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Pakatan Rakyat: Building an Economy for All-Liew Chin Tong

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 06:18 PM PDT

Budget 2013 sweet but short on substance, say watchdogs

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 06:12 PM PDT

N45 Dr Halimah Ali

N45 Dr Halimah Ali

BAJET 2013 buktikan Malaysia menghadapi krisis hutang negara-Tony Pua

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 06:27 AM PDT

Budget 2013 proof Malaysia falling into debt crisis as income slows, says MP

September 28, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28 ― malaysian insider
Putrajaya's RM251.6 billion for 2013 Budget unveiled today ― which is smaller than last year's RM252.4 billion ― signals a slowdown in the government's annual income that is putting Malaysia at real risk of undergoing a debt crisis in countries like Spain, the DAP's Tony Pua said today.
He slammed the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government for failing to show "political will" needed if Malaysia were to avoid falling into a similar financial crisis.
"The Budget demonstrates no political will on the part of the federal government to make the necessary structural changes to the way we manage our Budget.
"We see a decline in the proportion of funds spent on development expenditure," the opposition lawmaker said in a statement.
He criticised the Najib administration, saying it was not putting in serious effort to tackle the ballooning federal government debt.
"The marked decline in revenue growth will have a very significant impact on the government's ability to impact growth in the Malaysian economy through fiscal means,"
Pua (picture) highlighted that revenue for next year is projected to grow to only RM208.6 billion, while debt is expected to balloon to as much as RM502 billion marking a whopping 107.4 per cent increase in debt over the past eight years and which he said has significantly raised the country's structural debt service commitments.
He said that from 2003 to 2008, Malaysia's debt servicing obligations grew 21.9 per cent from RM10.5 billion to RM12.8 billion, but had spiked in the last five years by 73.4 per cent.
The official federal government debt is also expected to hike as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) from 51.8 per cent to 53.7 per cent, putting it below the 55 per cent legal federal government debt limit, Pua said.
The DAP publicity secretary said the government had also been consistently cutting back on development spending "which will create greater multiplier effects on our economy".
"What is frightening is, the government's contingent liability is expected to increase exponentially in 2013 due to the expenditure for the RM53 billion MRT project as well as other mega-infrastructure projects," he added.
A contingent liability is defined as an obligation to pay back debt depending on future events, such as outstanding lawsuits, liquidated damages and destruction by flood.
Drawing attention to Spain, he noted that the European nation's "official" debt to GDP ratio of 68.5 per cent but it was now still facing a major financial crisis that needed it to be bailed out by hundreds of billions of Euros, which had caused a near collapse of its economy due to various contingent liability and bank bailouts.
"We must not allow ourselves to get entangled in a similar crisis," Pua said.


Posted: 30 Sep 2012 06:16 AM PDT

10,000 graduan pendidikan tertipu dengan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi

SEMALAM ReJaM© berborak dengan salah seorang sahabat lama yang merupakan seorang graduan pendidikan namun sehingga kini belum mendapat tempat bekerja sebagai guru.

Nampaknya sahabat ReJaM© itu yang kini bekerja membantu di kedai makan ibunya di Pahang benar-benar marah dengan pengumuman bajet 2013 yang diumumkan oleh Najib Razak kelmarin. 

Semua itu gara-gara sebelum ini Utusan Malaysia mengumumkan kononnya akan ada berita gembira untuk 10,000 graduan lulusan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan dan lepasan Institut Perguruan (IPG) yang kini menganggur.

Rujuk laporan Utusan Malaysia di bawah ini.

Sahabat ReJaM© itu nampaknya hampa dan kecewa. Punyalah tekun dia menyaksikan siaran langsung pembentangan Bajet 2013 di kaca televisyen sedari mula sehingga akhir, namun berita baik yang diharapkannya langsung tak muncul.

"Kalau tak ada berita baik janganlah cakap ada, menghampakan harapan orang, tak guna!" ujarnya sambil mencebikkan bibir.

Sahabat ReJaM© ini antara 10,000 graduan yang dimaksudkan di dalam laporan akhbar di atas.

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Ziarah Mangsa Banjir Taman Mahkota Dan Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih, Jalan Reko, Kajang

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 04:06 PM PDT

Menerima Kunjungan Pelajar Monash University Sunway Campus

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 05:05 AM PDT

Lim Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng

The 2013 Budget fails to fails to address three crucial areas – Fiscal Prudence, Economic Sustainability and Cost of Living Increases.(en/cn)

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 09:08 PM PDT

Even though many goodies where announced during yesterday's Budget 2013 speech by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, this budget has failed the Malaysian people by not addressing three crucial areas which are necessary to guarantee the long term well-being of our country and its people – namely fiscal prudence, economic sustainability and cost of living increases.

Firstly, even though the budget deficit is projected to come down from 4.5% in 2012 to a 'mere' 4.0% in 2013, this figure masks the poor track record of the BN government in sticking to its spending plans. For example, total expenditure for Budget 2012 was announced at RM232.8b in last's year's budget speech. But in this year's Economic Report 2012 / 2013, total expenditure for 2012 is projected to total up to RM252.4b. This is almost RM20b more than the projected expenditure announced last year.

We were fortunate that projected revenue is expected to be RM207b for 2012, RM20b more than the RM186.9b projected revenue announced last year. Without this tax 'windfall', our budget deficit would have ballooned up to 6.7% of GDP rather than the projected 4.5% for 2012. But we cannot expect that actual revenue will continue to exceed projected revenue especially given the slowing global economy. Furthermore revenue from oil related tax revenue is likely to decrease given the change in the dividend policy of Petronas as well as political uncertainty in Southern Sudan which could decrease Petronas's bottom line by as much as US1 billion.

While we do not object to giving financial assistance to the truly deserving, there is nothing to indicate that the government has stopped leakages in the BR1M program which went to people like an MCA Datuk in Pahang. The initial RM1.8b that was allocated to BR1M for 3.4m households in the 2012 budget ballooned to over RM2b for over 4m households. A country whose GDP is projected to expand by 5% in 2012 should see fewer households earning less than 3000RM. And yet, BR1M recipients are projected to increase to 4.3m households with another 2.7m individuals earning less than 2000RM joining them. Without proper checks and balances, the RM3b that has been allocated to BR1M 2.0 for Budget 2013 can easily increase to more than RM4b, if not more.
The same lack of fiscal prudence could be seen in the expenditure on subsidies. An allocation of RM32.8b was given for subsidies in Budget 2012 but the actual expenditure on subsidies is projected to be at RM42.4b, an increase of RM9.6b or 29.3% over the original budget! If the same kind of trajectory is followed, the RM37.6b which is allocated for subsidies in Budget 2013 could easily increase to almost RM50b!

Given the BN's poor record for fiscal prudence and especially if elections are held next year, it is likely that BN will break the bank to funnel out as much taxpayer's money as possible in a blatant attempt to buy votes by giving handouts irresponsibly. I would not be surprised if our total expenditure will be RM30b over budget and our budget deficit for 2013 would end up well in excess of 5.0%!

Secondly, this budget provides incentives and handouts which favors certain projects and parties rather than providing the basis for longer term sustainable economic growth that will benefit all. In fact, many of these incentives will skew the system against hardworking Malaysian entrepreneurs who are not in the position to receive and benefit from these incentives.

For example, Budget 2013 continues to give preferred incentives and tax treatments for companies who want to locate to and developers who want to build in the Tun Razak Exchange formerly known as the Kuala Lumpur International Financial District (KLIFD) including tax exemptions for property developers, income tax exemption for 10 years for TRX-status companies, stamp duty exemptions, industrial building allowance and accelerated capital allowances for TRX Marquee-status companies.

The aggressive promotion of TRX not only increases the problem of a property glut in commercial office space in Kuala Lumpur, it also unfairly disadvantages developers who own and are in the process of developing commercial property which TRX is directly competing against. These developers would lose out if existing or future tenants decide to relocate to TRX and at the same time, the taxpayer would also lose out since these companies would be given income tax exemption for 10 years. As part of this initiative, 1MDB will be allocated an additional RM400m from the Prime Minister's Department in Budget 2013, an unnecessary expenditure for what is essentially a property development project.

Similarly, under the guise of lowering prices of goods in Sabah and Sarawak, the government is introducing 57 Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia or KR1M stores at the cost of RM386m. Just like in Peninsular Malaysia, the ones who will be hurt by this move are the owners of the kedai runcit stores who cannot compete against the government subsidized KR1M stores. It would make more sense for the government to abolish the cabotage policy and to improve the transportation network in Sabah and Sarawak to reduce prices of goods in Sabah and Sarawak, which is what Pakatan is proposing, rather than to subsidize KR1M stores that are run by one private company which would drive out many existing kedai runcit owners out of business.

These kinds of initiatives contradict PM Najib's statement that the era of 'government knows best is over'. Indeed, according to the Economic Report 2012 / 2013, the public sector is expected to expand by 13.3% in 2012 to account for 25.2% of GDP (up from 23.3% in 2011), meaning that the government will play a larger role in the economy, rather than to reduce its footprint and to allow the private sector to thrive and drive the economy forward. By promoting and undertaking these initiatives, Najib is contradicting one of the major thrust of the New Economic Model (NEM) and also the impetus behind the Economic Transformation Program (ETP).
Thirdly, this budget fails to bring to the table long term solutions for the problem of rising cost of living, especially in the urban areas.

Crime is one of the main drivers of cost of living increases. Businesses which have to spend more on security pass the costs to consumers. Residents who have to pay for private security have less disposable income. Sadly, the measures which are in Budget 2013 to reduce crime leave much to be desired.

There are no recommendations to re-organize the police force by re-allocating Special Branch officers, which have twice as many investigating officers / detectives as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), or by re-allocating some of the 14,000 General Operations Force (GOF) police personnel, an organizational legacy from the Communist fighting days, to the CID and the frontlines of fighting crime.

Instead, what was provided was the allocation of RM20m to buy 1000 motorcycles at a cost of RM20,000 per motorcycle to set up a Motorcycle Patrolling Unit.

In addition, there were hardly any efforts proposed to involve the state and local authorities to fight crime. All that was mentioned as the allocation to buy 496 units of CCTVs for 25 local authorities to prevent street crimes in urban areas. This works out to 20 units of CCTVs for every local authority which is not even sufficient to cover one neighborhood, much less the area in one state authority.

Similarly, the ambitious program to build more than 100,000 affordable and low cost houses will come to naught if these housing projects are not integrated with public transportation. The MRT project and the LRT extension cannot possibly cover all the areas which have or will have low cost and affordable homes, assuming that they even get built. Allowing the state and local authorities to provide bus services would be one possible solution to this problem. But instead of this, the federal government is expanding the federally owned RAPID bus services to other places, this time to Kuantan.

With car prices still at very unaffordable levels, especially for the lower middle income groups, the issue of affordable and low cost housing cannot be seen in isolation from the issue of public transportation. Unfortunately, PM Najib does not seem to have realized this as seen by his Budget 2013.

Pakatan Rakyat's budget, on the other hand, exercises much more fiscal prudence. Not only is our projected deficit lower at 3.5% of GDP or approximately RM37b, our revenue and expenditure projections are also much more conservative, at RM197b and RM234b respectively. A more conservative budget would give us more room to maneuver if Pakatan does take over power at the federal level and puts its budget in place.

PR's budget is also more economically sustainable in that we do not attempt to favor one sector or project over another. Instead we will set out to abolish monopolies, abolish unfair practices and increase competition in all sectors of the economy.

Our budget also gives more focus on long term solutions to address cost of living issues including a proper redeployment and reallocation of police personnel to fight crime, more involvement of local authorities to reduce crime and provide public transportation alternatives, reduce and abolish toll rates to put money back into the pockets of the people and to find new ways of providing affordable public housing.

The choice for Malaysians is very clear. Najib's 2013 budget is full of one shot goodies and handouts which do not adequately address the long term concerns of the country namely fiscal prudence, economic sustainability and cost of living increases. Pakatan, through its Alternative Budget, and through the state governments in Penang and Selangor, have shown that it can govern with fiscal responsibility in mind, with sustainable policies which encourage fair competition and with measures that puts money in the pockets of the people in the long term. Let the people of Malaysia choose wisely.

Lim Guan Eng

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Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

Sekitar Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat ke Parlimen Kota Raja

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 07:18 AM PDT




Posted: 30 Sep 2012 06:06 AM PDT

(实兆远 30日讯)  实兆远州议员拿督倪可汉今日公开感谢国阵霹雳州州政府愿意跟回民联掌权时所设定的美好政策,即非营利机构可赦免门牌税,地价只需偿还40元和从农业地转换至非营利用途只收取象徵性一千令吉转换土地费。倪可汉欢迎国阵跟随民联的利民政策,但同时也谴责国阵霹雳州务大臣赞比里和霹雳州行政议员拿督马汉顺在实兆远中华基督教会土地事件上邀功和误导人民。


遗憾的是,国阵以不民主的方式抢夺霹雳州政权后,无法继续实行民联的利民政策。唯有在倪可汉施压下,赞比里和马汉顺才基于压力点头让实兆远中华基督教会跟回民联的政策。倪可汉挑战赞比里和马汉顺宣布所有非营利机构可免门票税,地价只需偿还40元和从农业地转换至非营利用途时只收取象徵式一千令吉转换土地费能够成为一项制度化的政策,而不是每次让民联领袖揭发后,基于安抚民众和选票压力而 '释出善意' 照回民联的政策。他说,制度化的政策,胜于一时的糖果。

YB Dato' Mohd Nasir Tan Sri Ibrahim Fikri

YB Dato' Mohd Nasir Tan Sri Ibrahim Fikri


Posted: 30 Sep 2012 03:01 AM PDT

Assalamualaikum dan salam 1Malaysia,

Selepas dua hari Bajet 2013 dibentangkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak di Parlimen, sudah banyak pihak yang sudah mula meroyan - dan sudah tentulah mereka adalah puak pembangkang yang tidak pernag mahu mengakui kejayaan dan kebaikan kerajaan BN selama ini.

Anda bacalah di FB, Twitter dan media pro mereka, apakah pemimpin pembangkang komen atau memberikan reaksi mereka kepada Bajet 2013 - tidak ada perkara yang baik yang mereka nampak sedangkan majoriti rakyat kini sedang bergembira berterima kasih kepada kerajaan BN dan bersyukur kepada Allah di atas rahmat dan nikmat yang bakal mereka perolehi daripada bajet 2013.

Saya berpandangan, bahawa rakyat kita sudah matang sekarang - mereka sudah boleh membuat penilaian dan pertimbangan mengenai rekod cemerlang kerajaan BN dalam mentadbir dan mengurus masa depan negara bertuah ini. Apa pun alasan, apa pun tuduhan, apa pun tindakan - kesemuanya itu tidak mungkin dapat mengubah fakta bahawa sehingga sekarang dan seterusnya, hanya BN yang layak dipilih sebagai kerajaan. Ia berdasarkan rekod dan sejarah yang ada.

Pembangkang pula, mereka hidup dalam keadaan angan-angan, menabur janji melalui "perjuangan yang bermodalkan air liur sahaja". Ya, mereka akan berkata pula kononnya sebab mereka belum berkuasa dan kerana itu, mereka tidak mampu lakukan apa-apa.

Baik, saya ingin bertanya, siapakah yang sedang berkuasa di Selangor, Pulau Pinang dan Kedah sekarang ini. Siapakah yang telah berkuasa di Kelantan sejak lebih 20 tahun lalu. Siapa?. Ok, apakah yang mereka buat di negeri-negeri yang mereka kuasai?. 

Cukuplah rakyat ditipu dan diperbodohkan ... sudah memadai hanya satu penggal di tiga negeri berkenaan rakyat serahkan kepada pembangkang. Cukuplah 20 tahun Pas diberikan peluang di Kelantan ... Rakyat semua mestilah melihat, menilai dan menghakimi mereka dengan sejarah yang ada.

Cukuplah rakyat melakukan kesilapan dengan memilih kerajaan yang salah di Selangor, Kelantan, Kedan dan Pulau Pinang ... Rakyat Malaysia mesti bersatu menolak mereka ini yang ternyata dan terbukti GAGAL serta tidak mampu membawa apa-apa faedah untuk rakyat.

Kepada semua, undilah BN demi kejayaan, kecemerlang dan kehebatan kita semua.


Posted: 30 Sep 2012 02:30 AM PDT

Assalamualaikum ...

Bajet 2013 masih menjadi perbuala rakyat. Di mana-mana pun orang bercakap mengenai bajet tersebut yang dianggap benar-benar menjadi aspirasi kerajaan BN untuk terus memperkasakan kebajikan rakyat dan pada masa yang sama berusaha memperkukuhkan ekonomi negara.

Tidak perlulah saya mengulas dalam bentuk data dan fakta Bajet 2013 kerana kita semua sebenarnya sangat sedia maklum mengenai perkara tersebut. Rumusannya, Bajet 2013 adalah Bajet Kerajaan Dari Rakyat Untuk Rakyat.

Biasalah, setiap kali kerajaan BN membentangkan bajet negara, maka setiap kali itulah kerajaan BN dituduh kononnya memberikan "gula-gula" kepada rakyat. Jika anda rakyat yang perasan, Bajet negara yang dibentangkan kerajaan BN, pasti menetap sesuatu kepada rakyat tanpa mengira ia dibentangkan menjelang musim pilihan raya atau sebaliknya.

Walaupun selepas PRU atau dipertengahan PRU - semua Bajet Kerajaan BN berasaskan kepada suara rakyat, keperluan rakyat dan permintaan rakyat. Anda harus bersetuju dengan saya bahawa Bajet 2013 adalah antara bajet yang terbaik yang meletakkan golongan sasar pada setiap pemberian dengan cara berhemah dan strategik.

Ia sangat memberi impak, sesuai dengan tuntutan semasa golongan sasar yang dilihat oleh kerajaan sebagai perlu diberikan perhatian. Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia, seharusnya berbangga kerana mempunyai seorang Perdana Menteri seperti Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak - beliau adalah seorang yang sangat peka dengan kehendak rakyat, sentiasa ingin mendengar suara rakyat dan merumuskan setiap keputusan kerajaan berasaskan kepentingan rakyat.

Dengan tema Janji Ditepati, beliau telah melakukan yang terbaik, bersungguh-sungguh tanpa kira jemu dan penat lelah demi memastikan kehidupan rakyat terus terbela dan terjamin. Kerajaan BN tidak pernah bermain dengan retorik, sebaliknya kerajaan BN bergerak di atas asas realiti dan hakikat.

Terima kasih Perdana Menteri ... semoga seluruh rakyat akan kekal bersama BN demi membina masa depan negara yang hebat dan terbilang.

Direct Free Kick

Direct Free Kick

30 Sept 2012 - Bersama peserta Jom Shopping Tawas di Giant Bandar Baru Ampang.

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 10:39 PM PDT

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by Kunyit Hidup

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 09:31 AM PDT

Dear xMAS,

I said ‘TBA in the newly released charts’.

Please recalculate, not only in MAE but from the first layer and throughout all divisions. Example, only 1 out of 5 boxes filled up in Marketing & Products!

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by Sham

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 07:14 AM PDT

Agreed the botak has nothing to show fro the time he has been in MAS except problems after problems. He himself is thew big problem. The botak is just a bodoh sombong.

Since he chose to hang on for the sake of his fat salary, we should keep a watchful eyes on his activities and expose him in YB’s blog. Lets see how long he can hold on to the CEO post.

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by Gerald

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 07:03 AM PDT

This botak tak tahu malu. May be he has no way out as he is also not wanted any where else including AA. Ever since he was parachuted into MAS by Nanny Danny and Pariah he has nothing to show in MAS except drawing fat salary.

He is shun by many in Engineering. To get him out of MAS, we had to physically throw him out into the monsoon drain.

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by Tony's Baloney

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 06:25 AM PDT

GE man…. Keep up the good work sir
We are with you all the way…

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by LAE ****

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 11:10 PM PDT

GE Man, thank you very much for what you did here. Very highly appreciated. Please do not stop until these bast..ds are gone, preferably in disgrace. Myself and few friends, that I know of down here are with you.

Looking at botak’s picture in this blog, how I wish I one day my foot will land on that head.

GE Man, thank you again.

Botak, f… you, f… you, f… you and f… you!

Thank you.

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by Zaki

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 08:59 PM PDT

GE Man

Good points. Lets see whether the botak and the kuncu can defend what have been stated by GE Man. Lets expose the botak further. Lets expose him and his kuncu until they are thrown out from MAS in disgrace like Nanny Danny.

MAS will never recover with this botak around. The appointment of the botak was due to Nanny, Pariah and the little Napoleons in Khazanah.

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by xMAS Engineering

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 08:49 PM PDT

@Kunyit Hidup

How could 2 TBA out of 62 boxes be considered many?
Accountability IS integral with any position is a basic fundamental.

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by Tony Pariah

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 05:43 PM PDT

satu idea terbaik olih Economist Kampung. Saya support. Juga kita patut ada kan sembahyang hajat dan berdoa beramai ramai. saya rasa agama lain juga ada cara yang tersendiri dan harus lakukan yang sama untuk kebaikan semua orang.

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by Ahmad Jahil

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 05:14 PM PDT

Ha ha ha, what a screwed up management.
One by one leaving, AJ pun will soon belah leaving the Chairman to run the Company to the ground.

Good luck, MAS!

Comment on Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still head of MAS Engineering by GE Man

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 04:21 PM PDT

AJ , after almost a year in MAS , by now you should know and you had seen by your own eye the true color of both bo(otak) head Azhari and ex GE Man bo(otak) head Aminuddin Zakaria during last week (27 Sept 2012) town hall in SZB.

You had witnessed how arrogant both of them are and how all MAS Engineering staff giving this two bo(otak) head a cold shoulder and how they all wanted this two bo(otak) kick off from MAS .This organization will fail if this continues.

How come this two bo(otak) head cant even answer a simple question of how much business did they bring in the last one year as the CEO/deputy CEO of MAS MAE ?

AJ , The only way is you kick both off them before more damaged done.

Here is the list of this two bo(otak) head Azhari and Aminudin greatest achievement as MAS MAE CEO and deputy CEO respectively ;

1) MAS MAE slipped down from first class world MRO’s to third class pariah’s MRO.

2) Losing own ATR 75 maintenance contract to SAE.

3) Losing Batavia Air / Lion Air B737 maintenance contract to AIROD

4) Losing MYR 120 million on B737-400 Clasic buy back deal .MAS Engineering had sign an agreement with AAR to purchase back 6 unit of this B737-400 classics from AAR due MAS MAE could not complied with the EOL (End Of Lease ) terms .The surprising deal is that the purchase price per aircraft is MYR 19.8 million (USD 6.4 mil). The market price is only USD 2.5 million (MYR 7.75 mill) each . (Pls refer http://www.speednews.com for aircraft prices)
MAS is paying 2.5 times more then the market price ! AJ , you had been duped by this two bo(otak) head.

5)Losing millions for agreeing with the B737-800 steel brakes changes to carbon brakes which will cost 10 millions ringgit per year and whooping 200 million Ringgit over the 20 years life of these aircraft. The vested group issued direct PO to one of carbon brake manufacturer without going thru’ a normal procurement procedure and WITHOUT any Board approvals !! Most operator have not yet gone for carbon brakes because till now Boeing has not yet certified any radial tires for use with carbon brakes. Now MAS is buying the new carbon brakes and throw away as scrap the steel brakes inventory worth 20 millions ringgit.

8) Losing millions for collaborating on the A380 seat re-configuration at the wimp and fancy of the Pariah which cost MAS at least MYR 4 million per ship set . With 6 unit A380 ordered, this will add an additional cost of MYR 24 million to MAS and the “unused brand new seats” to be scrap.

9) MAS may also lose millions for B777 seat and IFE retrofit program worth at least MYR 150 million for the B777 fleet. These B777 will be phased out in 3-5 years time and yet the retrofit program is being initiated for benefiting a vested group.

10) Losing millions after proceeding to signed a MYR 5 billion contract for A380 Trent 900 Engine Total Care Maintenance Program with Rolls Royce for as long as MAS is flying this A380 aircraft i.e. UNTILL PERPETUITY – to date MAS has never ever signed an agreed without any firm expiry date. No engineering and financial evaluation was carried out and NO BOARD approval sought. All recommended by this two bo(otak) head Azhari and Amin.

11) Losing of MYR 1.1 billion on the making as Azhari and Amin is now trying to cook the B737-800 engine CFM56-7B PBTH (Power By The Hour) contract worth at least MYR 2. 2 billion (minimum 10 years contract) with about 200 engines by trying to go for direct award with a company in which bo(otak) head Aminuddin is their ex. and has vested interest . AJ will again be duped by this bo(otak) duo by saying his ex will give good discount . And bo(otak) Aminuddin ex is now sending new regional sales director by the name of Azmooon to finalise this deal with GE. If the direct nego goes thru , MAS are expected to loose MYR 1.1 billion. GE Man will expose all the papers in the blog if direct nego is inked instead of open tender which will save MAS a whooping MYR 1.1 billion .

12)Losing of hundreds of million on the making as Azhari and Amin is trying to figure out who will get the B737-800 / B777 / A380 / B747-400 APU maintenance contract worth more then a 1 billion ringgit . A total of more then 150 units of APU (Auxillary Power Unit) is to be contract out for maintenance soon.

13) Illegally allowing A330 registration 9M-MTF continue to fly .aircraft had an incident of heavy landing on 26 July 2012 .Airbus Industries , the aircraft manufacturer ,had told MAS engineering that the landing gear must be replaced at or before 30 days from date of incident ( e mail trail from Airbus Industries is with GE Man) as it is considered un-serviceable.MAS can still fly the aircraft within 30 days if MAS Engineering give dispensation by carrying out the special inspection as per Airbus Industries instruction every 5 positioning flight.Some how , as the CEO of MAS Engineering, Azhari had allowed the aircraft flying EVEN after 30 days which is illegal and had put the aircraft , crew and passenger under extreme danger , as the gear may collapsed or fail at any time.

14) Losing millions due 5 major technical incident within 6 months , in-flight shut down and air turn back/diverted . As head of engineering bo(otak) should be accountable .

15) Loosing millions in the making on the A330 PBTH (Power By The Hours), bo(otak) head Azhari issuing a LOI to LHT for the A330 Component support PBTH (Power By The Hour) and workshop JV contract worth half a billion ringgit. The pariah, Azhari , An… and LHT people had secret dinner meeting in Bangsar restaurant trying to strike a deal. After being exposed and questions of impropriety, LHT backed out of the deal to avoid Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) that AJ recently made all aware by Integrity Bulletin of August and bo(otak) head Azhari now switching horse to SRT owned by MUBADALA Aerospace, a flagship MRO Abu of Dhabi, another bidders. NOW, For unknown reason bo(otak) head Azhari has become close with Air France, another bidders – definitely they must have been assured of some better sweeteners. MASEU is against this workshop JV as it is seen that after 30 years of successful achievement to make MAS E&M a global leader suddenly these two bo(otak) heads do not consider MAS engineers as being capable of running our own workshop.

16) After less then a month of restructuring, bo(otak) head realized he could not cope running everything solely by himself after loosing millions due to his total ignorance on how to overcome the problems, so now he has given the responsibility of MRO/Hangar operation to one of his close ally but still trying to control the gold mine @ procurement (pariah’s interest).

These two bo(otak) heads should be accountable for all the above for directly and indirectly inflicting the damages to MAS, both of you either leave now or you will leave in disgrace……….

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim

Rapat Pimpinan Nasional 2012,Memimpin Agenda Reformasi

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 08:48 PM PDT

Firman Allah di dalam Surah Al – Baqarah ayat 148;

“Dan bagi tiap-tiap umat ada arah (kiblat) yang masing-masing menujunya; oleh itu berlumba-lumbalah kamu mengerjakan kebaikan; kerana di mana sahaja kamu berada maka Allah tetap akan membawa kamu semua (berhimpun pada hari kiamat untuk menerima balasan); sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu”

Di temurapat, saya ulangi ingatan akan amanah kita sebagai pimpinan; memimpin agenda Reformasi, memenuhi perintah Allah untuk berlumba – lumba mengerjakan kebajikan, demi rakyat semuanya.

Reformasi yang kita perjuangkan bukan berkisar soal pertukaran regim semata-mata, bukan soal menggantikan yang lama dengan yang baru, yang ingin kita laksanakan adalah lebih daripada itu – kita mahukan satu reformasi sistem; reformasi yang menjunjung maruah manusia, memperkasakan rakyat dengan kuasa politik, mengangkat nilai budaya dan memastikan setiap rakyat menikmati limpahan ekonomi yang dikecapi.

Umno – Barisan Nasional kini sudah di hujung hayatnya. Bergelumang dengan rasuah, kronisme dan kebejatan yang kronik, elit penguasa ini terlupa bahawa rakyat memerhati dan menilai. Jangan sekali – kali kita memperkecilkan kebijaksanaan rakyat untuk memilih dan melakukan perubahan.

Dengan penuh tawadhu', tidak sesaat pun saya lupakan teman – teman yang mempertahankan saya ketika saya teruk dihina, diaibkan, dipenjarakan dan dilempar dengan pelbagai tohmahan dan fitnah. KEADILAN terbina kerana keringat mereka yang lama, namun belum cukup dengan itu, kita perlu cungkil kekuatan baru, yang menjadikan agenda perjuangan kita lebih utuh dan teguh.

KEADILAN lahir atas kesedaran – menentang kezaliman dan kebejatan – kini merupakan satu parti yang kuat. Kita bergerak sebagai satu jentera, hanya satu. Bersama – sama teman Pakatan Rakyat yang lain – PAS dan DAP – kita mampu untuk mengambil alih Putrajaya dan mentadbir kerajaan pusat jauh lebih baik daripada mereka yang sedia ada.

Pilihan Raya Umum ke 13 semakin hampir. Ini pertarungan agung kita. Kita wajib menang. Menang untuk melawan kezaliman. Menang untuk kita selamatkan negara ini. Menang untuk kita semarakkan Reformasi. Menang untuk kita kibarkan panji Keadilan sejagat raya.

Lawan tetap lawan! Reformasi!


[KLIP] Semarak Reformasi

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 07:16 AM PDT

Audit Buktikan SPR Laksana Penipuan Besar-Besaran

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 07:14 AM PDT


Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mendedahkan sebanyak 64,100 pengundi pos dimasukkan dalam daftar pemilih Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) dalam tempoh sehari, tanpa melalui prosedur.

"Audit mendapati ada  penipuan besar-besaran dari daftar pemilih. Penemuan 64,100 pemilih pos dimasukkan dalam daftar pada 9 April 2010, berkemungkinan besar tidak melalui proses semakan dan bantahan rasmi.

"Sebanyak 77, 246 nama pengundi baru yang tidak ada dalam daftar pemilih PRU 12,imasukkan.

"Bezanya apa? Permohonan dibuat bertahun-tahun sebelum PRU 12. Ada lima, lapan tahun tetapi tidak semena-mena nama-nama itu terpancar semula," kata Ketua Pembangkang pada majlis Makan Malam Perdana Pakatan Rakyat di Stadium Tertutup Melawati itu yang dihadiri kira-kira 3,000 pemimpin

Menyifatkan ia didalangi Umno lantaran tidak yakin memenangi PRU 13, Anwar memberi amaran keras kepada SPR supaya membersihkan daftar pemilih itu.

Tambah memeranjatkan, kata Anwar, SPR mendaftar pengundi yang tiada alamat.

"Ini bukan perkara baru, sebanyak 5.75 juta pemilih tiada alamat dalam daftar pemilih SPR, 3.3 juta hanya ada nombor rumah.

"Ada 4.38 juta pemilih tanpa nombor rumah. Dia jawab, di kawasan Dayak, Kadazan, nombor rumah tiada tapi takkan sampai 4 juta. Manakala 1.99 juta boleh diperbaiki, ada alamat tapi tidak dibetulkan," katanya.

Selain taktik pertambahan pengundi meragukan, beliau berkata, kaedah SPR untuk menipu melibatkan isu lokaliti dan persempadanan.

"Kita tahu beberapa nama diumumkan oleh kawan-kawan kita yang terlibat tentang soal lokaliti. Lokaliti ini dulu banyak tetapi dikurangkan. Dulu jika ada enam, sekarang jadi tiga.

"Selangor sahaja jumlah lokaliti berkurang daripada 24,479 kepada 13,813. Masalahnya, kita mahu semak satu persatu jadi susah sebab kawasan jadi besar," katanya.

Selain itu, katanya masalah pemilih pos juga berlaku kecurigaan kerana nombor kad pengenalan tidak sepadan.

"Ada 304,136, ini bukan jumlah kecil. Kita tak kata semuanya penipuan tetapi ada kejanggalan tentang tarikh permohonannya.

"Malah, sebanyak 2,522 pemilih tentera dan polis tanpa nombor kad pengenalan baru yang berpadanan dengan nama-nama mereka," katanya.

Lim Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang

Tunggu sahaja penggal ini tamat tempohnya

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 04:14 AM PDT

— Aspan Alias The Malaysian Insider Sep 30, 2012 30 SEPT — Najib Razak adalah Perdana Menteri pertama yang menjadi ketua negara yang tidak mendapat mandat kepimpinan beliau dari rakyat walaupun sesudah menjadi PM selama empat tahun. Beliau hanya meneruskan mandat Abdullah Badawi dan ini sudah cukup menunjukkan yang Najib menjadi PM dengan meminjam mandat [...]

If Najib really believes that PR’s Buku Jingga is “not worth the paper it’s printed on”, he should stop shying away from a debate with Anwar and agree to have one within a fortnight

Posted: 30 Sep 2012 03:29 AM PDT

At the 44th Gerakan national delegates conference in Kuala Lumpur today, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak made two remarkable statements, viz: • That the Pakatan Rakyat's Buku Jingga is not worth the paper it is written on; and • That Pakatan Rakyat is not a credible alternative to Barisan Nasional. Both assertions are [...]

The Budget 2013

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 11:39 PM PDT

— Lim Guan Eng The Malaysian Insider Sep 30, 2012 SEPT 30 — Even though many goodies where announced during yesterday's Budget 2013 speech by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, this budget has failed the Malaysian people by not addressing three crucial areas which are necessary to guarantee the long term well-being of our country [...]

Parents know best; the days of government knows best are over

Posted: 29 Sep 2012 09:46 AM PDT

— May Chee The Malaysian Insider Sep 29, 2012 SEPT 29 — The first part of the topic above is my belief; the second is espoused by our honourable Prime Minister himself. I mean what I say and I hope he does, too. The Malaysian New Education Blueprint unveiled recently has promised to depoliticise the [...]