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Posted: 15 Dec 2015 12:09 AM PST

Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Chong Chieng Jen's Blog

Two Sarawak DAP reps claim trial to ‘illegal’ Bersih 4 rally

Posted: 13 Dec 2015 05:26 PM PST

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen (2nd right) and Stampin MP Julian Tan (right) with counsels Yap Hoi Liong (left) and Chong Siew Chiang (2nd left) after their court appearance at the Sessions Court in Kuching, December 14, 2015. — Picture by Sulok Tawie
KUCHING, Dec 14 — Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen and his party colleague Julian Tan Kok Ping were both charged with taking part in an illegal street demonstration at the Sessions Court here today.
Bandar Kuching MP Chong and Stampin MP Tan both pleaded not guilty to committing the offence under Section 4(2)(c) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 before Sessions Court judge Amelati Parnell who released the duo on a RM5,000 bail each with one surety.
Chong and Tan, together with others still at large, were accused of taking part in the street procession between 2pm and 3pm on August 29, starting from a site in front of Hilton Hotel to Jalan Borneo, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Tabuan, Jalan Ban Hock before arriving at Song Kheng Hai Rugby Ground, the venue of the Bersih 4 rally.
Under the law, the duo can be fined up to RM10,000 upon conviction. A fine of over RM2,000 by the court may see them barred from holding their elected posts or holding any posts in the DAP as required by elections laws.
Chong and Tan were represented by Chong Siew Chiang, Yap Hoi Liong, Alan Ling, Wong King Wei and Alvin Chong, while the prosecution was led by Senior Federal Counsel Mohamad Iskandar Ahmad and Deputy Public Prosecutors Mohd Taufik Mohd Yusof and Poh Yin Tinn.
The court fixed January 14 next year for case management before another Sessions Court judge Dayang Ellyn Narisa Abang Abang Ahmad.
Amelati told both parties that they are free to put forward a request that Dayang Ellyn decide the date for the trial.
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Opposition has eyes on at least 28 seats

Posted: 13 Dec 2015 05:20 PM PST

KUCHING: Denying Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority in the next Sarawak Election is DAP's main aim, says state chief Chong Chieng Jen.
The Kota Sentosa assemblyman said if the opposition could win at least 28 seats, then Barisan Nasional as a whole could come under pressure, "knowing that they are losing their fixed deposit state".
"It does look like Barisan Nasional would win the next general election but Sarawak can make a difference. The state election results could force the retirement of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Our campaign theme for the state polls will be to save Malaysia and Sarawak within in," Chong told a press conference here yesterday.
Chong believed issues like the National Security Council would be on the minds of Sarawakian voters. He said the people were mostly of the opinion that there was less democratic space now than before. – By YU JI
The opposition leader, who is also Bandar Kuching MP, said more and more voters earned for "progressiveness".
Chong criticised the state Barisan for not speaking up against Umno's willing cooperation with PAS. "It just goes to show that Barisan in Sarawak is still being led by the nose by federal Barisan. It shows who dictates policies, and Sarawak Barisan can only go along with it," Chong said.
The next state polls must be held by mid-2016. Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem is widely expected to call for the election after Chinese New Year in February.
Chong believed informal campaigning to begin by January, with the election in March.
He was speaking to reporters before DAP's election brainstorming meeting at state headquarters here yesterday.
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Posted: 13 Dec 2015 04:58 PM PST


让人觉得夸张的是,一个最高刑罚只有罚款的案件政府居然出动了三名检控官,而控方还要求法庭收 取5000 令吉的保释费。







S’wak lawmakers vow to fight rally charges

Posted: 12 Dec 2015 05:18 PM PST

The charge sheet states that they participated in an illegal rally between 2pm and 3pm on August 29 "with others still at large".

KUCHING: Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen and Stampin MP Julian Tan Kok Ping have vowed to fight to the end pending charges against them under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) 2012 for participating in the Bersih 4 rally at the end of August. They face, under section 4(2)(c ) of the Act, a maximum penalty of RM10,000 upon conviction.
"It's very obvious that we are being persecuted in view of the forthcoming state elections which would be held anytime before mid-2016," said Chong who is also Kota Sentosa Assemblyman.
"The Sarawak Government consented to the rally and the organisers had a police permit."
The two lawmakers will be charged at the Sessions Court on Monday at 9am. The duo were served with their summonses and charge sheets by the police at the DAP Sarawak Headquarters on Sunday.
The charge sheet states that they participated in an illegal rally between 2pm and 3pm on August 29 "with others still at large". The said rally reportedly started in front of the Hilton Hotel before taking the Jalan Borneo route, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Tabuan, and Jalan Ban Hock before ending at Song Kheng Hai Rugby field.
Chong's lawyer, Dudong State Assemblyman Yap Hoi Liong, believes the charges are defective and he intends to inform the Court about this. "We may call Kuching District Police Chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad as a witness for the trial."
Under the election laws, anyone who is fined RM2,000 or more will be prohibited from standing in an election for five years. If they are lawmakers, they will automatically lose their seats in Parliament and/or the State Assembly, and further will be prohibited from standing in an election for five years.
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14 taun, pengawa bumai lalu enda mansang pegai Jabu

Posted: 12 Dec 2015 05:16 PM PST

--by Jimmy Adit
PERENING SARAWAK: Plan ngambika Sarawak badu meli beras lalu ulih bejual ngagai nengeri luar, enti nyema baka urang ti peresa sekula, udah pil.
Ketuai DAP Chong Chieng Jen, maya bejaku di Dewan Undangan Negeri minggu tu tadi, nyemetak minta Modernisation of Agriculture Minister Alfred Jabu, diketu lalu diganti.
Ku Chong, plannya udah bejalai 14 taun tang anang ngumbai ka bejual, beras ungkup pakai rayat menuatu pin enda chukup.
Aruh iya ga YB Kota Sentosa nya enda puas ati laban udah lepas 14 taun, Sarawak mengkang meli beras ari nengeri luar taja pin duit munyika bejuta-juta udah dikena nulung urang bumai tang asil nadai ga berubah.
President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo netapka menua sida badu meli beras dalam dua taun ti ka datai laban Indonesia, ku ia, ulih nanam lalu ngisi peminta rayat 100%.
Kena nangkup plan iya, Jokowi udah ngagih Rp8.2 trillion (US$656 million) kena ngaga serta miki empang enggau parit ai lalu nyendia benih enggau baja.
Indonesia, ku iya, mega deka badu ngimpot jagung enggau kachang soya dalam masa sama.
"Utai tu diguna rayat nya alai tu meh plan lumur satu kitai," ku Jokowi maya bejaku chara deka nupi lebih kurang 237.6 million rayat Indonesia (nitih census 2010).
Kena March 20, 2012, The Star bisi madah taja duit mayuh dibuai ngagai urang bumai tiap taun, tanah alai bumai makin kusut.
Di Malaya semak 100,000ha tanah umai udah dikena begagaka rumah enggau kilang; di Sabah enggau Sarawak 6,000ha.
Bah enti tanah umai kitai makin mit, ni gaya ketau kitai tau betambah? Sedangkan rakyat makin bertambah!
Bakati nyaut tanya tu, State Agriculture Department director Lai Kui Fong minta perintah ngagih duit mayuh agi kena ngaga sistem tali ai enggau research and development (R & D).
Tang sigi ga tu ti digaga Jabu ngelamatu – nadai tali ai, gaga tali ai; penemu baru dalam hal betanam padi mega enda kurang udah dipejalaika nyengkaum ngeluar benih lebih manah.
Pia mega duit enda mega kurang. Nundaka repot Financial Times April 20, 2008, prime minister mayanya, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, bisi ngemendarka RM1.3 million awakka Sarawak ulih nambah sawah baka di  Bijat/Stumbin, Lingga/Banting, Daro, Nanga Merit, Pulau Baruit, Paloh, Sungai Seblak and Limbang. Pemesai semua sawahtu 43,821ha.
Empai setaun udahnya, kena Sept 21, 2009, Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Rohani Abdul Karim madah federal government udah meri RM161 million ngagai Sarawak kena ngemansang pengawa bumai.
Duitnya enggau RM1.3 million ti dikemendar Badawi baka ti lalu nadai ngeluarka asil.
President Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Dr James Masing bisi udah mansut penemu madahka nadai kebuah Sarawak enda tetanam ka padi chukup kena nupi rayat laban tanah endur bumai bisi, duit munyi ti suah disebut chukup mayuh, pia mega mensia semina 2.5 million.
Ku iya, enti China tetupika 1.4 billion rayat menuanya, nadai kebuah Sarawak enda ulih ngada beras ka rayat ti semina 2.5 million.
Ku iya, penanggul nengeri tu, ukai nadai tanah, ukai nadai duit tang pengering politik nadai tetangkupka penemu ti peneka ngeluar ari mulut.
Taja pan Masing enda nyemetak nyebut baka Chong, kuing jakunya sigi nuju menteri ti nadai pengering ati ka bebendar ngemansangka mensia ti bumai-taun.
Sigi patut bendar diperundingka perintah Kepala Menteri Adenan Satem pengeran Chong ti minta ngemaduka Jabu, laban enti agi baka ke udah, ni pan penyampau duit dibuai ngagai sector bumai, ketau kitai tetap enda lebih lalu kitai pan enda putus-putus meli beras ari Vietnam, Thailand enggau Pakistan.
Sarawak udah chukup pengerugi enda tepajuka sektor bumai dalam 14 taun ti udah, sampai bila kitai tan rugi bakatu?
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Chong could face disqualification as elected rep

Posted: 12 Dec 2015 05:12 PM PST

Chong (centre) with Yap (left) and Tan at the news conference after the receipt of the summons and charge sheet.
KUCHING: Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen and Stampin MP Julian Tan have been served with summons and charge sheet for allegedly committed offences under Section 4(2)(c) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.
A police officer served them the court documents at the DAP headquarters at about 10.30am today.
Both Chong and Tan allegedly committed offences during the Bersih 4 rally held here on August 29 this year.
Upon conviction of the mentioned Section, the accused will be fined up to RM10,000.
At a news conference, Chong said he saw this as political persecution by the government in light of the imminent state election.
He said anyone who was fined RM2,000 and above would be disqualified as MP and ADUN and would be prohibited from standing in elections or holding any political positions for five years after the fine.
Chong's counsel Yap Hoi Liong said he would advise Chong to plead not guilty in court tomorrow (Dec 14).
Yap said, "I can assure you that the charge sheet may be defective and we will challenge the charge from all angles."
Yap added that he would call in witnesses including organisers of the rally and Kuching district police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad, if need be.
Chong also pointed out that this was the second charge he had faced so far. The first charge on him took place in 2013 when the state government sued him for defamation over his query of the RM11 billion unaccounted state fund that had gone into the 'Government Consultation Towards Approved Agencies Account'.
The state government demanded RM100 million from Chong for the alleged defamation.
"But the case was struck out at the High Court. But the state government has appealed in the Court of Appeal."
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Chong, Tan receive charge sheets, summoned to court Dec 14

Posted: 12 Dec 2015 05:09 PM PST

Chong (fourth right, facing the camera) leafs though the summons served by a police officer at DAP headquarters.
KUCHING: Two police officers dropped by at DAP headquarters at about 10am today supposedly to serve Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen a summons attached with a charge sheet.
However, the authority came with only the summons without the charge sheet.
The officer who was seen to serve the summons seemed to be clueless when Chong asked about the charge sheet.
In the end, the two officers had to leave the headquarters to collect the charge sheet in order to serve it together with the summons on Chong.
Chong told reporters that the summons clearly stated that a charge sheet was attached and yet the police brought the summons without the attachment.
Chong managed to leaf through the summons which requested him to be in court by 9am tomorrow (Dec 14).
Police then came back to DAP headquarters within half an hour to serve Chong and Stampin MP Julian Tan summons and charge sheet.
The summons and charge sheet were allegedly about Chong's participation in the Bersih 4 rally. To this, Chong said it was political persecution.
Police came back to DAP headquarters within half an hour to serve Chong (second left) and Stampin MP Julian Tan (second right) summons and charge sheet.
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Posted: 12 Dec 2015 04:52 PM PST


張健仁與陳國彬是在參與在淨選盟(Bersih 4.0)8月29日在古晉舉辦的要求公平、公正選舉訴求的遊行集會而被提控,他們也因此成了第一批因為Bersih 4.0集會而被和平集會法令提控的受害者。

砂勞越的Bersih 4.0 和平遊行聚會當天獲得了警察的批准,在警方發出准證的情況下還提控行動黨的兩位國會議員是一場明顯的政治逼害。


也是哥打聖淘沙區州議員的張健仁也因此而無法出席當天 (14/12/15) 州議會的會議。




DAP has more Dayak than Chinese members in Sarawak

Posted: 01 Dec 2015 05:22 PM PST

DAP in Sarawak claims to now have more Dayak members in the state when compared with Chinese members.
Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen said they used to be known as only having Chinese support but that was not the case any more.
"We have more Dayak members than Chinese members.
"At least 60% of our members there are Dayak now and more are coming in to join us," he told guests during the Sarawak State Election Fund-Raising Dinner 2015 here today.
The Bandar Kuching MP said that he was confident of winning more seats in the coming state elections as Barisan Nasional had increased the number of state constituencies.
"The new 11 seats are rural and native seats and not Chinese seats
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng paid tribute to Selangor folk for their support to help Sarawak."The number of voters in these seats are just 6,000 to 7,000 voters unlike the 30,000-voter seats we have won."
"I'm very touched that Selangor people are here for Sarawak. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Lim said to break the rule of BN, their safety deposit, which wasSabah and Sarawak, must be broken first.
"Sarawak is one of the three pillars of Malaysia.
"They must know that with the wealth of their resources, they do not need to be poor.
"There is no reason they should be left behind," the DAP secretary-general said.
He said DAP's "Impian Sarawak" had made huge progress.
"We have archived success with 'Impian Sarawak' by providing water and electricity free of charge.
"Imagine that they are a part of this country and some of them do not have water and electricity
"They can now see that an Opposition party can provide them with something BN could not do for 52 years."
Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo said the Sarawak elections were around the corner and it was often a strong indicator for the next general election.
"DAP Sabah and Sarawak have gained a lot of ground.
 "I congratulate them for that," he said.
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