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96-Day Countdown to 13GE – Honesty and humility must always remain qualities of DAP leaders if DAP is to continue to command trust and confidence of Malaysians --Lim Kit Siang

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 05:26 AM PST

Butt out of parties' internal affairs, DAP tells EC

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 05:23 AM PST

N45 Dr Halimah Ali

N45 Dr Halimah Ali


Posted: 05 Jan 2013 09:51 PM PST

Kerajaan BN telah mengamalkan manipulasi pasaran ke atas kaunter saham FGV (stok kod 5222) dengan melakukan pelbagai aktiviti seperti mengarahkan pengurus dana  institusi ("smart money") contohnya KWSP (EPF), tabung haji dan lembaga angkatan tentera untuk membeli saham FGV agar menyokong harga FGV yang kian merudum dan menghala ke selatan..Sila lihat carta atau graf sahamFGV di sebelah kanan. Pada 04/01/13 Harga buka FGV ialah 4.61, harga tutup juga 4.61 degan harga paling tinggi 4.62 dan harga paling rendah ialah 4.59

Kerajaan BN juga mewujudkan gambaran atau senario FGV yang tidak tepat yang mengelirukan pelabur yang kebanyakannya adalah mengunakan margin dari pinjaman bank.

Penganalisis saham tempatan seperti TA Securities Holding dan Alliance Research menasihatkan pelabur agar menjual pegangan saham FGV mereka dek kerana risiko pelbagai dan pendapatan syarikat yang negatif .

Kesalahan Bursa Malaysia di SINI  dan di SINI

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ke Tapak Masjid Al-Umm Lawatan (Berdermalah Kepada Masjid Al-Umm Seikhlas Kemampuan)

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 03:24 PM PST

Direct Free Kick

Direct Free Kick

Turun padang flat Seri Cahaya kes air.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 07:37 AM PST

Turun padang flat Tmn Cahaya kes air.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 07:23 AM PST

Turun padang flat Tmn Nirwana kes air.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 05:02 AM PST

Mesyuarat dgn Syabas di Pusat Khidmat pada 4 Jan 2012.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 04:59 AM PST

Mesyuarat dgn Syabas di Pusat Khidmat pada 4 Jan 2013.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 04:56 AM PST

Turun padang flat Tmn Nirwana.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 04:43 AM PST

Turun padang flat Tmn Nirwana. Tidak ada tangki statik. Telah minta dari Syabas supaya menghantarnya.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 04:40 AM PST

Turun padang ke Ampang Mewah. Tangki statik tidak cukup, telah minta Syabas tambah.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 04:32 AM PST

Malam tadi telah mengadakan mesyuarat di Pusat Khidmat dgn Pengarah Eksekutif Operasi dan Pengurus Besar Syabas tentang masalah air di Chempaka dan Teratai. Turut hadir adalah ahli-ahli Majlis. Saya akan beri maklumbalas hasil pertemuan itu.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 04:26 AM PST

Malam tadi telah mengadakan mesyuarat di Pusat Khidmat dgn Pengarah Eksekutif Operasi dan Pengurus Besar Syabas tentang masalah air di Chempaka dan Teratai. Turut hadir adalah ahli-ahli Majlis. Saya akan beri maklumbalas hasil pertemuan itu.

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 02:55 AM PST

Pagi ini berada di Himpunan Ahli Majlis PBT Selangor di Shah Alam.

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 08:16 PM PST

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim

[VIDEO] Tanjung Aru Plaza Kota Kinabalu Sabah 29/12/2012

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 10:33 PM PST

[VIDEO] Bangkit Bersama Rakyat

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 11:34 AM PST

CALL FOR GE13 NOW – Anwar: No escaping Jan 17 GFI roundtable or Rosmah’s diamond scandal

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 05:07 AM PST

Malaysia Chronicle

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told Prime Minister Najib Razak to call for general elections as soon as possible ” so that the people can decide” rather than to let ‘out-of-control’ corruption swamp the country and erode the national coffers.

“The utter silence from them shows their total abdication of responsibility… their poor leadership and lack of governance. We would seek that they call for general election as soon as possible so that the people can decide,” Anwar told a press conference on Thursday.

He was responding to a question on the lack of response by the Najib administration to a string of corruption scandals recently brought to the fore by former IGP Musa Hassan and controversial businessman Deepak Jaikishan.

January 17 GFI roundtable

The 64-year-old Anwar, widely touted to be Malaysia’s next prime minister, chided Najib and his Umno-BN government for refusing to clear the air over the latest corruption expose’s or to acknowledge two disturbing international reports that have roiled investors and shocked the nation.

“Our ranking on the Transparency International index has continued to slip and they did not even bother to respond to the Global Financial Integrity report,” said Anwar.

Anwar also said that the GFI had agreed to participate in a roundtable to discuss Malaysia’s shock rise in illicit outflows that amounted to RM200 billion in 2010 and RM871 billion for the 10 years from 2001 to 2010.

“GFI has replied to our letter and the tentative date for the roundtable will be January 17,” said PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, who was also present at the press conference.

Malaysia moved up 2 notches in the latest Global Financial Integrity report released last month and is now considered the third most corrupt country in the world after China and Mexico. For the 10 years from 2001 to 2010, US$285 billion was siphoned out from Malaysia, while China and Mexico posted cumulative outflows of US$2.74 trillion and US$476 billion respectively.

Rosmah’s diamonds add to Malaysia’s already tarnished corruption image

Apart from the warnings issued by the global watchdog bodies, the country has been rocked by a string of shocking exposes’ from two high profile people.

Ex-police chief Musa Hassan has publicly accused Najib’s cousin, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, of interfering in police work to ensure desired political outcomes. But the most sensational ‘whistle-blower’ has been Deepak, a former close friend of Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor and once part of her inner circle.

After a falling out with the First Lady over a business deal involving Ministry of Defense land in Selangor, Deepak had gone on a no-holds-barred tell-all campaign against the Najibs. He not only revealed that the first couple had asked him to facilitate the withdrawal of a statutory declaration in 2008 that implicated them in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder, but provided key documents that led to the latest scandal over Rosmah’s purported diamond purchases.

Invoices and bank-in slips provided by Deepak show a jaw-dropping trail of jewellery acquisitions, which he had alleged were purchases his firms made for Rosmah. Deepak had also revealed that he paid the Najibs “millions” to secure Najib’s green light for the Ministry of Defense land deal. 19 pieces of jewellery costing RM13 million were bought purportedly for Rosmah over a three month period in 2009.

The entire episode has tarnished Malaysia’s already tattered image, increasing investor sensitivties over the alarming rise in corruption levels especially against the backdrop of the recent GFI report. Diamonds have long been an alternative currency, just like gold, popular with investors and underworld money-laundering syndicates. The gems have an added advantage of being easy to transport as well as to smuggle in and out of international borders.

“It is very simple. Deepak has made these accusations against Rosmah and he has shown documents and bank-in slips as proof he bought these diamonds for her. It is now for her to deny if it is not true. These are very serious allegations that touches on the office of the Prime Minister,” Rafizi told Malaysia Chronicle at the sidelines of a press conference on Wednesday.

“But as we have seen in the past, there has always been deafening silence whenever there are documents that show corruption. This is also not the first time time Rosmah has been involved in a cincin (ring) incident. In the end, the Customs documents did show that there was such a diamond ring worth US$ 24 million despite counter-claims from the Najib administration that it was just the Opposition bad-mouthing her.”

June GE13 date?

However despite the awful avalanche of damning corruption accusations, there has only been deafening silence from Najib and his Umno coalition, prompting concern that Malaysia was now on “auto-pilot, with the Umno-BN federal government likened by critics to being a ‘headless chicken’ due to Najib’s mysterious absence.

In the past fortnight, apart from his New Year’s Eve televised message, it is Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who has been making public statements.

There is growing talk of a deep rift within Umno and that Najib had been asked to step down ahead of the 13th general election which must be called by the middle of this year.

“The latest insider information we have is that GE13 will only be held in June to allow Umno time to heal from the current surgery to cut out Najib and Rosmah first,” PKR leader Wong Chen told Malaysia Chronicle.

Piow With You 文标与你

Piow With You 文标与你


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Tapak rumah

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 07:13 AM PST

Sekolah agama rakyat

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 07:12 AM PST

PDM Sungai Jernih

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 07:09 AM PST

Lawat sakit

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View issues with Tan Seng Giaw

View issues with Tan Seng Giaw

Be more prepared for disasters

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 12:14 AM PST

PM YAB Najib states that the unusual floodings in Malaysia are due to global warming & monsoon. There are natural disasters which cost at least USD487.2 bil in the world. We must try to reduce manmade factors such as poor irrigation. There must be better preparedness to deal with various disasters and to reduce the sufferings of the people.

Need more information on KLIA2

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 12:11 AM PST

PM YAB Najib says the new low-cost airport, KLIA2, will be officially opened on June 28, 2013, costing RM3.8 bil.It was due to be completed much earlier at a lower cost. He must explain the reasons for the delay & the increase in expenditure.