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念群与沙登人民同在 | Nie Ching for Serdang

念群与沙登人民同在 | Nie Ching for Serdang

Police priorities misplaced, reform needed

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 08:59 AM PDT

Media statement by Teo Nie Ching in Serdang on Friday, 7th October 2011:

I express regret and vent my anger towards the police force for gross abuse of public funds in their harsh treatment of the peaceful demonstrators in the Bersih 2.0 rally.

Malaysians from all strata of society gathered together to demand for clean and fair elections but they were subjected to brutal treatment by the police and FRU who not only fired a total of 262 teargas canisters at them but also arrested 1,509 protestors, committing gross injustice in the process.

"Until today, there has been no reports of damage to public facilities or private property by the demonstrators, therefore there was absolutely no need for the police to use teargas and water cannons against ordinary citizens, or treat them as if they were terrorists. The police even fired into the hospital compound!"

Although the police repeatedly announced a decline in crime rates, the incidence of crime and public safety are still major areas of concern for many people.

262枚催泪弹驱散709集会 . 张念群抨警方滥射误用资源

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 08:51 AM PDT


“来自各阶层的人民只是要表达,他们追求一个干净与公平选举的诉求, 但却遭警方发射262枚催泪弹驱散;过程中,更逮捕了1509名集会者 ,这对人民有欠公允。”





Philosophy Politics Economics

Philosophy Politics Economics

Budget 2012: Najib Fails Reform Credentials

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 05:48 PM PDT

Budget 2012 fails to live up to the Prime Minister's reform pledges in NEM, GTP and ETP

The expectations were high for a pre-election budget where Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak will stamp his "reformist" credentials. It is for the Prime Minister to put into action the various reform pledges made in his cornerstone policy blueprints – the New Economic Model (NEM), Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

However, the announcement of the budget left much to be desired as little has changed beyond tweaking the budget of the previous financial year. Instead what is perhaps the most worrying is that Malaysians are like the proverbial frog in the hot soup – where the frog does not realise the soup is slowly but surely reaching the boiling point.

We may not yet be facing the crisis of Greek proportions, but Budget 2012 is doing very little to avert such eventuality, leaving the Malaysian economy nakedly exposed to the inevitability.

Federal Government Debt

Our Federal Government debt has increased rapidly from RM242 billion in 2004 to RM363 billion in 2009 and RM456 billion in 2011. That represents a marked 88.4% increase in debt over the past 7 years. It is also an increase of 25.6% or nearly RM100 billion over 2 years.

The increase in debt has increased the pressure on reigning in our budget deficit as our annual debt service commitments have increased to RM20.5 billion next year from only half the amount 5 years ago in 2007.

While our federal government debt to GDP ratio is still at a moderate 53.8%, a far cry from Greece's 117%, we are not far from Spain's 64% or Ireland's 67%, both of whom are facing economic turbulence of their own.

Our debt levels will only worsen in the next few years as we embark on record levels of infrastructure spending such as the RM53 billion Klang Valley MRT project which is expected to be funded entirely on debt.

Wages and Pensions

At the same time, our public sector expenditure is increasingly mirroring that of the European countries with ballooning civil service obligations. The budgeted expenditure for wages and pensions for 2012 is a whopping RM64.1 billion, an increase of RM6.2 billion or 10.8% budgeted for 2011. The increase is even more worrying when contrasted against the budgeted RM36.9 billion 2007, a 73.7% increase in just 5 years.

The GTP had promised a more efficient and cost effective government and civil service. What we are seeing from the Budget is only on which is indebting our children, entrenching our structural problems and very weak expenditure controls.

Economic Growth

Despite the Governments efforts in the ETP, our manufacturing and export statistics paint a starkly different picture.

Our export sector grew a miserly 2.7% in 2011 against 13.2% in 2010. However, we should be further alarmed by the fact that the growth was a result of increased contributions from exports of rubber, paper, textiles, clothes and shoes which grew in excess of 15%, and the petroleum products by 9.3%. Our electrical and electronics sector, which constitutes 26.4% of our total exports industry shrunk by 4.9% in 2011.

From the above indicators, there appears to be a shift away from higher value-added export sectors to the primary products industry such as rubber, wood, textiles and crude oil. This is the exact reverse of what we are trying to achieve via the ETP.

Budget deficit

Based on the Economic Report, we are expected to meet our deficit target of 5.4% for this year only because our revenues had grown beyond the expected in the 2010 budget due to very strong commodity prices. The Government has managed to collect RM21.1 billion of extra revenue on top of the originally budget RM165.8 billion. If not for the unexpected increase in government revenue, our budget deficit would have been a shocking 7.9%.

The Government is planning a 4.7% deficit for 2012, a figure which doesn't give hope that the 2.5% deficit target promised by Najib can be met by 2015. Even then, based on poor expenditure controls and the habitual ad hoc expenditure patterns of past BN governments, even meeting the 4.7% target will be a challenge, especially if commodity prices were to fall below expectations next year.

Optimistic projections

Finally, despite having achieved on 4.2% growth in the first half of 2011, and a slowing global economy in the face of another potential economic crisis, the Government has retained its unrealistic growth assumptions of 5.0 to 5.5%. To meet the target, Malaysia's economy will have to grow by at least 5.7% in the 2nd half of the year, which is highly optimistic to say the least.

The Federal Government's unrealistic expectations coupled with a budget which failed to demonstrate substantive reforms and political will for change makes the 2012 budget a highly disappointing and puts in serious doubt our ability to become a high income nation as aspired in Najib's New Economic Model.

IWK Should Be Returned To Local Councils

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 09:38 AM PDT

We welcome the reply by Finance Ministry to my question in parliament today as to whether the Indah Water Konsortium will be privatised to 1MDB together with other private entities such as Puncak Niaga Holdings Bhd.

When asked to confirm if the IWK will be privatised in whatever form to 1MDB, the Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Donald Lim has responded that it will not. He has further added that IWK will instead be restructured and placed under the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water.

However, we would like to call upon the Government to take a further step of decentralising the IWK sewerage treatment and management business, and returning it to their respective local councils. The IWK was formed in 1994 as part of Dr Mahathir's privatisation initiative and took over all the relevant functions from the local government authorities. To ensure increased effectiveness and greater responsiveness to issues faced by the people, it is crucial that the local councils are empowered to manage its services.

The centralisation of IWK services has resulted in a costly privatisation exercise where the Government was bailed out IWK from its concessionaire with RM192 million in 2000. The exercise has since resulted in further cost to the government amounting to RM1.2 billion to make up IWK's operational deficits since then.

We would warn the Government against reversing the decision to reject 1MDB's privatisation proposal, especially when attempting to privatise to parties which are facing financial difficulties such as Puncak Niaga Holdings Bhd. The latter had recently announced that its shareholder's funds have plunged to RM36 million breaching the Practice Note 17 guidelines of a minimum of RM40 million of Bursa Malaysia before receiving reprieve from Bursa to regularise its position by June 2012.

Should the Government decide at any point of time to revive the privatisation exercise, such exercise must be conducted in an open, competitive and transparent manner to ensure that the interest of the rakyat is prioritised, and the cost to the Government minimised.

Government Must Not Pay RM0.50 To Send Bills Via Email

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 09:03 AM PDT

We view with concern the announcement made by Tricubes Bhd that 4 government agencies have been approached to adopt the MyEmail system and 2 agencies are commencing pilot projects with the company. The agencies which have been approached are the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), Road Transport Department (JPJ) and the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

We have no objection to government agencies negotiating with any commercial companies to provide better and more efficient services to the public.

However, we are duly worried when the Government starts to use tax-payers' monies to pay for services which are either unnecessary or excessive.

Tricubes CEO, Khairun Zainal Mokhtar has reiterated that He added that "each bill sent via myemail be charged 50 sen to the agency" while normal emails will not be charged.

We would like to reiterate our position in the strongest possible terms our objections to Government agencies paying a single sen for any bills delivered via email. If our local and foreign banks, as well as other utility operators in the country can send my statements and bills to me via normal Yahoo or Gmail accounts, there is absolutely no reason at all for Government agencies to be delivering emails via service providers that charge anything for its use.

We would like to warn that any agency signing agreements to make payments for emails delivered borne by the tax-payers will be referred to the Parliament's Public Accounts Committee to answer for its decision and provide full details on the terms and conditions agreed to in the service contract.

This objection is not aimed against private innovative enterprises but to prevent parties from manipulating exclusive positions and restrictive government concessions from profiting either via rent-seeking or the sheer ignorance of our agencies.

MRT: Tunnel Realignment for Luxury Bungalow?

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 10:40 AM PDT

The Land Public Transport Authority (SPAD), Pemandu and Syarikat Prasarana (or its new owner MRT Co.) must answer to the public for the double standards which have been shown in its treatment of a VIP bungalow in Jalan Damansara, off Jalan Duta.

In the original plan, the tunnel was clearly shown to pass through underneath the VIP bungalow, which based on the arguments put forth by SPAD and Pemandu so far, necessitates the acquisition of the land. The original plan is attached in Diagram A. The contract for the tunnel "portal" has already been awarded and works commenced near the site.

Diagram A: Original Alignment

Diagram B: New Alignment

However, for reasons best known to the authorities, the works on the original site has now been stopped, the tunnel portal relocated and a variation order has been issued to the contractor. The last minute tunnel realignment can be seen in the updated plan shown in Diagram B, where the tunnel no longer passes underneath the VIP house.

The costly and last minute change flies in the face of SPAD and Pemandu's arguments that the tunnel route has already been optimised and finalised and is no longer subject to change. The tunnel route, passing through Chinatown and Bukit Bintang has sparked protests from landowners in the areas because of the authorities' intent to acquire all land above the tunnel.

This is despite the fact that we have argued that the Government is able to, under the amended Land Acquisition Act, acquire the underground land without having to affect the land and its use on the surface. Alternatively, the land owners have suggested that the tunnel routes can be realigned to prevent the costly and inconvenient acquisitions. However, the Government has to date, refused acquiesce to the requests from the landowners.

Now with the fact that SPAD did indeed make a realignment concession to "save" a VIP's bungalow house from being affected by the tunnel route, the Government must explain its hypocrisy and double-standards in dealing with the above issues. On the one hand, the Government remains stubborn in refusing to hear out the pleas of the landowners and traders in Jalan Sultan and Bukit Bintang, many of whom have been earning a living there for decades, while on the other hand, the Government goes out of its way to save a luxury bungalow, despite its cost to the taxpayers.

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

HUDUD -- A brief response to Zainah

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 07:57 PM PDT

I am writing this in response to an article by Zainah Anwar in the Star where she presented her objections to the implementation of Hudud law. I understand that she sees herself as a 'modern, democratic and progressive' person and as such has great difficulty in understanding why there exists to this day people who are "stuck in medieval times". I know that her views with respect to Hudud law and perhaps the whole of the Islamic legal system is shared by some Muslims and this is why I chose to give her article a response, all be it a brief one.

First I believe that a brief explaination on what Hudud law is about would be relevant here. Hudud law refers to those specific crimes and their related punishment which have been catergorically mentioned in the Quran. As such there are only a few crimes which fall under the purview of Hudud law. Given that these laws are directly derived from the Quran, to the Muslim, who believes that the Quran is the word of God, its implementation is a matter of faith.

The crimes which cannot be charged under Hudud fall under the purview of Ta'zir wherein the punishment and mode of proof is open to discussion and debate. It has also to be understood that the implementation of the Hudud laws are subject to very strict and stringent requirements. Due to the stringent punishments which are to be metted out, the requirements to necessitate the implementation of these laws are also equally stringent.

The case of adultery.

The question of 4 witnesses in the case of adultery and the subsequent Qazaf punishment should the accuser fail to bring forth the 4 witnesses is frequently scoffed at but it is an example of the strict and stringent requirements for conviction in view of the stringent punishment to be meted out. To meet the requirement of 4 reputable witnesses makes conviction almost impossible.

Perhaps some may then question, if it is nearly impossible to get a conviction in the case of adultery, why then the need for such a law? The answer is to maintain the status of adultery as a heinious crime in the eyes of the public. No one will then brag of having had illicit affairs in public. The social implications of adultery is obvious for all to see. Abandoned babies, divorces and the such is clearly on the increase. We speak out against the stringent punishment against adultery but who speaks out for the dead baby found in the trash bins?

The purpose of this requirement is also to ensure that such accusations are not made irresponsibly and rumours pertaining to a person's moral uprightness is seen as something unacceptable by the general public.

The case of rape.

In relation to the issue of rape, it has also to be explained, in the event some people still do not understand, rape and adultery are two different things. The law pertaining to adultery is not applicable to that of rape. An accusation of adultery is made by a third party wherein the act is done by other consenting individuals. An accusation of rape on the other hand, is made by the victim herself, not a third party and it is far from being consensual. Given the situation, the requirement for the 4 witnesses is not relevant to rape as it is to strengthen the accusation of the third party in the case of an accusation of adultery. In the case of rape, conventional items of proof can be used such as DNA and the such to secure a conviction.

It is to be noted that in the case of rape, many rapists get off scot free as they alledge it was consensual sex. This is more so the case in 'date rapes' or cases when the rapist is an acquaintence of the victim. In such cases, the victim has to proof that it was not consensual and in most cases the victim and her moral integrity is then put on trial. Under the Islamic system, consensual sex is not a defence for the rapist as in effect he would be admitting to adultery. The victim would be let off as she claims rape and her involvement in the sexual act was not consensual.

Ofcourse there are those who would argue that an unsuspecting male would then become the victim when a woman seduces him and she then cries rape. To that my response would be for the male to keep his pants on at all times. This in itself would be a deterrant to the occurrence of adultery as the male would always be wary as to whether such an invitation was a trap as he would have no escape route open to him should she intend to entrap him.

I do not deny that in some cases there are those who insist that rape and adultery are the same. It has to be noted that such claims have no Quranic justification and can be taken as a misinterpretation of Islamic law by individuals who do not understand the difference between the two. If this happens, I am sure the Sisters in Islam will be able to argue out the case for differentiating between the two cases.

Pregnancy out of wedlock.

Similar is the case for women who become pregnant out of wedlock. All that needs to be done is to say that she was raped or forced to have sex and that would suffice as her defence. Anyone saying otherwise should bring forth 4 witnesses as they are then the ones accusing her of having committed adultery.

A case in point is an incident in the time of Umar Al-Khattab when an unmarried woman was brought to him after having given birth to a child. Umar wanted to punish her but when asked by Ali, she explained what happened some 10 months before when she was forced to have sex in exchange for a drink of milk while she was dying of thirst. Given that explanation, Ali quickly retorted that she was a victim, forced to have sex and should not therefore be punished. She was then released.

It is to be understood that the spirit behind the implementation of the law is to find the accused innocent unless the evidence and proof is so overwhelming and all requirements have been met that it cannot be opined otherwise other than guilty. It is not to be implemented with a blood-thirsty and over zealious attitude as what some may wish to potray.

Thieves and the cutting off of their hands.

In the case of theft and the cutting off of the hand of the thief, it has to also be understood that in the first place, 2 righteous persons need to come forward as witnesses. They must have seen the thief stealing the item with their own eyes. At the same time, the item stolen must be above a certain value, kept in a reasonably safe location and the reasons for stealing must be other than out of necessity. Last but not least, the victim must insist on charging the thief or thieves in the court knowing full well the punishment which will be meted out in the case of a conviction. Should the victim choose to retract all charges, after having achieved an amicable out of court agreement, then again the conviction and thereby, the punishment averted.

It must be always borne in mind that the purpose of the law is to act as a serious deterrent to all 'would be prepertrators' and in so doing, reduce crime significantly. It is not the objective to maximise the number of those punished. Theft, especially those accompanied by violence leaves traumatised victims in its wake. Victims of snatch thieves, dragged over a few meters, suffer serious injuries. Some have died. Pregnant women have been known to suffer miscarriage and even innocent by-standers have been known to have become victims of this crime.

While conviction is difficult, due to the requirements set by the Hudud, its implementation will serve as an effective deterrent for fear that it may be implemented in that particular case being considered. Should through its implementation, the occurrence of crime is significantly reduced, then we must say that it has achieved its objective. If a single hand is in the end cut off, but through it a thousand incidences are averted, and with it also a thousand traumatised victims, would one not say that the law has been a success.

It has to be reiterated that in the event a case cannot be charged under Hudud, due to it not fulfilling the explicit requirements, it can then be charged under Ta'zir. In the case of theft, this includes situations where there were no witnesses to the crime but the stolen material was found in the posession of the accused, or there was only one witness instead of two and the such. In such cases the accused if found guilty will still be punished, but not under the laws of Hudud.


It can be concluded that much is not known about the Hudud laws and how it works within the bigger overall legal system, particularly by those who wish to appear as champions opposing it. What should happen is for the proponents to present their case in detail first, before it is opposed based on the points presented.

Secondly, while the crime and punishment for Hudud crimes are quite explicit, the procedures for its implementation can be discussed and so designed so as to ensure that they will not lead to an easy conviction.

Third and last, it is up to the Muslims to decide wether they wish for these laws to be implemented on them. If that is what they wish for, understanding it to be a requirement of their faith, who then is Zainah to refuse them their choice. After all, is it not said that one man's meat is another man's poison?

For those who like to give the impression that when HUDUD is implemented there will be so many people walking around without limbs and there will be not enough stones to throw are admitting that there are many thieves and adulterers among us who would commit these heinous crimes unashamedly in broad daylight for other people to witness. If our society has come to this point don't you think that immorality in our society has reached uncontrollable levels and the more so HUDUD is imperative. Laws are not only to punish but more so to be a deterrent and educate citizens on what is the norm and acceptable values in society.

As an MP, I have many complaints and requests for traffic lights to be put at certain junctions because of frequent accidents. Sometimes I feel like telling people that " hei why can't road users just stop at road junctions because it is after all your life that you are looking after". I know they would answer "YB, we are not talking about ourselves, there are some people who just couldn't care less and as a result of their carelessness or attitude, others get hurt or killed. If there is a traffic light there people will know when to stop!". Road users know if they decide to go against the traffic signals, they risk of being fined or imprisoned.

Allah SWT understands the nature of His creations better than we understand ourselves. It is our faith that Allah SWT knows best. As Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Asri puts it precisely, as Muslim you cannot go against Allah's decree ( the Quran is the word of GOD) but you can question the enactments and its implementation. Sisters, if you accept the word of Allah SWT, you would be doing a great service to Islam if you can sit down with the implementers to iron out what you may perceive would be unjust in the implementation of  HUDUD.

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Deputy Finance Minister told Parliament: MAS-AirAsia share swap based on share price on 5-8-2011 by weechookeong

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 06:44 AM PDT


I will have it posted in an appropriate time. Let the “Pandai Bina and the Tak Fikir” and the WAU gang sweat it out. Why should we them the time to prepare themselves. They have treated Malaysians as idiot lets give them sleepless night. They all looked so happy after the secret share swap signing ceremony. When Budget Debate starts on Monday then they will soon not be able to smile!

Please bear with me bro.

Thank you.


wee choo keong

Comment on Deputy Finance Minister told Parliament: MAS-AirAsia share swap based on share price on 5-8-2011 by Anonymous

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 05:19 AM PDT

YB when are you going to post the letter to of complaint to PAC? Please post it as we want to read it.

Thank you

Comment on Deputy Finance Minister told Parliament: MAS-AirAsia share swap based on share price on 5-8-2011 by Anonymous

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:23 PM PDT

To solve problems in MAS and other GLC, the government must get rid of Mohammed Rashdan Yusof and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. Both were from BinaFikir Sdn Bhd. They are only good in theory and appointing consultants to solve the problems. THen they will hide behind the reports by consultants. What is the points?

We need good professional managers. In the case of MAS and AirAsia share swap you don’t a genius or consultant to tell us that share swap cannot be based upon share prices as it is subjected to manipulation as we can see from the trend of the movements of shares as pointed by YB. It should be based on NTA. But these Bina but brainless idiots agreed to the share swap as though they just graduated from primary school.

Furhter, collaboration or co-operations need not be done with share swap. We have seen companies in the world having co-operations without share swap or representation of the board of director. Whereas in the case here, AirAsia represented by Tony and Kamarudin and MAS has no representation in AIrAsia. How stupid can you be Tan Sri Azman and Rashdan. Or you are pretending to be stupid. This share swap is a daylight robbery to say the least.

So the government must get rid of the dead wood in Khazanah. managers like Tan Sr Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan must be kicked out to save MAS and other GLCs otherwise the future of this country will be very bleak.

Thank you YQ for a good piece especially on the facts on INSIDER TRADING. It was too clear for SC to ignore.

Comment on Deputy Finance Minister told Parliament: MAS-AirAsia share swap based on share price on 5-8-2011 by hazou

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 08:48 PM PDT

Average Joe

That is what they called selective truth..nobody interested in between the lines anymore..anyway i don’t know if our people is just plain stupid or what..anyway YB..kudos..keep up the good work..hope there is more like u in the next GE.

Comment on Speech at the UN by Anonymous

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 06:48 PM PDT


Comment on Issues for your MP by pekerja swasta wm

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 06:21 PM PDT

salam sejahtera…budget 2012 hanya yang kaya bertambah kaya,yang miskin bertambah miskin.kami yang pekerja swasta tetap macam biasa juga.
nak buat pinjaman perumahan atau pinjaman kereta mesti ada masalah.

skim perumahan pertama juga semuanya temberang je.cuba pergi mana-mana bank untuk membuat pembelian rumah serta pinjaman masih samar-samar proses pembelian.harga rumah terlalu mahal.kalau ada hanya rumah flet sahaja.itupun dihujung tanjung seperti bukit beruntung atau tasik biru,sg.buloh.jadi kami ini yang nak membeli rumah teres hanya boleh berangan-angan sahajalah sampai mati.

bil astro naik lagi.cukai kerajaan sampai 6%…menyusahkan golongan perpendapatan rendah je..astro pembohong!

menteri apa yang tahu,ada pemandu sendiri,pembantu rumah sendiri..bukan mereka yang pergi pasarpun..semua ada pembantu…harga barangan semuanya naik…apa lah kerajaan ni..makin menyusahkan rakyat je.

kakitangan kerajaan hanya pandai minta kenaikkan gaji dan bonus sahaja!!!
(bukan semua)..perkhidmatan masih ditakuk lama.cuba lihat JPJ wangsa maju,JPJ padang jawa dan macam-macam lagi.kalau pergi ke kementerian di putrajaya,mereka hanya duduk berlakon sahaja buat kerja.semua doq layan facebook sahaja…

hari-hari berita pasal politik?…yang kami ini tetap macam ini juga.gaji kecil,barangan semuanya mahal.menteri bolehlah gaji besar..apa yang mereka tahu..hanya pandai cakap je…sudahlahhh…..

kerajaan tak lihat ke semua perkara ini…atau pejam sebelah mata je???

Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat DUN Ayer Hitam

Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat DUN Ayer Hitam

Haji Mabrur : Impian Setiap Jemaah Haji

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 09:29 AM PDT

Keinginan setiap insan yang beriman ialah untuk menatap wajah Kaabah di hadapan mata. Sesungggunya beruntunglah kita apabila dapat menunaikan ibadah haji, berazam untuk menghadapi pelbagai ujian getir biarpun lautan manusia sedang mengelilinginya dalam keadaan bertolakan dan bersesakan antara satu sama lain  untuk menatap wajahnya dengan penuh keimanan. Inilah hikmah Allah jadikan Kaabah sebagai kiblat yang satu dalam sembahyang untuk Ummah sejagat.

Sebelum melaksanakan ibadah haji, kita perlu merebut peluang untuk mengerjakan umrah sebanyak mungkin. Ingatlah bahawa jika kita dapat tunaikan 7 kali umrah ganjaran pahalanya menyamai sekali ibadah haji. Perbanyakkan umrah agar ujian mengerjakan haji dapat ditempuhi dengan mudah. Ini adalah kerana masa yang ada agak panjang jika kita pergi dalam trip awal dan pertengahan. Jangan buang masa dengan banyak tidur di bilik hotel sahaja sedangkan inilah masa yang terluang untuk kita melipatgandakan ibadah sunat.    

Dalam perjalanan menuju ke Masjidil Haram dari tempat penginapan, kita jangan lepaskan peluang untuk melihat dari dekat tempat kelahiran Nabi Muhammad SAW. Tempatnya yang dizahirkan dengan kesan lama yang tidak ada sebarang pengubahsuaian sejak dulu. Tempat ini agak sukar untuk didekati kerana ramai orang yang tidak putus-putus menziarahinya. Di hadapannya pula terdapat kesan sejarah rumah Abu Jahal yang sekarang ini diubahsuai menjadi Baitul Klahaq (tandas).

Walaupun antara kita berbeza ideologi politik tetapi kita bersatu ketika menunaikan ibadah haji. Bersatu atas nama Islam sahaja tidak kerana yang lain. Oleh itu, insaflah kita semua bahawa kita akan kembali bertemu Allah atas pegangan agama yang diredhainya iaitu Islam. Tiada makna dan guna jika Islam yang dianuti  hanya diamalkan ketika musim haji sahaja tetapi selepas selesai ibadah haji maka Islam itu dipinggirkan dalam etika kehidupan seharian kita. 

Ujian paling getir sekali ialah ketika berada berwukuf di Padang Arafah. Keadaan kita yang berihram sepanjang masa dalam tempoh ibadah haji bermula daripada 9 - 14 Zulhijjah sebelum selesai Tahallul Awwal. Kita yang tidak biasa dengan keadaan sebegini boleh menggugat hati nurani kita untuk menanggalkannya. Apakan daya, ini melambangkan ujian Allah kepada semua insan agar patuh dan tunduk pada arahannya. Jika enggan bersedialah kita menempuh balasannya. 

 Apabila selesai menunaikan ibadah haji, kita berpeluang untuk melakukan ziarah di Madinah. Di sana kita akan menumpukan amalan solat 40 waktu di Masjidil Nabawwi. Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk menziarahi Makam Rasulallah SAW, Khalifah Abu Bakar As-Siddiq dan Umar Al-Khattab serta perkuburan Al-Baqir. Kita dapat lihat kesan sejarah lampau sebagaimana kita membacanya dalam buku Sejarah Islam. 




Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:30 AM PDT

Ladang Soon Lee, Bagan Serai. 7/10/2011. Kebakaran yang berlaku di rumah saudara Krisnasamy@Maniam a/l Seenivasagam di Lot 269 Kampung Soon Lee, Jalan Kuala Kurau. Selepas dimaklumkan oleh Mr. Beh Ketua DHPP Bagan Serai, YB Husin terus bergegas ke tempat kejadian bagi meninjau kerosakan yang di alami. Menurut anak mangsa yang tinggal bersama beliau kejadian kebakaran yang disebabkan oleh litar pintas itu berlaku kira-kira jam 3.30 petang semalam. En. Krisnasamy yang tinggal bersama isteri, seorang anak dan 3 orang cucu dirumah tersebut selamat dan tidak ada kecederaan yang dialami.

keadaan dalam rumah mangsa yang musnah teruk

YB Husin menyampaikan sedikit sumbangan bagi membantu keluarga mangsa

Khalid Samad

Khalid Samad

Forum Awam: Malaysia & Sejarah Yang Belum Selesai [Malam Ini 7/10, Shah Alam]

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:34 AM PDT

Bagi pihak penganjur program
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-

Lim Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang

Budget 2012 fails to live up to the Prime Minister’s reform pledges in NEM, GTP and ETP

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 03:35 AM PDT

Media Statement by Tony Pua, DAP National Publicity Secretary and Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara in Kuala Lumpur The expectations were high for a pre-election budget where Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak will stamp his "reformist" credentials. It is for the Prime Minister to put into action the various reform pledges made in [...]

My dream Malaysia Part 1 – Home Front

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 08:39 PM PDT

by Richard Loh October 5, 2011 My dream comes true in a dream within a dream. I woke up to find a total different Malaysia that most Malaysians have been waiting for even though we have yet to attain the developed status. But, is being a developed nation that important when the rakyat are just [...]

Tax reliefs: Hidden subsidies that favour the rich

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 06:44 PM PDT

— Subramaniam Pillay The Malaysian Insider Oct 07, 2011 OCT 7 — In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of talk on subsidy rationalisation i.e. the removal of subsidies for basic items like cooking oil, sugar, flour and petrol. The argument is that it subsidises the poor as well as the [...]

Islam untuk semua

Islam untuk semua

Welcome to PremiumBlogs

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Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim

Khalid : Belanjawan 2012 Tidak Jamin Hasil Ekonomi Berterusan

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 05:40 AM PDT

TV Selangor

Walaupun belanjawan Kerajaan Persekutuan dikatakan bersifat kebajikan, Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim berkata ia tidak memberi pelan yang kukuh bagi membolehkan negara mengharungi keadaan ekonomi dunia yang tidak menentu.

Khalid berkata jika pelan untuk memperoleh hasil tidak ditingkatkan, usaha untuk memberi kebajikan tidak akan kesampaian.

"Jika struktur ekonomi kita tidak jelas hasil pendapatan negara kita tidak dapat dikekalkan di dalam keadaan ekonomi yang tidak menentu," kata Khalid bila ditemui TV Selangor selepas pembentangan belanjawan 2012.

Kerajaan Persekutuan membentangkan belanjawan RM232 bilion bagi tahun 2012 yang antaranya memperuntukkan bayaran sekali RM500 bagi isi rumah berpendapatan rendah dan pemansuhan semua yuran pendidikan.

Bajet kerajaan yang menganggarkan defisit 4.7 peratus adalah 12 bilion lebih daripada belanjawan alternatif yang dibentangkan Pakatan Rakyat, tiga hari lalu.

Antara usaha-usaha lain adalah penukaran skim gaji penjawat awam dari SSM kepada SBPA dan baucher buku teks kepada pelajar universiti.

Sebanyak RM978 juta diperuntukkan untuk merancakkan pembangunan di lima wilayah ekonomi dan pakej insentif percukaian bagi membangunkan Pusat Kewangan Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Nasib Kg Baru.Dan Slogan ‘Rakyat Didahulukan’: BN Rakus di Sebalik ‘Pembangunan’

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 05:34 AM PDT


Kerakusan Kerajaan BN sehingga sanggup meluluskan Rang Undang-Undang Perbadanan Pembangunan Kampong Bharu 2011 (RUU PPKB 2011) malam tadi amat dikesali bukan sahaja oleh para pemilik tanah di kampung itu, tetapi juga di seluruh negara.

Tindakan tersebut jelas menunjukkan sikap rakus kerajaan dan pihak-pihak yang berselindung di sebaliknya untuk mengaut kekayaan melimpah-ruah hasil daripada ‘pembangunan’ Kampung Baru nanti.

Pengerusi Sekretariat Pembangunan Kampong Baru (SPKB), Ahmad Zamri Asa’ad Khuzaimi berkata, pihaknya amat kesal dengan sikap gelojoh dan tergesa-gesa kerajaan yang meluluskan Akta RUU PPKB 2011 malam tadi, tanpa memberi masa dan peluang langsung kepada pemilik dan pewaris tanah kampung itu untuk melihat sendiri kandungan akta tersebut.

Menurut beliau, Isnin lalu, Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan dan Kesejahteraan Bandar melalui menterinya, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin telah menarik balik RUU PPKB 2010, tetapi kemudiannya membentangkan pula rang undang-undang baru, RUU PPKB 2011dengan beberapa pindaan.

Katanya, belum pun sempat pemilik dan pewaris tanah Kampung Baru berpeluang memegang, meneliti dan berbincang berkenaan undang-undang yang bakal menentukan masa depan mereka itu, Kerajaan telahpun secara tergesa-gesa sehingga lewat malam tadi meluluskan RUU PPKB 2011 di Parlimen.

“Apakah yang hendak dikejar sangat sehingga tidak ada ruang langsung untuk RUU PPKB 2011 tersebut dibincang dan diluluskan oleh orang-orang Kampung Baru sendiri terlebih dahulu, sedangkan merekalah pihak yang terlibat secara langsung dengan apa saja bentuk pembangunan yang hendak dicadangkan.

“Mereka adalah pemilik dan pewaris asal tanah Kampong Bharu sejak 111 tahun lalu dan kini segala pandangan dan hak mereka ke atas tanah mereka sendiri telah dirampas dalam masa hanya beberapa jam sahaja,” katanya ketika menghubungi Harakahdaily, hari ini.

Kerajaan, menurut beliau, menggunakan mekanisme undang-undang dan Parlimen dijadikan "rubber stamp" untuk menafikan segala hak pemilik dan pewaris tanah Kampong Bharu yang merupakan satu-satunya warisan tanah orang Melayu di tengah-tengah bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

Katanya, SPKB turut mempersoalkan penglibatan empat badan berkaitan kerajaan (GLC) yang diumumkan menteri terbabit malam tadi yang terdiri daripada Lembaga Tabung Haji, Permodalan Nasional Berhad, Putrajaya Holding dan Permodalan Hartanah Berhad yang dikatakan akan terlibat dalam pembangunan Kampong Bharu.

SPKB menegaskan bahawa penglibatan badan-badan itu tidak pernah langsung dibincang dan didedahkan kepada masyarakat Kampong Bharu, malah pemilik dan pewaris tanah sehingga sekarang masih lagi ragu dan sangsi tentang kaedah dan bentuk pembangunan yang hendak dijalankan.

Katanya, bagaimanakah ia hendak dimulakan dan adakah ia akan melibatkan perpindahan penduduk ke tempat lain sepanjang proses pembangunan itu dijalankan?

“Apakah status hak milik tanah mereka akan berubah dan adakah hartanah Kampong Bharu ini akan terbuka untuk diurusniagakan kepada semua orang?

“Apakah jaminan hak milik tanah akan kekal di tangan mereka dan mengapakah menteri mempunyai kuasa penuh dan mutlak ke atas tanah Kampong Bharu?” katanya.

Semua perkara itu, menurutnya, masih tidak dijelaskan kepada pemilik dan pewaris tanah dan secara tiba-tiba, kerajaan telahpun meluluskan RUU PPKB 2011 malam tadi dan meninggalkan tanda-tanya serta kemarahan kepada sebilangan besar masyarakat Kampong Bharu.

SPKB menegaskan bahawa pihaknya tidak menolak sebarang bentuk pembangunan di Kampong Bharu, tetapi biarlah ia dibuat secara tertib, beradab dan menghormati pandangan dan cadangan pemilik dan pewaris tanah Kampong Bharu.

“Merekalah tuan yang sebenarnya di Kampong Bharu ini, bukannya menteri, orang-orang politik atau badan-badan korporat,” tegas beliau

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Najib Goes After Voters With Fistfuls of Cash in Populist Elections Budget

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 05:27 AM PDT

Malaysia Chronicle

As expected, Prime Minister Najib Razak unveiled a Budget 2012 stashed with cash goodies aimed to lure voters back to the BN fold, but it was immediately shot down not just by opposition but also by financial experts who gawked at his overly rosy economic projections.

In Budget 2012, Najib forecast GDP growth of 5 to 6% while the deficit was to drop to 4.7% from a projected 5.4% in 2011.

"That's a pretty bullish outlook relative to the street and relative to ourselves as well. We're looking at 4 per cent this year and 4.2 per cent next year. Second-half growth has to turn up to 5.5 per cent to average even 5 per cent. So that looks a bit optimistic from my view," Hak Bin Chua from Merrill Lynch Bank of America told Reuters.

Faking it with overblown growth projections, no details on where money to come from

But Najib, who is also Finance minister, may have no choice. If he did not ‘fake’ his projections, there may not be enough to finance the plans he unveiled.

“Perhaps the most worrying is that Malaysians are like the proverbial frog in the hot soup, where the frog does not realise the soup is slowly but surely reaching the boiling point,” Tony Pua, the DAP MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, said in an immediate reaction.

“We may not yet be facing the crisis of Greek proportions, but Budget 2012 is doing very little to avert such eventuality, leaving the Malaysian economy nakedly exposed to the inevitability.”

Buttering up Felda settlers and the civil service

On Friday, the scandal-tained 58-year-old Najib presented a RM232 billion budget, with RM181.6bil for management and RM51.2bil for development. He also announced the much-anticipated listing of Felda Global Ventures, promising a ‘windfall’ for all settlers – who now number some 2 million in total, including their children and grandchildren. Obviously, the Felda folk will form  a crucial and core voting bloc for his Umno party.

There were no individual or corporate tax cuts as speculated, despite plans to launch an unpopular and hefty Goods and Services Tax or GST after the 13th General Election.

Najib also increased employers' contribution for the Employees Provident Fund from 12% to 13% for those earning RM5,000 and below.This obviously is good for the employee but puts more money into the EPF, which has come under fire for questionable loans to government-linked firms and agencies, such as the recent and unannounced RM6billion loan to Felda.

He also announced an additional half-month salary bonus, with a minimum of RM500 for government pensioners, to be paid together with the December 2011 salary. So, for the whole of 2011, including previously declared bonuses, a total RM1,000 minimum has been announced for civil servants and government pensioners. This will benefit some 1.3 million civil servants, 618,000 pensioners and will cost the government RM4 billion.

"Najib has promised everything on earth but he doesn't talk about increasing revenues or transparency. It is unrealistic. It is clearly an election ploy. In the last 10 years, growth, deficit and foreign investment figures have always been proven to be wrong," Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said in an immediate response to reporters.

Wooing back lower income group hit by subsidy cuts

For the lower-income groups, who have been upset at his slashing of subsidies for consumer essentials including petrol, cooking gas and sugar, rather than touch the RM19 billion gas subsidies given to crony-Independent Power Producers, Najib unabashedly courted them fistfuls of cash.

He announced a one-off RM500 cash assistance for households earning 3,000 per month and below, which will set the government back RM1.8 billion to benefit 3.4 milliion households, a one-off RM100 schooling assistance for primary and secondary school students from age 6 to 16, up to Form 5, which will cost taxpayers RM530 million, and a one-off RM200 book vouchers for students of private and public tertiary institution for Form 6 students, costing RM260 million.

EPF would also be allowed to ring fence RM1,300 from Account 2 of contributors for the purpose of pilgrimage to Mecca. The money will stay with the contributors, while they register for the Haj, which can a very long waiting list.

“It is very simple to tell whether or not it is an election ploy – just look at the number of one-off cash assistance. Najib is looking to buy GE-13 but my feeling is Malaysians are smarter. They should take the money, which actually comes from the tax that they or their parents pay, and then make sure the BN is booted out once and for all before they bankrupt Malaysia,” PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

Main projects in 2012

Total revenue for 2012 was forecast to increase 1.9% to RM186.9bil and the deficit to decrease to 4.7% of GDP from 5.4% in 2011. Najib also set aside RM29.8bil for investment in infrastructure, industrial and rural development and RM13.6bil for the social sector, including education and training, welfare, housing and community development.

The PM, who had to put on hold his New Economic Model after heated protest from hardliners in his Umno party, also announced plans to “focus on accelerating investment and further liberalise 17 services sub-sectors, in places enabling 100% foreign equity.” However, given that he did not immediately detail the sectors, these are expected to be non-critical and little-demanded sectors.

Among main projects to be implemented in 2012 are the East Coast from Jabor to Terengganu and road upgrades from Kota Marudu to Ranau. RM18bil of the RM20bil PPP Facilitation Fund will be used for high impact projects, with RM2 billion for bumiputera entrepreneurs. The government will also allocate RM978mil to accelerate the development in five regional corridors namely, Coastal Highway JB-Nusa Jaya,Taiping Heritage tourism project, Besut agropolitan project, Lahad Datu palm oil cluster project and water supply in Samalaju.

The Treasury Management Centre will be established and offer incentives to develop M’sia as a competitive financial centre. The Kuala Lumpur International Financial District will also kick off, with incentives including income tax exemptions for firms.

Property tax up, school fees abiolished

Real property gains tax was also raised from 5% to 10% if sold within 2 years; if sold between 2-5 years, it would stay at 5%; if sold after 5 years, it would be zero. RPGT was set at a 5% flat rate for properties disposed of within five years of purchase since April 1, 2007.

All primary and secondary school fees were to be abolished beginning with 2012 school term. This will cost the government RM150 million. Education would be allocated RM50.2 billion, of which RM1.9 billion for all schools, including mission and vernacular schools, RM1 billion for upgrade of schools premises (RM500 million for SRK, RM100 million for SRJK (Chinese), RM100 mil SRJK (Tamil), RM10 million for mission schools, RM100 million for Sekolah Agama Bantuan, RM100 million to MRSM – Mara secondary schools).

For the rural sector, Felda again walked away with the biggest goodies. Najib promised a RM400 million upgrade of water supply system in Pahang, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu.

He also set aside RM150 million for rural public transportation via SME bank for bus companies in low interest loans of 4% interest, and RM90 million for the Orang Asli for basic needs, including treated water and income generation, RM20 million for the community affected by Cameron Highlands landslide.

The civil service were not left out, with teachers receining the lion’s share. Teachers will now get ‘time-based pay rise schemes’, so teachers can go up the ladder faster. Effectively, it was an annual pay rise from RM80 to RM320 according to grade, or up 7-13%.

Senior citizens won’t have to pay outpatient fees at all government hospitals and clinics. 50% discount on LRT and monorail.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Belanjawan Najib Tidak Realistik, Helah Pilihan Raya

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 05:21 AM PDT


Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menyifatkan Belanjawan 2012 yang baru sahaja dibentangkan sebagai tidak realistik dan merupakan satu lagi helah menjelang pilihan raya umum ke-13.

Belanjawan yang dibentangkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak itu juga disifatkan Anwar sebagai "menjanjikan banyak perkara tetapi tiada perincian tentang meningkatkan pendapatn negara atau ketelusan", lapor The Malaysian Insider.

"Ia tidak realistik. Amat jelas satu helah pilihan raya. Dalam 10 tahun lepas, anggaran pertumbuhan, defisit dan pelaburan asing sentiasa berbeza dengan angka sebenar," kata Anwar.

Najib sebentar tadi mengunjurkan pertumbuhan ekonomi negara tahun 2012 pada kadar 5 ke 6 peratus, satu anggaran yang dikritik penganalisa ekonomi sebelum ini sebagai tidak realistik.

Pakatan Rakyat dalam Belanjawan Kesejahteraan untuk Rakyat pula mengunjurkan pertumbuhan ekonomi negara pada kadar 4 ke 4.5 peratus sahaja.

Anwar seterusnya menambah bahawa Najib membentangkan satu belanjawan yang "diciplak dari Pakatan Rakyat tetapi tidak mampu dilaksanakan BN".

Antaranya adalah bantuan RM500 wang tunai setahun kepada isirumah dengan pendapatan bulanan kurang daripada RM3000.

Ia hampir sama dengan bantuan RM1000 setahun kepada isirumah yang layak seperti dibentangkan Pakatan Rakyat dalam Belanjawan Kesejahteraan untuk Semua sebelum ini.

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Ikuti Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat 2012

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:23 AM PDT

Untuk makluman bagi memudahkan anda , Berikut adalah link Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat:



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Keputusan Pembatalan Sapina PM Najib Bukti Skrip Ulangan Konspirasi Fitnah

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:18 AM PDT

Kenyataan Media
Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia

7 Oktober 2011

Keputusan Pembatalan Sapina PM Najib Bukti Skrip Ulangan Konspirasi Fitnah

Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia (AMK) melihat kegagalan Dato’ Sri Najib Razak dan Datin Sri Rosmah untuk disapina berikutan keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur hari ini memperkukuhkan lagi keyakinan rakyat bahawa kes Fitnah 2 yang sedang dibicarakan di mahkamah kini merupakan satu konspirasi mengulangi kes Fitnah 1 tahun 1998.

AMK melihat keputusan panel hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur untuk membenarkan permohonan Dato’ Sri Najib dan Datin Sri Rosmah supaya tidak menjadi saksi di dalam perbicaraan ini dilihat sebagai satu “prejudge” pembelaan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan pasukan pembelaan beliau bahawa wujud konspirasi di mana Dato Sri Najib didakwa terlibat.

Sehingga ke hari ini masih belum ada penafian konkrit ke atas ‘turun naik’ kenyataan Dato’ Sri Najib di mana beliau memberi dua jawapan berbeza sewaktu ditanya media 30 Jun 2008 dan 3 Julai 2008 mengenai pertemuan beliau dengan penuduh, Saiful Bukhari Azlan pada 24 Jun 2008. Dalam respon media pertama, beliau mendakwa Saiful memohon biasiswa, sebaliknya respon media kedua, beliau menyatakan Saiful mengadu hal kononnya diliwat Datuk Seri Anwar di mana dari segi fakta, fitnah liwat yang dilakukan oleh Saiful berlaku 2 hari selepas pertemuan dengan Dato’ Sri Najib !

Tiga tahun berlalu, ini masih belum dinafikan. Dan sekiranya Dato’ Sri Najib melihat beliau tidak relevan sebagai saksi, mengapakah beliau ditawarkan sebagai saksi di peringkat pertama? Bagaimana pulakah dengan keterangan Datin Sri Rosmah yang direkodkan di bawah Seksyen 112 Kanun Acara Jenayah? Di manakah asas untuk mengatakan kedua mereka ini tidak relevan menjadi saksi sekiranya mereka direkodkan keterangan masing-masing.

Perkembangan ini, secara tidak langsung, membuka satu ruang dan asas baru kepada pihak peguambela untuk memfailkan semula permohonan untuk membatalkan hakim berikutan ketetapan yang tidak konsisten dengan fakta-fakta kes yang berkaitan.

Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin
Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Jawapan Berbeza, Najib Harus Beri Keterangan di Mahkamah

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:11 AM PDT


Datuk Seri Najib Razak sehingga kini belum ada penafian konkrit berhubung jawapan berbeza berkaitan pertemuan Perdana Menteri itu dengan pengadu kes Fitnah II, Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

"Beliau mengaku Saiful ada berjumpa dengannya untuk memohon biasiswa tapi dalam respon kali kedua menyatakan Saiful mengadu hal kononnya diliwat.

"Dari segi fakta (kertas pertuduhan), fitnah yang dibuat Saiful berlaku dua hari selepas pertemuan itu. Tiga tahun berlalu, hal ini masih belum dinafi," kata Ketua Angkatan Muda KEADILAN Pusat, Shamsul Iskandar Mat Akin melalui kenyataan media, hari ini.

Najib sebelum ini dilapor mengadakan pertemuan itu pada 30 Jun 2008 dan 3 Julai 2008 yang turut disiar media arus perdana secara besar-besaran tetapi kini mengelak dari memberi keterangan dalam kes berkenaan.

Mengulas lanjut, Shamsul menyifatkan kegagalan Najib dan isteri, Datin Sri Rosmah untuk disepina memperkukuhkan lagi keyakinan rakyat betapa kes Fitnah II hanya konspirasi politik sekali gus mengulangi kes Fitnah I.

"Keputusan panel hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur yang membenarkan permohonan mereka untuk tidak menjadi saksi di dalam perbicaraan dilihat "prejudge" pembelaan Anwar dan peguam bela bahawa wujud konspirasi," katanya.

Beliau hairan kerana Najib ditawar sebagai saksi pada peringkat awal tetapi kemudian, kehadirannya tiba-tiba dianggap tidak relevan.

"Bagaimana dengan keterangan Rosmah yang direkodkan mengikut Seksyen 112 Kanun Acara Jenayah? Di manakah asas untuk mengatakan mereka tidak relevan jika keterangan ada direkod."

Ini, kata Shamsul, secara tidak langsung membuka ruang dan asas baru kepada  peguam bela untuk memfail semula permohonan membatal hakim berikutan keputusan tidak konsisten dengan fakta kes.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now