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Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Chong: No comment until end of mourning period

Posted: 15 Jan 2017 11:50 PM PST

KUCHING: The state DAP will withhold any congratulatory notes or comments on the appointment of Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg as the new chief minister until the end of the 7-day mourning period for the passing of Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem.
Its state chairman, Chong Chieng Jen, issued the statement in response to querries from media organisations which had asked him to comment on the appointment of Abang Johari as the new chief minister on Jan 13.
"To me, it is most inappropriate that the appointment of a new chief minister be made so soon after the passing of Adenan, especially given that the state government has just announced a 7-day mourning period.
"Why can't the state BN wait out the 7-day period before plunging into the joy that comes with the new appointment," he said through a press statement yesterday.
"Afterall, there is no danger of BN losing its power during the period. Why the rush? One day the state was in mourning and the next it was in congratulatory mood. Wouldn't the latter diminish the notion of mourning?" he added.
Chong said all governments had a system and mechanism to operate for seven days without a chief minister.
"Sarawak has three deputy chief ministers. Couldn't the three of them take up the job for the time being – for seven days? There is absolutely no reason to have the appointment and swearing-in to be made so soon.
"For the time being, I will not say anymore about Abang Johari's appointment. I will not forward my words of congratulations yet.There are plenty of time for that after the seven-day mourning period.
"Let us, during this time, sit back, cherish the memory of Adenan and reflect on the things that he has done during the past three years, and think of those that he has yet to do which we must do, for the betterment of Sarawak," he said.
TheBorneoPost January 15,2017

Chong lodges police report against false online accusation

Posted: 14 Jan 2017 11:49 PM PST

Chong (centre) and Yii (left) hold up statement and printout of the online report respectively. Also seen is Aziz.
KUCHING: State DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen yesterday lodged a police report against an online write-up that accused a DAP Sarawak leader of questioning the funeral cost of former chief minister the late Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem.
Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP and Kota Sentosa assemblyman, said none of the DAP Sarawak leaders had queried the late Adenan's funeral cost.
He also made it clear that the website which published the false news report was not run by Pakatan Harapan.
"I have checked with the leaders (in Peninsular Malaysia). The website www.suarapakatanharapan.com is not operated and administered by us," he told reporters when lodging the police report at the One Stop Centre at Jalan Simpang Tiga here yesterday.
Also with him were his special assistants Kelvin Yii and Abdul Aziz Isa.
Chong pointed out that the late Adenan was one of the very few Barisan Nasional leaders who deserved a state funeral.
As such, he reiterated that DAP Sarawak would never question the funeral cost of the late Adenan.
Chong said the website's operator intended to 'give false impression and perception that the website belongs to Pakatan Harapan'.
He added that the false online report had shown disrespect and contempt towards the late Adenan.
Chong opined that any true Sarawakian who took a look at the content would discover that the writer of the report did not understand the state's politics.
Chong also provided the press with printouts of the online report. Not only did the report fail to name the DAP Sarawak leader but it also spelt the immediate former chief minister's name as 'Adenan Satim'.
The opposition leader said the untimely demise of Adenan also saddened the DAP.
"Using such fake website and news, I would say, is a very low political tactic. Only very low-life political party would do it," stressed Chong.
He thus called upon the authority to look into the website's owner.
Asked if he would take legal action, Chong said: "The police will have to investigate first. They should have the information."
TheBorneoPost January 15 ,2017

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Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

张健仁:文化渗透砂 本土党阻不了巫统

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 10:14 PM PST


东西马差距大 练习本售价不一

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 10:12 PM PST


DAP: East Malaysians should not pay more for textbooks

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 10:10 PM PST

Sarawak DAP chief says if shipping cost is the reason for the higher price of books, then the difference should be subsidised by the government.

KUCHING: Sarawak DAP today urged Putrajaya to standardise the price of school textbooks for pupils in East and Peninsular Malaysia as East Malaysians are paying more for the same books that are made compulsory by the government.
Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen pointed out that currently, the price difference ranged from 5.7% to 11% for textbooks required by the school syllabus of primary pupils, adding that this was an additional burden for those studying in East Malaysia.
"I think there should be a uniform price and we should not be made to pay more than those in Peninsular Malaysia," Chong said.
One example he cited was the English language revision book for Standard Six pupils, which is sold at RM4.30 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM4.80 or 11.6% higher in East Malaysia.
The Bahasa Malaysia exercise book for Standard Five pupils is sold at RM5.70 in Peninsular Malaysia and priced at RM6.30 in East Malaysia.
Based on 2011 government data, Chong said there were 289,000 primary school pupils in Sarawak.
"At about RM100 (for each parent) to buy books, you're talking about RM30 million in additional costs. That's money sucked out of Sarawak, on average, every year," Chong said.
Chong also said that if shipping cost was the reason behind the higher prices of textbooks, the cost difference should then be subsidised by the government.
"If the shipping cost is a concern, then the government has to step in, otherwise the books would be more expensive in rural areas," he said.
"The shipping cost should not be made a reason because these are books made compulsory by the government. The people have no choice but to purchase it."
freemalaysiatoday january 9,2017

DAP wants public transportation improved

Posted: 05 Jan 2017 10:08 PM PST

KUCHING: Poor public transportation remains a serious issue not only in this city but across Sarawak that leaves many poor and low income working-class residents crippled with limited mobility and placed additional strain on them financially.
Thus, there is a crucial need to invest in and revive the public transport services, particularly in Kuching, to improve people's accessibility to just about everything – work, schools and services, Democratic Action Party (DAP) pointed out.
To illustrate their point, Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong said many public bus services throughout Kuching City had been axed in the past several years.
"Many residents in Bintawa have complained after the buses operating to some routes here have been cut for three months now, while the bus services to some areas in Sungai Apong have stopped a year ago," she told a press conference at the Bintawa Hawker Centre yesterday.
"Now, only bus no. K1 to Muara Tabuan light industrial zone and Tabuan Jaya and bus K11 to King Centre are still operating in the Bintawa area," she elaborated.
Because of that, she added, many residents in Bintawa area, especially from the low-income group and the elderly, had to seek other means of transportation like private vans to commute to their destinations.
"Public transport like buses are a necessity, an extremely important mode of transport for the poor citizens who can't afford cars particularly," she stressed.
DAP Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen, who is also Bandar Kuching MP and Kota Sentosa assemblyman, highlighted that proper public transportation system is a key factor in every good town planning.
"A truly developed country is where even the rich or well-to-do are willing or regularly take public transport like buses, instead of every household owning two to three cars," he said.
To show their displeasure with the government for totally neglecting the public bus services in Kuching, DAP held a protest at the bus stop opposite the Bintawa Hawker Centre.
"The public bus service in Kuching is disappearing and there are only 100 over buses operated by four private companies currently which are grossly insufficient considering the size of the population," Chong said.
He added that DAP had on many occasions reminded the government of the need to improve public bus services in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri.
"The Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem, had during the state election campaign said he might consider providing free public bus service but after the election, the state government is totally silent about it," he said.
He suggested that government use the suggestions tabled in the past State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sittings on how it can approach this issue.
"First, acquire shares of all the four existing bus companies. Second, purchase 200 more buses. Third, provide free public bus service in Kuching for the first five years," he suggested.
"Taking into account the financial reports of the existing bus companies and market rate of new buses, it will take only about RM150 million on the part of the government to fully acquire the four companies, purchase 200 new buses and cover the operation cost for the first year," he said.
"Operation cost for subsequent years will be about RM50 million a year," he added.
On why there is a need to provide free bus services in the first five years, Chong said it is to allow people to try, change commuting pattern and adapt to public transportation.
TheBorneoPost January 6,2017

古晋公共巴士服务 张健仁:砂政府完全忽略

Posted: 05 Jan 2017 09:58 PM PST

 (古晋5日讯) 古晋市国会议员兼哥打圣淘沙州议员张健仁抨击砂州砂州政府,完全忽略古晋市公共巴士服务。

张健仁指出,公共巴士服务是任何城市规划的必备元素之一。 一个有良好城市规划的政府,首要的任务就是策划好公共巴士服务。

他说,良好的公共巴士服务是唯一可以解决城市交通堵塞问题的方案。 无论政府花多少钱扩建道路,它都有一个空间的局限,不能解决城市交通堵塞的问题,有时甚至会加剧城市交通堵塞的问题。 唯有落实良好公共交通工具服务,才能解决城市交通堵塞的问题。



"好的政府是要确保公交素质提升至有钱人也愿意乘搭巴士。 第二类,那些比较不好的政府是敷衍公交服务让贫穷阶级的人士至少有巴士乘搭。 最糟糕的政府就是,连公共巴士服务都不提供的政府,任由无车人士自生自灭。 砂国阵就是这第三类最糟的政府,连基本的公共巴士服务,也逐渐消失。"

张健仁指出,砂州行动党有数次向州政府建议,应该全面改善砂州4大城市,古晋、诗巫、民都鲁和美里的公共巴士服务,及提供给这4个城市的居民,免费公共巴士服务。 惟,遗憾的是,阿德南除了在去年5月州选时期表示可以考虑之外,选举过后就无声无息了。


他指出,以古晋如此大的城市,只有区区100多辆巴士,是非常不足的。 因此针对如何改善古晋公共巴士服务,行动党提出以下3点建议:
1. 政府全面收购目前在这4家公共巴士公司;
2. 之后,政府再拨款购买多2倍新的巴士,从原本的100多辆巴士增至300多辆巴士;
3. 在古晋,首5年提供全免费的公共巴士服务。

他也指出,根据现有巴士公司的财务报告以及巴士的市价所做的估计。政府只需要大约1亿5000万令吉令吉,就可全面收购目前这4个城市的公共巴士公司、购买多2倍数量的新巴士,以及资付第一年的运作费。 接下来的第二年的运作费大约是5000万令吉。



1. 减轻生活负担

• 可使几万人节省汽油开支、停车费、汽车维修费,甚至可让人民不再需要购买汽车。 一个家庭(若一辆车而已)每个月最少可节省300令吉。
• 可让刚开始工作的年轻人不需买新车,这可节省高达每个月至少400令吉的付汽车贷款的开支。
• 直接受惠这免费公共巴士的人士,大部份将会是工作阶级中下层人士。

2. 解决古晋市交通堵塞问题
• 古晋的交通堵塞,主要是发生在人们上下班的时间。免费公共巴士服务可节省每月约300只700令吉的开支,肯定将吸引许多工作阶级人士改乘巴士。这将可以大大的减少路上行驶的车辆。每天可减少路上至少一、两千辆的汽车。这肯定可以解决交通堵塞问题。

3. 增加就业机会

• 政府增加巴士数目和运作,需要更多的驾驶、行政和技术人员。这将增加就业机会。

4. 减少道路车祸
• 减少道路上车辆的行驶,也可减少道路车祸。

5. 绿色环保
• 减少路上车辆的行驶,也可减少汽车的排气量,减少一氧化碳和汽车的排污。这对环保有很多的帮助。

6. 减少政府的道路维修费

• 根据国际的调查,更多人以巴士替代个别汽车代步,这将可减少道路的损坏和折旧。它可减少政府维修道路的开支。


"砂州政府自夸拥有270亿令吉的储备金,只花区区的1亿5000万令吉就可解决古晋市的交通堵塞问题,这区区1亿5000万令吉只是砂州政府270亿令吉的九牛一毛而已,却可协助平民百姓减轻他们的生活负担。 何乐不为?"

油价涨人民苦 张健仁:应恢复津贴

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 09:56 PM PST


政府于昨日2017年的第一天,调高全国汽油和柴油的价格,RON95和柴油价格各调高20仙至RON95每公升RM2.10而柴油则每公升RM2.05,RON97的价格也被调高15仙至每公升RM2.40。 其所给予的理由是国际油价上升,因此在没有津贴的情况下,国内的汽油和柴油价格也被调高。

张健仁指出,做为一个石油出口国,国际油价飙升,对政府的收入有增加,就算给予国内人民一些汽油和柴油的津贴,整体上,政府收入还是有增无减。 更何况,石油是属于国家的天然资源,不是国阵政府的专利。 石油所带来的利润,一小部份用在汽油柴油的津贴惠及人民,又何错之有?



"一个真正关心人民的政府,不会在这种经济状况和时候,调高油价加重人民的生活负担的。 只有一个不管人民死活的政府才会在过年的第一天就给人民迎头棒喝,调高油价。"

张健仁说,人民刚迎来2017年的第一天,国阵政府就送全国人民如此一个"大礼",最大原因是因为国阵在砂州选举胜利之后,对来届国选信心百倍。 因此,可毫无忌惮的向人民开刀。

张氏也指出,这次的油价上调,再次证明,无论阿德南和砂国阵如何的吹嘘捍卫砂州自主权,它们连砂州人民最基本的柴米油盐的价格和人民基本生活的问题,也无法捍卫。 一切阿德南所谈的"自主权",只是砂国阵的政治把戏,讲了两年多了,人民生活也不见有任何改善,反而日益幸苦。

"无论是砂国阵,还是全国国阵,它们都是同属一个贪污腐败滥权的国阵。 当国库因为长期的贪污和浪费而空虚的时候,人民就会被国阵政府强逼去付它们的贪污债。 今天国内油价的上涨,就是国阵政府强逼人民替国阵还国阵的贪污债。"

DAP: Fuel price hike shows BN confident of election win

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 09:55 PM PST

Sarawak DAP leader says BN's 2016 Sarawak election victory has given PM the confidence that he can do anything he wants and yet keep his supporters.

KUCHING: The DAP says the Jan 1 fuel price hike shows the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) is confident of winning the general election, widely expected to be held this year.
"For BN to increase petrol and diesel prices now and in an election year, is an indication that the BN is confident of winning the coming (general) election," said Sarawak DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen in a statement.
"To a large extent, BN's showing in the 2016 Sarawak election has given (Prime Minister) Najib (Razak) that confidence. In other words, he can do anything he wants and yet the people will continue to support the coalition and return BN as the government," he said.
BN won 72 of the 82 state seats in the Sarawak election held in May. Najib, who heads the BN coalition, must call for a general election no later than June 2018.
Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP, criticised the government for raising the price of fuel.
He said putting the blame on rising international oil prices did not make sense as the government's overall oil revenue should also have increased.
He said there was nothing wrong in using part of the proceeds from the production and export of oil as petrol and diesel subsidies to benefit the people, especially now when the ringgit was depreciating.
The country, he said, was in an economic slowdown and people were finding it extremely hard to make ends meet.
"Besides, at the start of the school year, many parents incur extra expenses for their children. This is surely not the right time to increase petrol and diesel prices," he added.
The price of RON 95 and diesel were raised by 20 sen per litre to RM2.10/l and 2.05/l respectively. The price of RON 97 was increased by 15 sen to RM2.40/l.
The finance ministry has defended the move, saying high-income earners were benefiting from the subsidies due to their use of large vehicles.
freemalaysiatoday january 3,2017

‘Cheap’ purchase of Sacofa shares by CMS: Govt urged to clarify ‘loss of RM300 mln’

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 09:51 PM PST

KUCHING: Democratic Action Party (DAP) questions the state government's stance over the 'cheap sale' of 50 per cent of Sacofa's shares to CMS Berhad.
State DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen in a statement issued to the press yesterday said the acquisition of 50 per cent share in Sacofa by CMS "is definitely a superb deal for CMS. Sad to say, the gains by CMS is at the loss and expense to Sarawakians in general".
"That is why until today, the state government did not dare to answer directly why did the state government privatise a regulatory body for telco infrastructure and turn it into a regulatory cum business entity," said Chong.
Chong asked how under such a position of conflicting interest the government would be able to ensure that the regulatory role of Sacofa will not be compromised for its business interest.
"Was the political background and connection of CMS a factor in the privatisation exercise? There is no shortage of qualified economists in the Sarawak Ministry of Finance, why then is the Sarawak government cheap-selling Sacofa's 50 per cent share at such low price," he added.
Chong pointed out that based on his personal estimate on the whole privatisation exercise, the Sarawak government had been short-changed by at least RM300 million.
 TheBorneoPost December 30, 2016, Friday

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Posted: 04 Jan 2017 12:20 AM PST

Jumaat, 30 Disember 2016

Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Cheap Sale of 50% SACOFA’s share to CMS Berhad,3 Question to ask The State Government

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 08:04 PM PST

Since the publication of my statement about the "Cheap Sale of 50% SACOFA's share to CMS Berhad", the State Government has no defence. 

Instead, on 23-12-2016, CMSB came out to attempt to justify its acquisition of the said 50% SACOFA shares, claiming that the acquisition was done in transparent manner in compliance with the rules and regulations set out by the KLSE Bursa.

CMSB's statement about the compliance with the Bursa's regulations was in fact a statement speaking from its business perspective, BUT NOT from the perspective of the public interest of Sarawak.

In 2015, the Sarawak State Government sold 50% of SACOFA's share to CMS at the price of RM186.79 million.  This is a SUPER Cheap Sale price and only the company with the close relationship with the Governor's family benefits from such SUPER CHEAP SALE.

There are 3 reasons why this is a SUPER CHEAP SALE:

1.         No premium for the Controlling stake in a monopoly company

In all company acquisitions, there has to be a premium price for a controlling stake in the company.  SACOFA is the company with the monopolistic power to control the tele-communication infrastructure throughout Sarawak, yet there was no premium price for the controlling stake in such a profit-guaranteed company.

The net asset of SACOFA Group as at 31-12-2014 was RM403 million (50% = 201.5 million).  The deal was completed in 2015, yet the State Government used the net asset value of RM344 million to base its sale price of RM186.79 million.

2.         Super low Price/Earning ratio

The after-tax profit of SACOFA group for the years 2012 to 2015 are as follows:

After-tax Profit
 RM 62,818,577
RM 51,763.604
RM 59,479,489
RM 89,760,847

The State Government, through Wong Soon Koh, claimed that the State Government used the 2013 profit figure to calculate its P/E ratio of 7.23 for the sale of SACOFA shares. 

It is noteworthy that 2013 is the year of exceptionally low profit, a drop of approximately RM10 million compared to the profit for year 2012 and 2014.  If you were to take the SACOFA's profit for the year 2012 for your calculation, the P/E ratio would be 5.95.

However, even with this exceptionally low profit year figure, the P/E ratio of 7.23 is still very low compared to the P/E ratio of other telco companies, eg. Digi.com (23.5), Maxis (22.6), Telekom (28.3), Axiata (29.5).

With such low P/E ratio, CMS's investment in SACOFA is even more profitable than banking sectors in Malaysia.

If one were to look at the acquisition price from the perspective of Rate of Return (ROR) on investment, for the year 2014 its ROR was 15.9%, while its ROR for the year 2015 was 24.0%.

 With such ROR, CMS will be able to recover fully, all the money it invested in purchasing 50% stake in SACOFA within 6 years and own 50% of SACOFA.  This is an exceptionally high ROR, which means, an exceptionally low price for the said acquisition.

3.         CMS will be entitled to 50% of Government Allocation to build Telco Towers

With CMS becoming 50% shareholder of SACOFA, we are now hearing increasing calls from the elected ADUNs in Dewan UndanganNegeri Sarawak asking the Government to approve allocation of funds to build Telco towers in their areas.

As SACOFA is the sole authorised company to build telco towers, such government allocation, if approved due to political pressure to develop the rural area, will be channelled through SACOFA.  As 50% shareholder of SACOFA, CMS will be the 50% beneficiary for all such government allocations in future.

The acquisition of 50% share in SACOFA by CMS is definitely a superb deal for CMS.  Sad to say, the gains by CMS is at the loss and expense to Sarawakians in general.  That is why until today, the State Government did not dare to answer directly to the following questions:

1.       Why did the State Government privatise a regulatory body for telco infrastructure and turn it into a regulatory cum business entity?  Under such position of conflicting interest, how is the government going to ensure that the regulatory role of SACOFA will not be compromised for its business interest?

2.       Why did the State Government sell off 50% share in SACOFA at such a low price?

3.       Was the political background and connection of CMS a factor in the privatisation exercise?  There is no shortage of qualified economists in the Sarawak Ministry of Finance, why then is the Sarawak Government cheap-selling SACOFA's 50% share at such low price.

Based on my personal estimate, in the whole privatisation exercise, the Sarawak Government has been short-changed by at least RM300 million.

Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching/ADUN for Kota Sentosa
DAP Sarawak Chairman

砂政府超廉价变卖50% SACOFA股权 3道问题质问政府

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 08:01 PM PST

(古晋29日讯)民主行动党古晋市国会议员兼哥打圣淘沙州议员张健仁今出示3大理由证实砂州政府超廉价变卖50% SACOFA股权给砂日光公司(CMS Berhad)。 他也同时抛出3个问题针对有关私营化SACOFA的决定,质问砂州政府。

事关,砂州政府于2015年,以1亿8679万令吉价格出售SACOFA 50% 的股权。

张健仁指,以正常商业交易的考量,这1亿8679万令吉价格出售SACOFA 50% 的股权,简直就是超级大平卖。 若以政治术语来形容这项交易,这就是典型的"公家资产私有化",即是,把公家的资产,便宜的卖给朋党公司,变成朋党公司的私人资产。

1.    砂州政府为何要把一间监管电讯基建的政府机构,私营化变成即是监管又是商业性质的公司? 在这利益冲突的情况下,政府又如何能确保私营化之后,SACOFA 不会因为商业利益而妥协其监管的角色?
2.    砂州政府以什么为根据,以1亿8679万令吉如此便宜的价格,卖掉50% SACOFA的股权给CMS公司?
3.  CMS公司的政治势力和关系是否是砂州政府私营化SACOFA 的主要因素?砂州政府的财政部门不乏经济专才,为何会以如此的贱价,变卖SACOFA 50% 的股权?


张健仁反驳,CMS公司的论点,是纯粹从其商业角度来看。 对CMS公司而言,这交易肯定是大赚特赚的。 但是,对砂州人民而言,这是一个大亏特亏的交易。


1.   价格没计算公司控制权及无型资


张氏也说,SACOFA拥有垄断权,控制全砂所有电讯塔和电讯基建工程。 但砂州政府在出售该公司的50%股权时,却没有计算该公司的控制权的价值。 这在商业交易领域,简直就是天方夜谭。

"截至20141231日,SACOFA的净资产4亿300万令吉(不包括无型资产和控制权的价值)。 50%净资产的价值已是2亿150万令吉,更何况再加上无型资产和公司控制权的价值。 因此,SACOFA50%股权的真正价值,是远远超出砂州政府卖给CMS 公司的 1亿8679万令吉的价格。"

2.         超低本益比的价格

张氏说明,"本益比"的定义是,投资的本钱对比所得到的利益的比例。 本益比越低,就表示这投资非常合算,以低投资额换取高回筹。

SACOFA 集团过去4年的税后盈利如下:
 RM 62,818,577
RM 51,763,604
RM 59,479,489
RM 89,760,847

砂州第二财长黄顺舸在州议会表示,砂州政府是以SACOFA集团于2013年的税后盈利来计算出售50% SACOFA股权售价的本益比,即,以该公司2013年的 税后盈利计算,1亿8679万令吉售价的本益比是7.23

张氏特别指出,SACOFA 2013年的盈利,相比其他年份的税后盈利低许多。若我们以2012年的税后盈利来计算,这1亿8679万令吉售价的本益比则是5.95

张氏表示,就以黄顺舸所给予的7.23本益比,若和其他电讯公司的本益比做比较,还是非常低。在马来西亚,电讯公司的本益比,平均都是超过20 以上的,Digi.com23.5),Maxis22.6),Telekom28.3),Axiata 29.5)。

"从另一个角度来看,以这1亿8679万令吉的价钱投资50% SACOFA公司,CMS公司在2014年就可得到(RM 59,479,489/22970万令吉的回筹(15.9%的回筹率),而2015年其则可得到(RM 89,760,847/24488万令吉的回筹(24%的回筹率)。"

"这么高的回筹率,是商业界里所罕见的。 有如此高的回筹率,也就表示,售价太低了。"

3.         今后政府拨款建电讯基建,CMS 也得一半拨款

张氏说,因为SACOFA是砂州唯一全权负责发展电讯基建的公司,今后,若政府有拨款发展乡区的电讯基建,有关拨款的对象理所当然将是SACOFA。 而CMS因拥有SACOFA 50%的股权,也将间接得到政府拨款的50%

他也透露,自CMS 收购50% SACOFA 股权之后,他也发觉,国阵的州议员频频在州议会发言要求政府拨款在他们的选区建电讯塔,以增加电讯覆盖地区。


张健仁强调,SACOFA既然是一间监管砂州电讯基建公司,砂州政府就不应该将它私营化。 就算真的要私营化,也不应该以如此廉价私营化。 在这私营计划中,依据他个人的计算,砂州政府少收了3亿令吉。