Khamis, 7 April 2011

R Sivarasa - Ahli Parlimen Subang

R Sivarasa - Ahli Parlimen Subang

Sivarasa di Kampung Baru Sungei Buloh

Posted: 07 Apr 2011 09:18 PM PDT

Khamis 7hb April - YB Sivarasa bersama YB Dr Nasir telah turun ke Kg Baru Sg Buloh untuk perjumpaan bersama penduduk-penduduk tempatan dan Ketua Kampung Sdri Ho.
Tujuan perjumpaan adalah perundingan untuk menaik taraf jalan di kawasan tersebut.
Untuk manfaat yang lebih besar, Ketua Kampung Sdri Ho telah mencetuskan idea dimana pemilik-pemilik tanah dapat bekerjasama dengan pihak ADUN memberikan sumbangan untuk kerja naik taraf jalan.
Pemilik-pemilik tanah bersetuju membiayai kos keparitan dihadapan lot tanah mereka dan pihak ADUN bertanggungjawab untuk naik taraf jalan.
Kerjasama sebegini memang digalakkan dan YB Sivarasa turut memberikan sokongan beliau untuk cadangan ini.


Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Tubuh Cawangan Balakong Jaya Perkukuh Kedudukan

Posted: 07 Apr 2011 04:14 PM PDT

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

"Sarbini" .... terjagakah mata orang "Melayu"

Posted: 07 Apr 2011 06:00 AM PDT

Masa Teoh Beng Hock terbunuh dalam tahanan MACC, ramai orang Melayu menyepi terutama geng songkok tinggi dan anggap kematiannya dipolitikkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat.
Kini bila Sarbini pula jadi 'mangsa' penyiasatan MACC baru mata orang Melayu terbuka dan terjaga dari tidur yang lena dan panjang?

Pengumuman Khas

Posted: 07 Apr 2011 04:22 AM PDT

Semua Warga Parlimen Kota Raja, Klang dan Bandar serta kampung berhampiran dijemput ke Program "JOM Sertai PAS" pada 23hb April 2011 bermula jam 7.00 pagi bertempat di Tapak Pasar Pagi, Taman Sri Andalas Klang. Program ini adalah Anjuran Jentera Pilihanraya PAS, DUN Sri Andalas (JPrD)

魏宗贤文打烟之声 Gwee Tong Hiang for Bentayan

魏宗贤文打烟之声 Gwee Tong Hiang for Bentayan


Posted: 07 Apr 2011 12:31 AM PDT


Posted: 07 Apr 2011 12:15 AM PDT

i n t a n h i j a u

i n t a n h i j a u


Posted: 07 Apr 2011 03:57 AM PDT

NONESumber berkenaan turut mendakwa, Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) telah memaksa Allahyarham supaya mengakui dakwaan berkenaan.

NONESalah seorang rakannya sekerja Allahyarham, yang enggan dinamakan, berkata Ahmad Sarbani berdepan dengan tuduhan menerima rasuah.

Beberapa orang rakan Allahyarham Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed yang ditemui hari ini mengesyaki berlakunya unsur khianat dalam kes kematian pegawai kanan Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia (JKDM) itu.

Namun, beliau menjelaskan bahawa Allahyarham merupakan pegawai yang "paling bersih" dan paling disukai di kalangan kakitangan beliau di pejabat JKDM Selangor itu.

Katanya, kakitangan berkenaan mengetahui siapakah yang sebenarnya menerima rasuah dan Allahyarham setentunya tidak berbuat demikian.

SPRM turut mengugut untuk memenjarakan pegawai kastam berkenaan sekiranya tidak mengakui dakwaan tersebut, dakwa sumber itu lagi.

Lim Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng

Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed Should Step Aside As MACC Commissioner

Posted: 06 Apr 2011 11:47 PM PDT

Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed Should Step Aside As MACC Commissioner Until Investigations Into The Death Of Customs Officer Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed Is Complete Following Abu Kassim's Provocative, Malicious And Ill-Intentioned Remarks That The Death Should Not Be Exploited Or Manipulated By Certain Quarters For Their Personal Interests.

DAP suggests that Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed should step aside as Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Commissioner until investigations into the death of Customs Officer Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed is complete. DAP had had some respect for Datuk Seri Abu Kassim for his efforts to try to clean up and restore some professionalism into MACC, which lost public confidence following the debacle of the death of DAP political secretary Teoh Beng Hock under Abu Kassim's predecessor.

Datuk Seri Abu Kassim did not entirely succeed because of the secretive and mysterious nature of its methods and operations control of MACC, its lack of independence from the Attorney-General and the Federal government, as well as double-standards in failing to take action against blatant corrupt practices by BN leaders including Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. However the latest death of Ahmad Sarbani on the first floor open-air badminton court of the MACC KL Building yesterday undid and undermined all Datuk Seri Abu Kassim's efforts to make a difference. Datuk Seri Abu's accompanying provocative remarks can not be ignored.

Datuk Seri Abu Kassim was malicious and full of ill-intentions with the malicious remarks that "he hoped that the death would not be "exploited or manipulated by certain quarters for their personal interests". Such provocative remarks display not only a guilty conscience but an attempt to gag and stop others from pursuing the truth and justice into the latest tragic death in the MACC.

MACC must realise that no one other than the MACC is to blame and be held responsible for this latest tragic death in the MACC. To describe as "exploiters and manipulators", those pursuing the truth and justice into this latest tragic death, is just irresponsible. The public would not have faith in the promise by MACC to launch a comprehensive internal probe into this latest death when MACC could not fully explain or take responsibility for the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

For this reason there must be a 3-stage approach of ensuring there is no more tragic case of a corruption suspect walking in alive into MACC offices alive but coming out dead. One, setting up a new Royal Commission of Inquiry that complies and fulfils international norms of natural justice into this latest tragic death. Secondly there must be full revamp of MACC, conducted by Transparency International and armed with full powers to effect any changes necessary whether the Federal government likes it or not, to become an effective and professional anti-corruption agency. Third, Datuk Abu Kassim must temporarily step aside until the investigations into this latest tragic death is completed.

A Full Commission Of Inquiry Into The Death Of Ahmad Sarbani And An Independent Review By Transparency International Of MACC’s Operations And Methods To Fully Revamp MACC.

Posted: 06 Apr 2011 07:44 PM PDT

DAP extends condolences to the family of Selangor Customs Assistant Director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed who was found dead on the first floor open-air badminton court of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission(MACC) KL Building in Jalan Cochrane this morning. DAP is outraged that there is still another death within the grounds of the MACC after the still unresolved tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock. Will the MACC never wake up and learn?

MACC director of investigations Datuk Mustafar Ali said Ahmad was among those detained on April 1 in a nationwide operation for graft involving unpaid taxes and released on bail the next day. Datuk Mustafar said Ahmad was believed to have fallen to his death from the 3rd floor of the KL MACC Building.

According to Datuk Mustafar, Ahmad was with an MACC officer until 10.15am. The MACC officer then left the room for a few minutes to call the investigating office and on his return, he found Ahmad missing. Ahmad’s body was found lying on the first floor open-air badminton court at 10.20am.

The death of Ahmad and chain of events leading to his death, gives a tragic sense déjà vu and is a chilling reminder of the death of DAP political secretary Teoh Beng Hock in the Selangor MACC HQ. Despite the promises by MACC that there will no repeat of such cases after Teoh Beng Hock's death and the tenure of the then Director-General was not extended, the death of Ahmad shows that MACC had not learnt from the tragic lessons of Teoh's death.

Malaysians do not believe claims by some BN leaders that Teoh committed suicide. Instead they believe that Teoh was murdered. The question remains whether the government is serious about finding out who was responsible and taking action. The tragic death of Ahmad would only deepen suspicion and distrust as well as shatter any public confidence left in the operational and interrogation methods of MACC.

DAP calls for a full Royal Commission of Inquiry(RCI) into the death of Ahmad. This RCI should determine cause of death, punish the culprits responsible and implement safeguards to ensure that suspects are no longer injured or die unnecessary deaths whilst in MACC custody.

At the same time there must be a full revamp of MACC to determine whether MACC can carry out its anti-corruption duties effectively, efficiently, impartially and professionally without causing harm or death to its suspects. The failure of MACC to investigate corruption allegations against Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud shows a clear case of double-standards and systems failure in enforcing the law equally.

A MACC without any public credibility shows that the BN government is not serious about fighting corruption. As part of this full revamp, DAP calls on the Federal government to establish an independent review by Transparency International of MACC's operations and methods.

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comments for Wee Choo Keong

Comment on Complaints for DBKL by weechookeong

Posted: 06 Apr 2011 07:54 PM PDT

Setapak Indah

It is my pleasure to do what I can for the constituents. Safety must come first. I had to write several letters to get the barrier done by DBKL.

DBKL was supposed to build 2 overhead bridges at Jalan Genting Kelang. One near the gold driving range and the other one near JPJ. I have also written to DBKL about it. I am waiting for their reply.

On the uneven road surface, I have received an official reply that the contractor will resume works in May.

Thank you for your feed backs.

With kindest regards

wee choo keong

Comment on Complaints for DBKL by Setapak Indah Resident

Posted: 06 Apr 2011 07:34 PM PDT

Dear YB,

I wish to thank you for your kind action to have DBKL installed the barrier near the overhead bridge at Jalan Genting Klang.

Hopefully this will sent a message to remind the pedestrian to use the overhead bridge instead of crossing the road in a dangerous mannner

Thank you

Comment on Questions Time: 05 April 2011 BNM: kerosakan wang kertas – kurang jelas dan luntur by Poor Rakyat vs Bank Negara

Posted: 06 Apr 2011 06:15 PM PDT

05 April 2011 Sumbangan kepada warga emas oleh Poling Keong di Wangasa Maju = Great Photo

PR vs BN in Sarawak = we nil on both sides , but consider Poor Rakyat vs Bank Negara , this is a very good question until there is a women keeping postpone = giving answer .

Free Electricity < RM 20 = Thumbs up by Low Income Rakyat = But They Thumbs Down ( and Down again ) BNM …. 16th April 2011

Direct Free Kick

Direct Free Kick

Melawat 16 pelajar Sekolah Kebangsaan Pandan Indah yang keracunan makanan di Hospital Ampang 7 April 2011 - Bahagian 1.

Posted: 07 Apr 2011 04:40 AM PDT




Posted: 07 Apr 2011 03:37 AM PDT




Posted: 07 Apr 2011 05:48 AM PDT

Sumber; Harakahdaily

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 April: Ketiadaan perancangan rapi dari pihak kerajaan, khususnya Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar, dalam melaksanakan aktiviti-aktiviti di kawasan pantai amat dikesali kerana ia telah menyebabkan beberapa pantai di Terengganu kini mengalami hakisan yang amat teruk.
Pantai-pantai terbabit termasuklah pantai Tok Jembal yang terletak di kawasan Kuala Nerus di Kuala Terengganu, Telok Lipat di Dungun, Rhu Rendang di Marang dan Telok Kalong di Kemaman.
Ahli Parlimen Kuala Terengganu, Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut ketika membangkitkan perkara itu berkata, akibat ketiadaan perancangan rapi dan perancangan yang tidak betul, Pantai Tok Jembal kini semakin teruk terhakis, apabila tambak yang dibina dibuat terus ke laut ekoran pembinaan landasan kapal terbang di Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud.

Hakisan di Panatai Tok Jembal.
Menurut beliau, akibat perancangan yang tidak betul, Pantai Rhu Rendang turut mengalami hakisan teruk, ekoran pembinaan pemecah ombak untuk pembinaan Pelabuhan Chendering.
Katanya, kesemua itu berlaku disebabkan gangguan-gangguan yang terlalu banyak di kawasan pantai sehingga menyebabkan berlakunya tindak balas yang menyebabkan berlakunya hakisan sepanjang masa dan lebih teruk lagi pada musim tengkujuh.
"Ekoran itu juga, jalan raya di kawasan Telok Lipat di Dungun sekarang sampai sudah habis nak tenggelam, nak dikorek dan dihakis," katanya ketika mengemukakan soalan tambahan dari soalan asalnya kepada Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar, Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah Embas, pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat, di sini, hari ini.
Keadaan yang berlaku itu, menurut beliau, amat dikesali dan ia seolah-olah terjadi disebabkan banjir besar yang dikaitkan dengan kata-kata "sekali air bah sekali pantai berubah".

Hakisan di Pantai Teluk Lipat, Dungun.

Tapi di Terengganu kini, katanya, sudah tidak lagi berlaku banjir besar. Kalau pun berlaku banjir hanyalah banjir kecil sahaja.
Sehubungan itu, beliau bertanya sama ada pihak kerajaan ada melakukan kajian secara menyeluruh atau tidak tentang apa juga aktiviti yang hendak dilakukan yang melibatkan pantai supaya tidak mendatangkan kesan sampingan seperti itu.
Jika tidak diadakan kajian menyeluruh, ia pasti akan mendatangkan kesan sampingan yang teruk sehingga memaksa kerajaan mengeluarkan perbelanjaan besar untuk membaik pulih pantai-pantai berkenaan.
"Sekiranya tiada kajian menyeluruh dan perancangan yang rapi, perbelanjaan besar yang diperuntukkan oleh kerajaan sehingga RM5 juta atau RM10 juta pun tetap juga tak mampu membaik pulih pantai-pantai berkenaan kerana hakisan tetap juga berlaku semula," jelasnya.
Dalam soalan asalnya, beliau meminta Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar menyatakan perancangan dan usaha yang dilakukan untuk mengatasi masalah hakisan pantai di Terengganu seperti Pantai Tok Jembal, Telok Lipat, Rhu Rendang dan Telok Kalong.

Islam untuk semua

Islam untuk semua

Posted: 06 Apr 2011 07:28 AM PDT

02 Jamadilawal 1432H. [MOD] -

N01: OPAR: SARAWAK: 8,099

1. Stephen ak Sagir (SNAP)
2. Joseph Jindy ak Peter Rosen (Bebas)
3. Boniface Willy ak Tumek (PKR)
4. Ranum ak Mina (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Ranum ak Mina (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 3,585
Majoriti: 2,183


1. Datuk Peter Nansian ak Ngusie (BN-SPDP)
2. Frankie Jurem ak Nyombui (SNAP)
3. John Tenewi Nuek (PKR)

Penyandang: Peter Nansian ak Ngusie (BN-SPDP)
undi diperolehi : 6,393
Majoriti : 3,203


1. Tan Sri Adenan Satem (BN-PBB)
2. Gilbert Asson ak Kulong (Bebas)
3. Nani Sahari (PAS)

Penyandang: Tan Sri Adenan Satem (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 4,545
Majoriti: 4,136


1. Suhaimi Selamat (Bebas)
2. Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi (BN-PBB)
3. Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Senusi (PKR)

Penyandang: Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 5,217
Majoriti: 2,164


1. Dr Hazland Abang Hipni (BN-PBB)
2. Ali Hossen bin Abang (PKR)

Penyandang: Dr Abang Draup Zamahari Abang Haji Zen (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 5,094
Majoriti: 3,605

N06: TUPONG: SARAWAK: 17,796

1. Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman (BN-PBB)
2. Baharuddin @ Din Shah Mokhsen (PKR)

Penyandang: Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 6,885
Majoriti: 4,572


1. Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali (BN-PBB)
2. Zulrusdi Mohamad Hol (PKR)

Penyandang: Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 5,365
Majoriti: 2,488

N08: SATOK: SARAWAK: 10,431

1. Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg (BN-PBB)
2. Ahmad Nazib Johari (PKR)

Penyandang: Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 4,222
Majoriti: 2,798


1. Dominique Ng Kim Ho (Bebas)
2. Wong King Wei (DAP)
3. Sim Kiang Chiok (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Dominique Ng Kim Ho (PKR)
Undi diperolehi: 8,002
Majoriti: 1,417

N010: PENDING: SARAWAK: 29,488

1. Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian (BN-SUPP)
2. Violet Yong (DAP)

Penyandang: Violet Yong (DAP)
Undi diperolehi: 11,632
Majoriti: 4,372


1. Sih Hua Tong (BN-SUPP)
2. See Chee How (PKR)
3. Soo Lina (Bebas)

Penyandang: Voon Lee Shan (DAP)
Undi diperolehi: 8,806
Majoriti: 3,407


1. Chong Chieng Jen (DAP)
2. Datuk Alfred Yap Chin Loi (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Chong Chieng Jen (DAP)
Undi diperolehi: 6,579
Majoriti: 531


1. Christina Chew Wang See (DAP)
2. Tan Joo Phoi (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Tan Joo Phoi (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 6,755
Majoriti: 4,180

N014: ASAJAYA: SARAWAK: 13,799

1. Abd Karim Rahman Hamzah (BN-PBB)
2. Arip Ameran (PKR)

Penyandang: Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 6,949
Majoriti: 5,063


1. Datuk Seri Mohamad Ali Mahmud (BN-PBB)
2. Noraini Hamzah (PAS)

Penyandang/Incumbent: Datuk Seri Haji Mohammad Ali Mahmud (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehil: 7,863
Majoriti: 6,327

N016: BENGOH: SARAWAK: 21,955

1. Willie ak Mongin (PKR)
2. Wejok ak Tomik (Bebas)
3. Richard @ Peter ak Margaret (SNAP)
4. Dr Jerip ak Susil (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Dr Jerip ak Susil (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 7,540
Majoriti: 3,988

N017: TARAT: SARAWAK: 16,352

1. Ateng ak Jeros (SNAP)
2. Roland Sageh Wee Inn (BN-PBB)
3. Peter Ato ak Mayau (PKR)

Penyandang: Roland Sageh (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 5,854
Majoriti: 3,256

N018: TEBEDU: SARAWAK: 12,497

1. Kipli bin Ale (Bebas)
2. Datuk Seri Michael Manyin ak Jawong (BN-PBB)
3. Christopher ak Kiyui (PKR)
4. Anthony ak Nais (SNAP)

Penyandang: Datuk Michael Manyin ak Jawong (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 6,107
Majoriti: 4,256

N019: KEDUP: SARAWAK: 17,466

1. Lainus ak Andrew Luwak (PKR)
2. Maclaine Ben @ Martin Ben (BN-PBB)
3. Amin ak Banti (Bebas)
4. Belayong ak Jayang (SNAP)

Penyandang: Frederick Bayoi ak Manggie (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 5,635
Majoriti: 1,981


1. Aidel Lariwoo (BN-PBB)
2. Mahayudin Wahab (Bebas)
3. Abang Eddy Allyanny Abang Fauzi (PAS)

Penyandang: Datuk Wan Abdul Wahab Wan Sanusi (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 2,715
Majoriti: 858


1. Mohd Naroden Majais (BN-PBB)
2. Mashor Hussen (PKR)
3. Zaini bin Le' (Bebas)
4. Mac Palima ak Nyambil (PCM)

Penyandang: Mohd Naroden Majais (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 4,786
Majoriti: 3,350


1. Ali bin Semsu (Bebas)
2. Adam Ahid (PAS)
3. Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB)

Penyandang: Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 3,748
Majoriti: 2,448

N023: LINGGA: SARAWAK: 7,745

1. Abang Othman Abang Gom (SNAP)
2. Abang Ahmad Arabi Abang Bolhassan (PKR)
3. Simoi Peri (BN-PBB)

Penyandang: Simoi Peri (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 3,245
Majoriti: 1,870


1. Razaili Gapor (BN-PBB)
2. Abang Ahmad Kerdee Abang Masagus (PAS)

Penyandang: Bolhassan Di @ Ahmad Di (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 2,796
Majoriti: 895


1. Ibi ak Uding (PKR)
2. Snowdan Lawan (BN-PRS)
3. Dan ak Giang (SNAP)
4. Lipeh ak Mawi (PCM)
5. Cobbold ak Lusoi (Bebas)
6. Sujal ak Gansi (Bebas)

Penyandang: Snowdan ak Donald Lawan (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi: 3,075
Majoriti: 1,516


1. Mong ak Dagang (BN-PRS)
2. Lias ak Julai (Bebas)
3. Jimmy Lim @ Jimmy Donald (PKR)
4. Ivanhoe Anthony ak Belon (SNAP)

Penyandang: Mong ak Dagang (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi: 3,083
Majoriti: 1,007


1. Leon Jimat Donald (DAP)
2. Datuk Francis Harden ak Hollis (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Datuk Francis Harden ak Hollis (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 5,144
Majoriti: 4,258


1. Dr Johnichal Rayong ak Ngipa (BN-SUPP)
2. Jimmy Simon Maja (Bebas)
3. Semijie ak Janting (SNAP)
4. Marudi @ Barudi ak Mawang (PKR)

Penyandang: Dr Johnical Rayong ak Ngipa (SNAP)
Undi diperolehi: 3,442
Majoriti: 426


1. Nicholas Bawin ak Anggat (PKR)
2. Malcom Mussen ak Lamoh (BN-PRS)

Penyandang: Malcom Mussen ak Lamoh (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi: 3,907
Majoriti: 1,854


1. Ricky @ Mohammad Razi Sitam (BN-PBB)
2. Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh (PKR)

Penyandang: Dr Wahbi Junaidi (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 2,441
Majoriti: 94

N031: LAYAR: SARAWAK: 8,109

1. Joe ak Unggang (SNAP)
2. Stanny Embat Dharoh ak Laja (PKR)
3. Ngumbang @ Kibak ak Datu (Bebas)
4. Tan Sri Dr Alfred Jabu ak Numpang (BN-PBB)

Penyandang: Tan Sri Dr Alfred Jabu ak Numpang (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 3,767
Majoriti: 2,677


1. Dayrell Walter Entrie (SNAP)
2. Jerah ak Engkiong @ Edward Jerah (PKR)
3. Robert Lawson Chuat (BN-PBB)

Penyandang: Robert Lawson Chuat (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 3,258
Majoriti: 1,878

N033: KALAKA: SARAWAK: 14,167

1. Ismail bin Hussain (Bebas)
2. Abdul Wahab Aziz (BN-PBB)
3. Mohd Yahya Abdullah (PKR)

Penyandang: Abdul Wahab Aziz (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 7,396
Majoriti: 5,929

034: KRIAN: SARAWAK: 11,016

1. Liman ak Sujang (SNAP)
2. Datuk Peter Nyarok ak Entrie (BN-SPDP)
3. Banyi ak Beriak (Bebas)
4. Ali ak Biju (PKR)

Penyandang: Datuk Peter Nyarok ak Entrie (BN-SPDP)
Undi diperolehi: 4,784
Majoriti: 2,089


1. Abdul Wahab Abdullah (PKR)
2. Kiprawi bin Suhaili (Bebas)
3. Datuk Talif @ Len Salleh (BN-PBB)

Penyandang: Hamden Ahmad (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 4,102
Majoriti: 3,316

N036: SEMOP: SARAWAK: 8,891

1. Abdullah Saidol (BN-PBB)
2. Ong Chung Siew (PKR)
3. Ajiji Fauzan (Bebas)

Penyandang: Datuk Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 4,479
Majoriti: 3,226

N037: DARO: SARAWAK: 7,305

1. Murni Suhaili (BN-PBB)
2. Jamaludin Ibrahim (PKR)
3. Muhamad Zamhari Berawi (Bebas)
4. Noh @ Muhamad Noh Bakri @ Bakeri (Bebas)

Penyandang: Murni Suhaili (BN-PBB)
(Menang Tidak Bertanding)


1. Asbor Abdullah (Bebas)
2. Abdul Hafiz Noh (Bebas)
3. Gani @ Abu Seman Jahwie (BN-PBB)

Penyandang: Abu Seman Jahwie (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 3,567
Majoriti: 1,710

N039: REPOK: SARAWAK: 18,481

1. Datuk David Teng Lung Chi (BN-SUPP)
2. Dr Wong Hua Seh (DAP)

Penyandang: Datuk David Teng Lung Chi (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 5,502
Majoriti: 576

040: MERADONG: SARAWAK: 15,337

1. Ling Kie King (BN-SUPP)
2. Ting Tze Fui (DAP)

Penyandang: Ting Tze Fui (DAP)
Undi diperolehi: 5,990
Majoriti: 3,578

N041: PAKAN : SARAWAK: 9,274

1. Datuk Seri William Mawan (BN-SPDP)
2. Jamal Bin Abdullah @ Tedong ak Gunda (SNAP)

Penyandang: Datuk Seri William Mawan (BN-SPDP)
Undi diperolehi: 4,138
Majoriti: 1,763

N042: MELUAN: SARAWAK: 11,487

1. John Brian Anthony ak Jeremy Guang (PKR)
2. Wong ak Judat (BN-SPDP)
3. Labang ak Jamba (SNAP)

Penyandang: Wong ak Judat (BN-SPDP)
Undi diperolehi: 5,086
Majoriti: 3,007

N043: NGEMAH: SARAWAK: 8,058

1. Alexander Vincent (BN-PRS)
2. Yakup Khalid (Bebas)
3. Adeh ak Denong (PCM)
4. Michael ak Lias (SNAP)
5. Aris ak Alap (PKR)

Penyandang: Gabriel Adit ak Demong (IND)
Undi diperolehi: 2,582
Majoriti: 549

N044: MACHAN: SARAWAK: 9,944

1. Kong Tat Kim (PCM)
2. Datuk Gramong Juna (BN-PBB)
3. George Chen Nguk Fa (PKR)
4. Augustine ak Liom @ August Kiom (SNAP)

Penyandang: Datuk Gramong Juna (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 4,045
Majoriti: 2,289

1. Hii Tiong Huat (Bebas)
2. Chieng Huong Toon (BN-SUPP)
3. Wong Ho Leng (DAP)

Penyandang: Wong Ho Leng (DAP)
Undi diperolehi: 10,380
Majoriti: 4,751

N046: DUDONG: SARAWAK: 26,251

1. Yap Hoi Liong (DAP)
2. Datuk Tiong Thai King (BN-SUPP)
3. Apandi Abdul Rani (Bebas)

Penyandang: Dr Soon Choon Teck (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 7,359
Majoriti: 408


1. Alice Lau Kiong Yieng (DAP)
2. Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 6,804
Majoriti: 2,504

N048: PELAWAN: SARAWAK: 28,808

1. Vincent Goh Chung Siong (BN-SUPP)
2. David Wong Kee Woan (DAP)

Penyandang: Vincent Goh Chung Siong (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 7,375
Majoriti: 263

N049: NANGKA: SARAWAK: 14,197

1. Dr Annuar Rapaee (BN-PBB)
2. Norisham Mohamed Ali (PKR)

Penyandang: Awang Bemee Awang Ali Basah (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 6,202
Majoriti: 4,815

N050: DALAT: SARAWAK: 11,857

1. Datin Fatimah Abdullah @ Ting Sai Ming (BN-PBB)
2. Sylvester Ajah Subah @ Ajah Subah (PKR)
3. Salleh Mahali (Bebas)

Penyandang: Fatimah Abdullah @ Ting Sai Ming (BN-PBB)
(Menang Tidak Bertanding)


1. Suriati Abdullah (PKR)
2. Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud (BN-PBB)
3. Datuk Salleh Jafaruddin (Bebas)

Penyandang: Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 6,393
Majoriti: 5,726

N052: TAMIN: SARAWAK: 12,244

1. Joseph Mauh ak Ikeh (BN-PRS)
2. Mengga ak Mikui (PKR)

Penyandang: Joseph Mauh ak Ikeh (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi: 4,639
Majoriti: 2,377

N053: KAKUS: SARAWAK: 9,604

1. Dick @ Laurance Dick Sekalai (PCM)
2. Paul Anyie Raja (PKR)
3. John Sikie ak Tayai (BN-PRS)
4. Entali ak Empin (Bebas)

Penyandang: John Sikei ak Tayai (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi: 3,739
Majoriti: 2,852

N054: PELAGUS: SARAWAK: 15,322

1. Stanley Nyitar @ Unja ak Malang (BN-PRS)
2. Edward Sumbang ak Asun (PKR)
3. George ak Lagong (Bebas)

Penyandang: Larry Sng Wei Shien (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi: 5,965
Majoriti: 3,239


1. Datuk Ambrose Blikau ak Enturan (BN-PBB)
2. Toh Heng San (SNAP)
3. Munan ak Laja (PKR)

Penyandang: Datuk Ambrose Blikau ak Enturan (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 3,887
Majoriti: 3,332

N056: BALEH: SARAWAK: 11,287

1. Datuk Seri Dr James Masing (BN-PRS)
2. Bendindang ak Manjah (PKR)

Penyandang: Datuk Seri Dr James Masing (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi: 5,330
Majoriti: 4,802

N057: BELAGA: SARAWAK: 8,463

1. John Bampa @ Tusau (SNAP)
2. Liwan Lagang (BN-PRS)
3. Basah Kesing @ Ali Basah Kesing (PKR)
4. Michael Jok (Bebas)
5. Matthew ak Munan (Bebas)
6. Kenneth Adan Silek (Bebas)

Penyandang/Incumbent: Liwan Lagang (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi/Votes polled: 1,855
Majoriti/Majority: 227

N058: JEPAK: SARAWAK: 12,979

1. Ramli Malaka (SNAP)
2. Abdul Jalil Bujang (PKR)
3. Datuk Talib Zulpilip (BN-PBB)
4. Abdul Kuddus Ramlee (Bebas)
5. Awang Abdillah Awang Nasar (Bebas)

Penyandang: Datuk Talip Zulpilip (BN-PRS)
Undi diperolehi: 4,997
Majoriti: 3,179


1. Chiew Chiu Sing (DAP)
2. Henry Ling Koung Meng (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Chiew Chiu Sing (DAP)
Undi diperolehi: 8,517
Majoriti: 1,664

N060: KEMENA: SARAWAK: 14,082

1. Liam Rengga (Bebas)
2. Bernard Binar Bayang ak Rading (PKR)
3. Dr Stephen Rundi ak Utom (BN-PBB)
4. Ungun ak Bayan (SNAP)

Penyandang/Incumbent: Dr Stephen Rundi ak Utom (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi/Votes polled: 4,750
Majoriti/Majority: 1,572

N061: BEKENU: SARAWAK: 10,672

1. Rosey Yunus (BN-SPDP)
2. Dyg Juliana Awg Tambi (PCM)
3. Thony ak Badak (SNAP)
4. Ishak Mahwi (PKR)

Penyandang: Rosey Yunus (BN-SPDP)
Undi diperolehi: 4,357
Majoriti: 3,072

N062: LAMBIR: SARAWAK: 14,144

1. Ripin Lamat (BN-PBB)
2. Zolhaidah Suboh (PKR)
3. Johari Bujang (SNAP)

Penyandang: Aidan Wing (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 4,331
Majoriti: 2,834

N063: PIASAU: SARAWAK: 16,600

1. Ling Sie Kiong (DAP)
2. Tan Sri Dr George Chan (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Tan Sri Dr George Chan (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 6,573
Majoriti: 3,918

064: PUJUT: SARAWAK: 22,577

1. Andy Chia Chu Fatt (BN-SUPP)
2. Fong Pau Teck (DAP)

Penyandang: Andy Chia Chu Fatt (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 6,493
Majoriti: 1,370

N065: SENADIN: SARAWAK: 22,432

1. Michael Teo Yu Keng (PKR)
2. Datuk Lee Kim Shin (BN-SUPP)

Penyandang: Datuk Lee Kim Shin (BN-SUPP)
Undi diperolehi: 7,173
Majoriti: 4,799

N066: MARUDI: SARAWAK: 13,093

1. Sylvester Entrie ak Muran (BN-SPDP)
2. Michael Ding Tuah (Bebas)
3. Gerang ak Dagom (PKR)
4. Edwin Dundang ak Bugak (SNAP)

Penyandang: Sylvester Entrie ak Muran (BN-SPDP)
Undi diperolehi: 4,954
Majoriti: 4,284


1. Harrison Ngau Laing (PKR)
2. Kebing Wan (SNAP)
3. Jok Ding (Bebas)
4. Dennis Ngau (BN-PBB)

Penyandang: Lihan Jok (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 4,593
Majoriti: 2,771


1. Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail (BN-PBB)
2. Leong Kwang Yew (DAP)
3. Usop Jidin (Bebas)
4. Ladis Pandin (Bebas)

Penyandang/Incumbent: Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi/Votes polled: 5,501
Majoriti/Majority: 3,229


1. Palu @ Paulus ak Gumbang (BN-SPDP)
2. Dr Lau Liak Koi (PKR)
3. Lawrence Cosmas Sunang ak Simpang (SNAP)

Penyandang/Incumbent: Palu @ Paulus ak Gumbang (BN-SPDP)
Undi diperolehi/Votes polled: 2,961
Majoriti/Majority: 1,262


1. Baru Bian (PKR)
2. Willie Liau (BN-SPDP)

Penyandang: Balang Rining (BN-SPDP)
Undi diperolehi: 2,064
Majoriti: 475


1. Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan (BN-PBB)
2. Japar Suyut (PKR)

Penyandang: Datuk Awang Tengah Ali Hassan (BN-PBB)
Undi diperolehi: 5,596
Majoriti: 5,275



TELUR AYAM TIRUAN........ada juga ke?

Posted: 06 Apr 2011 03:35 PM PDT

Tiruan maknanya tak sebenar, itu tipu. Luar serupa, hakikatnya tak serupa. Itu pura2 , munafik tu. Ramai sangat yang berlakon dan menipu. Akhirnya telor ayam pun kena fitnah juga.

Telur ayam tiruan di Pulau Pinang
Apr 6, 11 10:03pm
Kongsi 351
Rupanya sebiji telur ayam tetapi ia telur ayam tiruan diperbuat daripada bahan kimia yang dikhuatiri boleh memudaratkan kesihatan dan dijual di pasaran terbuka di Pulau Pinang.

Telur palsu itu bersaiz lebih besar daripada telur ayam sebenar dan apabila dipecahkan ia tidak mempunyai pusat telur, tidak berbau, berkilat dan kasar.

NONEDemikian menurut Persatuan Pengguna Pulau Pinang (CAP) yang telah menerima aduan daripada pengguna yang membeli 30 biji telur tiruan itu pada harga RM11 di pasar Pulau Tikus di Georgetown semalam.

Presiden CAP, SM Mohamed Idris, berkata siasatan mendapati kulit telur palsu itu diperbuat daripada lilin parafin, serbuk gypsum dan kalsium karbonat manakala kuning telur dan putih telur menggunakan bahan daripada natrium alginat, alum, geletin, asid benzoik, kalsium klorida, air serta bahan pewarna makanan.

"Komponen bahan kimia ini boleh menjejaskan kesihatan pengguna seperti mengganggu metabolisme, otak, sel saraf serta menjejaskan fungsi hati," katanya.

Mohamed Idris berkata, kerajaan harus mengambil tindakan segera merampas dan mengharamkan semua telur ayam palsu itu kerana ia akan memperdaya pengguna selain memberi kesan buruk kepada kesihatan.

Seorang mangsa pembelian telur ayam palsu yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai Loh, 50, berkata beliau menyedari telur ayam yang dibelinya dari pasar di Pulau Tikus itu adalah palsu setelah mendengar aduan seorang pembeli menerusi siaran radio.

"Setelah mendengar aduan seorang pengguna dalam radio, saya terus memeriksa telur yang dibeli itu dan terkejut apabila mendapati telur ayam yang saya dibeli sememangnya palsu," katanya.

Loh berkata, beliau dan anggota keluarganya telah makan telur ayam palsu itu sejak sebulan lalu.

- Bernama/