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Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Beri Kerjasama Dengan Pelajar Membuat Penyelidikan Pada Peringkat Ph. D.

Posted: 19 May 2013 03:46 PM PDT

念群与沙登人民同在 | Nie Ching for Serdang

念群与沙登人民同在 | Nie Ching for Serdang

Dialogue at Pengerang

Posted: 19 May 2013 05:42 PM PDT

I have attended the dialogue at Pengerang at 10am this morning and I must say the dialogue conducted by the consultant of Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Company is far from satisfying for the following reasons: -

1. Even though the dialogue is called "Dialog bersama Penduduk: Kajian Penilaian Impak Alam Sekitar Terperinci (DEIA) bagi Cadangan Pembangunan Loji Penapisan Minyak dan Petrokimia di Pengerang, Johor", the presentation of the consultants are all on the social economic survey and zero on the assessment of impact on environment.

2. There are at least 10,000 residents in the affected areas. The survey only involved 150 residents. Does the conclusion of the survey really reflect the views and thoughts of the residents of Pengerang?

3. The conclusion of the so-called social economic survey is 68% of the respondents support the project. However, the Environment Impact Assessment report is yet to be published. In other words, the residents, especially those participated in the survey, are not informed of the real impact of the project towards their hometown and life. We can't rule out the possibility that they will change their answer after being informed of the outcome of EIA report. As such, it is too early and actually misleading to conclude that "68% of the respondents supports the project".

4. The survey showed that: -

a) more than 90% of the respondents are of the views that the basic infrastructure of their areas will be improved (pembaikan kemudahan asas)

b) more than 90% of the respondents feel that there will be an increase of theiproperty value (peningkatan nilai hartanah)

c) close to 80% of the respondents feel that there will be job opportunities to the local people (peluang pekerjaan kepada penduduk tempatan)


Stop persecuting PR leaders and pro-Opposition activists!

Posted: 19 May 2013 05:41 PM PDT

The prosecution of Nik Nazmi and investigation of Adam Adli under the Sedition Act show that BN is not able to turn over a new leaf after its dismal showing in GE13.

For the first time in Malaysian history, Barisan National lost 89 parliamentary seats to Pakatan Rakyat, and BN received only 47% of the popular vote compared to PR's 51%.

However, it is obvious that BN has failed to learn any lessons from their poor performance in the popularity stakes. Instead, it is now using Sedition Act to oppress PR leaders and pro-PR activists.

PM Najib Razak said in July last year that the Sedition Act represented a bygone era and would be replaced with a new law to prevent incitement of religious or racial hatred. However, 10 months after his statement, not only Najib has yet to repeal the repressive law, but he has spectacularly failed to uphold his pledge to protect civil liberties.

Why are only PR leaders and anti-government activists subject to the investigation and charges under the Sedition Act? Why is Utusan Malaysia not being charged for its "Apa Cina Mau Lagi?" headline? Why is the Home Affairs Minister not investigated for his "leave Malaysia" comment? Are BN leaders and their proxies above the law and immune to prosecution?

We urge the police to release Adam Adli immediately, stop harassing PR leaders and pro-PR activists, and start investigating Utusan Malaysia dan Datuk Zahid Hamidi under the Sedition Act immediately. Failing that, the new IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar will be seen as a tool of BN to persecute its opponents.


Philosophy Politics Economics

Philosophy Politics Economics

Khairy vs Zahid - Who's Spinning?

Posted: 19 May 2013 05:03 PM PDT

Khairy Jamaluddin says Zahid Hamidi's "leave Malaysia" statement is the latter's own opinion while Zahid defends his statement – so who's spinning?

Newly appointed Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Zahid Hamidi told Malaysians in Utusan Malaysia to leave the country if they are not happy with the outcome of the 13th General Election.  He gave the excuse that Malaysia has inherited the first-past-the-post system from the United Kingdom, which is also utilised in many Commonwealth states.  Therefore he argued that despite Pakatan Rakyat achieving 51.78% of the popular vote, our adopted system allows for a party or coalition with lower popular vote to win 60% of the seats in Parliament.

Datuk Zahid Hamidi is in effect demonstrating his utter contempt and arrogance by telling Malaysians who wants to improve our electoral system and prevent blatant abuses via gerrymandering to leave the country.

In the ensuing uproar, first-term and newly appointed Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin tried to diffuse the controversy by telling reporters that the "leave Malaysia" comment was the UMNO Vice-President and Home Minister's personal view.  He claimed that it is not the view of Najib's administration.

However, at the same time, Datuk Zahid Hamidi came out to defend his article claiming there is nothing wrong with his comments because he wasn't racist.

The statements by these two Ministers makes a complete mockery of Najib's "new" administration, and leaves Malaysians completely stunned dumbfounded.

First of all, who is Khairy to claim that the "leave Malaysia" comment is Zahid's personal comment and not that of the Najib administration?  Did Najib appoint Khairy has his official spokesperson to the extent that Khairy can dismiss outright the comments made by the UMNO vice-president?  Or was it instead, only Khairy's "personal view" that Zahid's comments was the latter's personal view?

It appears that Khairy has been completely discredited because the Prime Minister has himself remained completely silent over the issue. Zahid has on the other hand come out with all guns blazing defending his "leave Malaysia" statement, while ignoring the "personal view" issued by Khairy.

Unfortunately Zahid's only defence for his statement was that he wasn't making a racist statement. Zahid obviously doesn't take the criticisms by Malaysians seriously as we never accused him of making a racist statement here.  We are accusing him of being arrogant and contemptous of the rights of Malaysians to a freer and fairer electoral system.

Malaysians are fully aware that the first-past-the-post system does indeed grant disproportionate allocations of seats relative to the percentage popular vote.  However, the system in Malaysia has been abused by BN to the extent where the gap between the constituencies with the least number of voters such as Putrajaya (15,791) and Padang Rengas (28,518) won by BN, compared to those with the biggest population such as Kapar (144,159) and Serdang (133,139) won by Pakatan Rakyat far exceeds acceptable reason.  One will not find such ridiculous discrepancies between constituencies in other advanced first-past-the-post democracies such as United Kingdom or Australia.

This is the reason why hundreds of thousands of Malaysians have gathered in various cities over the past week to demand a better electoral system, be it a fairer distribution of voters in all constituencies or a thoroughly revamped proportional representation system, or a mixture of both as practiced in certain other advanced democracies.  It is the right of ordinary Malaysians to demand free and fair elections.

Datuk Zahid Hamidi's continued defense of his comments proves that BN does not believe in free and fair elections and will once again use all necessary means to manipulate constituencies in the next general election.

Lim Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng

Paul Low Should Not Adopt BN’s Culture Of Lies By Claiming That Cabinet Members Should Not Publicly Disclose Their Assets Like Penang PR State Government As Penang’s Process Was Informal.(en/bm/cn)

Posted: 19 May 2013 07:50 AM PDT

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister and DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 19.5 2013

Newly-minted Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Paul Low should not adapt so quickly from President of Malaysian Transparency International to BN spokesman by being adept in BN's culture of lies in explaining why Cabinet members should not publicly disclose their assets. Paul Low lied when the said that Penang Chief Minister and state exco members' public declaration of assets whilst positive was 'informal’ because officials who fail to declare their assets would not be penalised, or if the declaration is significantly inaccurate in reflecting a person’s wealth.

I wish to remind Paul Low that when he was Malaysian Transparency International President, he had lauded the Penang state government's leaders for being the first government in Malaysia to publicly declare their assets. Instead of adopting a similar measure to uphold public integrity in the Federal government, why is he taking a different position now?

Penang's public declaration assets are certified by an international accounting firm and a pledge signed by the EXCO members that they provided true and correct information. All EXCO members who fail to declare their assets will be unceremoniously sacked. Isn't that a sufficiently harsh penalty to ensure full compliance?

The Penang state government has taken a step further by now requiring all elected Penang State Assemblymen, not just EXCO members to publicly declare their assets. Now that Paul Low is a BN Minister, he has swallowed the BN propaganda "hook, line and sinker" that publicly declaration of assets would threaten the personal security of Cabinet members.

What have Cabinet members have to hide? Penang state leaders have public declared their assets and yet our personal security has not been harmed. Perhaps it is because our assets are pitifully few to make much of an impact. If at all our personal security is threatened, it is by racists from BN supporters and Perkasa.

Would Paul Low take the lead by publicly declaring his assets?
Under the present BN system, a declaration of assets is made privately to the Prime Minister. How would one know whether the information supplied is accurate? With a public declaration of assets, there can be a checking and verification system in addition to that done by international accounting companies. As an accountant himself, Paul Low should know that such verification by international accounting firms are much more reliable, credible and trustworthy than government agencies monitoring and auditing the declarations, as government agencies are subject to Ministerial directives.

Behaving like a BN apologist to justify why public declaration of assets should not be implemented because it would discourage wealthy, talented and skilled persons from serving the public is unacceptable. Public service requires sacrifice and that "one must not only be clean but also seen to be clean".

Would Paul Low take the lead by publicly declaring his assets? I still remember when Paul Low met me last year on Transparency International's Integrity Pledge, he had refused my request that a public declaration of assets be included. Paul Low explained that by including the public declaration of assets into the Integrity Pledge, BN would not sign. Clearly he was tailoring the Integrity Pledge not to promote public integrity but to suit BN.

Paul Low must demonstrate that he can make a difference in cleaning up corruption in the BN Federal government by giving a clear and unequivocal commitment to promote public integrity. Only when the BN government commits to a public declaration of assets and implementation of open competitive tenders can convince the public. Anything less would only fuel suspicion that Paul Low is merely a plant and apologist to dress up UMNO and BN as anti-corruption.


——BM Version —

Kenyataan Media oleh Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang merangkap Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng di Kuala Lumpur pada 19 Mei 2013.

Paul Low tidak patut memakai budaya pembohongan BN dengan mendakwa bahawa ahli kabinet tidak patut mengisytiharkan harta seperti yang dilakukan Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang kerana proses di Pulau Pinang itu tidak rasmi.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri yang baru, Paul Low tidak seharusnya bertukar begitu cepat daripada Presiden Transparency International Malaysia kepada jurucakap BN dengan menggunakan budaya pembohongan BN apabila menerangkan kenapa ahli Kabinet tidak perlu menhisytiharkan harta secara umum. Paul Low telah berbohong apabila beliau menyatakan bahawa pengisytiharan harta Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dan ahli EXCOnya adalah tidak rasmi meskipun positif kerana pegawai yang gagal mengisytiharkan harta atau deklarasi yang dibuat tidak tepat dengan kekayaan seseorang, ia tidak dihukum.

Saya ingin mengingatkan Paul Low bahawa sewaktu beliau menjadi Presiden Transparency International Malaysia, beliau memuji pemimpin Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang kerana menjadi kerajaan yang pertama dalam Malaysia yang melakukan pengisytiharan harta secara umum. Sebalik menggunakan pendekatan serupa demi meningkatkan integriti di Kerajaan Persekutuan, kenapa pula beliau memiliki pendirian berlainan sekarang?

Pengisytiharan harta Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang disahkan oleh sebuah firma perakaunan antarabangsa dan diakujanji oleh ahli EXCO bahawa mereka telah memberikan maklumat yang tepat dan benar. Semua ahli EXCO yang gagal mengisytiharkan harta mereka akan dilucutkan jawatan. Bukankah itu hukuman berat yang mencukupi untuk memastikan semuanya patuh?

Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang kini telah mengambil satu lagi langkah dengan memerlukan semua Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, bukan sahaja ahli EXCO untuk mengisytiharkan harta. Sekarang Paul Low sudah menjadi menteri BN, beliau telah akhirnya menelan semua propaganda BN kononnya pengisytiharan harta akan menggugat keselamatan menteri kabinet.

Apa yang mahu disembunyikan oleh ahli Kabinet? Pemimpin Negeri Pulau Pinang telah melakukan pengisytiharan secara umum, tetapi keselamatan peribadi kami tidak pun terancam. Mungkin kerana asset kami begitu sedikit untuk memberi sebarang kesan. Kalau pun keselamatan kami diancam, pastilah kerana penyokong BN dan Perkasa yang rasis.

Bolehkah Paul Low mendahului dengan mengisytiharkan hartanya sendiri?

Di bawah sistem BN, pengisytiharan harta dibuat secara peribadi kepada Perdana Menteri. Bagaimana kita boleh tahu sama ada maklumat yang diberikan itu tepat atau tidak. Dengan pengisytiharan secara umum, sistem pemeriksaan dan verifikasi boleh diadakan sebagai tambahan kepada apa yang dilakukan firma perakaunan antarabangsa. Sebagai seorang akauntan, Paul Low pastinya tahu bahawa verifikasi oleh badan perakaunan antarabangsa pastinya lebih boleh dipercayai, dan lebih amanah berbanding agensi kerajaan yang mengaudit deklarasi tersebut, kerana agensi kerajaan adalah tertakluk kepada arahan Menteri.

Dengan bersikap seperti seorang apologis BN bagi memberi justifikasi kenapa pengisytiharan harta secara umum tidak patut dilaksanakan kerana ia akan menghalang mereka yang kaya, berbakat dan berkemahiran daripada berkhidmat kepada awam amatlah tidak boleh diterima. Perkhidmatan awam menuntut pengorbanan dan seseorang itu diboleh sahaja dilihat sebagai bersih, tetapi dipastikan bersih.

Adakah Paul Low akan mendahului dengan mengisytiharkan hartanya secara terbuka? Saya masih ingat ketika Paul Low menemui saya tahun lalu tentang Ikrar Integriti Transparency International, beliau telah enggan menerima permintaan saya bahawa pengisytiharan harta secara terbuka disertakan sekali. Paul Low menerangan bahawa dengan memasukkan pengisytiharan harta secara terbuka ke dalam Ikrar Integriti, BN tidak akan menandatangan. Jelaslah beliau sebenarnya beliau merekabentuk Ikrar Integriti itu bukan untuk menggalakkan integriti awam tetapi untuk disesuaikan kepada BN.

Paul Low mesti menunjukkan bahawa beliau mampu membawa perubahan dalam membersihkan rasuah dalam Kerajaan Persekutuan BN dengan memberikan komitmen yang jelas untuk menggalakkan integriti awam. Hanyalah apabila kerajaan BN berkomitmen untuk melakukan pengisytiharan harta secara umum dan melaksanakan tender terbuka maka rakyat akan percaya. Apa sahaja yang kurang daripada itu hanyalah akan menambahkan curiga bahawa Paul Low hanyalah seorang apologis yang dipergunakan secara kosmetik untuk menunjukkan kononnya UMNO dan BN itu anti rasuah.


—- Mandarin Version —-















Kerajaan Persekutuan harus serah balik Kuala Lumpur kepada Selangor

Posted: 19 May 2013 02:20 AM PDT

:: cina islam | 2011 ::

:: cina islam | 2011 ::

Drama air mata di wad ICU...

Posted: 18 May 2013 05:00 PM PDT

9 Rejab 1434 H. [MOD] -

http://sanusisetpol.blogspot.com/,18 Mei 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Berkasih Sayang Kerana Allah...

Catatan sebelum ini mengundang banyak persepsi, barangkali juga kali ini. Catatan ini ringkas, namun penuh makna bagi pemilik hati yang masih punya nilai keinsanan, apatah lagi nurani yang memahami tasawwur 'amal Islami, menghayati konsep, sistem, rukun dan adab berjemaah dalam sebuah Harakah Islamiyyah.

Pagi tadi, Dr Syamsuri, Setiausaha Politik Presiden PAS menghubungi aku memaklumkan Presiden akan datang menziarahi Ustaz Azizan petang nanti, jam 3.30.  Hati dan perasaan segera lega dan gembira. Presiden PAS yang dikasihi itu, dalam waktunya yang sangat terbatas, akan meluangkan masa sekali lagi, membuat perjalanan jauh, menziarahi sahabat seperjuangan yang sedang mengalami saat-saat sukar dalam hidupnya.

Aku menyambut TGHH di kereta dan membawanya ke wad. Dia segak berjubah hitam berbutang hingga ke bawah, berserban seperti selalu. Wajahnya berseri walaupun nampak penat dengan kesibukannya. Pak Cop dan beberapa kepimpinan PAS Kedah menanti di pintu wad ICU. Dia memberi salam kepada beberapa pengunjung di koridor, terus melangkah laju terus ke bilik Ustaz Azizan.
Assalamualaikum! Suaranya bergetar. Ustaz Azizan dimaklumkan oleh anaknya Solehah, "Ayah! Ustaz Hadi mai..." Wajah Ustaz Azizan nampak berseri, bola matanya meliar mencari suara sahabat dan pimpinannya itu. Ustaz tidak mampu berkata-kata dan bersuara, tiub oksigen dan saluran paip masih menyekat suara dan mulutnya, dia cuba juga mengerakkan bibirnya untuk menjawab salam sahabatnya itu. Kedua belah tanggan terangkat ke paras dada, seolah menyatakan syukur di atas kedatangan itu.

"Bersabarlah, bersabarlah .... Banyakkan zikir dan doa. Hadis menyatakan orang yang bersabar menghadapi sakit akan diberi pahala yang banyak..." Kata TGHH sambil menggenggam tangan Ustaz Azizan. Wajah dan bola mata mereka bertentangan. Suara TGHH bergetar menahan sebak. " Ana datang nak bagitahu, keputusan yang besar bagi anta ini diambil untuk menyelamatkan nyawa anta, nyawa lebih penting dari anggota tubuh (kaki), atas kewajipan itu, kami semua sahabat dan keluarga membuat keputusan membenarkan pembedahan itu" kata TGHH. Ustaz Azizan mengangguk dan mengangkat tangannya sekali lagi seperti mahu kami juga berdoa untuknya. Mulutnya bergerak, namun tiada suara yang keluar.

TGHH memalingkan wajahnya ke belakang, matanya merah, air mata meleleh disebalik kaca matanya. Kami yang berada di situ tiada daya menahan pilu teramat sangat, dada berombak, nafas tersekat dan air mata menitis laju. Keakraban dan kasih sayang antara mereka terserlah memancar dalam pertemuan itu, tiada ayat untuk menzahirkannya. Aku berpaling ke sisi, Pak Cop, Dr Syamsuri, Helmi Khalid,  Doktor dan jururawat turut menangis menekupkan mulut dengan tangan.

TGHH memegang dahi Ustaz Azizan yang saat itu memandangnya. Sambil mengusap kepala sahabatnya, TGHH mengeluarkan kalimat ini... "Bersabarlah... kerja keras anta selama lima tahun pasti Allah akan terima ..... Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz menjadi khalifah selama dua tahun setengah sahaja, dia diracun dan mati. Anta sempat juga 5 tahun, lebih lama daripada Umar Abdul Aziz, bersyukurlah dan teruskan bersabar!" Kata-kata TGHH ini diucap dalam tangisan, tersekat-sekat dan perlahan. Kami di belakang bagai tertimpa 'segunung rasa hiba'...menjuraikan air jernih tak terkawal lagi.

"Ana akan ke Turkey esok, InsyaAllah ana akan sampaikan salam anta kepada sahabat-sahabat di sana." Kata TGHH perlahan. Ustaz Azizan mengangguk, matanya memandang wajah TGHH, ada aitrmata bertakung di kelopaknya. Aku segera terbayang pertemuan Ustaz dengan sahabatnya Sheikh Yusoff Karocha, penterjemah kitab dan guru kepada Tayeb Erdogan di Turkey. Mereka bertemu penuh keakraban pada Januari lalu.

Ustaz Azizan mengangkat kedua tangannya dalam kepayahan, TGHH membaca doa ringkas dalam bahasa arab, kami mengaminkannya. Pak Cop dan aku mengambil tempat di sisi katilnya, sementara TGHH mendapat penjelasan ringkas Doktor tentang kondisi terkini Ustaz Azizan. " Ustaz berehatlah, kami semua akan terus berdoa untuk Ustaz." Kata Pak Cop dalam esakan tangisnya.
"Ana minta diri dulu, anta teruslah berehat dan banyakkan sabar". Ustaz Azizan cuba menghulurkan tangganya yang masih bertambat beberapa paip dan wayar bersambung ke mesin. TGHH menyambut dan memegangnya. Dia menjengketkan kakinya, membongkok dan mencium dahi sahabatnya yang terbaring itu, agak lama. "Moga anta lekas sembuh!" Katanya dalam esakan.

TGHH menghala keluar. "Terima kasih semua!." Katanya sambil mengangkat tangan kepada Doktor dan jururawat yang sedang teresak kesayuan dalam bilik itu. Dia berhenti seketika, menanggalkan cermin mata dan mengesat air matanya di depan pintu. Aku lihat ramai juga yang menyaksikan pertemuan itu dari depan cermin pintu, turut menangis.

Demikianlah kasih sayang diantara dua tokoh pimpinan PAS yang terbina kerana  Allah, subur dan terus segar untuk mengharungi perjuangan suci ini. Ikatan tulus dari hati yang tersimpul kukuh sejak puluhan tahun lalu itu tidak terlerai, tidak mampu dirungkai oleh apapun, dengan sebab apapun, kerana simpulan itu benar dan ikhlas atas jalan Allah, bukan palsu bukan lakonan. Mereka berdua telah sebalut dalam perjuangan ini.... Air mata masih berjurai saat aku menitikkan nokhtah kepada catatan ini.

View issues with Tan Seng Giaw

View issues with Tan Seng Giaw

Royal Commission of Inquiry on the 13th GE

Posted: 18 May 2013 09:50 AM PDT

After May 5, thousands of people of all races continue to throng peaceful rallies in many parts of Malaysia. Malaysians want to know why with 52% of popular votes Pakatan Rakyat cannot form the federal government, whereas Barisan Nasional with 47% of popular votes is the Central Government.

Tonight, many Malaccans attend DAP dinner at Pei Feng school, hoping to know what measures can be taken to rectify the electoral disparities. We call for Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the irregularities of the13th general election.

KL traffic, floods & housing

Posted: 18 May 2013 01:52 AM PDT

The new Federal Territory Minister YB Tengku Adnan says he will focus on traffic, fladh flood and civil servant issues. We hope he truly means what he says.

There are many areas of traffic woes in Kuala Lumpur; these are mostly connected with Selangor. Flash floods occur; we need to improve the maintenance of rivers and monsoon drains. The housing problems are serious, including the defective Joint Management Bodies (JMBs) in some highrise flats. 

For example, JMB at Pelangi Magna, Kepong, owes Syabas RM77, 999; the water supply has been disconnected. JMBs at low-cost flats in Taman Fadason, Kepong, are facing the impasse of some residents refusing to pay service fees.

We keep the minister posted.