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Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Adenan’s insistence to sell the 267-acre MJC land at the price of RM115 million only will be a permanent stigma of his government.

Posted: 22 Aug 2015 04:50 AM PDT

Adenan's insistence to sell the 267-acre MJC land at the price of RM115 million only will be a permanent stigma of his government.
He may think that he has "checkmated" me by insisting that I first disclose the name of the intended purchaser who has proposed to purchase the land for RM620 million before he even consider the development plan submitted by the said intended purchaser.
However, the general public views it differently.
All Sarawakian are aware of the usual Barisan Nasional's oppressive tactic against DAP's supporters and sympathisers, especially when it comes to businessmen and property developers.
As such, the intended purchaser who submitted the proposal to buy the land at the price of RM620 million has insisted that I must not disclose his name unless Adenan shows some form of goodwill and sincerity by approving in principle the plan that he proposed.
By merely indicating an approval in principle and accepting the intended purchaser's offer, the State Government will get an additional RM505 million. Is that too much to ask of Adenan for an additional RM505 million revenue for the State Government?
Whatever excuses that Adenan may give, ultimately, the key issue is clear.
It is a matter of selling the 267 acres of State land at the price of RM115 million or RM620 million and Adenan chose to sell it at RM115 million only. Why did he do that? It does not make logical sense. Is he subject to control by someone higher?
At the end of the day, the people of Sarawak lost RM505 million which becomes the profits of the 2 shareholders of Standard Parade Development Sdn Bhd, the BN cronies.
Clearly, Adenan cannot exonerate himself by claiming that the deal was entered into by the previous Administration. The Sale and Purchase Agreement was signed by the Government on 8-3-2014 which is after he became the Chief Minister of Sarawak.
This land deal is a rip-off on the people of Sarawak and Adenan is condoning such rip-off to happen right under his nose. This will go down record of Sarawak history as a stigma in Adenan's government.
Meanwhile, I will continue to exert pressure on the MACC to expedite the investigation of the matter.


Posted: 22 Aug 2015 03:32 AM PDT

民主行动党古晋市国会议员兼哥打圣淘沙州议员张健仁表示,"1亿1500万令吉贱卖石角267英亩政府地"的事件,将是阿德南掌首长职的一个"污点"。 因为,它使砂州人民失去5亿500万令吉。
"砂国阵政府是出了名压迫在野党支持者的政府。 在砂州,尤其是那些大型的发展商,更不敢公开的支持在野党,惧怕被政府算账。 因此,这位愿出价6亿2000万令吉买该片地的买家特别声明,除非阿德南有做出原则上的批准该发展图,展示其诚意,不然他不愿透露他的身份。"
"难道要阿德南原则上先批准那个发展图如此难? 而且,这涉及州政府多赚5亿500令吉收入的事项,难道阿德南连一个基本的诚意都无法展示吗? 如果州政府连这基本的合作和诚意都没有,又有谁放心投资几十亿令吉的发展?"
张氏说,不论阿德南如何狡辩,整个事件的重点就是,阿德南宁可以1亿1500万令吉的价格贱卖这267英亩的政府地给国阵朋党公司(Standard Parade Development有限公司),也不接受他人以6亿2000万令吉的价格买同一片地。 当然,损失的不是他个人,而是砂州政府,也既是砂州人民。
张氏也说,对于这起贱卖政府地的舞弊,阿德南不能推卸责任。 因为,该份贱卖土地的合约,是于2014年3月8日才签署的。 当时,阿德南已经上任为砂州首长了。 除非阿德南承认,他背后还有人在操控他的决定。
张健仁强调,这弊案是在剥削砂州人民。 5亿500令吉可以为砂州进行许多建设惠及全民,不应该被几个朋党如此的瓜分和吞食。 因此,虽然砂州政府允许此弊案,行动党还是会继续向反贪污委员会施压,以尽快调查此案。

Sarawak Continues to be Marginalised under 11th Malaysia Plan Despite Adenan’s Promises

Posted: 18 Aug 2015 06:20 AM PDT


The 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) tabled by Adenan Satem is no difference from the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) in terms of allocation of fund for Sarawak.
In yesterday Adenan's speech in Sarawak DUN, he informed DUN that the total allocation of fund by the Federal Government for Sarawak under the 10MP was RM18.5 billion.
" This allocation is made up of Federal Fund totalling RM18.8 billion to implement 1,529 projects and State Fund of RM18.5 billion to implement 1,114 projects."
(p.9, 3rd para of Hansard)
He also informed Sarawak DUN that the total allocation of Federal Fund for Sarawak under the 11MP will be RM20 billion.
" The approved allocation for the State Eleventh Malaysia is RM20 billion to implement 915 projects. So, our contribution is not very far from what we ask from the Federal Government. I hope they will give us as much as we will give. Not give less than what we want to spend ourselves on Eleventh Malaysia Plan."
(p.21, 1st para of Hansard)
10th Malaysia Plan(2011 – 2015)
Total Federal allocation for Sarawak --RM18.8 billion
Average annual Federal Allocation for Sarawak --RM3.76 billion
11th Malaysia Plan (2016 – 2020)
Total Federal allocation for Sarawak --RM20 billion
Average annual Federal Allocation for Sarawak --RM4 billion
All the allocation under the Malaysia Plans are allocated through the annual government Budget presented in Parliament. As the allocation set for Sarawak under the 10MP is 18.8 billion, therefore, on average, Sarawak will be getting about RM3.76 billion a year over the period of 5 years under the 10MP.
For the past 5 years, the annual Development Expenditure under the Federal Government's Budget is about RM50 billion. Sarawak is only getting about RM3.76 billion each year which is only a meagre 7.5% of the Federal Government's Development Expenditure budget.
Despite Adenan's repeated claim that he will not allow the Federal Government to continue marginalise Sarawak, the figure in the 11MP speaks otherwise.
Even assuming the Federal Government honours the pledges under the 11MP, which is RM4 billion per year, and that the Development Expenditure maintains at RM50 billion per year without any increment, Sarawak will be getting only 8% of the Federal Development Expenditure.
With the land mass of Sarawak constituting more than 1/3rd of Malaysia land mass, how can Adenan expect this 8% Development Expenditure to enable Sarawak to catch up with the level of development in West Malaysia?
Furthermore, given the inflation rate, the real value of RM20 billion for year 2016 – 2020 is well below the real value of RM18.8 billion for the year 2011 – 2015.
With such figures, for Adenan to claim that the Federal Government is now placing more importance in Sarawak, he is either being plain naïve or trying to fool the people of Sarawak.
In fact it is an irony that despite speaking out so strongly against "marginalisation of Sarawak", Adenan himself tabled the 11MP which marginalise Sarawak.
Sarawak has been taken for a ride by the Barisan Nasional Government for more than 52 years and the 11MP is no difference from the previous 10 Malaysia Plans. The marginalisation will continue and Sarawak will continue to be backward so long as BN continues to be the government.
Therefore, in the interest of Sarawak, Sarawak BN must withdraw from the National BN. At present, Sarawak BN has the number to tilt the balance of power at Federal level and UMNO is also at its weakest in the nation's history, it is the best time for Adenan to make the move.
Therefore, I call upon Adenan to be frank with the people of Sarawak and not try to sweet-talk his way out of the reality. Otherwise, he is a just an accomplice to such marginalisation.


Posted: 18 Aug 2015 06:18 AM PDT


张健仁在今日的文告中指出,阿德南于昨日州议会提呈《第11大马计划》时向州议会报告,在《第10大马计划》下,联邦总共拨给砂州185亿令吉的拨款。 同时,阿德南也说,在《第11大马计划》下,联邦拨给砂州的总拨款将是200亿令吉。

张氏说,阿德南在州议会的发表,全部都清清楚楚的记录在州议会当天的会议记录第9页和第21页。 以下是这两个大马计划的数据比较:

第10大马计划(2011 – 2015)

第11大马计划(2016 – 2020)
联邦拨给砂州的总拨款 -- 200亿令吉
联邦平均每年拨给砂州的拨款 -- 40亿令吉

张氏指出,大马计划是一个5年发展蓝图。 它几乎下的拨款,是经由每年国会所通过的财政预算案中所拨出来的。 因此,在《第10大马计划》下砂州的拨款既已设在185亿令吉,那平均每年财政预算案将拨出37.6亿令吉,5年总数185亿令吉。



张氏说,根据阿德南在州议会的报告,在《第11大马计划下》(2016 – 2020年),砂州将得到总数约200亿令吉的发展拨款

"这意味着,从2016年 – 2020年这5年的期间,砂州每年的发展拨款将是大约40亿令吉。 就算联邦政府在这5年期间的发展开支保持在500亿令吉左右(通常是每年增加的),40亿令吉只不过是500亿令吉的8%而已。"

张氏说,砂拉越的面积占了马来西亚总面积的1/3以上,这每年区区8%的'发展开支'的拨款,又如何能使到砂州的发展追上西马? 更何况,在百货通胀的情况下,《第11大马计划》期间(即,2016年 – 2020年)的40亿令吉的实质价值,远不如《第10大马计划》期间(即,2011年 – 2015年)的37.6亿令吉的实质价值。




"事实胜于雄辩,从《第一大马计划》到昨天阿德南自己提呈的《第11大马计划》的数据证明,国阵过去边缘化砂州,今后还是会继续的边缘化砂州。 无论阿德南的话讲得多么好听,只要一天还是国阵执政马来西亚,边缘化和亏待砂州的政策还是会延续下去。"

张氏说,为了砂州人民的权益,砂国阵必须退出国阵。 目前是最佳的时机,因为砂国阵的国会议员人数是25位,若退出国阵,国阵将无法在国会掌握超过50%的人数。 更何况,目前也是巫统最脆弱的时刻。 只要阿德南一声令下砂国阵退出国阵,立刻就换政府了,也可以立刻终结国阵政府剥削和亏待砂州52年的政策。


Is the Sarawak State Government’s Minor Rural Project (MRP) Fund turning into another of the 1MDB scandal?

Posted: 06 Aug 2015 10:24 PM PDT

Is the Sarawak State Government's Minor Rural Project (MRP) Fund turning into another of the 1MDB scandal? This is the question that DAP was asking in the DUN Sarawak. DAP has never objected to more allocation to develop the rural area, but we object to the non-transparent nature of the allocation which open up opportunity for corruption.
Adenan's allegation of DAP rejecting the RM500 million for rural development is just an attempt to cover-up the State Government's non-transparency in the use of rural development fund, especially the so-called "Minor Rural Project Fund".
In November, 2014, the Sarawak DUN approved a sum of RM655.9 million of allocation for MRP fund for the year 2015.
It was only the 4th month of 2015, 2015, the State Government tabled for another additional RM500 million allocation for MRP Fund without giving any justification and detail on how the previous RM655.9 million was spent.
It is a norm that for any budgetary allocation, there must be specific mention of the projects concerned for which the fund was allocated. For example, for other items of allocation under the 2015 State Budget, details of the projects were all provided in the Budget:
the allocation of research fund for "Production Development from Sago Starch", a sum of RM130,000;
"Membina dan Menyiapkan Market/Pusat Penjaja Dua Tingkat di Daerah Julau", a sum of RM650,000;
Grant for "Perhentian Bas dan Terminal Bas" for Majlis Daerah Luar Bandar Sibu, a sum of RM150,000;
Menaiktaraf Perparitan di Kampung Rampangi, a sum of RM1,000,000.
If the Government can provide the details for projects as small a sum as RM150,000 in the Budget, why is the Government hiding and concealing the detail for the sum of RM500 million?
Together with the RM655.9 million previously approved for MRP, the additional RM500 million will make the total allocation for MRP for the year 2015 a sum of RM1,155.9 million, devoid of all details of the MRPs to be implemented.
I have raised the query that the Government is giving every one of the rural BN DUN area a MRP allocation of RM4 million each. To my query in DUN, there was no denial or answer by Adenan or his ministers.
There are about 60 DUN constituencies that can be considered "RURAL". Even if each were to be given the allocation of RM4 million, it only adds up to RM240 million. Where is the balance of RM915.9 million?
Adenan's statement is similar to Najib's statement saying that the RM2.6 billion in his personal account is NOT FOR HIS PERSONAL USE. But the people want transparency and answer.
If Adenan or his administration has nothing to hide, all the BN ADUNs and the Government must list out all the projects implemented with this RM1,155.9 million allocation.
Every year, hundreds of millions Ringgit have been allocated for rural development projects. In total, billions have been allocated for rural projects. Yet, there are still so many kampongs and longhouses without water and electricity, many also not accessible by cars.
If there were no corruption or leakages in the use of the rural development fund, no kampong in Sarawak would be without water or electricity by now.
Therefore, the problem does not lie with having insufficient fund allocation for MRPs but kickbacks on award of MRPs and the leakages. As a result, the rural people continued to suffer despite billions have been allocated.
The State Government must come clean on the use of MRP funds and provide the people answers to the following questions:
1. All details of the projects done with the RM4-million MRP Fund allocated to each of the BN ADUNs;
2. Full details of the projects for the balance RM915.9 million, into whose accounts were these money paid.
It is only through stringent public scrutiny and transparency that we can ensure that every Ringgit allocated is well spent and that the rural people will benefit fully from the allocation.


Posted: 06 Aug 2015 07:00 PM PDT

有关张健仁于今年4月的州议会针对州政府寻求议会额外多拨5亿令吉"小型乡村发展金"提出质疑,阿德南事后将它污蔑为行动党反对政府发展乡村。 对于阿德南的污蔑,张健仁今日再次做出回应。


他指出,去年11月,砂州议会才在《2015年砂州财政预算案》中通过一笔6亿5590万令吉的"小型乡村发展金"供2015年。 今年4月开州议会时,砂州政府又在其附加法案中寻求议会通过额外一笔5亿令吉的"小型乡村发展金"。

"我们首要知道的是,2015年短短的头3个月,难道政府已花完原本财政预算案所通过的那笔6亿5590万令吉的'小型乡村发展金'? 如此巨大的一笔钱,到底州政府是怎样在如此短的时间内花完,而必须在4月的州议会,再寻求州议会通过另外第二笔5亿令吉的'小型乡村发展金'?"

张健仁指出,任何在财政预算案的拨款,都必须列出该拨款所进行的工程。 他举例,在2015年财政预算案中的一些拨款事项如下:

"研究生产sago淀粉"拨款 -- 13万令吉
"建Julau区的双层菜市场/小贩中心"拨款 -- 65万令吉
"诗巫乡村议会巴士占"拨款 -- 15万令吉
"提升甘榜Rampangi的沟渠" -- 100万令吉


"既然在财政预算案和附加法案,涉及十几万令吉工程的拨款都必须列明有关工程的资料,那为何涉及十几亿令吉的拨款却如此的保密,不敢透露涉及的工程? 这岂不是欲盖儞章,此地无银三百两?"

张健仁说,去年所通过的《2015年财政预算案》中的"小型乡村发展金"和今年4月《2015年附加法案》中的"小型乡村发展金"加起来,今年的"小型乡村发展金"总数是11亿5590万令吉。 州议会完全无法知道,这笔钱用在那里,如何用,及还给谁。

张氏透露,他在4月的州议会提出质问,政府拨给国阵的每一位州议员400万令吉的"小型乡村发展金"。 对此,阿德南和他的部长们都没有否认。

"但是,问题是,就算每位乡村的州议席都分得400万令吉,全砂州只有月60个乡村议席, 总数也只不过是2亿4000万令吉。 还有剩余的9亿1590万令吉又跑去那里?"


他指出,乡村甘榜仍旧落后,主要原因不是因为拨款不足,而是贪污和浪费,使到大部分的拨款流失,没有真正用在发展乡村的工程上。  如果过去的乡村拨款有真正的用在发展乡村,那今天不应该还会有甘榜或长屋没有水电的了。


1. 国阵每个选区的400万令吉的"小型乡村发展金"用在那里了?
2. 除了这2亿4000万令吉之外,剩余的9亿1590万令吉去了那里,进了谁的户口?