this percentage down. How do other cities/states do in terms of NRW? Dhaka, Bangladesh - 29% (we should think about that, the next time we make fun of Bangladeshis), Eastern Manila - 11%, Germany - 7%, Denmark - 6%, and Singapore - 5%.

Syabas also spent millions of ringgit buying pipes from Indonesia. Sourcing such resources internationally was in the first place against the terms of the concession.
It did not help that these pipes were bought from an Indonesian company conveniently owned by the Syabas chairman himself.

NONEIf you have forgotten who that chairman is, you can always check the huge sign atop the Syabas headquarters, named - in grand Middle Eastern dictator style - after the chairman himself, Wisma Rozali (Ismail) (left).
This is the same ex- Umno Selangor treasurer who pays himself RM425,000 a month, and then claims that Syabas was not given enough money by the state government to fix its infrastructure. Khalid once remarked at a press conference: "If they have no money, they shouldn't be in business."
Indeed, to lend money to a company that has lost it consistently, you'd have to have the intelligence level of, well, the BN federal government.
Comparing the financial performance of Syabas and the federal government to that of the Selangor government, we see that Selangor has already completely outperformed them in every imaginable financial sphere - increase in financial reserves, elimination of debt, a balanced versus deficit budgets, as well as elimination of corruption, wastage and leakage.

Who would you rather have running the water industry?

No to bullying and intimidation

When it comes to business and public funds, Khalid Ibrahim is not the kind of man you want to have a staring contest with.

Just as it beat Alam Flora's wastage, the Selangor government has every intention of similarly beating Syabas' leakage.
Just like in the Alam Flora case, we may have to brace for a painful interim, but with a real hope of better water management for future generations.

NONEIn the meantime, the Selangor government knows, of course, that first and foremost, people must be supplied with regular water.
When water was cut, it was not accusations that were sent out first, but water trucks from neighbouring local councils.
Just like in the rubbish collection crisis, select individuals and committees were tasked to daily solution oriented responses to any crisis that emerged. When others try to force their hand, Selangor is ever ready to remind them that there are always other options available to the well-prepared. 
Ultimately, when what is at stake is the financial and natural resources that rightfully belong to the rakyat, as well as efficient, sustainable, and just management of the water industry for the good of our children and grandchildren, there will be no giving in to bullying and intimidation.

Manifesto, BN tiru PR

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 05:43 AM PDT

Najib tiru manifesto Pakatan tapi tak akan laksanakan – Anwar - http://www.keadilandaily.com/najib-tiru-manifesto-pakatan-tapi-tak-akan-laksanakan-anwar/

Undilah untuk masa depan anak cucu anda

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 03:51 AM PDT

N45 Dr Halimah Ali

N45 Dr Halimah Ali


Posted: 07 Apr 2013 09:15 AM PDT

khas untuk kita yang bergelar anak

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 08:52 AM PDT



Should we pity MCA? | Free Malaysia Today

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 07:52 PM PDT

'BN manifesto won't cure nation's ills'

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 07:43 PM PDT

BN’s ‘copycat’ manifesto fails to fix nation’s problems, Pakatan leaders say

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 07:40 PM PDT

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Ibu Dari Segala Peperangan, Mencapai Puncak Tujuan

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 04:48 PM PDT

YB Dato' Mohd Nasir Tan Sri Ibrahim Fikri

YB Dato' Mohd Nasir Tan Sri Ibrahim Fikri


Posted: 06 Apr 2013 09:04 PM PDT


Parlimen telah pun dibubarkan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak pada 3 April lalu.

Apa yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh seluruh rakyat telah pun menjadi kenyataan dan apa yang dinantikan sekarang adalah hari penamaan calon dan hari pengundian.

Sempena pembubaran Parlimen itu, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk merakamkan ucapan jutaan terima kasih dan penghargaan kepada seluruh pengundi, penduduk dan agensi-agensi kerajaan serta swasta yang telah memberikan kerjasama, sokongan dan komitmen kepada saya sebagai Ahli Parlimen Kuala Nerus lima tahun yang lalu.

Sesunguhnya saya gembira kerana dapat bekerjasama bersama anda semua dalam melaksanakan amanah penting untuk rakyat dan kemajuan di Parlimen Kuala Nerus.

Saya berdoa, segala kejayaan itu akan berterusan dan selagi kita memilih Barisan Nasional (BN) sebagai parti yang memerintah, rakyat akan sentiasa mendapat faedahnya.

Lim Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng

BN 13th General Election Manifesto Does Not Address The Macro-Economic Problems Of 4Ds of Debt, Deficit, Deceit From Corruption And Brain Drain That Would Stifle Efforts To Escape The Middle Income Trap And Achieve USD15,000 Income Per Capita By 2020.(en/bm/cn)

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 05:08 AM PDT

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 7.4.2013.

BN 13th General Election Manifesto Does Not Address The Macro-Economic Problems Of 4Ds of Debt, Deficit, Deceit From Corruption And Brain Drain That Would Stifle Efforts To Escape The Middle Income Trap And Achieve USD15,000 Income Per Capita By 2020.

Caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had unveiled BN's manifesto yesterday expressing confidence in winning the next general elections with sweeping promises of cash handouts and incentives. However what is striking is the similarity between the "copycat" BN manifesto which appears to be copied straight from the PR Manifesto of Pakatan Harapan Rakyat especially on:-

· reducing car prices,

· increasing police personnel to fight crime,

· a pan-Borneo Highway stretching 2,300 km from Sematan, Sarawak to Seruding, Sabah; and

· making all prices of goods uniform in Sabah, Sarawak with Peninsular Malaysia.

BN's manifesto clearly overlooks the 4Ds problems of Deficits, Debts, Deceit from corruption and brain Drain which has caused Malaysia to be caught in a middle-income trap. Many find it hard to believe that in 1966 Malaysia's GDP per capita of USD350 was ahead of South Korea's USD130. Almost fifty years later, Malaysia has improved to USD9,977 whilst South Korea jumped further ahead of Malaysia to USD22,424.

According to the Washington-based financial watchdog Global Financial Integrity, Malaysia has seen an illicit capital outflow of RM872 billion over 10 years from 2001 to 2010, behind Mexico's RM1,450 billion and China RM8,360 billion. However, if we view the statistics in per capita terms, Malaysia is actually the world champion of illegal capital flight. Over 10 years from 2001 to 2010, every Malaysian has lost RM31,000, while every Chinese in China lost RM6,400.

Instead of giving out loans to farmers who breed cows, the family of a Minister who has never reared a cow is given RM 250 million loan, which is misused to buy condos. We can see some of the worst excesses in Sarawak where wealth controlled by families of state government leaders are openly flaunted.

Such corruption has only exacerbated an existing brain drain. Since Merdeka in 1957, more than 2 million Malaysians have left the country. There have been no concrete efforts to arrest the brain drain much less reverse the brain drain

Our debt has worsened. As of 31 December 2012, Federal government debt stood at RM 502 billion which is an increase of 89% as compared to end 2007 debt of RM266 billion. Deficit has also worsened. The Federal government projected deficit in the 2012 budget of RM 59.7 billion is the highest in Malaysian history.

The last time this country ran a budget surplus was in 1997 when Anwar Ibrahim was the Deputy Prime Prime Minister. Since 1997, we have experienced 15 consecutive years of budget deficits, which is why we want Anwar as the new Prime Minister to turnaround the deficit budget into a surplus budget.

In contrast to BN's dismal financial performance, PR state governments have recorded surplus after surplus every year and even managed to reduce our debts sustainably. Penang reduced our debts by a whopping 95% or RM600 million from RM630 million at 8 March 2008 to only RM30 million by end 2011.

All this was achieved by running a clean government based on CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency. In contrast we have a Sarawak Chief Minister who escapes unpunished for not only refusing to co-operate with Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission(MACC) but also condemns MACC as dishonest and naughty.

Unless the BN manifesto addresses the 4Ds issues of debt, deficit, deceit from corruption and brain drain, BN's "A promise of hope" is merely an empty promise.


——-BM Version —–
Kenyataan Media Oleh Setiausaha Agung DAP Lim Guan Eng Di Kuala Lumpur Pada 2013/04/07.

Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum ke-13 Barisan Nasional Tidak Menangani Masalah Makro-Ekonomi 4D Hutang (Debt), Defisit, Penipuan Dari Rasuah (Deceit) Dan Aliran Keluar Kepakaran (Brain Drain) Yang Akan Membantut Usaha Untuk Keluar Dari Perangkap Pendapatan Sederhana Dan Mencapai Pendapatan Per Kapita USD15, 000 Menjelang 2020.

Perdana Menteri Sementara Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak telah melancarkan manifesto BN semalam sambil menyatakan keyakinan dalam memenangi pilihan raya umum akan datang dengan janji-janji pemberian wang tunai dan insentif. Namun apa yang menarik adalah persamaan antara manifesto BN yang nampaknya disalin terus dari Manifesto Pakatan Harapan Rakyat terutamanya yang melibatkan: -

• Penurunan harga kereta,

• Menambah anggota polis untuk memerangi jenayah,

• Lebuhraya Pan-Borneo yang menjangkau 2,300 km dari Sematan, Sarawak ke Seruding, Sabah dan

• menyeragamkan semua harga barangan di Sabah, Sarawak dengan Semenanjung Malaysia.

Manifesto BN jelas mengabaikan masalah masalah makro-ekonomi 4d hutang (debt), defisit, penipuan dari rasuah (deceit) dan aliran keluar kepakaran (brain drain) yang akan membantut usaha untuk keluar dari perangkap pendapatan sederhana. Ramai mendapati sukar untuk percaya bahawa pada tahun 1966 KDNK Malaysia per kapita adalah USD350, mendahului Korea Selatan sebanyak USD130. Hampir lima puluh tahun kemudian, KDNK Malaysia telah meningkat sehingga USD9, 977 manakala Korea Selatan pula telah melonjak jauh mendahului Malaysia kepada USD22, 424.

Menurut pemerhati kewangan Global Financial Integrity yang berpusat di Washington, Malaysia telah menyaksikan aliran keluar modal haram RM872 bilion sepanjang 10 tahun dari 2001 hingga tahun 2010, di belakang Mexico RM1, 450 bilion dan China RM8, 360 bilion. Walau bagaimanapun, jika kita melihat statistik dari segi per kapita, Malaysia sebenarnya juara dunia dalam aliran keluar modal haram. Lebih 10 tahun dari 2001-2010, setiap rakyat Malaysia telah kerugian RM31, 000, manakala setiap rakyat negara China hanya kehilangan RM6, 400.

Daripada memberi pinjaman kepada petani yang menternak lembu, keluarga Menteri yang tidak pernah menternak lembu diberi RM 250 juta pinjaman yang disalahgunakan untuk membeli kondominium. Kita boleh melihat betapa melampaunya keadaan di Sarawak di mana kekayaan yang dikuasai oleh keluarga pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan negeri ditayang secara terbuka.

Rasuah sedemikian hanya memburukkan lagi aliran keluar kepakaran yang sedia ada. Sejak Merdeka pada tahun 1957, lebih daripada 2 juta rakyat Malaysia telah meninggalkan negara ini. Tidak ada usaha yang kuat untuk menghentikan aliran keluar kepakaran itu atau pun menterbalikkan aliran tersebut.

Keterhutangan kita semakin bertambah teruk. Sehingga 31 Disember 2012, hutang Kerajaan Persekutuan adalah sebanyak RM 502 bilion yang merupakan peningkatan sebanyak 89% berbanding dengan akhir 2007 sebanyak RM266 bilion. Defisit juga semakin teruk. Kerajaan Persekutuan mengunjurkan defisit dalam Belanjawan 2012 sebanyak RM 59.7 bilion yang merupakan jumlah tertinggi dalam sejarah Malaysia.

Kali terakhir negara ini mempunyai belanjawan lebihan adalah pada tahun 1997 apabila Anwar Ibrahim menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Sejak tahun 1997, kita telah mengalami belanjawan defisit selama 15 tahun berturut-turut, itulah sebabnya kita mahu Anwar Ibrahim sebagai Perdana Menteri baru untuk memulihkan defisit tersebut menjadi belanjawan lebihan.

Berbeza dengan persembahan kewangan BN yang hambar, kerajaan negeri PR telah mencatatkan lebihan demi lebihan setiap tahun dan juga berjaya mengurangkan hutang secara lestari. Pulau Pinang mengurangkan hutang sebanyak 95% atau RM600 juta, daripada RM630 juta pada 8 Mac 2008; kepada hanya RM30 juta pada akhir tahun 2011.

Semua ini telah dicapai dengan menjalankan pentadbiran yang bersih berdasarkan prinsip urustadbir CAT yang cekapan, akauntabel dan telus. Sebaliknya kita mempunyai Ketua Menteri Sarawak yang terlepas daripada hukuman bagi bukan sahaja kerana enggan untuk bekerjasama dengan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) tetapi juga mengutuk SPRM sebagai tidak jujur dan nakal.

Kecuali jika manifesto BN menangani isu-isu 4D hutang (debt), defisit, penipuan daripada rasuah (deceit) dan aliran keluar kepakaran (brain drain), “Menepati Janji Membawa Harapan” BN hanyalah sebuah janji kosong.


========Mandarin version ===============


国阵第13届大选的竞选宣言并没有提出关于债务(Dept)、赤字(Deficit)、贪污诈民膏(Deceit from Corruption)及人才外流(Brain Drain)的4D宏观经济问题。这将扼杀欲在2020年逃离中等收入陷阱,成就人均所得1万5000美元的努力。

"看守政府"首相拿督斯里纳吉昨天宣布国阵的竞选宣言,透过猛刷派发现金及奖励金的承诺, 表达有信心赢取来届大选。无论如何让人们关注的是国阵的"抄袭"宣言,当中照抄了民联所推出"人民联盟.全民希望"的人民宣言如下:

· 降低车价,

· 提高警力拼治安打击罪犯,

· 2300公里长连贯砂拉越三马丹至沙巴Serunding的跨婆罗洲高速公路,

· 沙巴、砂拉越所有物价与半岛划一。



原应发出养牛贷款给真的农夫,可是从来未曾养过一头牛的部长家属,却获得2亿5千万令吉的贷款,这笔钱更被误用来购买公寓。在砂拉越州,我们可以看到更糟糕的个案– 财富是被 州政府的领导人控制,这已是公然标榜的事。


我国的债务更令人担忧。截至2012年12月31日,联邦政府的债务创下5020亿令吉,与2007年杪的2660亿令吉相比,增加了89%。赤字也越来越糟糕。联邦政府在2012年预算案中的预算赤字– 597亿令吉,是马来西亚史上最高的赤字记录。

我国最后一次享有预算盈余是在1997年,也就是安华依不拉欣担任副首相的时候。自1997年起,我国经历了连续15年的预算赤字。 这就是为什么我们要安华当我国新的首相,以将预算赤字扭转成预算盈余。



除非国阵的竞选宣言能够解决4D,也即是债务(debt)、赤字(deficit)、贪污诈民膏(deceit from corruption)以及人才外流(brain drain),否则国阵"承诺的希望"竞选宣言,将会沦为空头支票。


YB Ahmad Razif Blog's

YB Ahmad Razif Blog's

Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah Sempena Pertandingan Memancing

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 08:34 PM PDT

6 April 2013, telah berkesempatan untuk menyampaikan hadiah kepada pemenang-pemenang sempena pertandingan memancing yang diadakan di Komuniti Wakaf Sarang Laba, Seberang Takir. Tahniah diucakan kepada semua pemenang.

Baktisiswa Permata UM Bersama APMT

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 08:28 PM PDT

6 April 2013, Persatuan Mahasiswa Terengganu  Universiti Malaya (PERMATA) telah menganjurkan Program Baktisiswa PERMATA UM Bersama APMT bertempat di Kg. Teluk Ketapang, Seberang Takir. Selamat datang diucapkan kepada PERMATA UM ke Seberang Takir dan terima kasih kerana memilih Seberang Takir sebagai destinasi baktisiswa pada kali ini. Semoga ikatan yang terjalin tidak terputus sampai di sini sahaja.

Ceramah Isu-Isu Semasa PRU 13

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 08:20 PM PDT

5 April 2013, satu ceramah isu-isu semasa sempena PRU ke 13 telah diadakan bertempat di Kg. Duyong, Bukit Tok Beng, Seberang Takir. Penceramah jemputan ialah Y.Bhg. Encik Ruslan bin Kassim, bekas ketua penerangan PKR pusat dan Y.Bhg. Prof. Madya Mohd Noor bin Deris, Bekas AJK Dewan Ulamak Pas Pusat. Terima kasih diucapkan kepada penceramah-penceramah jemputan kerana sudi berkongsi cerita dan pengalaman dengan hadirin yang hadir pada malam itu.

Majlis Penyampaian Bantuan Pentadbiran Surau-Surau dalam DUN Seberang Takir

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 07:25 PM PDT

5 April 2013, telah berlangsungya majlis penyampaian bantuan pentadbiran surau-surau dalam DUN Seberang Takir dan perjumpaan qariah solat jenazah bertempat di Dewan Besar, Bangunan Penyelaras UMNO DUN Seberang Takir, Telaga Daing.

Program Masuk Kampung Menziarahi Pesakit

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 07:06 PM PDT

4 April 2013, telah berkesempatan untuk masuk kampung melawat melawat orang sakit seterusnya menghulurkan sedikit bantuan bagi meringankan sedikit beban yang ditanggung. Semoga cepat sembuh dan dapat menjalani kehidupan seperti biasa.

Mesyuarat Agung PIBG SK Teluk Ketapang

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 06:56 PM PDT

4 April 2013, telah merasmikan mesyuarat agung PIBG SK Teluk Ketapang dan seterusnya melancarkan sistem automasi e-kutub khanah. Di kesempatan itu juga sempat melawat perpustakaan SK Teluk Ketapang yang menggunakan skim pinjaman berkomputer untuk pinjaman buku.

Perasmian Majlis Penutup Cabaran Interaktif Pengguna Kelab Pengguna Sekolah

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 06:39 PM PDT

4 April 2013, telah merasmikan Majlis Penutup Cabaran Interaktif Pengguna Kelab Pengguna Sekolah 2013 Peringkat Negeri Terengganu bertempat di Prinzpark Resort Terengganu, Kuala Ibai.

Tujuan kelab ini ditubuhkan adalah sebagai nadi penggerak pendidikan kepenggunaan di peringkat sekolah menengah. Penglibatan pelajar sekolah telah dilaksanakan dengan fokus kepada 3 aspek utama yang praktikal dan mudah diaplikasikan iaitu perbelanjaan berhemah, pemakanan seimbang dan pemeliharaan alam sekitar.